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Radiate (the official video) + the new remix of Scooter 28.05.2015

The official video of Radiate (SPY Version) is available for watching right now! So what are you waiting for? The video contains a lot of shots from the Spy movie Spy, as well as almost static H.P., Michael and Phil and, of course, beautiful Vassy ;) To be honest, I like the video.

Also today I've found the new Psy Trance from remix from Yahel on Scooter's Rhapsody In E. Yahel is a very talented musician from Israel. I'm not kidding, this remix is pure epicness and awesomeness, you have to check it out! You can listen to it here. And here you will find the mix by Yahel, which includes this remix. Enjoy the listening!

Some news about the Radiate (Spy Version) 26.05.2015

Here's some news about the new Scooter single Radiate (Spy Version). 20th Century Fox will use Radiate to promote the new movie which is called Spy. The song is not included in the official Spy soundtrack, but it will be used all the way at the German territory to promote the movie and will be its music tie. I want to remind you, that the new single by Scooter and Vassy which is called Radiate (Spy Version) will be released on 29th of May.

The tracklist and samples of Radiate 19.05.2015

The official tracklist and sound snippets of the new Scooter single Radiate have appeared on the Web. Here's the tracklist:

01. Radiate (SPY Version) (3:03)
02. Radiate (Extended Mix) (3:45)

As you can see, sadly, the single will contain only two tracks and the Extended Mix is only 42 seconds longer, than the Radio Edit (SPY Version). You can listen to the audio snippets of the both tracks at or at Google Play. I recommend Google Play, because the song parts are better there.

Watch The World the new single by Ferris 19.05.2015

Short, but good news from Ferris. His new single will be called Watch The World and will be released on September 1st. It will be the first single from the forthcoming album which is called Again. So, let's wish Ferris good luck and wait for the upcoming releases.

How Radiate (Spy Version) sounds like 17.05.2015

Yesterday the guys from Scooter have performed the new single version of Radiate during their live show in Budapest. This version is really different to the album version. I think that it is safe to say, that the only common that two version have is Vassy's vocals at the refrain. All in all it's an absolutely new track, that contains even the rap lyrics by H.P.. One of the fans has recorded the video at the show, so I recommend to watch it right now.

News from Section 1 16.05.2015

It's time for some news from Section 1, the band, whose members are posing themselves as creative heirs of Scooter. Their new remix of Nick Skitz's Boom Boom Boom will be released on 30th of May at LNG Music Australia. Nick Skitz is a famous musician who worked with Brooklyn Bounce and made the official remix of Scooter's The Question Is What Is The Question?. Also you may be interested to know, that the first official album of Section 1, which is called Hard & Clear, was remastered and re-released. The album contains all tracks, b-sides mixes and remixes from the period of 2010-2011. This release is a Beatport Exclusive for the moment, but it will be available in all other online music shops on 28th of May.

The release date of Radiate 12.05.2015

We're getting more and more fresh news from Scooter. Yesterday we've got the official cover art of the their new single which is called Radiate. And today the Scooter guys have updated their official Facebook and Twitter pages with the following message:

Posse, are you ready for 29.05.2015?

It seems that now we know the exact release date of Radiate. Now we only should wait.

Radiate, the cover art 11.05.2014

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with, possibly, the official cover art of their new single Radiate, that was produced together with the Australian singer Vassy. Also according to Facebook, Radiate will probably be included as a soundtrack in the German localization of Spy, the new comedy movie with Jason Statham and Jude Law.

The official video for Radiate is in production 07.05.2015

H.P. Baxxter has updated his official Facebook page with the photo and the following line: Video shooting Radiate (spy version). So, it seems that the fourth single from The Fifth Chapter album will be released after all. Let's wait and see.

It seems that we were too fast with conclusions... 01.05.2014

I think, that for now we can forget about the previous news about the co-working of Scooter and Orange Grove. You see, the guys from Orange Grove have updated their site and posted the information about their forthcoming single. The single will be released in May (not in October as there was said before) and it was recorded together with Glennis Grace, popular singer from Netherlands. So, she is the big star, that was mentioned before, not Scooter. But anyway, it is still possible that Scooter is working with Orange Grove, because the group photo of the guys still exists :)

Will the new Scooter single be out in October? 30.04.2015

The Scooter guys were seen together with the members of the musical band called Orange Grove. This band works in Reggae / Funk style. Maybe this is just a group photo, but... if you'll look at the Orange Grove's official site, you will read in the news section, that one of their new singles, that will be released in October, was recorded together with big stars. Maybe they are talking about Scooter?

And yes, it seems that the work in Scooter studio is really going on and on, because Tony Verdult, the DJ and musician from NL, says that he is working on the new sounds together with Scooter. By the way, Tony already worked with the German trio on their album The Fifth Chapter.

The Scooter guys are working on the new material 09.04.2014

H.P. Baxxter, Michael Simon and Phil Speiser report that they are working on the new material. The new Song Camp was deployed in the studio. Many third-party musicians are helping Scooter with producing of their new musical compositions. The same way of work was applied during the producing of The Fifth Chapter album. So, I think now we can assume that the Scooter guys are really working on the new album.

About the warm-up act before Scooter shows in Russia 03.04.2015

As you may know, Section 1 performed their first ever show together with DJ One Of The Best as a warm-up act before the Scooter shows in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. It was not a full live performance, but a DJ set, but anyway, it was their first ever public appearance. You can find some photos and videos here. And here are the quotes from two reviews of the Saint-Petersburg show:

Meanwhile, the warm-up act appears on the stage. This is Section 1 and DJ One Of The Best. They started to warm up the crowd, at first causing a light smile on people's faces. And they did it well. Some confusion was caused only by some tracks that sound similar to the headline act of the evening Scooter. But later we knew, that Section 1 didn't deny this similarity, but consciously moving in this direction Zvuk Nevy

Section 1 and DJ One Of The Best were a warm-up act before the Scooter show. The old and the new Scooter fans were united in their unwillingness to share the time with other artists at the show of their favorite band, that's why the whole venue chanted Scooter, Scooter!. I have to note, that Section 1 and DJ One Of The Best were sympathetic to the desires of the crowd and they fulfilled their mission with their warm-up. Especially with their last two songs, which were well received by the fans RockTimes

The worldwide release of The Cult Of 303 Danke! EP 29.03.2014

Today the first official music EP by The Cult Of 303 project, which is called Danke! EP was released worldwide in a wide selection of online music shops. The Cult Of 303 is a project by Danil Emelyanov (aka Nitra) and Alexander Primorskiy (aka Scar). The Danke! EP consists of five tracks including Danke!, the track dedicated to Rick J Jordan. Other tracks are The Cult (Intro), Colossus (very powerful Hard Trance), Your Future (Hard Trance) and Tale After Tale (Hard Dance / Jumpstyle). The release is available for purchase at Beatport, Junodownload, Amazon, Djshop and iTunes. So you can buy it right now, if you want. I'm sure, that Danke! EP is also available in other big and small online music shops. So check it out, Posse! We really hope that you will like our music! YOU keep the spirit alive!

News from Ferris 28.03.2015

Here is short and not so encouraging news from Ferris. He stopped his cooperation with Sasha Ende, because of their different opinions about the need for an external management. The details will probably be released later. Also Ferris said that he wanted to work with different production partners anyway and this split up will not bring him down. He will continue to work on his new tracks. So let's wait and see. Don't give up, Ferris.

The sum of Scooter show in Moscow 28.03.2014

Yesterday in Moscow a long-awaited Scooter show has taken its place. The show was great, except for the rare, but unpleasant incidents, such as drunken men, jumping on the dancefloor and watering all surrounding with their beer and sweat. A couple of times it even almost came to fights. But in terms of music, everything was great. Scooter, as usual, performed many of their old hits and were happy to to provide the public with their new tracks from The Fifth Chapter album. They played such tracks as 999 (Call The Police), Bigroom Blitz, Today, Can't Stop The Hardcore and the medley (which I personally really liked), consisting of Chopstick, Fallin' and Home Again (instrumental version). It was really a nice addition to the show. H.P. was energetic and loud as ever, and he didn't forgot to hand the microphone to Michael and Phil during the chorus of One (Always Hardcore). Michael and Phil coped with their unexpected vocal duties with enthusiasm. In general, everything was great, the concert was a success. The only pity is that the warm-up act, Section 1 and DJ One Of The Best, was cutted (not through the fault of the guys) and they just did not gave full play to the show as they were going to do. Nevertheless, their performance was good anyway, even with these circumstances. Thank you for your work, guys :)

Happy birthday, Axel Coon! 23.03.2015

Today is a birthday of Axel Coon, the ex-Scooter member! Axel has participated in one of the best periods of Scooter history the second chapter. So many great tracks were produced by the band back in the days! Also Axel produced a lot of great stuff in his solo career. I would like to congratulate Axel and to wish him all the best on his birthday. I hope he will come to Russia with his awesome DJ-sets many times in the future. We love you and we wait for you, Axel!

Your questions for Scooter 16.03.2014

Scooter will come to Moscow very soon to perform their live show at Ray Just Arena club. The representatives of,, and will do their best to make the interview with the guys. You have an opportunity to ask your questions! Send them to my e-mail The most interesting questions will be asked. Thank you.

Upd! Our interview with the band did not take place. It's not our fault, but we apologize.

Happy birthday, H.P. Baxxter! 16.03.2015

What day is it today? Today is 16th of March, which is means it's H.P. Baxxter's birthday! I would like to congratulate him and wish him to stay happy, healthy and loud forever! Also I want to wish him to get rid of Bigroom and become Hardcore again. Happy birthday, H.P.!

The Cult Of 303 Danke! EP is released! 15.03.2014

Dear friends! Today is a special day for me and my friend Danil! The first official release by our musical project The Cult Of 303 is available for purchase at Beatport. You can buy Danke! EP right now, just follow this link! We hope you will like our tunes. Danke! EP will also be released at different online music shops on 29th of March. We will post about it additionally.

Big and honest interview with Ferris Bueller 10.03.2015

Sören Bühler, for the more known as Ferris, the ex-Scooter member, has recorded the big and honest interview, being in the studio together with his new musical partner Sascha Ende. In this interview Ferris told the story of his departure from the band because of perception of his sexual orientation and long depression (which he is still suffering from) and about his clear intentions to resume the musical career. Also Ferris said that maybe there are some parts of unfinished melodies from the first chapter exists, but no the full unreleased tracks for sure, because Scooter used to work very focused and all the tracks they produced, were released in some way, maybe only with some different elements. Well, I have to say, that interview with Ferris is very interesting and you must watch it, dear fans of Scooter and Ferris. Also the interview is in English language, so it's easy to understand it for you all. Oh, and by the way, Ferris and Sascha Ende also uploaded a short video from the studio, where they are producing the new tune, and Ferris shouts Wicke-e-e-ed! in the mic. It sounds like a cool and fresh tune, very life-asserting and positive track. Let's wish Ferris all the best in his resuming career and the whole life! We're waiting for your new music, Ferris!

H.P. on TV 09.03.2014

H.P. Baxxter took part in the filming of the German police series Großstadtrevier. The episode with his role will be broadcasted today at 18:50 (German time) on ARD channel. Also H.P. was a guest at improvisational TV-show Dittsche. And don't forget that H.P. Baxxter is a star of very popular German TV ads of EDEKA shops. So it seems that H.P. is feeling himself on TV as a fish in the water.

Ferris is preparing his new single 06.03.2015

Ferris has uploaded a video at his Facebook page. In this video he is speaking to his subscribers and talking about his plans:

Hello, everybody! Believe it or not, its me, Ferris! And yeah, Im sitting here in the studio and we about to produce the brand new single. Im not too sure if you recognize me, because I grew a little bit older. Tonight Im looking really tired, because its the first very first time back again in the studio. And were starting actually to collect some new tunes for a complete album. Well, I had some tough times, you know that, and I really tried to make my way through it, and Im really, really happy to be back on the case and Im also happy that you sent me so many questions, and Ive collected already some of them. But please forgive me, Im too tired now, I will do that next time. Promised! Ive got the questions here and you will hear from me as soon as possible. And if you have some more questions, dont hesitate to write me and just click on that link. And yeah, we have some new tune on the desk already, so hope you will like it. So many of you are still with me, even if I told you so many times, that I'm producing something new and never did. And actually my heart is beating like a drum, I mean Ive been so often in studios, but after such a long time its really something special and it feels special, and Im so happy that we about to start it all over again. Take care! We will see each other in, I guess, one week. Yeah, promise, in one week! Bye, bye!

Thanx to Konstantin Grigoriev for sending me this news.

Ferris: is he really back this time? 04.03.2014

Achtung! Achtung! Ferris Bueller has appeared on the radar again! He opened the new official Facebook page dedicated to his musical project. So, does it mean, that this time he is really coming back? I don't know, but let's hope so! Ferris' official web-site is still down, but I hope it will be online soon. Let's wish Ferris good luck. Hello! Hello! Good to be back!

The Cult Of 303 Danke! EP (official release) 02.03.2015

Dear friends! Let me divert your attention off Scooter a little bit and announce the fresh information about our very own musical project The Cult Of 303, which members are Danil Emelyanov (aka Nitra) and me, Alexander Primorskiy (aka Scar). I'm very happy to announce that our first official release is very close! It will be EP which is called Danke! and it will be be released at Turbotraxx Tunes. The EP will contain our very first track Danke!, that was produced last year and which is dedicated to Rick Jordan, the ex-Scooter member. This track has earned positive reviews from the Trance music lovers and Rick Jordan fans, so we decided to add it to our first official release. The second track is Colossus, a special rework of Danil's solo work. It was retouched and approached to The Cult Of 303 sound. The EP also contains two tracks that were produced especially for this release! Your Future and Tale After Tale are very powerfull and unstoppable compositions that will make you shake your head to the beat. Also The EP contains the Intro track which is called The Cult, a mysterious beginning of our music journey. All the listeners of the Danke! EP will hear the powerful oldschool Hard Trance, Acid sounds and hard beats. The release will be firstly available on 15th of March exclusively at Beatport. Later, on 29th of March it will also be available at all major online music shops.

Here you can check the official teasers of the tracks from Danke! EP:

Your Future:
Tale After Tale:

The Fifth Chapter was nominated for the ECHO awards 26.02.2014

Scooter has been nominated for the ECHO Awards in the Dance National category with The Fifth Chapter album. Let's get our fingers crossed and wish the guys to win it! Thanx to Konstantin Grigoriev for the good news! Also I want to add that Scooter was nominated for the ECHO Awards in the past and the guys even menaged to won it two times in the same category (Dance National) in 2003 and 2004. So, really, let's wish them good luck this time too.

Scooter is back in Russia... very soon! 11.02.2015

The long awaited Scooter live shows will take place in Moscow and Saint Petersburg really soon! The guys are promising to make great and energetic shows, as usual. Also, you may love the fact, that the support act for the both shows will be Section 1 and DJ One Of The Best. So, dear Posse, if you want to visit Russia and watch Scooter live, don't forget to order the tickets!

Buy the tickets to the Moscow Scooter show (27.03.2015)

Buy the tickets to the Saint-Petersburg Scooter show (29.03.2015)

The unreleased single by Ratty, news from Section 1 23.01.2014

It's always nice to get the news from the past. I know it sounds strange, but I'll explain what I mean. Maybe you remember, that more then ten years ago there was a rumor that the new Scooter single will be a track called Banana Boat Song? Even the track itself was leaked and widespread over the Internet. It was called Beetle Juice pres. Rick Maniac & Dr. Loop - Day-O (Banana Boat Song). Sadly, but this track was never released under the name Scooter. But just a few days ago in a private talk with Rick Jordan one of the fans managed to learn, that Day-O (Banana Boat Song) was indeed produced by Scooter and it was planned to release this track as the new single by Ratty (Ratty is a side-project by Scooter). Later this decision was changed and the track was abandoned. I think this information will be really useful for the hardcore Scooter fans. By the way, the Maxi Single of Day-O, that was released by Kontor Records, contains a track which is called Seven Times. It seems that we can consider it as a b-side. So, it's another unreleased Scooter track. I think I've never listened to it.

As you may know, the new album by the band Section 1, which is called Viva La Hardcore, was released not so long ago. Section 1 is a famous musical project inside the Scooter fans community and not only! These guys are making music in the style of old Scooter. Here you can watch the official Viva La Hardcore album minimix video and here's the link where you will be able to buy the album. Support the talented guys!

Happy birthday, Rick Jordan! 01.01.2015

Today is a birthday of Rick Jordan, the ex-member of Scooter. And despite the fact that he is the ex-member, it was he who gave us the most cool and exciting Scooter tracks of all times. We love Rick! That's why I would like to congratulate him with pleasure and big respect. Happy birthday, dear Rick! I wish you to be happy, healthy, lucky and inspired. You always will be the Scooter maestro for us, your fans.

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