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News from Section 1 & Sound-X-Monster 26.05.2014

Russian musician Sergey Metyolkin, more known as Sound-X-Monster, which is very familiar to most Scooter fans, prepared the first issue of his very own audio blog. In this blog Sergey tells the news of his musical projects and responds to questions from the audience. You can listen to the audio blog here, at SXM's official VK page and also at Scooter Planet official VK page. Just too make you more excited, let me say, that you will be able to listen to the samples of unreleased Sound-X-Monster tracks and also the minimix of the upcoming Section 1 album! The audio blog is in Russian language, so I'll post here some really interesting facts from it in English language:

The new Section 1 album will be called Viva La Hardcore. It will be released at the end of summer, 2014;

The first single from the new album will be called Viva La Hardcore, too. The band plans to release more singles from the new album in the future;

The main style of the new album is Stadium Techno;

The album will be released not only as WEB-download, but also on CD. The CD release will contain the eight page booklet;

Eva Kade will be one of the guest singers on the album. She is familiar to every Trance music lover, so this is the big news;

Maybe the most exciting news! Section 1 prepares the official remix of one of the Scooter singles! I repeat: this is not a fan remix, this is the official remix

I hope you are happy with this news! Get ready for more in the near future

Scooter feat. Wiz Khalifa Bigroom Blitz (the official video) 22.05.2014

So, as it was promised yesterday, the new official Scooter video for their new single Bigroom Blitz is available for watching. Click here to watch the video right now! All I can say is: the summer season begins. I think that the radio version of Bigroom Blitz might become very popular in Russia, just as 4 A.M.. This track is not for the fans, this track is for the masses. So let the masses like it!

The Bigroom Blitz video premiere tomorrow! 21.05.2014

According to the Official Scooter Facebook page, the video premiere of Bigroom Blitz will be available on the Web tomorrow, on 22th of May, one day before the single release. I want to remind you, that you can pre-order the new single right now. Here, at, you will find the CD version and here, at iTunes, there's a WEB release.

Bigroom Blitz (Radio Mix) full track preview 19.05.2014

Today is the day, Posse. Right now you can listen to the full version of Bigroom Blitz (Radio Mix) here, at Czech Free Radio page. Just follow this link and click the Play button. Nobody's hotta, than Shotta.

The longer sample of Bigroom Blitz 17.05.2014

Hello, Posse! Check this Top 20 hits page at Czech Kiss Radio. At place #18 you will find Bigroom Blitz, the new single by Scooter. Click on Play button and you will hear the longer sample of the track, even the Rap part by Wiz Khalifa.

The Bigroom Blitz video ad 16.05.2014

The video ad of the new Scooter single called Bigroom Blitz has appeared on the Net. You can check it here. In this video you'll hear the melody of the new single and also you will see some extracts from the new video. Right after I've seen this video, I've received a private message at Facebook from one of the fans, which has already found the original song of Bigroom Blitz melody. It's a turkish song Sezen Aksu - Hadi Bakalim.

Totally looks like... H.P.? 16.05.2014

Here, in Russia, there's a TV show which is called Toch-v-Toch (Your Face Sounds Familiar in English). In this show famous Russian artists are trying to copy the image and vocals of other famous artists. This time the singer Dmitry Koldun (you may know him, because he participated in Eurovision 2007 and represented Belarus) will appear on the stage as H.P. Baxxter from Scooter. He will perform How Much Is The Fish :-D You can see his photo on the left. Click here to see the photo in a higher resolution. And at this page you can see a short video sample of the performance.

Meanwhile, the real Scooter guys are filming the new video for Bigroom Blitz.

Bigroom Blitz preview 13.05.2014

A very creative video teaser has appeared at the official Scooter Facebook page! In this video we can see a drama, shot from the first person view. The Scooter fan, who desperately wants to hear the new stuff, breaks into their studio and plays a short teaser of Bigroom Blitz from the bands computer. It's a must-see, guys and girls. Check it out!

The CD version of Bigroom Blitz 12.05.2014

The CD version of Bigroom Blitz, the new single by Scooter and Wiz Khalifa, will contain two tracks. Those tracks are Radio Mix and Scooter Remix. I want to remind you, that you can pre-order the Bigroom Blitz right now at The price is €2,99.

Short sample of Scooter Bigroom Blitz (P.A.F.F. Remix) 09.05.2014

The short sound sample of P.A.F.F.'s remix of Bigroom Blitz by Scooter and Wiz Khalifa was uploaded at Instagram by P.A.F.F. himself! The style of the remix is Electro House with some Acid and Trap influences. Also P.A.F.F. said that the original version of Bigroom Blitz by Scooter is a modern Big Room track, but it is very recognizable and Scooterish.

UPD! The sample was deleted by P.A.F.F..

Bigroom Blitz (Remixes) WEB-release tracklist 09.05.2014

The new Scooter single Bigroom Blitz, produced together with Wiz Khalifa is now available for pre-order at iTunes. The single contains four tracks. Here's the tracklist:

01. Radio Mix (03:07)
02. Scooter Remix (04:00)
03. Extended Mix (04:14)
04. P.A.F.F. Remix (05:06)

The most interesting thing is, of course, Scooter remix. It is interesting why the guys decided to make a remix of their own track? Maybe Scooter Remix will be very (musically) different to the original version? Let's wait a little bit more and we will know it. I'm sure the pre-listening samples will appear really really soon. Also it is interesting, that the release contains a remix by P.A.F.F.. This artist is a well-known music producer from Poland. His tracks are appreciated by many European DJs, his works were released at some famous labels, for example at Flashover Recordings and its sub-label Aleph. Those labels belong to Ferry Corsten, one of the EDM's godfathers. Of course, P.A.F.F. is also releasing his stuff at Kontor Records. I think that's why he agreed to make a remix for Scooter.

The cover of the new single 24.04.2014

You can see the cover of the new Scooter single called Bigroom Blitz, that was recorded together with American rapper Wiz Khalifa, on the left. The picture was uploaded by the Scooter guys themselves at their official Facebook page. And if you will click this link, you will see the cover in a better image size and quality. I want to remind you, that the new single will be out on May, 23.

The new Scooter single will be called Bigroom Blitz 23.04.2014

So, now it's official. The new Scooter single will be released on 23th of May and today it's already available for pre-order. The single is called Bigroom Blitz and it was recorded together with the rapper Wiz Khalifa. And yes, according to the title of the song, the style is Big Room. To be honest, it is really difficult for me to say something at the moment. You know, I like the old Scooter sound, I like hard beats, fast sounds and H.P.'s yelling. And I hate rap, by the way. So... I think I'll let YOU comment this news about the new Scooter music, my friends.

23.05.2014 17.04.2014

Here's a message from the official Scooter Facebook page:

May 23rd are you ready???

So, what are the guys talking about? Maybe the new Scooter single recorded together with the new band member Phil Speiser will be out that day? We'll wait and see.

The new Scooter tracks! 30.03.2014

Fresh interview with H.P. Baxxter has appeared on the web. The interview is in French language and I can't translate it, but I recommend you to watch the video anyway. Because in this video you will see the band's studio and hear the new Scooter sounds played by Phil Speiser! This is really true, just check the video out. Maybe these tracks will be present on the new Scooter album called The 5th Chapter!

News from Michael Simon 29.03.2014

A fresh interview with Michael Simon, which was made by the fans, have appeared on the Net. You can read the full version of the interview here, but I will publish only the most interesting facts (in my opinion) from this interview:

There are many people, who help Scooter to produce the new album called The 5th Chapter. Michael Simon has uploaded some photos from the studio (you can find these photos at Michael's social network pages), where we can see these people;

Some tracks for the new album are ready. Once again we will hear some covers of the older songs and underground tracks. But this time the Scooter guys also plans to produce their very own tracks! That's why they invited the song writers in the studio;

There will be at least one track on the album recorded together with a famous musician;

The release date of the new album was, indeed, postponed to August. And it is still unknown when the first single from the album will be released

Scooter day in Moscow. The results 24.03.2014

So, it is time to summarize the Scooter arrival in Moscow. First, here are some news that the fans were able to get from the band members here, in Moscow. Let's start. The release date of the new Scooter album called The 5th Chapter was postponed till the autumn, 2014. Of course, it's not very good news, but at least the silence about the new album was finally interrupted. We also learned that the first single from the new album is not ready yet. The album will feature tracks in styles of House, Trance, Hardstyle and Happy Hardcore. Also I managed to get to meet and greet with the band and asked H.P. and the guys, if they still plan to put twenty new tracks on the album. H.P. answered that it's hard to be absolutely sure about it, but the musicians are seek to this goal. After that, Phil Speiser added the following line: I think that it would be much better if the album will include, for example, fourteen tracks, but these tracks will be really good, am I right?. I could only agree with him on this. So, here's the news I've got for ya, folks. Well, now I suggest you to read a small report about the Scooter show at the Moscow's Stadium Live club. This report was written by a beautiful girl Julia (aka Juliana Geerdes). And I have prepared a short video called Scooter day in Moscow, I hope you will enjoy it.

Scooter autograph session in Moscow report 23.03.2014

Well, my friends, yesterday was another day entirely dedicated to Scooter in Moscow. It all started at the RIO shopping center (Leninskiy Prospekt, 109), where the Scooter autograph session was held. I want to thank the organizers of the event, because they did everything in their power for the event went smoothly. For all the people gathered in anticipation of the band's arrival, the DJ played many Scooter tracks and the most active Posse, wrapped in flags of Scooter, danced in the middle of the hall. Unfortunately, the only problem were the Scooter guys themselves, because they were late for an autograph session for at least two hours (by my count). The organizers of the event hoped that the band will make pictures with every fan, but of course it was impossible. I think only four or five people were able to make a photo with their idols. After a few photos the Scooter members escaped the hall very fast, leaving many sad people behind. I think that even not everybody were able to get the autographs that day, because there was really a big crowd of fans and Scooter was late. Nevertheless, as I said before, I want to thank the organizers of the autograph session. They really did everything they could. Thank you. And, of course, I'll write about the Scooter live show later. Stay tuned!

Happy birthday, H.P.! 16.03.2014

Today is a birthday of H.P. Baxxter, the permanent leader of the band called Scooter. I would like to congratulate H.P. and wish him to have much energy, because we need him on the floor! :) And, of course, I want to wish him to be healthy, successful in his public life and happy in personal life. Happy birthday, MC H!

Scooter in Moscow ve-e-ery soon! 15.03.2014

I want to remind you, that Scooter will play live in Moscow's Stadium Live club on 22th of March at 20:00! You can still buy the tickets to the show here. Scooter is a very good and powerful live act, so every Scooter fan must see them live! So, come and see them! Also you will be able to see the new Scooter member Phil Speiser in action! So... Don't forget: March 22, Moscow, Stadium Live club... Scooter!

Scooter autograph session in Moscow! 14.03.2014

Dear Russian Posse! The autograph session and photo session with Scooter members will be held in Moscow's RIO shopping center (Leninskiy Prospekt, 109) on 22th of March at 13:00! The fans will be able to make a photo with their idols and also win the tickets to the Scooter live show that will take place in Moscow at the same day! Don't miss your chance!

H.P. Baxxter will star in Media Markt advertisement again 10.02.2014

H.P. Baxxter will take a part in the shooting of Media Markt advertisement, that will take place in Moscow on 13'th of February at a night time. You can visit the film set, but you need to take part in a creative competition. You will learn more information and will be able to take part in the competition if you'll follow this link.

The Cult Of 303 Danke! (Dedicated To Rick J. Jordan) 08.02.2014

Dear friends! Today I would like to present you a musical tribute dedicated to Rick J. Jordan. This single was produced by Danil Emeljanov (aka Nitra) and me, Alexander Primorsky (aka Scar). Our music project is called The Cult Of 303 and the main track of our first single is called very simple Danke!. Release contains two version of Danke!, original mix and alternative mix. Also it contains a b-side called Airborne. You can download the whole release here.

Rick Jordan's interview for 31.01.2014

Rick J Jordan, who has left Scooter a few days ago, gave an interview to the German site The interview is quite interesting, but I'll post only the main quotes from it here:

Rick has left the band not only because he want to spend more time with his wife and young daughter, but also because the modern electronic music is not his cup of tea and he don't want to produce new tracks for Scooter in these styles anymore;

H.P. didn't asked Rick to stay in the band. He understood him and accepted his will to leave;

Rick decided to leave the band about a year ago. He doesn't produced any tracks for the new Scooter album. He only helped Michael to prepare the 20 Years Of Hardcore tour and wrote the intro for this tour;

Rick is, of course, plans to create a new musical project. He already has a partner, who have some good ideas for the music, so they'll try to use those ideas in the future. The style of the project will probably be Alternative Rock or even Chillout;

In the nearest future Rick wants to get a good rest. He and his family are going to visit North Finland for skiing. Also they want to see the Northern Lights

H.P. is on vacation 28.01.2014

Here's a short message from H.P. Baxxter's official Facebook page:

Stopover at an Irish Pub in Dubai at the airport, on the way to the Indian Ocean for ashort holiday after the tour before we finish our new album

So, let's wish H.P. to get a good rest after the tour. Hope that the Scooter guys will make us happy with their brand new album very soon.

Interview with Section 1 27.01.2014

Hello, Posse! Today I want to present you an interview with the members of Section 1 musical project. These guys are positioning themselves as followers of the Scooter style. They were happy to answer some questions of their listeners.

Question: Hello! How do you see your future music career in the next four years? What are your relationships with Scooter? If you could select one of your track as your favorite, what would you choose?

Dennis Dee: I can not make plans that far, but I hope that Section 1 tracks will not disappoint our fans and the fans of Electronic Dance Music. At the moment Hard Dance music is not so popular, but we can not let Hardcore die. We love Rave music so much and of course we will continue working in the same direction. It will be very difficult to achieve popularity and success working as Hard Dance artists, because people prefer House, Electro and Dubstep nowadays. I don't have any contact with Scooter, but I know that Dave is in contact with Axel Coon, who did a remix for our latest single called Hard Stuff. Actually, I have to say that over the past four years Scooter does not cause those emotions that it caused earlier, and after exit of Rick J. Jordan, Scooter is no more for me as a band. So sad about it. My favorite track is Russia! (Where R U?) and couple of tracks from the forthcoming album. But I can't talk about it now... (laughs)

Sergej: Hi there! Our plans is improve our skills, get more experience, obtain the crowd and artist popularity, and of course step to the next level as sound designers. Music became for us something more than just a hobby at the moment. The Scooter guys already know about Section 1 and SXM (Sound-X-Monster) and as everybody knows, we've worked with one of the ex-members Axel Coon. I hope in the future we will be able to make a collaboration with other Scooter ex-members. My favorite track is Hard Stuff, because I think that it's quite an iconic Section 1 tune. Idea of this song came to me when I working for my solo project called SXM, and when I became a Section 1 memeber, it was re-done by us. Now this tune has powerful sound and high quality production. Axel Coon produced an incredible remix for this track. So, it was huge work.

Dave: All I know is that we have a huge potential, which was noted by many people, including Axel Coon and the guys from the German Dancecore project called Crystal Lake. Also we have a lot of fresh, interesting ideas, so we will continue to actively climb to the summit of Olympus in our next 4 years. We have good relationships with Scooter. Dennis and Sergej did not know them personally, but I regularly meet and talk with them when they are visiting Moscow. Rick knows about us and already listened to our tracks (he have the album Satellite Bass - One For Hardcore and single Gonna Take U High). He was impressed, when he heard the track from SB called In The Hardplace. My favorite track is Hard Stuff of course. Why? Sergej has already explained it! (laughs)

Question: I don't have any questions, but I have a desire. Please, keep producing the Hard Dance music. The experimenting is good, but Hard Dance music it's really yours!

Dennis Dee: Thanks. We love Hard Dance music so much, but experiments are giving us incredible freedom and actuality. All our future experiments will always combine whatever you need and something radically new.

Sergey: Thanks for the suggestion. Anyway, we will continue to make experiments, but Hard Dance sound is a number one priority for us.

Dave: I agree with the guys, thank you! We will continue to produce Hard Dance music. The main sound for us is Hard Dance sound, the rest are experiments.

Question: You have a lot of songs with lyrical texts. Such as, for example, Another Dimension, If You Believe, Never Say Goodbye and some other. I am interested in the following question: were all these songs was performed by Dennis Dee, or were they sang by somebody else?

Dennis Dee: Yep, all these songs were performed by me! I am a great singer and MC! (laughs)

Sergej: Well, how do you think by yourself? (laughs)

Dave: No, actually all the songs were performed by me! (laughs)

Question: Why the Satellite Bass project has stopped? How much members was replaced from 2008 to this moment? Why do you have so much commercial sound in your tracks and haven't any tracks like oldschool from 1996 to 2003? Your main fans are also Scooter fans and they miss the oldschool sound.

Dennis Dee: Satellite Bass was closed due to creative differences between me and Tom. I'm a fan of Hard Dance music such as Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Hardcore, Hard Trance and I wanted to produce such tracks, but Thomas was focused on commercial Handsup (Dancecore) and Electro House. I realized, that this is not my cup of tea, and stopped working for Satellite Bass. Also our label Observatory Media was closed, too. If you are expecting Happy Hardcore by Section 1, you will get some Happy Hardcore. The forthcoming album will include many massive tracks with oldschool elements and Hard Dance sound. Be ready!

Sergej: We all love the music of those times, but at the moment this sound is not up-to-date anymore, so we will try to keep the atmosphere of the old times, but with a modern sound.

Dave: Peter Revilak left the band in 2013 and was replaced by Sergej Metelkin. Now we are trio and we haven't any plans to change members anymore. Well, I guess you do not need the explanation how the music show business is working? We can't become a popular and successful without commercial sound, we have to agree with the rules if we want our project to stay alive. But we are trying to keep oldschool atmosphere in our tracks. The forthcoming album will prove it and I think many fans will be impressed by it. We promise you that you will get a great beginning of summer! (laughs)

Question: I want to ask will the new album include some massive tracks like Gonna Take U High? Do you have some ideas about the reloading of I'm Explosive! with more rhythmic Trance or Hardcore sound?

Dennis Dee: Everything is possible in the future. The new album will include many powerful Hard Dance tracks, I think you will like it. The speed of the new tracks will vary from 140 to 150 bpm. We are full of ideas and trying to use them in our new tracks right now.

Sergej: The new album will contain many hard and cool tracks as well as some surprises. Maybe we will remake I'm Explosive! in the future, who knows. Right now I can only say, that you will find one more (besides Hard Stuff) remake of one of SXM's old tracks from The Alternative Album. Which one? It's a secret.

Dave: There will be no Hardcore tracks like Gonna Take U High on the new album, but maybe in the future we will make some Happy Hardcore tunes too. We were thinking about the reload of I'm Explosive!, we actually wanted to release it on our new album, but we have so many another new ideas, that we can't do it! (laughs) Maybe in future we will thing about it again.

Question: do you plan to producing some Melodic or Happy Hardcore tunes, or maybe something more massive and rhythmical?

Dennis Dee: The forthcoming album will be more massive and rhythmical, than our previous stuff.

Sergej: More massive and rhythmical? You must be kidding! Of course not! Only Chillout, Ambient and a little bit of Chanson! (laughs)

Dave: Maybe we will produce some Happy Hardcore in a future, one or two tracks.

Question: Why your project is called Section 1? What is the meaning of this title?

Dennis Dee: It was my idea, before I met with Dave and Sergej. There's no special meaning in the title. I just trying to find a name for the project, tried many different combinations of words and this one seemed to me like cool. Maybe it's cool, maybe not... (laughs) Now many people know us as Section 1 and w don't have any reason to change the title.

Sergej: If I only knew... (laughs)

Dave: Ask Dennis about it. It was his idea (smiling)

Question: You're successful! Hungary is waiting for you, guys!

Dennis Dee: Thank you! I'm looking forward to meet you at one of our shows in Hungary... with Hungarian sausages of course! (laughs)

Sergej: Thanks!

Dave: When Hungary will call us, we will come! Thanks!

Question: Do you plan to do some collaborations with other artists? What kind of styles will you use for the forthcoming album and how much tracks will be on the album? Do you plan to make some live performance for the forthcoming Scooter live show in Moscow this spring? Will there be played any new tracks? Do you want to make a remix contest for your songs?

Dennis Dee: Yes, maybe we will do some collaboration with someone in the future. On the new album you will hear Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Hard Trance. At the moment we have ten finished tracks. Also we plan to produce a couple of Big Room tracks. We are currently working on one of them. Yes, we plan do work as a warm-up act before Scooter show in Moscow, but now we waiting for the answer from producers. If we will be there, then yes, we will play one or two tracks from the forthcoming album. Remix contest? Yes, I think it's a good idea! Thanks!

Sergej: We don't have any plans about collaborations yet, but why not? We would love to work together with someone famous. On the new album you will hear the Stadium Techno as a main genre, but also there will be Hardstyle and Jumpstyle too, and a couple of Dubstep and Big Room tunes. At the moment we don't know, how many tracks will be on the album. Yes, of course we want to play before Scooter this spring, but we must wait for an answer from the organizers. We don't have any special plans about the remix contest right now, but maybe we will try it in the future.

Dave: We wanted to do a collaboration with Ferris Bueller (ex-Scooter member), but I can't tell you more at the moment. Of course we will probably do some collabs in the future. We have some talented producers here, at Quadrocore Recordings Turbotraxx Tunes, such as Aimoon, 2trancY, Sasha Starry, The Airstatic and Spirit Tag. Of course we want to work with them in the future. The new album will contains not less than twelve tracks (maybe much more). Styles, which we will use on the new album are Stadium Techno, Dubstep, Big Room, Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Hard Trance. The main is style is Stadium Techno. The negotiations about out performance as a warm-up project before the Scooter show in spring are in progress. If the the agreement will be reached, we will play some massive smashers from the new album. I haven't any ideas about the remix contest yet, but maybe we will do something like that in the future.

Question: Do you want to produce any unofficial remixes for Scooter? What soft and plugins do you use in the studio?

Dennis Dee: I don't like to produce any remixes. Ask Dave and Sergej, they know about it (laughs) In our studio we are using Cubase 5, Adobe Audition and mamy plugins and synthesizers.

Sergej: Yes, we want to, but we are looking forward to produce only the official remixes.

Dave: We have a chance to produce the official remix for Scooter, but I can't say anything about it at the moment. Yes, Dennis doesn't like to produce any remixes, it's true. I must constantly try to persuade him to do a remix (laughs)

Question: Do you plan your own live show in Moscow?

Dennis Dee: It will be better, if you'll Dave about it, he is our manager (smiling)

Sergej: If our band will be more popular, then yes, it is possible.

Dave: Of course we want to make our personal shows and not only Moscow! But everyhing will depend from success and popularity of the project. Thanks for the great talk, it was nice to answer all your questions!

Section 1's official VK page

Good luck, Rick! 25.01.2014

20 Years Of Hardcore, the jubilee Scooter live tour, is over. And the grand epoch in the band history is over, too. Rick J Jordan, our beloved Ricky, has left the building. Yesterday he said goodbye to the band members and to the fans. Here you can see this touching moment. Thank you, Rick! Thank you for everything! And good luck!

By the way, there was a little surprise for the fans at yesterdays live show in Hamburg. Rudolf Schenker from the band Scorpions was on the stage together with H.P. when Fire was played.

P.S. Since today Phil Speiser is the official new third member of Scooter. Welcome, Phil!

The final appearance of Rick Jordan as a Scooter member 24.01.2014

Today will be the final show of Scooter's 20 Years Of Hardcore live tour in Germany. The concert will take place in Hamburg, a native city for Scooter. The attention of the Scooter fans all over the world is riveted to this show, because there will be the last appearance of Rick Jordan as a Scooter member. The legendary musician and founding member leaves the band to engage in solo projects, writing music for commercials and, of course, spend more time with family. The role of the new Scooter member (instead of Rick) will be taken by the young musician Phil Speiser more known as DDY. He already spent a lot of time in the Scooter studio, preparing the new album for the band and also he was a support act during the whole 20 Years Of Hardcore live tour in Germany. There is a chance, that today, after the last show of the tour, he will be presented as a new member of Scooter. Let's wait and see.

Happy birthday, Rick! 01.01.2014

Today is a birthday of our favorite musician, Rick J Jordan! I would like to congratulate him heartily and wish him to be healthy, happy and inspired! Yes, Ricky is leaving Scooter, but I'm sure that he will continue to release excellent music and we will follow him and his creations in the future. Good luck, Rick!

By the way, if we're talking about Rick's leaving the band, I've got some news for you, Posse. Yesterday a part of the new Scooter show was broadcasted at German TV. And at this show on the keyboards instead of Rick was Phil Speiser aka DDY (Dirty Disco Youth), probably the new third Scooter member. So, right now we are the witnesses of the generation change in Scooter.

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