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The new Scooter album + Section 1's videoblog #2 30.12.2015

The new interview with H.P. Baxxter have appeared on the Net. It's not very interesting for the Scooter fans, because mainly it concentrates on H.P.'s participation in Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar TV-show as a jury member. But it contains one really interesting answer for the Scooter fans. When he was asked about his plans, H.P. said that the new Scooter album will be released in the beginning of February, 2016. This is really good news, especially for the Russian fans who will probably hear the new stuff at the March live shows that will take place in Russia.

Also we have some news from Section 1. Their second studio blog was uploaded to YouTube. You can watch it right now. Check it out!

Rebel Yell! 09.12.2015

In yesterday's show TV Total on German TV H.P. Baxxter and Stefan Raab (the show host) have performed Billy Idol's Rebel Yell together. Rebel Yell is a great rock track which is very popular inside the Scooter Posse crew, because of its techno version that was released by Scooter in 1996. This time H.P. Baxxter and Stefen Raab performed not the techno version of the song, it was the rock version! That's why it's so interesting for the Scooter fans. I must say, that the performance was insanely good, I really liked it! It seems that H.P.'s voice fits the rock music as good as it fits the techno music. I really enjoyed it. You, guys, must watch the video recording of the Rebel Yell performance... like right fucking now! Seriously!

The Christmas Popvirus from Axel Coon 02.12.2015

Axel Coon, the ex-Scooter member, together with his fellow musicians Thomas Helmich and Ralf Goeber have already prepared themselves for the Christmas. They released the new issue of Popvirus, the advertisement and film score music compilation. The new release is dedicated to the exciting winter season. You can check and maybe even buy the release here. The Christmas is coming, ho ho ho!

Soul Train remix and news from Section 1 30.11.2015

There are no news from Scooter for a few weeks in a row. That's because they are traveling from city to city and making a lot of live shows nowadays. I hope soon we'll get more real news from them about the new music releases. So let's just wait. But today I've got some good news for all the Scooter and Trance fans. Maybe you remember the great Trance bootleg remix of Scooter's Soul Train, that was produced by Symon & Jay musical project? It was even played during one of the radio shows. I've asked the musicians to upload this remix in a good quality for us back then... I think it was more than five months ago. Today they finally answered and uploaded the remix in good quality! You can download it right now if you'll navigate to this page. Enjoy the great music!

Also today we have some good news from Section 1. Their official YouTube channel was updated with the full versions of some of their tracks and remixes. Here's the list: Section 1 - Hard Stuff (Axel Coon Remix), Section 1 - Gonna Take You High (Remastered), Urry Fefelove & Abramasi feat. Fedor Burov - I'll Wait For You (Section 1 Remix), Section 1 - Rhythm Of My Heart (Single Version) Trancestral - Blast From The Past (Section 1 Remix). Also there you will find a preview of Hard Stuff (Extended), which was not available anywhere before! By the way, the Extended and Club mixes of Hard Stuff will be officially available for purchaise on 30th of December at Beatport. The preview of Hard Stuff (Club Mix) will be available on YouTube very soon. And finally, the last (but not least) news from Section 1. Their next single is almost finished! It's called 44. More information will hopefully come soon. Don't miss the news.

Section 1 Hyppin Beats is available for purchase! 24.10.2015

Here comes some good news for all the Section 1 fans. Their new single which is called Hyppin Beats is now officially available for purchase. You can buy the single at all the big online music shops, such as Beatport, iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, djshop, etc. Here you can watch the official promo-teaser for this single. And here you can watch the first studio blog by Section 1 (Russian language).

The results of chat with Scooter on Twitter 15.09.2015

Today the Scooter guys have answered some of their fans' questions on Twitter. Here are the most interesting information from that chat:

The new Scooter album will be released in early 2016;
The track Riot was produced especially for the live show in Hamburg (where this track was performed live for the first time);
There are no remixes or longer versions of Riot on the digital release of this single, because the the guys decided to release it really spontaneously and there was no time for the additional work;
Can't Stop The Hardcore Tour 2016 live shows will be longer than 1 hour 20 minutes each

There were more questions and answers probably, but I've mentioned the most interesting ones.

Scooter will answer their fans' questions on Twitter 14.10.2015

The Scooter members have decided to communicate with their fans a little bit. Tomorrow, on 15th of October at 17:00 (German time zone) they will answer all your tricky questions on Twitter. If you want to participate, you need to login to your Twitter account (or register the new one) tomorrow at 17:00, navigate to the EventiumDe page and ask your questions using the hashtag #FragScooter. Good luck!

H.P. Baxxter will choose the best mew German talent 15.09.2015

Now it's official. H.P. Baxxter will be one of the juries at the Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar TV-show together with Dieter Bohlen, Vanessa and Michelle (German vocalists). Together they will choose the best new German talent. I want to remind you that H.P. already was a jury member in a similar TV-show called The X-Factor back in 2012.

Happy birthday, Phil Speiser! 12.10.2015

Today is a birthday of Phil Speiser, the third member of Scooter. I would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best. Be happy, healthy and productive, Phil! Happy birthday. We're waiting for the new Scooter album and our hopes are set on you, Phil, as well as on H.P. and Michael, of course. Good luck!

Scooter will play live in Yekaterinburg! 15.09.2015

I have great news for the Russian Scooter Posse once again! The German techno trio will play live in Yekaterinburg on 25th of March, 2016. The show will take place at the Tele Club. You can already buy your tickets at this site.

Scooter will play live in Saint Petersburg! 14.09.2015

After the live show in Moscow, that will take place on 26th of March in 2016, Scooter will fly to Saint Petersburg. The concert will be held at the GlavClub on 27th of March. You already can order your tickets, if you'll follow this link.

Scooter Riot (360º Live Video) 11.09.2015

The official 360º Live Video of Riot has appeared on YouTube. This video was recorded during the Scooter live show in Hamburg in the end of August. The special feature of this video is that every viewer can rotate the camera when he is watching it (the video) right in the browser. It is not easy to describe it with words. Just watch the video by yourself.

Scooter will visit Moscow in March 11.09.2015

Good news for the Moscow Posse! Our favorite band Scooter will visit Moscow in March, 2016. I think it already became a tradition for Scooter to make the live shows in Russia in March. This time the band will play live in YotaSpace club on 26 of March. You can already order your tickets at

The Riot will start on the 4th of September! 02.09.2015

The new Scooter single which is called Riot will be available at all the big online music shops, such as Beatport, on the 4th of September. So now everybody will be able to buy it, even those people, who doesn't buy music at iTunes. I will buy it at Beatport for sure. And once again, I'm asking all of you, people, to buy this single! We must let Scooter know, that we like it very much and the music style of Riot is a good way to go for our favorite band!

Radiate (Spy Version) [Jerome Edit], the official video 30.08.2015

I've got some unexpected news for you once again. Well, maybe not that exciting, but unexpected. The official video of Scooter's previous single Radiate (Spy Version) in remix of Jerome has appeared on the Net. The visual part of the video is the same (or almost the same) as in original Radiate (Spy Version) official video, only the audio is different. You can watch the video here.

Happy birthday, Michael Simon! 29.08.2015

Today is a birthday of Michael Simon, the member of our beloved Scooter. He is 43 now! I would like to sincerely congratulate him and wish him to stay healthy, happy and lucky! I hope, that together with his colleagues in Scooter, Michael will continue to make the fans happy and will release more tracks in the style of Riot, the new single by Scooter. By the way, if you still didn't heard the new single, just go and do it right now! Because this single is beyond awesomeness! This is the real comeback by Scooter! Fast, hard and oldschool track, just what we want! I still can't believe it happened and Scooter did this! It's their best track in years! If we'll get more tracks like this one on the forthcoming album I personally will be so happy! But hey, I moved away from the topic a little bit :) Happy birthday, Michael!

Scooter Riot! 28.08.2015

Now this is big and totally unexpected news! The new Scooter single is out RIGHT NOW! It is called Riot and it is exclusive for iTunes. You won't believe this, friends, but this single rocks! It's totally different from anything T5C related. It sounds fast, hard and epic. The electro guitar sound is included, as well as a catchy refrain without words, but with a crowd singing! Well, guys, you just need to check it out right now! And buy it, for f##k sake! This is the track that we were waiting for! You can see the cover image of the new single here.

Section 1 Viva La Hardcore (promo video) 14.08.2015

The fresh promo video (or aftermovie) by Section 1 for their music single Viva La Hardcore have appeared on WWW. The video contains some cuts from Section 1 and DJ One Of The Best's performance during the warm-up before the Scooter live show in Saint-Petersburg's A2 club this year. It looks nice, powerful and clear, because the video quality is really good. You can check the video right now. Viva La Hardcore is a part of Section 1's EP, which can be ordered here or here.

Scooter will play live in Sochi! 22.07.2015

Once again, I have some good news for the Russian Posse and especially for the fans from the south of the country! Scooter will play live at Olympic Park in Sochi on 9th of August! I think it will be the very first time for them to play in this resort city! I would like to invite all the international Posse to visit this show. Sochi is a very warm and relaxed place. You will like it! And of course you will see Scooter live :) You can buy the tickets here.

The new Scooter album will be released in... 18.07.2015

H.P. Baxxter has answered the questions for the web-site during the bands' trip to Estonia. He said that he doesn't know for how long the Scooter project will live maybe five, maybe ten years, maybe even more. Also he said that right now the band is working on a new album, which is going to be released next winter. That's the news for today.

Yahel's remix of Scooter is available for purchase 30.06.2015

I already wrote about the Yahel's remix of Rhapsody In E (by Scooter) here, at the site. The remix is really awesome to my taste! And today I want to announce, that it was officially released at Yahel's Time Travel album. You can buy it right at all the best online music stores. Scooter Planet recommends! :)

The work on the new album is in progress 27.06.2015

The Scooter guys are working hard on their new album. The new photo of the guys together with their co-authors has appeared a few days ago. Katetina Bramley (the girl on the photo) says that six new tracks were finished already.

Also I have good news for the Moscow Posse and for everyone who plan to visit Moscow on 8th of August. The Das Fest will take place at Moscow's VDNKh. Scooter will be the headliner! The entrance will be free.

A small part of the new Scooter track 10.06.2015

The German site introduced a new video-interview with Scooter for the show which is called Rockpalast Backstage. The interview is in German language, which, unfortunately, I don't understand. But I can say, that the host of the show and the band members were talking about the Scooter history, their work on the new album and EDM, a very popular music flow, in which Scooter surely want to participate. As a long-time Scooter fan (and as the author of the site you're reading right now), I must say, that I hate this new EDM conception and I'm sure that this sound absolutely NOT for Scooter. But you, guys, of course know, that H.P. and Co. are very dogged. They don't want to produce the music we want from them, but they're looking forward to follow the stupid trends with a diligence. OK, I think I stepped back from the topic a little... The most interesting thing for us is hiding at 12:04 in the video. One can hear a small preview of the new Scooter track, that will be included in the new album.

Scooter & Vassy Radiate (SPY Version) Remixes 06.06.2015

According to, Radiate (SPY Version) Remixes will be released on June, 12. Here's the tracklist:

01. Radiate (SPY Version) [Jerome Remix]
02. Radiate (SPY Version) [Jerome Edit]
03. Radiate (SPY Version)

I want to confirm that it will be the WEB-only release again.

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