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Happy new year! 31.12.2013

Dear Posse! Happy new year! I hope that in the new year Scooter will continue to make us happy with their new music and great live shows. And I would like to ask Santa and Ded Moroz to bring us the new Scooter album full of the tracks in old good Scooter Techno style in 2014. Keep raving, Posse! And always expect the best! I promiss that Scooter Planet web-site will keep you updated about all the Scooter news in the new year. As always. Stay tuned!

DDY will be a support act of 20YOH tour 28.12.2013

Phil Speiser aka DDY (Dirty Disco Youth), a possible new third Scooter member, will be a support act for Scooter and their 20 Years Of Hardcore tour in Germany. Does this mean, that he will be presented as a new Scooter member on 24th of January, after the last show of the tour, when Rick J Jordan will officially leave the band? Let's wait and see.

Scooter will play live in Moscow in March 23.12.2013

Good news for the Moscow Scooter Posse! Out favorite band will come to our city on March, 22 (2014). It became a good tradition for Scooter to visit Moscow in March :) The show will be held at Stadium Live club. The tickets will be available for purchase today at web-site.

Reminder: live translation from Hamburg 04.12.2013

Dear Posse! Here's a quick reminder for you. Tomorrow, on the 5th of December there will be a live translation of the Scooter show! The show will take place at Hamburg's Uebel & Gefährlich club at 21:30 (HAM) and it will be broadcasted live at and at Don't miss it! Maybe there will be some surprises, who know?

The new Scooter single will not be released on 06.12.2013 26.11.2013

Phil Speiser (aka DDY, aka the possible new Scooter member) in a personal chat with one of the German fans have said that the new Scooter single will not be released on the 6 of December as it was stated before, and he (Phil) is not allowed to announce the new date of the release. Also once again he said, that the fifth chapter will be banging. It's unknown was he talking about the new chapter as a whole or about the new album with the same title. Well, it seems that the release date of the new single was postponed to the next year, as well as the release date of the new album. We have to wait more.

H.P. Baxxter at TV Total 15.11.2013

H.P. Baxxter was a guest at TV Total, a popular German TV Show. Together with its host Stefan Raab, H.P. remembered about the twenty years career of his music band. The official Scooter book called Always Hardcore was showed to the public, as well as the video cuts of the old TV Total shows featuring Scooter. Overall, the show was cool and funny. You can watch it online by clicking this link.

Inside Look: Sheffield Jumpers Life On Tour With Scooter 07.11.2013

Sergej and Pim, the Sheffield Jumpers, prepare a video release. It is called Inside Look: Sheffield Jumpers Life On Tour With Scooter. It is unknown yet, will it be released as DVD, or maybe it will be available as a WEB purchase. Here's what Sheffield Jumpers wrote about this release:

As some of you already know, we have a busy tour schedule the upcoming 8 months with a lot of tours & shows with Scooter throughout a lot of different countries.

The last Russia tour we have been filming everyday backstage, during travels, parties, shows & off-stage because we had an idea to videotape all the things we experience during this amazing & fun journey with Scooter.

That's why we decided to make a documentary about life on the road with the Sheffield Jumpers & Scooter, done by Pim Fontijn & Sergej van Ettekoven, filmed from October 2013-July 2014.

Release date: August 2014
Produced by: Sheffield Jumpers, Prime Agency

Like our official Facebook page about Inside Look and stay updated about some teasers and a trailers the upcoming weeks!

The official Facebook page

UPD: Now it is official: this film will be released on DVD.

Philip Speiser will be the new Scooter member 02.11.2013

At the press conference before the today's show of the Russian tour, the band announced that Philip Speiser (aka Dirty Disco Youth, aka DDY) will be the new Scooter member. This young music producer will replace the Scooter legend Rick J Jordan, who will leave the band right after the final live show of the 20 Years Of Hardcore German tour.

Rhapsody In E (Psytrance remake) 28.10.2013

One of the greatest Scooter instrumental tracks, Rhapsody In E, will get a Psytrance remake! The musical project called Dynamic & ON3 will release the Psytrance version of this classic on their new EP! You can check the preview version of the track here. It's nice to know that Scooter have some fans even at the Psytrance scene.

20 Years Of Hardcore 5CD compilation 28.10.2013

The 5CD compilation which is called 20 Years Of Hardcore and includes 100 Scooter tracks is now available for purchase at As I understand this compilation was not released by Sheffield Tunes or Kontor, but was released under the license. The 5CD compilation includes all the Scooter tracks which were released as CD singles and a various other hit tracks from different albums of the band. I cannot say for sure, are these tracks (on 5CD release) remastered or not. Maybe German fans know it. It would be nice to know, so please, feel free to e-mail me if you know the truth :) The price of this 5CD compilation is €50.

UPD: One more release from this shop: 20 Years Of Hardcore (3DVD).

Information from Michael Simon 22.10.2013

Here are some facts about the new album directly from Michael Simon. He has answered some of the fans questions. First of all, Rick Jordan is not working together with other Scooter members anymore and maybe he will even not be in the new official video :( It's still unknown yet who will be the new third member in the band. Michael said that he already produced one Trance track for the album. Also he confirmed that the album will contain some Big Room styled tracks. Big Room House music is very popular at the moment. This style combines the melodic elements from Progressive House with Electro House. A shining example of the style is R.I.O.'s remix of Maria (I Like It Loud).

UPD: The instrumental Trance track that Michael has produced for the new Scooter album will include a high pitched sample.

Section 1 Hard Stuff (Incl. Axel Coon remix) 16.10.2013

It's time for some good news, dear guys and girls. I think all of you know two nice musical projects Section 1 and Sound-X-Monster. These guys are working in a style of old Scooter sound (chapter two and three). You may also know, that Sergey Metyolkin (Sound-X-Monster) has joined Section 1 and now he is a part of the band together with Dennis (Section 1's mastermind). Now together they are making really awesome tunes! The quality of their music has improved since these two guys have joined their forces. Now they are producing the next Section 1 album together. The first single from the upcoming album is called Hard Stuff. This is the official remake of Sound-X-Monster's track On The M.I.C., but this time with a better sound quality and it's really powerful. The single will be out on November, 21 at iTunes, Beatport, Junodownload and other WEB music shops. A plenty of good remixes will be included, such as Dubstep / Glitch Hop remix by Sasha Starry, two remixes by a famous Russian Trance composer Trancestral and a fast, hard and incredibly good remix by Axel Coon! Yes, you've understand it right! Axel Coon, the legend of Scooter, produced a crazy and powerful remix for Section 1's Hard Stuff! You just can't miss it, guys, because it's so good! Here's what Axel Coon have said about the Section 1's work: The song is really strong, I will do my best for you! Really great song! And the cover image is rough and tough! Good!. You can watch the trailers of the Hard Stuff (radio edit) here and Axel Coon remix here!

The work on a new album by Section 1 is now in progress! The guys are working hard on it. It will be out in early summer. The releases is planned for the early summer, 2014. The album will be released not only as a WEB release, but also as a physical release on CD! The remixes of Hard Stuff by Trancestral and Axel Coon will be included!

Two Scooter autograph sessions in Russia 16.10.2013

Yesterday all the Scooter fans were shocked after the official press-release about Rick Jordan's retirement from the band was uploaded on the Net. This information is very, very sad; it's a small apocalypse in our lives, to be honest. But the life goes on... And the beat goes on. The Russian fans probably have the last chances to take the autograph from Rick Jordan! There will be two autograph sessions by Scooter at the Media Markt shops! One session will be held in Yekaterinburg and another one in Nizhniy Novgorod. You can check the direct addresses of the shops at the Russian version of the news section.

Rick J Jordan leaves Scooter 15.10.2013

It's time to be strong, Posse. It's time to be strong. It was a bad dream for me and for every Scooter fan all over the world. But this is not a dream anymore: Rick J Jordan leaves Scooter. This bad news has come from the official Scooter Facebook page. The last chance to see Rick Jordan as a member of Scooter is to visit the 20 Years Of Hardcore show that will take place in Hamburg on 24th of January, 2014. Here's what Rick have said about his retirement from the band

Rick J Jordan: After twenty fantastic hardcore years, I've come to realize that now is the time for me to try something new, to take a new musical direction and also to spend a bit more time with my family and friends

This message by Rick is way too laconic, if you'll ask me. The statements by Jens Thele and H.P. Baxxter are too laconic too:

Jens Thele: I am pleased to say that Rick is still on good terms with the band, so I suppose we can be a little bit happy and sad at the same time with regard to his departure

H.P. Baxxter: A quarter century of making music together we lasted longer than many marriages. It was a great time, and a successful one. A new chapter now begins!

The official press-release can be found here

I still can't believe in this. It just can't be like this! Rick Jordan is the soul of Scooter! He is a hero for many Scooter fans which became the music producers by themselves He's a legend! I can't imagine Scooter without him! I don't know what to say I feel very bad right now and I think you all feel the same. So Hold on, guys and girls. Just hold on. I'm so sorry.

By the way, the release date of the new Scooter album was postponed to the early 2014. Maybe this delay has something to do with Rick's retirement from the band.

20YOH exclusive show 15.10.2013

It's turned out, that the mysterious video that the guys from Scooter were shooting a few days ago is not their new official video. This is just a promo video for a special live 20 Years Of Hardcore show that will take place at Hamburg's Uebel & Gefärlich club. The video ad is really nicely done and I wouldn't mind if the official video for the new single will be made in the same style and by the same director. Check it by yourself. By the way, there's a possibility for the fans to win the tickets to the Scooter show at web-site. And for the rest of us there's a chance to watch this show too, because there will be a live stream of it at The show will be held on the 5th of December, at the same date as the new Scooter single will be released.

Interview with Scooter! 10.10.2013

Hello, Scooter Posse all over the world! The big interview with Scooter by and is finally ready and here! Check it out! It contains a lot of interesting information for ya! We hope that you will like it! And we would like to say big thanx to the Scooter members and the band's management for making this interview possible! Let's start!

Question (Q): Can you tell us the titles of the new single and album? When we will get to listen to the new single?

Answer (A): The album is titled The 5th Chapter, it will be released on 27th of December and the new single on 6th of december. Twenty brand-new tracks for 20 years of scooter on 2 CDs.

Q: Will the new album be released on one Audio-CD or on two CDs? Will there be a limited edition of the new album?

A: We will release the album on two CDs including twenty brand-new songs. As usual you can get as well a limited edition including the double CD, plus an additonal CD with remixes of the greatest Scooter hits. Last but not least: we're going to create a special Fan Box with an excklusive fan item.

Q: There are so many mistakes in the 20 Years Of Hardcore series! Why? How it will be resolved and who will be punished?

A: So we released very special versions but, as we have the best fans in the world, they found it out immediately :) Somebody did not checked carefully the master before sending out to the label. Guess who...

Q: Did you wanted to put Suavemente (radio edit) instead of the album version on 20 Years Of Hardcore Mind The Gap, or is it a mistake?

A: No, it wasn't a mistake, it was with full intention.

Q: Will we have a chance to see the live performance of Trance-Atlantic, which was cut from the Excess All Areas DVD? Maybe as a bonus-video for the next DVD?

A: Now it's The 5th Chapter.

Q: Are you planning to release a DVD or Blu-Ray of the 20 Years Of Hardcore concert? Or an audio-CD?

A: We don't know yet.

Q: Do you plan any special surprises for Russian fans during the tour?

A: Wait and see, we're looking forward touring the first time towards Russia.

Q: Why have you never played old beautiful instrumental tracks at your concerts such as Zebras Crossing The Street, The First Time, Level One, Soul Train, Mesmerized etc?

A: It's always just a short part during the show, when H.P. is off stage, so it's always a hard decision which instrumental to play during this time. More tracks than time, it's a kind of luxury problem.

Q: Do you plan to perform tracks like Rebel Yell, I'm Your Pusher, Apache Rocks The Bottom, Lass Uns Tanzen at forthcoming concerts?

A: Let's see...

Q: Will there be any 'special' tracklists during the 20 Years Of Hardcore Tour i.e. any reworked live versions of your old tunes and so on?

A: Yes, we're already working on it.

Q: Maybe you will think about releasing a Scooter limited anniversary vinyl (like Mayday 4x Vinyl on Kontor this October)?

A: No, there will be no vinyl release.

Q: Why are there not so many remixes from famous artists on Scooter singles recently?

A: That's why we have on loads of great mixes from our hits on the limited edition of the new album.

Q: Can you tell us the history of the Scooter remix of Datura's Angeli Domini? Why it wasn't released?

A: We don't know.

Q: Ferris says that there is some unreleased material from the first chapter. Will we have a chance to listen to it sometime?

A: We don't know anything about this.

Q: We know about some unreleased tracks like Habanera (radio edit) or Stripped (club mix), also there are some tracks reworked for the live gigs. Will they be released someday in studio quality. Even as a web-release?

A: No extra releases planned. Some reworks are just fort the live shows.

Q: Will there be any track with H.P.'s natural voice on the forthcoming new album?

A: Let's wait and see...

Q: When you will make another romantic single like Break It Up, She's The Sun or No Fate?

A: You never know, but the main thing ist hat it needs to fit.

Q: What do you think about recording a track where the pitched-voice is made with help of a helium baloon? :)

A: Funny idea, but we believe more in technique than in helium.

Q: Acid House & Techno were the last revolution in club music? What do you think, is a new revolution possible and how it will be?

A: Now, electronic dance music, in short EDM, is really a musical genre and will stay like as a genre like Jazz or Rock music forever. This is a big achievement and we're proud to be a part of it.

Q: How do you see yourself in 2023?

A: Always Hardcore!

Q: Tell us about the former members of Celebrate The Nun. Where are they and what they are doing right now?

A: You know Britt is H.P.'s sister, for sure they still have a close relationship, and Rick you know :) With Slin Tompson there is no contact anymore.

Q: Does Jens Thele take a part in composing tracks? Either at the present time or in the past?

A: Jens is and was always part of the team. Sometimes he comes later to the production, sometimes earlier, it all depends.

Q: Can we hope for Ratty to return, or will you maybe make an alternative project with a different actual sound?

A: Do you know Baxxter, Simon & DDY or Who the Fuck is H.P. Baxxter :)?

Q: You have had concerts in all continents except South America. Are you planning to perform there sometime?

A: We hope so, but the Scooter Posse is, unfortunately, not so big in South Africa.

Q: Where did photosession for No Time To Chill taken place? Was it a hangar or the U-bahn?

A: It was in a U-bahn and inside the old water tower.

Q: Everybody knows that you wrote the FC Hamburg HSV hymn. Are you a football fans? Which football club is your favourite?

A: We don't wrote it, it's just a hook that is played as the Hamburger SV, when they shoot a goal. By the way it's the same with Borussia MÖnchen Gladbach, they play Maria (I Like It Loud). And same in some other clubs.

Q: What's your favourite Scooter chapter?

A: All of them.

Q: How much time do you usually need to produce a new album?

A: It totaly depends, in the beginning to finish the first song is the most difficult thing.

Q: What's your favourite Scooter gig ever?

A: There are so many great gigs! But definitely the gig in the stadium and the first sold out gig at the O2 Arena.

Q: Do you like to read the books?

A: H.P. reads a lot of books, especially biographies of other musicians and bands.

Q: Are you interested in making tracks with former band members?

A: Nothing is planed yet, as now the 5th chapter will start.

Q: A question for all: Do you have your own audio collection? What's in it?

A: Way too many to mention.

Q: Questions for H.P. Baxxter: We know that you like classic and antique things. What type of furniture is in your house? Antique or new in classic style?

H.P.: My house is full of English vintage furniture.

Q: What do you usually sing in the shower?

H.P.: I don't sing in the shower.

Q: What's your favourite nickname which you used in your tracks?

H.P.: The chicks Terminator :)

Q: Do you plan to have children?

H.P.: You never know, as I'm still young ;)

Q: Questons for Rick. Do you plan to release a solo single or album?

Rick: Nothing planned.

Q: Does H.P.'s voice at the concerts sounds like this because the microphone is connected with distrotion or is it in the microphone construction?

Rick: Yes, it's the microphone's own sound resulting from the dynamic capsule in conjuntion with the mic's body design. it is mostly used to pick up blues harps and it takes some amount of compression and eq-ing to make it sound like on our records.

Q: A question for Michael. How tall are you? :)

Michael: 1,78cm

Q: Questions for Rick and Michael: Why did you start to using MacBook at concerts? Which DAW-platform have you used during live shows?

Rick & Michael: We've always been producing on Apple computers using Logic for a long time and nowadays mainly Ableton Live. In 2008 we started using the Macbook Pro as universal live-sound platform running Apple Main Stage as host on it. It gives us the chance to work in the same sound-environment as in the studio.

Q: Everyone begins composing the song in his / her own way. Someone makes beats and bassline first, someone makes up the melody, someone is inspired by different music and begins copying it. What is your way to start composing a song?

Rick & Michael: There is no specific way to start a composition. Sometimes we've got a strong hook element or some crazy words that drives us at the beginning of a production. But we also start in a track-orientated way, with beats and short sequence elements, waiting for inspiration to take place.

The new Scooter album release date 08.10.2013

Dear friends! The official release date of the next Scooter album is finally confirmed by the guys themselves via Facebook. It will be out on 27th of December, 2013. I want to remind you, that according to H.P. the album will contain twenty new tracks. The title is unknown yet.

20YOH tour poster, Ferris Bueller's comeback 02.10.2013

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with an interesting photo. The caption under this photo reads: What do H.P., Rick and Michael have in mind?. We can assume that this is a shot from the new Scooter video, or maybe the guys are doing a photo shoot for the new album or single. But this is only the assumption.

The 20 Years Of Hardcore tour poster was found online. The design of this poster continues the idea of the original The Stadium Techno Inferno tour poster, but goes even farther. Check it out!

And the last (but not least) news considers Ferris Bueller. A few days ago he celebrated his birthday and now he is ready to make a comeback! Ferris reports that on the 15th of November he will release two tracks! One of those tracks is very familiar for us and the second one will be called Neverending. So, let's wait for it, guys and girls.

Very interesting news from DDY! 27.09.2013

The Scooter Planet forum moderator Dave =BASS= Parker had a chance to talk with DDY, a man who is working together with Scooter right now and producing the new album for the guys. Philip (it's DDY's real name) was kind enough to answer some Dave's questions. Here's what he wrote:

Hello! I know that H.P. announced yesterday that I work on the album. Some guys already wrote me because of that but I don't have time to answer everyone, so could you, maybe spread my statement on the forums? The album will include twenty unique new tracks. No reworks of old tracks or anything. Some of you might be afraid, that it will be an Electro House album, but that's not correct. Dirty Disco Youth is only one project of mine; I produced a lot of different stuff for other people. Of course the album will have an up to date dance sound and will contain big room elements and stuff. But especially I want to keep the typical Scooter energy we all love. Most of the tracks so far are 138 bpm or faster. The album will maybe be more Scooter than some of the latest tracks. That's the ambition. It will contain some different styles and also some old school elements in a modern outfit. Be prepared for some hard kick drums, energetic chords and hypnotic vocals. All the best and I'm sure you will have some fun with the new music. Phil

Also DDY stated, that the new Scooter single is not announced yet, because the guys still didn't chose the track for this role. So we just need to be patient and wait a bit more.

Other News is maybe not so exciting, but interesting, too. The new remix of Maria (I Like It Loud) by R.I.O. gets its own WEB-release at Sheffield Tunes. The release date is 27.09.2013. You can buy the release here.

UPD: By the way, you can watch Scooter performing How Much Is The Fish? at Vecherniy Urgant show here.

Scooter press conference and autograph session report 27.09.2013

On Septermber 26, a press conference and autograph session of Scooter was held in a huge store Media Markt, which is located in the Kapitoliy shopping center in Moscow. Me and my colleagues Vladimir (IceMan) and Arthur (Phantom) managed to attend the event. Immediately I want to express my deep gratitude to all the organizers of the event and Maria Slobodyan in particular! And, of course, big thanx to Media Markt, which choose the Scooter frontman, H.P. Baxxter as the official representative of the brand in Russia, and hospitably opened the shop's doors to fans of the band on September 26.

At the press conference there was only H.P. Baxxter alone, without another band members, so he had to take the rap for all and respond to numerous questions. However, we haven't received much new interesting information from this talk, so I'll just list the main points:

The new album will include twenty new tracks. H.P. has once again made it clear that this is the new tracks, not remixes or remakes of the old ones;
Philip Speiser, known as the Dirty Disco Youth or DDY helps Scooter with the producing of the new album;
H.P. believes that inviting the ex Scooter members (Ferris , Axel and Jay Frog) on the anniversary tour is not a bad idea. But now the whole tour is only at the planning stage, and the details are not discussed yet;
- When asked about the strangest fans he ever met, H.P. said that he had a chance to meet with close-cropped blond girl with piercings in the same places as he, who said that she is the real H.P. :)

Also its worth adding that H.P. appreciates the Russian fans and believes that we are the most crazy, devoted and oldschool guys and girls. He does not play video games because he considers himself a bit old for such stuff. He is happy for the opportunity to see the "other Russia", going on a tour of the cities of our vast country. Prior to that, he basically had been only in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

At the end of the press conference, the new version of How Much Is The Fish? video, that was filmed exclusively for Media Markt, was shown on a big TV screen. And the names of the winners of the Media Markt contest were announced and received their prizes. It is worth noting that the journalists at the press conference were not left out and the authors of the best questions for H.P. received some good prizes from Media Markt shop. After the press conference, the autograph session, which was attended by all members of Scooter has began. A line of fans looking for the autographs was slow to expire. In my estimation there were several hundred people. This cold autumn day became a Scooter Day in Moscow! I would once again like to express my gratitude to all people who made such think as Scooter autograph session possible! Thank you!

Here is our photo-report from the press conference.


Scooter day in Moscow 26.09.2013

Today the press conference with Scooter and the autograph session were held in Moscow. Me and my friends were there and I'll do my best to make the news block about this as soon as possible, stay tuned. Also today H.P. Baxxter was a guest star at Keks FM radio station. He have answered some questions, but to be honest the questions were not very good, nothing new was said. But H.P. once again confirmed that the new album will contain twenty new tracks. You can watch the video version of this interview here, if you wish.

Scooter in Moscow 25.09.2013

The Scooter performance at Russian TV-show Vecherniy Urgant will be shown on Friday. Today the show will be recorded. And don't forget, that tomorrow at one of Moscow's Media Markt shops the Scooter autograph session will be held. The address of the shop: Moscow, Vernadskogo Avenue, 6, shopping center Kapitoliy. The autograph-session will start at 19:00.

Questions for Scooter 24.09.2013

Russian fan sites and are preparing the interview with Scooter dated to the band's Russian tour. If you have some really good and interesting questions to Scooter, feel free to e-mail them to or The best questions will be addressed to H.P., Rick and Michael. The question is what is the question?

Meanwhile, we've got another interview with H.P. by Gaudeamus magazine. The main facts from this interview:

The working title of the new album is The Empire Straight Back (so it was not a joke when H.P. talked about it in one of the previous interviews);
The new album will really contain twenty new tracks!

UPD: the interview with H.P. Baxxter for Keks FM was postponed again. It will be broadcasted on 24th of September ar 16:00 (Msk time). Don't miss it!

Scooter Maria (Manian & Yanou aka R.I.O. remix) preview 22.09.2013

The video of H.P. Baxxter recording his vocals for the new remix of Maria (I Like It Loud) from Manian and Yanou (aka R.I.O.) was uploaded on the Net. Check it out here. It seems that this remix will be included in the forthcoming release that will contain some old hits by Scooter in new versions. H.P. Baxxter talked about it during the interview for Russian radio station DFM about three weeks ago.

The pre-order of the new official video collection from Scooter called The Complete Video Collection is now available at The release contains two DVDs and will be released on October, 11.

UPD: the tracklist of 20 Years Of Hardcore compilation has been changed a little bit. The new remix of Maria (I Like It Loud) by R.I.O. was added. You can pre-order this release here.

The Media Markt Video with H.P. Baxxter 21.09.2013

Finally, the official video of H.P. Baxxter and the winners of Media Markt contest have appeared on the Net. Check it out! And here's the second commercial video by Media Markt with H.P. Baxxter. I think this one is much better than the first video. Oh, and by the way, the information about Scooter appearence at Vecherniy Urgant show was confirmed. But they will be only the musical guests. That means Scooter will only perform a song, but probably there will be no interview with them.

More news about Scooter 20.09.2013

So, the autumn is here. And more news about Scooter have come along with this season. Today, for example, you can read the new interview with H.P. Baxxter, that was taken by Russian web-portal It's in Russian language by the way ;)
Also the tracklists of Jumping All Over The World, Under The Radar Over The Top and The Big Mash Up (20 Years Of Hardcore series) have appeared at Scooter official site. Check it out!
And the last piece of information for today. The official Scooter page at Facebook was updated with this post:

Today we received a fantastic remix of 'Maria (I Like It Loud)' from our very good friends Manian and Yanu aka. R.I.O. WE LIKE IT LOUD! You too? Give us 1500 likes - then we give you an exclusive 30 sec preview! DEAL?

Interesting news! 18.09.2013

I've got two really interesting news for ya, Posse! First of all, the Scooter guys made a real concert in one of their fans living room. Dunno, how that guy (or girl) got this once in a lifetime chance, but it's true. The show was filmed by the German TV and will be shown in December in Mario Barth's (he is a famous German comedian) show. And the next fact will be really interesting for the Russian fans. Band members will be the guests in the evening TV-show called Vecherniy Urgant on 25'th of September! This is really a great promo for Scooter in Russia. By the way, you can watch the first video ad by Media Markt with H.P. Baxxter as the guest star, right now!

UPD! It came to my attention, that the second part of the interview with Ferris, made by the guys from Scooter VK fan page is available on the Net.

Scooter autograph session in Moscow 16.09.2013

Just as I wrote in previous news, there will be a Scooter autograph session in Moscow this month! It will be held in one of Media Markt shops on 26th of September at 19:00! Check the Russian version of my site to get more information about it.

The Scooter guys know about the 20YOH series mistakes 14.09.2013

Here's the message that was posted by the administration at the official Scooter forum:

Dear Scooter fans! As we are used to having the best fans in the world, it didn't come as a surprise that you quickly discovered the 'over-exclusive' version of See Me Feel Me on the 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition of Who's Got The Last Laugh Now, as well as the doubled, unintended We Are The Greatest on No Time To Chill :-) Apache is now also correctly installed on the online version of Who's Got The Last Laugh Now. All of you who purchased the album are very welcome to contact us (Scooter Admin) directly via PM. You will then receive a download link, naturally free of charge, with the 3 correct versions of the following tracks: We Are The Greatest (Extended) (Remastered) (04:36), Apache (Remastered) (02:57), See Me Feel Me (Remastered) (04:09). And all that on top of the to date unreleased version of See Me Feel Me ;-)

O2TV video report 13.09.2013

Right now you can watch another TV report about H.P. Baxxter been in Moscow for Media Markt video shooting. This video is made by O2TV channel and now available at Scooter Planet official YouTube channel. Check it out. By the way, next week I'll post the information about H.P. Baxxter's autograph session that will take place in Moscow. Stay tuned!

20YOH TCVC + interview with Ferris 12.09.2013

The DVD release called 20 Years Of Hardcore The Complete Video Collection will be the last item in 20 Years Of Hardcore collection. Two DVDs will contain all Scooter videos, from Hyper Hyper till Army Of Hardcore.

Interview with Ferris Bueller has appeared at Russian Scooter VK fan page. The interview is pretty nice, some interesting facts are included. The English version is available here.

TV report about H.P. at Media Markt 09.09.2013

Here's the video report from Russian TV channel Pjatnica (Friday) about the video shooting with H.P. Baxxter and Media Markt competition winners. As soon as the official video (the result of the contest) will be available on the Net, I'll post it on the site. Keep the vibes! By the way, you can see some pictures from the video shooting here.

The Media Markt competitions results 07.09.2013

As you remember, the Russian division of MadiaMarkt together with Scooter held two contests. Now we have the results for both of them. So, the winner of Miss contest is a girl with a nick name zarya.mari. The list of other winners of this contest you can find at its official web-page. And here's the video of H.P. Baxxter announcing the main winner. The second Media Markt contest Sing together with a star is over too and here are the winners: Beresneva Anastasia (Yekaterinburg), Krapivner Roman (Yekaterinburg), Krutoy Dmitriy (Saint-Petersburg), Khomenko Julia (Odintsovo), Belov Vyatcheslav (Sergiev Posad). All these people will take a part in a video shooting together with H.P. Baxxter. As son as the video will be available on the Net, I'll let you know. So stay tuned!

Will the new Scooter album contain twenty tracks?! 04.09.2013

So, the interview with H.P. Baxxter at Russian radio station called DFM is over. Here are the main facts we knew from it:

The new Scooter album will be released possibly in the last week of December and will contain twenty tracks! Also H.P. said that some of these tracks will be remakes of some old Scooter hits (maybe he meant that those remakes will have seperate release, it was not easy to understand);
Maybe (only maybe) the new single will be played live during the Russian Scooter tour this year;
The first official Scooter book will contain many photos, including very old and rare ones. And of course the book will tell the story of the band. Also H.P. said that there will be the English version of the book, too;
The Scooter guys are trying to stay modern and not out of date, so the new album will be designed in modern styles. But of course the band members are doing everything to keep the Scooter spirit in all the new tracks

Here you go. That's all the most interesting facts from the interview. Also I've made the audio-recording of the whole interview. Check it: Part 1 and Part 2.

UPD: The video version of the interview was added! Check it out: Part 1 and Part 2.

UPD #2: The tracklist of the mystery 20 Years Of Hardcore release has appeared at It seems, that this is a regular Best Of compilation with a selection of the hits. But who knows? Maybe it's a release of a remaked tracks, that H.P. has mentioned today? ;)

H.P. Baxxter is in Moscow 04.09.2013

Right now (17:50, Moscow time) H.P. Baxxter from Scooter is on his way to DFM studio. He will talk with the radio show host Natalia Malec and answer her questions and maybe some questions by the fans. There will be not only the audio translation, but also a web-cam broadcasting! So don't miss a change and watch H.P. Baxxter at

Also tomorrow H.P. will be a guest of another radio show called Drive-Time at Keks FM. Don't miss it!

A few facts from Michael Simon 03.09.2013

The moderator of our forum Dave =BASS= Parker talked to Michael Simon via Facebook and asked him a few questions. So here are some interesting facts taken from Michael's answers:

The most part of fourth chapter b-sides and instrumental tracks was produced by Michael;
The new Scooter album will contain various styles. And there will be Trance, too. Michael is producing a Trance track right now;
The new album will be released this year for sure;
There really will be NO b-sides by Scooter in the future, because there is no vinyl market anymore. Michael confirmed this once again. It's Kontor decision he told

20 Years Of Hardcore The Complete Video Collection 03.09.2013

Scooter continues to bomb their fans with announces of the new releases! This time it's a complete Scooter video collection that is now available for pre-order at German site The release will contain all Scooter official videos on two DVDs. The price is €12,99. This release will be out on 11th of October, at the same day as another mystery 2CD album called 20 Years Of Hardcore. Check previous news if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

H.P. Baxxter at DFM 02.09.2013

H.P. Baxxter from Scooter will be a special guest at Russian radiostation DFM on 4th of September from 15:00 till 16:00 (UTC+4)! He will talk with the radio show host and answer her questions. You can not only listen, but also ask H.P. your own questions too! Check the official DFM site for more info (Russian language). Of course I'll publish the most interesting facts from the interview here later.

One more 20 Years Of Hardcore release 01.09.2013

The new Scooter release which is called 20 Years Of Hardcore is now available for pre-order at You can see the cover of this release on the left. What will it contain is unknown yet. Some people think this is the new studio album, other think that it's just another best singles compilation. I tend to agree with the second assumption. The release of the album will be held on 11th of October. The price is €13,99.

JAOTW (20YOH) will contain three CDs 29.08.2013

It came to my attention, that the jubilee 20 Years Of Hardcore edition of Jumping All Over The World album will contain three CDs. Check this page at

The first 500 copies of Scooter book called Always Hardcore, that is now available for pre-order at, will be signed by the band members. Don't miss your change to get a copy.

Also today is a birthday of Michael Simon! Let's wish him to be happy, healthy and inspired!

The first official Scooter book 26.08.2013

Yes, you've read it right. The official book about Scooter was announced today at the official Facebook page. The publication will be called Always Hardcore and probably it will be a biographical story. The pre-order will be available soon and now there is already a page dedicated to the book at According to this page, the book will be in German language and the release date is 18 of November. I'll keep you informed.

Some of the 20YOH releases are posteponed. Again. 22.08.2013

20 Years Of Hardcore re-release series. The release date of Mind The Gap, Who's Got The Last Laugh Now? and The Ultimate Aural Orgasm was postponed. Those CDs will hit the shop shells on the 6 of September. Maybe the Scooter members or their management finally noticed the mistakes in the tracklists of the albums and decided to fix them? Who knows? Maybe. The release date of No Time To Chill is not postponed this time (it was already postponed in the past) and this album will be released on 30th of August.

The last three albums of 20YOH series pre-order 16.08.2013

The last three Scooter albums of 20 Years Of Hardcore series are now available for a pre-purchase at now: Jumping All Over The World (2CD, €12,99), Under The Radar Over The Top (2 CD, &euro12,99) and The Big Mash Up (2CD, €12,99). All those three albums will be releases on 11th of October. Pre-order them now!

You can watch the official minimix of The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition) here.

Sing together with H.P.! 15.08.2013

We've got another competition presented by the Russian branch of Media Markt shop. The main prize for the winter of this contest is a duet recording together with H.P. Baxxter. The official video of the winner singing together with H.P. will be uploaded at YouTube. Check the details and rules of the contest here (only Russian language).

The competition for Russian girls 12.08.2013

Perhaps this information will be interesting for the Russian girls. and Media Markt are holding a contest which is called Miss The winner of the contest will be chosen by H.P. Baxxter, the leader of Scooter, himself. More information about the contest may be found here.

News flash! 02.08.2013

The organizers of Kubana are regret to report, that Scooter will not play live at the fest this year. As it turned out, the band will not be able to play live due to the illness of the MC, H.P. Baxxter. He has the inflammation of the larynx. Very unexpected and unpleasant news. I sincerely wish a fast and full recovery to H.P. Baxxter.

Kubana Live! 01.08.2013

I want to remind you, that today, on the 1st of August, is the official opening of the big Russian music fest called Kubana. Scooter will play live as well as many world famous and Russian bands at this fest. If you don't have a chance to visit this great show, don't be sad. The organizers of Kubana prepared a big surprise for you! The whole festival will be broadcasted live at the official Kubana YouTube channel! So maybe we will see Scooter performance too! Our favorite band will play live at Kubana on 3rd of August at the night stage. Don't miss it!

The updated list of the Russian Scooter tour cities 01.08.2013

Here's the updated and corrected list of the Russian Scooter tour cities. You can already find the tickets to the nearest shows at the ticket stores in your city.

Oct 16 Izhevsk
Oct 18 Naberezhnye Chelny
Oct 19 Kazan
Oct 20 Samara
Oct 22 Krasnoyarsk
Oct 23 Novosibirsk
Oct 25 Yekaterinburg
Oct 26 Chelyabinsk
Oct 27 Ufa
Oct 29 Nizhny Novgorod
Nov 01 Kirov
Nov 02 Voronezh
Nov 03 St. Petersburg

The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (20 YOH series) tracklist 30.07.2013

Finally, the tracklist of The Ultimate Aural Orgasm album in 20 Years Of Hardcore series has appeared at I'm really disappointed, because Firth Of Clyde, a rare Scooter instrumental track doesn't included in TUAO re-release. I don't know why the band didn't included it, really this is so sad. I think this track was my main attraction in the whole 20 Years Of Hardcore series, I really hoped that it will be included in TUAO but Sad. Really, really sad.

MTG and WGTLLN? (20 Years Of Hardcore) tracklists 26.07.2013

The official tracklists of Mind The Gap and Who's Got The Last Laugh Now? (20 Years Of Hardcore series) have appeared at The fans already noticed that some tracks that could find their places at these albums are missing. For example the orchestral version of Sripped is not present at Mind The Gap. And there's also no radio version of One (Always Hardcore). Of course there must be some good reasons, why these tracks (and some others) are not included, but anyway, a bit of fair criticism doesn't hurt :)

H.P. Baxxter invites 17.07.2013

A video of H.P. Baxxter inviting Russian Posse to visit the Scooter shows in Russia during the Russian Tour that will start in Autumn has appeared on the Net. Check it out! The full list of the Russian cities where Scooter will play live you can see in the previews update of the site.

And here's the official minimix of No Time To Chill (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition) that will be released on 30'th of August.

Russian Scooter tour dates 09.07.2013

Finally we have the official information about the Russian Scooter tour. The dates of the tour was posted at Michael Simon's official page at BandsInTown service and now I can finally post them at my site, because this is not speculations anymore. Here is the list of the cities and dates:

Oct 19 Gorod Club Penza, Russian Federation
Oct 20 Maximilians Samara, Russian Federation
Oct 22 Maximilians Ufa, Russian Federation
Oct 23 Unost Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation
Oct 24 TeleClub Yekaterinburg, Russian Federation
Oct 26 Dvorets Sporta Krasnoyarsk, Russian Federation
Oct 27 Expo Centre Novosibirsk, Russian Federation
Oct 29 Pyramid Club Kazan, Russian Federation
Oct 30 MILO Club Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation
Nov 01 Disco Club Kirov, Russian Federation
Nov 02 Event Hall Voronezh, Russian Federation
Nov 03 Sports Palace St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

So, dear Russian Posse! If you see your home city in this list, be happy, because Scooter is coming to you with the show! I think the tickets are already available for purchase or will be available really soon, so check your local ticket stores. Its a pity that there's no Moscow date at this list, but I hope that this situation can be changed soon. We still have some time.

MTG, WGTLLN & TUAO (20YOH) pre-order 02.07.2013

The next three albums of 20 Years Of Hardcore series are available for pre-order at Mind The Gap (2CD; €12,99) Who's Got The Last Laugh Now? (2CD, €12,99) and The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (2CD, €12,99). All those CDs will be released on 30'th of August. By the way, don't forget, that No Time To Chill will be released on the same date, too.

The official Scooter Planet YouTube channel was updated with the video unpacking of Sheffield, We Bring The Noise! and The Stadium Techno Experience (20 Years Of Hardcore series).

Sweater Weather official video 25.06.2013

Short message for all the people who like House music. The official video of Baxxter, Simon & DDY Sweater Weather has appeared YouTube. Let me remind you, that Baxxter, Simon & DDY is a project of H.P. Baxxter, Michael Simon DDY (Dirty Disco Youth). The female vocals in this track belong to Jaye Marshall, a girl who already sang for Scooter, for example in 4 A.M. track.

Sweater Weather WEB-release 17.06.2013

The new single by Baxxter, Simon & DDY which is called Sweater Weather will be released on 28'th of June as a WEB-release. It's available for pre-order at You can also listen to the snippets of all the tracks from the release. By the way, here's the tracklist:

01. Sweater Weather (Extended Mix) [4:30]
02. Sweater Weather (Radio Edit) [3:24]
03. Sweater Weather (Club Mix) [4:30]
04. Sweater Weather (Club Edit) [3:24]

Michael Simon's Internet presence 16.06.2013

This short news dedicated to Michael Simon, who has increased his Internet presence a little bit. First, he has opened a Twitter account here: So don't forget to follow Michael Simon. And right after that he has created the official account at the Russian social network VK. Here's his new official page: and here's his official group page:

Sweater Weather snippet; 20YOH releases mistakes 13.06.2013

The short snippet of Sweater Weather track by Baxxter, Simon and DDY has appeared on the Net. The sample is too short, we only can hear the female vocals and some House beats, that's all. But anyway, check it out.
Updated! The longer snippet of the Radio Edit is available here. Also there you can listen to the snippet of RTY Mix of this tune. Thanx to Scooterworld for the link!

Many Scooter fans who already bought the next three albums in 20 Years Of Hardcore series (Sheffield, We Bring The Noise! and The Stadium Techno Experience) report that these releases contain some mistakes, unfortunately. For example We Bring The Noise! track that is marked at the back cover as Live Version is actually a normal album version. That means that the release contains two identical album tracks. Also Am Fenster track that is marked as Long Version is actually a short version, taken from Push The Beat For This Jam compilation. Of course we can't say that those errors are terrible, but they are disappointing.

Short news about the main things :) 11.06.2013

Michael Simon has updated his new official Facebook page with the following message: Renovated the studio. Scooter album work in progress!.

Also the new video by H.P. Baxxter has appeared at YouTube. In this video he talks about the re-release of The Stadium Techno Experience album in 20 Years Of Hardcore series. Only in German language.

New track by H.P. and Co at Kontor compilation 09.06.2013

The new Kontor Top Of The Clubs Vol. 59 compilation will be released on 28th of June. Track number four at CD1 is Baxxter, Simon and DDY - Sweater Weather (Extended Mix). According to the title it maybe a summer House hit produced by H.P. Baxxter, Michael Simon and DDY. Let's wait a little bit and we will know is it so or not.

Short news compilation 09.06.2013

So, here is some news for ya, Posse. One of Scooter Planet visitors, Mikhail, asked me to write on the site, that there's a possibility to listen to the longer snippet of Helmut Kohl (Scooter remix) at iTunes. Also you can buy the whole release (digital copy of course) here.

The second news. Here's a new video by H.P. Baxxter. Now he is telling us about the re-release of We Bring The Noise! album (20 Years Of Hardcore series). The video is in German language.

And the third. It turned out that today there will be a DJ-set of H.P. Baxxter and Michael Simon at Moscow's ICON club, but there will be no Rick. The show is called Who The Fuck Is H.P. Baxxter?. By the way, I think the show has already started these minutes.

Scooter at Kubana; H.P. talks about Sheffield (20YOH) 08.06.2013

First of all, I want to remind you, that from the 1st to the 7th of August at the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region, in the village of Blagoveschenskaya, near Anapa, there will be held a five years anniversary celebration of Kubana, one of the biggest musical open-airs in Russia. Many musicians from the CIS countries and from Europe will play live for the big audience of party people. Idols of the global techno-rave scene, Scooter, preparing a big show too and will play at one of Kubana's live stages at night. They will burn the dancefloor with their Techno, Trance, House and Dubstep hits. You can find more information about the fest and tickets at the official site of Kubana.

And the second. Check out this video. H.P. is talking about the new re-release of Sheffield album (20 Years Of Hardcore series). Sorry, only German language.

H.P. invites you to the show 07.06.2013

Here's a video of H.P. Baxxter inviting all the Russian fans to the Sooter DJ-set in the ICON club (Moscow), that will take place on 8th of June. By the way, if you will not visit the DJ-set, don't be upset. Don't forget that this year Scooter will probably visit some Russian cities with a mini-tour. They told so in our latest interview. The cities and dates are in the process of negotiation right now. As soon as there will be the official information about it, I will post it at Scooter Planet. So stay tuned.

Helmut Kohl (Scooter remix) snippet 03.06.2013

Thanx to, we have now a possibility to check the shortcut of a new Scooter remix of Susanne Blech's Helmut Kohl track. Don't ask me, why it's a Scooter remix now (it was called H.P. Baxxter remix before), just take it as a fact. By the way, it's a Dubstep remix and it contains some H.P.'s shouts from Maria (I Like It Loud). The single (with a Scooter remix) will be released on 28th of June at Z-Musik label.

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