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Section 1 new album release + happy new year 31.12.2014

The new album by Section 1, which is called Viva La Hardcore is finally being released today! You can buy it now exclusively at Beatport or pre-order at iTunes. At other online music shops it will appear on 14th of January. Here you can watch the official Viva La Hardcore minimix and decide if you want to buy it.

And now, guys and girls, let me congratulate you all. The new 2015 year is coming. I want to wish you to be happy and healthy. Love and be loved. Enjoy your life, enjoy the music of Scooter! I hope in 2015 the Scooter guys will present us their next album and will rock the planet with their explosive live shows. Yeah, let's make this planet a Scooter Planet! :) Happy new year!

Can't Stop The Hardcore Tour 2016 11.12.2014

So, here's the announcement. The next Scooter live tour will be called Can't Stop The Hardcore and will start in 2016. Here are the first dates (more dates will be announced soon):

26.02.2016 Düsseldorf Mitsubishi Electric Hall
27.02.2016 Stuttgart Porsche Arena
28.02.2016 München Zenith
03.03.2016 Berlin Velodrom
04.03.2016 Leipzig Arena

The tickets will be available at this site.

Viva La Hardcore marathon 09.12.2014

Dear friends! I want to remind you that the new album by Section 1, the band which can be considered as Scooter's ideological follower, will be released really soon. The band members decided to make the album teaser marathon. Everyday the new teaser of one of the album tracks will be published at Section 1 official VK page. Today you can listen to the teaser of Lose That Second. Don't forget to visit Section 1 page everyday if you don't want to miss the other teasers!

Can't Stop The Hardcore official video 05.12.2014

The new Scooter single which is called Can't Stop The Hardcore will be released today. And right now you can watch the official video of this track. To be honest, I like it. I like it a lot. It's a funny video and it's cool, I like it much more, than Bigroom Blitz and Today. And the track itself is, of course, really cool! I don't want to spoil you the new Scooter video, so just go and watch it by yourself!

Can't Stop The Light Heavyweight! 29.11.2014

The guys from Scooter will play their new single Can't Stop The Hardcore live before the boxing match for the World Light Heavyweight Champion title between Jürgen Brähmer and Pawel Glazewski. The event will be held at EVE Arena, Oldenburg on December, 6.

Can't Stop The Hardcore CD version tracklist 27.11.2014

According to the official Scooter site, here's the tracklist of Can't Stop The Hardcore CD version:

01. Can't Stop the Hardcore (Radio Edit)
02. Can't Stop the Hardcore (Extended Mix)

So it seems that we'll get the ordinary 2-track version on CD again. It's good that we will have the proper WEB-release this time.

Can't Stop The Hardcore video shooting 24.11.2014

H.P. Baxxter has updated his official Facebook page with a photo from the video shooting of Can't Stop The Hardcore official video. It seems that the video will be funny, which is very cool in my opinion. I want to remind you that the new Scooter single Can't Stop The Hardcore will be released on the 5th of December. You can pre-order the single here.

Can't Stop The Hardcore (WEB-version) tracklist 22.11.2014

According to iTunes, the WEB-version of the new Scooter single, which is called Can't Stop The Hardcore, will contain a lot of tracks. Here's the full list:

01. Can't Stop the Hardcore (Radio Edit) [2:45]
02. Can't Stop the Hardcore (Heavyweight Edit) [3:21]
03. Can't Stop the Hardcore (Extended Mix) [3:45]
04. Can't Stop the Hardcore (Scooter Remix) [3:55]
05. Hain a.M. [04:59]
06. Can't Stop the Hardcore (Instrumental) [2:45]

Yes, you understand it right! There will be a new b-side! Now this is what I call good news! The single will be released on the 5th of December.

P.S. Now you can find Can't Stop The Hardcore WEB-version also at

Scooter will play live in Saint Petersburg! 13.11.2014

A few days after Scooter show in Moscow, German Techno trio will visit Saint Petersburg! Their live show will take place at A2 club on 29th of March. You can order the tickets to the show right now at

Can't Stop The Hardcore cover design 12.11.2014

The official cover design of the next Scooter single which is called Can't Stop The Hardcore has appeared on the Web. I must say, that this cover is very strange and funny. You can check the hi-res image, just click here. It seems that the Scooter guys feel themselves as the dinosaurs of the Electronic Dance Music scene. They are like the prehistoric fossils for the young EDM fans :) Thank you, Scooter, for releasing such track as Can't Stop The Hardcore as the new single. The old fans are really appreciate it. We are dinosaurs too.

Scooter is coming back to Moscow! 11.11.2014

Finally, today I can officially announce that Scooter will come to Moscow on 27'th of March to play live! The show that will be a part of T5C tour will be held at Ray Just Arena club. When I'll have more detailed information about the show and the tickets, I'll post it here, at Scooter Planet. So stay tuned!

UPD! Tickets:,

999 (Call The Police) the official video! 10.11.2014

Now this is really unexpected! The official video of 999 (Call The Police) has appeared on the Web. If I remember correctly, this is the first Scooter official video for the track that isn't a single. What is this? Is this a single present for the fans or maybe the band plans to shoot more videos for the album tracks in the future? Let's wait and see.

Not Radiate, but Can't Stop The Hardcore 08.11.2014

The next Scooter single will be Can't Stop The Hardcore, but not Radiate as we thought before. The pre-order page for Can't Stop The Hardcore has appeared at It even contains the release date: December, 5th. I wonder what's up with the Radiate single? Was it's release date postponed or maybe the single was canceled? I have no more details about Can't Stop The Hardcore single at the moment, so let's wait and see!

Beatsteaks - Gentleman Of The Year (Scooter Remix) 07.11.2014

The new remix by Scooter will be included in the new Kontor Record mix compilation Festival Sounds 2015, which is going to be released on 21th of November. The Scooter remix of Gentleman Of The Year by Beatsteaks is an Electro House track with some H.P.'s shouts added. Personally I'm not a fan of such music, but some of the fans will like the track. You can listen to in in this video (time: 13:38).

Can't Stop The Hardcore! 05.11.2014

According to the new Scooter interview for, the guys are planning to release Can't Stop The Hardcore as a single. This track is really one of the fans' favorites on the new album, so I think it's a good choice. It's unknown when this single is going to be released, but I think we can be sure, that it will be after the release of Radiate.

The new Scooter single will be announced soon 16.10.2014

Here's the new post from the official Scooter Facebook page:

Curious about the upcoming single? Be prepared!

It seems that the next single from the new album The Fifth Chapter will be announced very soon. We already know, that it might be Radiate, the track that was recorded together with the Australian female singer Vassy.

Happy birthday, Phil! 12.10.2014

Today is a birthday of Phil Speiser, the new Scooter band member, who together with H.P. and Michael has presented us the fifth chapter. I would like to congratulate him and wish him to have many fresh music ideas, to be healthy and successful in Scooter and in personal life. Happy birthday, Phil!

T5C has entered the German Top 10 chart! 06.10.2014

Good news, everyone! The Scooter album which is called The Fifth Chapter has entered the German Top 10 album chart on the eight place! This is really a good achievement for the band. As I remember the last big success they had was with Under The Radar Over The Top album, which became number two in the chart in 2009. Congratulations, Scooter! Way to go!

The new album and the new single were released! 26.09.2014

Finally, this day has come! The new Scooter album The Fifth Chapter and the new single Today are released! I've already updated the Discography section of the site and added the information about the releases. If you didn't ordered the new album and single yet, you can do it right now with

Scooter The Fifth Chapter
Scooter The Fifth Chapter (Limited Deluxe Box)
Scooter Today

Scooter & Vassy Today (official video) 25.09.2014

The official video of the new single by Scooter and Vassy, which is called Today, has appeared on the Net. You can watch it right now by clicking on this link. Also I want to remind you that the new Scooter album The Fifth Chapter will be released tomorrow, as well as the new single.

Scooter Today (WEB-release) 23.09.2014

The page dedicated to the WEB-release of the new Scooter single called Today has appeared at The WEB-version of the single will contain four versions of the track:

01. Today (Radio Mix) [03:27]
02. Today (Extended Mix) [04:14]
03. Today (Scooter Remix) [03:52]
04. Today (Crew Cardinal Remix) [05:15]

Also you will able to listen to the short sound snippets or every track for the single on that page. Enjoy.

Michael Simon will answer the fans' questions 22.09.2014

The official Facebook page of Michael Simon was updated with the following message:

On this wednesday, 24.09, at 20:00 PM (German time) I will answer all your questions for one hour. I'm looking forward to talk to you

So, if you have some interesting questions for Michael, don't forget to join the conversation.

Today (CD version) tracklist 22.09.2014

The back cover art of the new Scooter single called Today has appeared at So now we know, that the CD version of the new single will included Radio Edit and Extended Mix. So now we can only hope that the WEB-version of the single will also include the Scooter Remix.

The next Scooter single will be Radiate 17.09.2014

The rumors about the next Scooter single were confirmed today. It will be the track called Radiate. According to the official Facebook page of Vassy, the female singer of Scooter's Today and Radiate, she is packing the bags for the trip to New York. The video shooting for Today and Radiate will be held there. So it seems that we were not right when we thought that the official video for Today is ready. But now we know for sure, that the next Scooter single will be Radiate and that both videos will be shot very soon.

Rick Stedler is woking in his studio 16.09.2014

It seems that Rick Stedler, more known as Rick Jordan, the ex-member of Scooter, is now working on his own music. Here's what he wrote at his Facebook page:

Lost in production

This messaged was followed with a photo of broken drumstick. Does it mean, that our beloved musician preparing the rock song with electronic elements together with his partner? Let's wait and see. I'm really curious about it.

Section 1's Viva La Hardcore release date 10.09.2014

Here's the press-release. Hardcore ravers are back! This time Dennis, Sergej (aka Steve-X) and Vladimir (aka Dave-8) present their new smasher called Viva La Hardcore. The idea came to Sergej, when he tried to produce something really massive. Dennis and Vladimir were happy to hear this one and immediately started to produce the track. Strong Hardstyle / Jumpstyle beats, uplifting melodies, oldschool bagpipes, powerful MC rhymes... it's all about Viva La Hardcore! The single will contain 4 tracks: Radio Edit, The Famous Club Mix, Extended and chillout b-side track called Down To The River. Down To The River was produced together with the new Section 1 member Alexander Golyshev (aka Aimoon, 2trancY, Trancestral). The tune was taken from the forthcoming album Viva La Hardcore, which will be released in October 2014. Back on the floor... VIVA LA HARDCORE! The single will be released on 26th of October exclusively at Beatport.

Interview with Phil Speiser 08.09.2014

Hello, Posse! Today I've got another interview for you! Phil Speiser have accepted the interview request and kindly answered the questions, which, I think, are important for the fans. Enjoy!

Scooter Posse (SP): Hello, Phil! First of all, let me congratulate you with your first album together with Scooter. What are your feelings right now? Are you tired, happy with the result or maybe you think that you would add something to the album right now, if you'd have a chance?

Phil: Thank you! I'm really happy with the album. We all are really enthusiastic, we even party to it by ourselves in the backstage all the time. I think the album is great as it is. I wouldn't change anything. I think you should really listen to the album from the beginning to the end. It contains different styles but everything fits together... It's like a dance music journey.

SP: It's really interesting for the fans to know, how have you guys produced the new album. Are there any tracks on the album, that were made only by one of you (for example one track was produced by you and another one by Michael, and so on)? And who was the main ideas generator this time?

Phil: I think there are some things quite different when it comes to production if you compare it to the last albums. All the tracks from first to last note happened on my desk. Only this can guarantee that all fits together that much I guess. When I came to Scooter we really had the problem that I felt like that in the last 20 years the guys used already all the good hooks that you can find. It was always part of the formula to cover hooks from other acts and to make something completely different out if it. We searched a lot but we didn't find hooks like Supertramp's Logical Song or Nessaja, but we wanted to have great ones... This is why we did the first song camp in Scooter history. I think covering and sampling is an essential part of dance music but nothing beats own original hooks. I did a lot of those camps before but for Scooter it was the first time. Let me explain what a song camp is, because I've got the feeling that some people have a completely wrong idea of that. Basically you can imagine it that way: one option is that I've got a draft of a song on my Mac, where we wrote lyrics on with the songwriters or we developed completely new hooks on the guitar or the piano. Hook in our case is the singing chorus in our songs. So after the song camp we had a bunch of hooks. Some of them only recorded on the iPhone with vocals and guitar and for some other hooks i produced a really basic draft and we recorded an acapella on that. So we got a couple of drafts and then the production begun. Mostly I just took the acapella and then we developed the song out of it. I think also for H.P. it was like a kind of reset... We had really great teamwork.

SP: I remember that once you've said, that you're not only the House producer, but also you have worked for many people and produced music in different styles. Have you ever produced Hard Trance and Uplifting Trance? Have you produced Hardstyle? If yes, can you mention some tracks in these styles by other artists, which you've produced for them?

Phil: When it comes to Trance and Hardstyle I have to say that on T5C you can find my first productions, that got released in that genre. Fallin' for example was at first something I just did for fun at home cause i was inspired by oldschool Trance records I listened to. I came up with the vocals some weeks later together with the singer. She has an amazing voice i think.

SP: We've talked with H.P. a few days ago and he said that you guys have a bunch of tracks that were not included in the new album. Can you please tell how many tracks exactly were not included in the album and in which styles they were made? We really hope that you'll release them too :)

Phil: We have some other songs and ideas already, but I don't know yet how the next album will be and how they will fit to that new record.

SP: What are your relationships with Rick Jordan? Have you worked together with him before he left Scooter? Maybe he showed you some secret techniques that he used all these years, being the main Scooter sound producer, which are important to make the real Scooter sound? :)

Phil: I only met Rick once in the studio. He helped me with the vocal sound of H.P., because it's really uncommon. At the end I've found a new solution for the vocals to make them more brighter and upfront so they fit in our tracks.

SP: As we have heard, the next Scooter single will be Radiate. Will you rework this track especially for the single release?

Phil: I don't know yet. There will be a Scooter Remix for sure.

SP: Have you used only software to produce the new album? What do you think about the hardware usage? Do you like to work with synthesizers? Do you think that the software for music producing has completely replaced the hardware nowadays?

Phil: It's mostly software, because I work with a MacBook, so I can also work on tour or in my home studio easily.

SP: What is your story of joining Scooter? How was you invited to the band? Was it some kind of competitive selection or something? Or maybe the invitation was totally unexpected for you?

Phil: Simple. H.P. contacted me through a friend. I came to the studio, we had a chat and I've started the next day.

SP: Bigroom Blitz was re-released on iTunes with the re-recorded rap part. Why? Did you, guys, had problems with Wiz Khalifa?

Phil: With Wiz everything was cool. His record label made us troubles, that nobody could expect...

SP: What do you feel when you're playing some old Scooter tracks during the live shows? Maybe you have your favorite Scooter tracks that were produced before you've joined the band? Can you name them?

Phil: It doesn't feel strange. Also as a DJ i did not only play tracks that i produced. I got respect for the old tracks. They are somehow timeless.

SP: And the last question. The new Scooter album is not released yet, but the fans already heard the sound snippets from it. The opinions are polar, as always. Someone likes the freshness of the album and another one says that there's too much EDM and you need to make more classic Scooter tracks. Maybe you want to say something to the fans? You can say whatever you want about the new album, about the sound, about the possibility of producing the more oldschool stuff for Scooter in the future.

Phil: I just want to say... Free your mind and have fun. It's not a bad thing that time changes. Be nostalgic and keep the good old times alive with the great old songs, nobody will take them away from you. But also live in the past and join us on a musical journey into the future.

After the interview we've talked with Phil a little bit more and I said, that I like many tracks from the new album, but personally I think that there's too much female vocals. And also I said that the last Deep House track on the album, which is called In Need is really cool and sounds like an oldschool House track from 90s. Phil answered:

There are quite some tracks without MCing. We really like vocals in general. The Deep House track I've made on a sunny day. I didn't thought that we will put it on the album, but it felt good as the last track. Same thing with Jaguare

I hope you liked the interview, guys and girls. And one more time: Phil, thank you very much for your answers! And also I would like to say thank you to DJ Hooligan and SKYDIVE. Thank you, guys!

Our interview with H.P. Baxxter (05.09.2014) 07.09.2014

Dear Posse! Today I want to present you our fresh interview with H.P. Baxxter from Scooter. We managed to make this interview on September 5th, right before H.P. Baxxter's autograph session in Moscow's Media Markt. I would like to thank Vladimir, Arthur and the Media Markt management, who made this interview possible. Thank you guys. Here you can watch the video version of the interview, and here's the text version:

Scooter Posse (SP): The digital version of your new single was released today. And by the way, your single is called Today. What can you tell about it? How do you like working together with Vassy?

H.P. Baxxter (H.P.): Earlier this year we had a song camp for the first time in our studio and we worked together with many different guys who composing songs and stuff. They were from England, from Holland and it was really a good work. So we came up with the song Today. It was a song by the songwriter who worked with us. Then we decided to find a female singer for this, so we came up with idea asking Vassy. She worked with David Guetta and she has a really good voice and we asked if she would like to do it. She said yes, she liked the song, so we have sent all the stuff to her and she just recored it in the studio and then sent it back to us. We met her for the first time when we did the videoshooting. She's a really nice girl, we had a lot of fun and it's really cool.

SP: How many tracks will be included in the CD version of the new single? Will there be any remixes?

H.P: In Germany we will release the two tracks CD, but at iTunes we will release the Scooter Remix, Extended Version of the single and maybe there also will be another remix.

SP: As we know this month you will release not only the CD version of your new album The Fifth Chapter, but also the vinyl version. Many fans are happy about it. Why have you decided to release it on vinyl? Do you think that the vinyl popularity is growing again? Are there any differences between the CD album tracks and tracks on vinyl?

H.P.: Well, the tracks on the vinyl are the same, but it's like a double album, two vinyls, because we've got 17 songs and it's too much for one vinyl. So, it think it's high quality and it's something to collect nowadays. And of course the young people are really into vinyl again. That's what I heard and noticed. And it's some kind of cool in having vinyls again and I always liked it. But last years somehow it didn't happened. When we produced Bigroom Blitz I suggested to release it on 12" vinyl, but I've talked to Jens and Jens said: Maybe it's better to release the album on vinyl? It makes more sense, than just one 12". So, it's a good experience and I think that fans like it, it's really cool. And it gives the whole thing another level. If you have the album on vinyl, to me it's really special.

SP: Will you release your future singles and albums on vinyl? Maybe it's time to bring back the b-sides?

H.P.: Yes, why not? Of course nowadays it's not that big market for the maxi CDs and stuff... it's all about the downloads on iTunes and Spotify. That's the reason why b-sides are not that popular and make no real sense somehow. We did a lot of tracks for the new album and we only took the best on it, like 17 tracks. And some more we have produced, but we thought they were not fitting on the album. So we have some stuff existing, which maybe we gonna release some day as a special thing.

SP: How many singles from the new album do you plan to release?

H.P.: We haven't decided exactly how many singles we're going to release, but we thought that at least it should be two or three more. Yes, that's what we planned. We'd like to have the short release period, one single after another. This is what we'd like to do. But we didn't decided exactly which time it's coming out (the next one and the next one and so on). We'll see.

SP: We saw that H.P. participated in Ice Bucket challenge. What about Mike and Phil?

H.P.: They are wimps. Ha-ha-ha, they are wimps. No, I just was nominated and so I had to do it. And it was really funny. But I think now it's too much, everyone did it and it's some kind of over. But it was a good thing.

SP: The fan from Wales asks when will you come back to United Kingdom again. And what are your relationships with Clubland UK at the moment? Are you still working with them?

H.P.: Yes, of course, we're still every time in contact and they decide is the record works for England or not. As far as I know they really like the new stuff. I hope it's going to be released in England as well. And I'm sure that we will come for some shows as soon as we'll release the new album there. It's not confirmed yet, but the guys from Clubland UK are working on it.

SP: Another fan asks about your new album. Does it contain some tracks in the style of Second Skin or Marian?

H.P.: This time no. We had one song which goes into that direction, but we thought it doesn't fit to the rest. And what we wanted to achieve with this album is that you can start listening to it from the beginning to the end and it's like one work. Of course there are different styles and the songs are different from each other, but it's really... yeah, you can listen to it from beginning to the end without something which doesn't fit into it. And so we decided not to put the song like this on the album. Maybe we'll do it next time.

SP: Some time ago, when Rick was still in the band, during one of the German TV-shows you have played the Scooter version of Mamma Mia by ABBA. Some fans thought that you will release this track on the new album. But it seems that it didn't happened. Why?

H.P.: It was a comedy show and it was a part of the funny thing playing this song together. It was never planned to be released. On the other hand it's not allowed, because the guys from ABBA will never allow to do the cover version like this. So, we never thought about it.

SP: In one of the interviews you said, that you aim to release three new Scooter albums before year 2016. Do you still plan to keep this schedule?

H.P.: It that true, that I've said so? Ha-ha-ha. Well, I'm not sure, because it took some time when Phil joined the band to get to know each other and to find the right way of working. Now it's really on the point and in the last three or four months it was just one track after the another. It's really cool. So I'm sure that the next album gonna take maybe one year, or one and a half. I think this is just the start of a really good time for Scooter.

SP: When we have met last time on the interview, we have presented you the CD with an album by the band called Section 1. There was a track called Abracadabra. Did you listened to it? Do you like it?

H.P.: Abracadabra? Oh, yes, yes, I remember, we did this track many many years ago. But sorry, I can't remember. I've listened to it quickly, but I don't know exactly how it was.

SP: H.P., you're a public person, you're traveling a lot and you are partying a lot. Do you have time to sleep and rest? How do you manage to stay active and energetic all the time, what is your secret?

H.P.: Yes, sometimes it's really hard when you have so many shows and other stuff to do, I have really not enough time to sleep. Like now in Moscow. We were working here with Media Markt, shooting the spots. That took 14 hours in a day. And then I have interviews and stuff. Sometimes it's really hard. But on the other hand, when we work in the studio for example, I have a normal day and then I go home and have enough sleep. But when you are touring you never have enough sleep, it's only like 3-4 hours. But I'm used for it now, after twenty years.

SP: So, H.P., can you say something special in Russian for the Russian fans?

H.P.: You mean in Russian language? Oh my god! It's really hard, because in the TV spots of course I have to do it in Russian, but I only learn one sentence and repeat it all the time we're shooting and then afterwards I can't remember. When you're not used to it, it's maybe would be the same if you will speak German. It's not easy.

The Fifth Chapter snippets! 04.09.2014

Finally, the waiting is over! First of all, the new Scooter track that was recorded together with Vassy and called Today is available on iTunes. Also, now it's known that the iTunes version of the album will include the additional remix of Vallée De Larmes by Lissat and Voltraxx and Jigga Jigga! (Dave202 Arena remix). Both remixes are not included in the CD version. And finally, the main thing is... right now you can listen to the short snippets of all tracks from The Fifth Chapter!

The CD version of the new single Today 04.09.2014

The 1-track WEB version of the new single Today by Scooter and Vassy will be released on 5th of September. And the full value CD version of the single, which will contain more mixes (the actual number of tracks is unknown yet) will be released on September 26, the same date as the new album The Fifth Chapter. The page, where you can pre-order the single Today has appeared at

The Fifth Chapter LP only 500 items 03.09.2014

It came to my attention, that only 500 items of The Fifth Chapter 2x vinyl LP by Scooter will be released. So, if you want it, just go and buy it! The price of one item is €22,61. I think these vinyls will become rare very fast. It's a great item for the collection of every Scooter fan.

Questions for Scooter 03.09.2014

Dear friends! The representatives of, and web-sites will try to make the interview with Scooter members during their visit to Moscow. The interview with Phil that was planned a while ago was disrupted, so we hope this time everything will go smooth and the talk will happen. If you have really interesting questions for H.P., Michael and Phil, feel free to send them at my e-mail address:

The new Scooter single will be released on September 5 03.09.2014

We've got some unexpected news this night! According to, the new Scooter single that was produced together with the Australian female singer Vassy, will be released not in November as we thought before, but very soon, on the 5th of September! Even the cover art of the new single which is called Today is already available on the web. Of course it is possible that this cover art is a temporary one, because there's the same photo of the Scooter guys, that's used on the cover art of their new album The Fifth Chapter and Vassy is not featured on the cover, which is strange.

The Fifth Chapter vinyl LP?! 02.09.2014

Well, this news is totally unexpected in a positive way. According to, Sheffield Tunes (Edel) will release The Fifth Chapter vinyl! It will be called The Fifth Chapter LP and will contain two vinyl discs. The release date is the same as the release date of the CD version of the album September, 26. If this is not a mistake and Scooter will really release the new vinyl, then the dream of many fans will finally become true. We didn't seen Scooter vinyl releases for a long years!

Autograph session in Moscow! 02.09.2014

Dear guys and girls! Scooter is coming to Moscow again! The band's autograph session will take place this Friday, September 5th, at one of the city's Media Markt shops. The address is: Prospekt Vernadskogo, 6 (Kapitoliy shopping center). The autograph session will start at 19:00.

Happy birthday, Michael! 29.08.2014

Today is a birthday of Michael Simon from Scooter. I would like to congratulate him and wish him to be happy, healthy and successful as a musician. Also I want to wish him less glamour and more hardcore :)

Are you ready for the fifth chapter? 28.08.2014

The new video was uploaded to the official Scooter page at Facebook. The fifth chapter starts in eight days. What does it mean? Maybe the sound samples marathon will start on Friday? If you remember, there already was the sound samples marathon at the time when The Big Mash Up was going to be released. By the way, in this video you will hear an interesting music. It is possible that it was taken from The Fifth Chapter album introduction. Also it is possible that the new Scooter single and video will be released on next Friday. This is really possible, because Michael Simon has posted an interesting message today at Facebook: On the way to the videoshoot. Later the word videoshoot was changed to the mysterious ... :)

Scooter shout box 27.08.2014

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated again. There's a video demonstrating the Scooter shout box, the fan-item, that will be included in the Limited Deluxe Box of the forthcoming album. It's a funny little thing. I can't imagine a situation in ordinary life for us to use the Scooter shout box, but as a fan souvenir it seems to be a fun stuff.

The Fifth Chapter (Limited Deluxe Box) tracklist 26.08.2014

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated. The guys have uploaded the official tracklist of the Limited Deluxe Box edition of their new album The Fifth Chapter. We already know the tracklist of the first CD (it's the same as the regular version of the album), so I'll only write the tracklist of the second CD with remixes.

Here is the tracklist of The Fifth Chapter (Limited Deluxe Box):

01. Scooter How Much Is The Fish? (Tony Junior Remix)
02. Scooter Maria (I Like It Loud) [R.I.O. Remix]
03. Scooter Move Your Ass (Stefan Dabruck Remix)
04. Scooter Army Of Hardcore (BMG Remix)
05. Scooter Friends (NRG Remix)
06. Scooter Jigga Jigga (Dave202 Remix)
07. Scooter I'm Lonely (Kindervater Remix)
08. Scooter Posse (I Need You On The Floor) [Amfree Remix]
09. Scooter Fire (Laserkraft 3D Remix)
10. Scooter Shake That! (Barany Attila / DJ Dominique Remix)

The blurred tracklist 25.08.2014

Here's the new message from the official Scooter Facebook page:

OK Posse! Curious for the official tracklist of The Fifth Chapter? Be prepared!

This message was accompanied by the image (probably it's a back side of the album cover) with the tracklist. It seems that the album will include 17 tracks, but their titles are blurred and it's impossible to understand them. Also there's a photo of the Scooter guys holding the finished version of the album recorded on CD-R. There's a paper with the tracklist of the album, but it's impossible to read it as well :)

Updated! The tracklist is already revealed! Here it is:

01. T5C
02. Who's That Rave?
03. Today (Scooter and Vassy)
04. We Got The Sound
05. Radiate (Scooter and Vassy)
06. 999 (Call The Police)
07. King Of The Land
08. Bigroom Blitz
09. Chopstick (Mado Kara Mieru)
10. Home Again
11. Fuck Forever
12. Jaguare
13. T.O.O.
14. Listen
15. Can't Stop The Hardcore
16. Fallin'
17. In Need

Scooter show in Minsk and H.P.'s Ice Bucket Challenge 24.08.2014

Today I've got two updates for ya. Let's start with the more important one. The Scooter show in Minsk (Belarus) was moved from September 29 to September 27. The place where the show will be held is still the same. It's Prime Hall.

H.P. Baxxter has accepted the call by Jens Thele. He participated in the charity project called Ice Bucket Challenge. The point of this challenge is to donate some money to the fight against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and pour yourself with a bucket of ice water. Here you can watch the video.

Information about The Fifth Chapter (Limited Deluxe Box) 23.08.2014

The fresh information from The Limited Deluxe Box version of the new Scooter album The Fifth Chapter will contain the bonus CD with fantastic new remixes of the Scooter tracks produced by such big artists as RIO, Mischa Daniels, Da Hool and Stefan Dabruck and Laserkraft 3D. Also the release will contain the item called Scooter shout box. It's a box with the best shouts by the mastermind, mr. H.P. Baxxter! It includes such shouts as Hyper Hyper, How Much Is The Fish?, Ihr seid ja alle wahnsinnig!, Wicked and Düp-düp-düp. Thanks to Horseman for the information!

The new album cover art! 18.08.2014

The cover art of the new Scooter album, which is called The Fifth Chapter and will be released on 26th of September, has appeared on the Web! If you want to see it in the full quality, please, click here. Personally I think that this cover looks nice. To be honest, when I've seen the pixelated version of the cover for the fist time, I thought it will be worse. But no. It looks pretty nice and clear.

Updated! The cover art of the Limited Deluxe Box version of the album has been added. Click here to see it.

Scooter show Live! 16.08.2014

Today you will be able to listen online to Scooter live performance at open air in Switzerland! Just follow this link and click on the Live hören button on the right side of the page. The live translation is presented by the SRF3 radiostation. The Scooter show will start at 23:30 (German time). Don't miss it! Thanx to Horseman for the news!

We will see the cover of the new album on Monday 15.08.2014

The pixelated version of the cover art of the new album was uploaded by the Scooter members at their official Facebook page yesterday. If you'll look at this image, you'll probably agree, that it contains the black and white photo of the band members and the T5C abbreviation (T5C = The Fifth Chapter). I even made the picture of how possibly the cover art may look like and uploaded it at the official Scooter Planet Facebook page. Later the official Scooter Facebook page was updated again. The guys stated that the official cover art of the new album called The Fifth Chapter will be unveiled on Monday. So stay tuned!

More information about the new album pre-order 13.08.2014

Now we have a bit more exact information about the new Scooter album pre-order. First of all, it came to my attention, that the Standard Edition of the album will contain only one CD and the Special Edition, which is now called Limited Deluxe Box (it was featured as V.I.P. Pack before at Amazon), will contain two CDs. Also the prices of those two releases are known now too. You can pre-order one of the editions if you'll follow the links:

Scooter The Fifth Chapter €16,99
Scooter The Fifth Chapter (Limited Deluxe Box) €21,99

The pack of news 08.08.2014

Maybe you remember about the Inside Look: Sheffield Jumpers Life On Tour With Scooter, the DVD that was announced by the Sheffield Jumpers last year. Last time there was no exact information about the time when it will be released. But now Sergej and Pim from Sheffield Jumpers say that the DVD will be released in the end of the year, after The Fifth Chapter release.

The Next news will be interesting for the Russian and Belorusian Scooter fans. First of all, our favorite band will participate in a music fest dedicated to the 300th anniversary of Sestroretsk near Saint Petersburg. Beside Scooter on the stage will perform other Russian and european pop, rock and dance stars. And on the 27th of September Scooter will play the full value show in Minsk, the capital of Belarus! I'm really happy for our Belorusian friends! You know that you can't miss the Scooter show, right?

The Fifth Chapter pre-order is live! 02.08.2014

Now you can pre-order the next Scooter album which is called The Fifth Chapter at You can choose between the standard edition on 2 CDs or the V.I.P. Pack, which also contains two CDs, but it seems that it will also contain some Scooter merchandise. The prices of these releases are still unknown. The Fifth Chapter will be released on 26th of September.

The second part of The Summer Of 90s show 01.08.2014

Finally, the second part of the TV-show called The Summer Of 90s is available at YouTube. In this part you will find out some interesting information about such musical projects as Scooter, Westbam, Marc Acardipane, Snap, DJ Bobo and others. Also you'll see Nosie Katzmann, the musician and author of the songs who is very familiar to the most of Scooter fans. He is the author of one of the best Scooter ballads Break It Up. Somewhere near the 52th minute of the show you'll be able to listen to the short snippet of one of the new Scooter tracks. It seems that it will be included in the new album called The Fifth Chapter.

The Fifth Chapter will contain two CDs? 30.07.2014

The release date of the new Scooter album which is called The Fifth Chapter was changed to the official date at I want to remind you, that the official date of the release so far is 26.09.2014. Also, according to the site, the standard edition of the new Scooter album will contain two CDs. Stay tuned for the updates.

The new Scooter single will be called Today 18.07.2014

It came to my attention, that the title of the new Scooter single is finally revealed. It will be called Today. The production of this single is already finished. It was recorded together with Vassy, the female vocalist, which is famous for her work together with David Guetta and Showtek on their track called Bad. Well, I think we can be sure, that the new Scooter single will be in the style of House / Big Room. Vassy says that the single will be out in November, after the release of the new Scooter album. Right now you can listen to the possible original version of the new Scooter single.

Exclusive news from Michael Simon 11.07.2014

The Scooter Planet forum moderator =Dave Bass Parker= was able to talk with Michal Simon in Facebook, so now we know some new interesting facts about the forthcoming single and album.

Michael Simon said that the new Scooter album will be released on 26th of September, but not on the 8th of August as we thought before;

The new album called The Fifth Chapter will contain less than twenty tracks;

One Hardstyle composition for the new album is ready, now the band is working on a Happy Hardcore track, but they don't like it so far;

The new Scooter single is ready. The style is House / Bigroom. Michael doesn't know when will it be released. The title of the new single is a secret;

The second part of Russian Scooter Tour is not planned. At least not this year

The Fifth Chapter release date 04.07.2014

Finally, the exact release date of the new Scooter album was announced! Well, if you believe the German site, of course. So, it seems that the new album called The Fifth Chapter (yes, it's fifth, not 5th as before and I'm happy about it) will be released on the 8th of August! By the way, the official H.P. Baxxter Facebook page was updated with the following lines: Photo session for The Fifth Chapter. So, get prepared, Posse! The new album is not that far away now!

Section 1 Viva La Hardcore track premiere 13.06.2014

Today at 20:00 (German time) at TechnoBase.FM you will be able to listen to the world premiere of the next Section 1's single which is called Viva La Hardcore. Don't miss the Crystal Nation radioshow by Crystal Lake project.

And here you can watch the video interview with Section 1.

We need your questions for the interview with Phil Speiser 11.06.2014

Russian Scooter fan sites and are preparing the interview with the new Scooter member Phil Speiser. If you have some questions to ask him, feel free to mail me at

The 5th Chapter will be released in Autumn 07.06.2014

Here you can watch the fresh interview with the band for the German TV channel RTL Nord. The interview is dedicated to Phil Speiser, the new Scooter member. In this interview the guys said that the band's new album The 5th Chapter will be released in Autumn. And if I understand it correct, in late Autumn. I hope that H.P., Phil and Michael really want to produce a very good and banging album, that's why it's delayed again. Let's wait and see.

The Bigroom Blitz is available at YouTube again 06.06.2014

As you may know, the official video of Bigroom Blitz was deleted from the Kontor YouTube channel a few days ago because of the claim of Warner Music label. Today the video was uploaded again, this time at the official Scooter channel. If you'll watch the video, you'll probably notice that the rap part by Wiz Khalifa was a little bit changed. The lyrics are the same, but it sounds different. It's absolutely clear, that the Khalifa's part was re-recorded. Interesting information, isn't it?

UPD! The iTunes version of the single was updated with the new rap part too. And now you can't see the line feat. Wiz Khalifa on the cover.

Short news 04.06.2014

The summer season has started. Summer is usually a 'dead' season for Scooter, but I've got some news for you anyway:

H.P. Baxxter will be the host of the TV show called Summer Of The 90s at the German ARTE channel;

Today the Scooter guys will play their new single Bigroom Blitz live for the first time during the show in Hungary;

This week the new Scooter single called Bigroom Blitz will enter the German single chart at #43

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