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NTTC (20YOH) tracklist, Scooter DJ-set in Moscow (?) 28.05.2013

The tracklist of No Time To Chill album that will be re-released in 20 Years Of Hardcore series on 7'th of June, have appeared at web-site. You can check the tracklist here.

Also it seems that Scooter will come to Moscow in June. I didn't wrote about this before, because the information was unclear, but now it seems legit. Scooter will come in Moscow's ICON club on 8'th of June. I think it will be a DJ-set.

Sunrise (Here I Am) remake, 20YOH unpacking 22.05.2013

Matt Davey, a famous trance musician from UK, produced his own remake of Sunrise (Here I Am) by Ratty (Ratty is a side project of Scooter in a case you don't know) and released it at A State Of Trance label. The vocal part, which was sang by inimitable Nikk in Ratty's version, was entrusted to Kate Dowman this time. You can check Matt's and Kate's version of Sunrise (Here I Am) by clicking here.

The official Scooter Planet YouTube channel was updated with two new unpacking videos dedicated to the first 20 Years Of Hardcore releases. You can check them here and here.

A new remix by H.P. Baxxter 18.05.2013

It came to my attention that the new single of the German electro-pop band Susanne Blech will be released in the end of May. It will be called Helmut Kohl and will include the remixes by Egotronic and H.P. Baxxter. I wonder, will the new remix be written by Jerome again? Well, no more details at the moment. Stay tuned.

The tracklist of TSTE (20 Years Of Hardcore Exp. Edition) 15.05.2013

The web-site was updated with a fresh information about the proper tracklist of The Stadium Techno Experience (20 Years Of Hardcore series). It will consist of three CDs and will include The Logical Song. Check the tracklist here.

Sheffield, WBTN and TSTE (20 Years Of Hardcore) tracklists 08.05.2013

The tracklistings of the next three albums reissues in 20 Years Of Hardcore series have appeared at Check them here: Sheffield (2CD), We Bring The Noise! (2CD) and The Stadium Techno Experience (3CD). I decided not to post them right here, at the news section of the site, because I don't want to stretch the page too much. And also because the tracklist of TSTE have an error: the first two CDs are almost duplicate each other. I hope this mistake will be fixed soon.

The new album by Section 1 and not only 06.05.2013

The new album by Section 1, a project, that many of Scooter fans know, because it sounds a lot like Scooter, is called Horsepower Tide For A Furious Ride and will be released on 9th of March, 2013. The official album minimix is already available at YouTube. By the way, Section 1 now has a new band member! This is Sound-X-Monster, a Russian musician who became known in a Scooter fan community, because he produced a lot of great tracks in a style of Scooter. Now he is working together with Dennis and they are already producing the next album of Section 1. The fans of Scooter's first and second chapter music will love it! By the way, after the release of Horsepower Tide For A Furious Ride and before the release of the next album there will be a release of a Best Of compilation that will be called The Anthems 2010-2013. It will include a new track Hard Stuff, that was produced together with Sound-X-Monster. The first official video of one of the next album tracks will be released in summer. Don't miss it!

The next three albums in 20 Years Of Hardcore series 01.05.2013

The next three albums in 20 Years Of Hardcore series became available for pre-order: Sheffield (€12,99), We Bring The Noise! (€12,99), The Stadium Techno Experience (€12,99). The dates of releases are: 13'th of May, 7'th of June, 7'th June (respectively). The tracklists are not published yet.

Report about the concert, acoustic version of Maria 01.05.2013

While there is no global news from Scooter, I'll tell you about some small news. First of all, you can find a short report about the Scooter show in Moscow (23.03.2013) by a Russian channel RUSONG TV, at the official Scooter Planet YouTube channel. At this interview H.P. confirms that the new album will be released in winter. Also he jokes, that the title of the album will be Empire Strikes Back. Of course it's a joke but if Scooter will finally get back to the roots and make an album with a classic Scooter sound, it would be nice to call it so.

And here you can watch H.P. performing the acoustic version of Maria (I Like It Loud) at the TV-show called Circus HalliGalli. It turned out interesting.

NTTC (20 Years Of Hardcore) will be released in June 04.04.2013

Many of us were thinking why there are still no tracklist available for the re-release of No Time To Chill album that will be included in 20 Years Of Hardcore anniversary CD series. It was planned to release this album on 26 of April together with Age Of Love and Back To The Heavyweight Jam. Now we know the answer, thanx to The release date of the album was postponed till the 7th of June. So probably the tracklist is not confirmed yet. Another two albums, Age Of Love and Back To The Heavyweight Jam, will be released as planned, on April, 26.

20 Years Of Hardcore Tour 13.04.2013

We've got the information about the band's upcoming live tour dedicated to Scooter's 20 years anniversary. The tour is called 20 Years Of Hardcore Tour and will be held in 24 German cities from 7 till 12 of January, 2013 (you can see the list of the cities and the dates here). Also the official teaser of Scooter albums re-releases (in 20 Years Of Hardcore series) have appeared on the Net. Watch it here.

Update: By the way, the possible release date of the next Scooter album was mentioned by Creative Talent web-site. The new album can be released on 27 of December, 2013.

AOH and BTTHWJ (20 Years Of Hardcore) tracklists 04.04.2013

The tracklists of the next Scooter albums re-releases from 20 Years Of Hardcore series have appeared at Let me remind you that this series is timed to Scooter's twenty years anniversary. These releases will contain many remixes, b-sides and rare tracks from Scooter discography. Here are the tracklists:

Age Of Love

01. Introduction
02. The Age Of Love
03. She Said
04. Fire 05. Dancing In The Moonlight
06. Forever (Keep Me Running)
07. Hit The Drum
08. Don't Waste No Time
09. Tonight
10. Return Of The Future
11. Leave In Silence

01. Fire (Extended Emergency)
02. Fire (Klubbheads Remix)
03. Fire (D.O.N.S. Burn Rubber Mix)
04. Fire (Housemason Remix)
05. Fire (Fire Dub 1)
06. Fire (Fire Dub 2)
07. Fire (Live In Cologne)
08. Choir Dance
09. The Age Of Love (Club Mix)
10. The Age Of Love (S/M In Motion Remix)

01. The Age Of Love (DJ Errik's Destruction Mix)
02. The Age Of Love (Triple S Funky Remix)
03. The Age Of Love (Mad Man In Love Remix)
04. The Age Of Love (Live In Cologne)
05. Turn Up That Blaster
06. No Fate (Single Mix)
07. No Fate (Full Length)
08. No Fate (R.O.O.S. Mix 1)
09. No Fate (R.O.O.S. Mix 2)
10. No Fate (Trance Mix)
11. No Fate (Live In Cologne)

Back To The Heavyweight Jam

01. Keyser Soze
02. Watch Out
03. Faster Harder Scooter
04. Well Done, Peter
05. Fuck The Millennium
06. The Revolution
07. Psycho
08. The Learning Process
09. I'll Put You On The Guest List
10. 10 Main Floor
11. 11 Kashmir
12. 12 No Release

01. Faster Harder Scooter (Full Length)
02. Faster Harder Scooter (Club Mix)
03. Faster Harder Scooter (Sunbeam Remix)
04. Faster Harder Scooter (Signum Remix)
05. Faster Harder Scooter (P.K.G. Mix)
06. Faster Harder Scooter (P.K.G. Phat Jam Mix)
07. Faster Harder Scooter (Live In Hamburg)
08. Knorkator - Faster Harder Scooter
09. Monolake
10. Fuck The Millennium (Radio Edit)
11. Fuck The Millennium (Extended)
12. Fuck The Millennium (Live In Hamburg)
13. New Year's Day

A short report about the Moscow Scooter show 31.03.2013

From now on a short report about the Moscow Scooter show that took place at A2 club on 23.03.2013 is available at Interesting stuff section. Please, check it out. Also you will found there a few photos from the show.

Interview with Axel Coon 31.03.2013

Yesterday I was able to make a short interview with Axel Coon, a great man and DJ, ex-member of Scooter. He played a DJ-set live in Moscow at Mona Club. So, here's the interview:

Scooter Planet (SP): We heard that you took part in a project called Popvirus, but did not really understand what kind of project it was? Can you please explain us a bit more about this project? Is there any possibility to buy its releases?

Axel Coon (Axel): Popvirus is not a project. Popvirus is a company based in Münich. This company is about music for the television. They send out many tracks to the TV stations in Germany and in Europe. For magazines, for documentary music, you know. And you can't buy this music; it's only for the television. It's a complete different market.

SP: Do you have any plans to release your own album, that would include such tracks as Close To You, Lamenting City, Mayday, I Wish and others?

Axel: The album market in Germany is very difficult, because at the dance scene most of the people buy only the single CDs. The album market is very difficult. For a new album I have to produce I think maybe five of six new songs. Yes, I think maybe it's a good idea, I have to think about it. (laughs)

SP: Maybe as a WEB-download release?

Axel: Yes, yes, this could be possible, of course.

SP: A while ago Ferris and you formed a very interesting project named Fragrance and released a single Don't Break My Heart, a very successful track, in our opinion. The fact that Alphazone (Nebulus) made a remix for it, already speaks for itself. But why did you make just one single and did not go any farther? The same thing can be said about Ancient of Mumu and 3 Global Player's projects that also were very good.

Axel: Ancient Of Mumu was not my project, I only did a remix for it, and so I have nothing to do with this project. And Fragrance well, yes, we worked together, but we were not satisfied with the record company. I told to my partners who did the project Fragrance: If we'll do a new single, let's publish it at another record company, because I'm not satisfied with it, but the other guys won't change it. So I said: It's OK, but then you have to create the new single by your own.

SP: Please, be sincere and tell us, can we expect any new Hard Trance tracks from you in the near future, or are you planning to be one of those musicians who make only House or Dubstep?

Axel: (laughs) I don't think I will do the hard sound anymore. Because in Germany the Hardstyle is not working anymore. Long time ago we had the some clubs with Hardstyle music, but today it's no market. In Germany it's only commercial market now in the clubs. They all play David Guetta, Swedish House Mafia or AVICII. No Hardstyle, no Jumpstyle, only some Electro tracks, that's all. In the future I will think about it, but its not an easy decision. Sometimes you have a good idea, but you don't know how to make it in Electro or Dubstep song. This is just not mine. I don't know it's very difficult but we will see.

SP: To be honest it is always very nice to hear the familiar Scooter's Third Chapter influence in your personal works, It only proved us once again how powerful you were as a part of Scooter back then. Did you keep any ideas your prepared, but did not have time to put in practice, while being a part of Scooter, for yourself? And if you did, have you used any of them in your personal work later?

Axel: Thanks for those words. At the time I was in Scooter, the whole ideas we had as a team, we put to the Scooter tracks. So nowadays I don't have any old ideas from Scooter that I put in my own Axel Coon tracks.

SP: Whose idea was to create Ratty? Who is the author of Sunrise (Here I am) track?

Axel: First of all I have to say, that we did produced the single She's The Sun and it was quite a slow song, it was not a dance track. So our manager Jens Thele said: OK, guys, the song is great, but we need a b-side and this track should be a dance track. We start to produce the b-side and the first version of the Ratty track was a b-side from Shes The Sun without vocals. It was instrumental and in the break we had the guitars, but there was no vocal. Many people in Hamburg really liked the track, they said: Oh, this track is great! Why don't you do a separate project for it? It's really massive. We thought about it for a while and then H.P. had this great idea to put some vocals on it and make a real monster tune.

SP: Do you and other Scooter guys meet often? Did they ever ask you to return back to the band?

Axel: No, they never asked me and I think will never ask in the future, because everybody's doing their own job. The guys lives in Hamburg and I'm living in about 400km from Hamburg. I think the last time I've met the guys was ten years ago. Yes, long time. You, guys, think: Oh, they meet very often in a club or something like this, but no, it's not the reality. The reality is that we live really far away and everybody do their own part on the music scene.

SP: Do you like the music Scooter makes now?

Axel: At this time, last years, I don't listen to this kind of music really often. I don't know the names of their tracks really it's not my music anymore.

SP: Have you taken a part in the recording of the track Nessaja, which came out just at the time when you left Scooter?

Axel: Yes, Nessaja was originally the last track I've produced, but it was at the time I was leaving the band. And I've asked H.P.: OK, how we gonna do it? I can make the last videoshoot, it's not a problem for me and H.P. said: No, no, its not a problem. We have a new member and Jay will do it. But the production of the track was mine.

SP: OK, that's great. And the last question. Do you really acted in a German movie Kinder Der Nacht 2? If yes, can you tell us a little bit about this movie?

Axel: (laughs) Yes, it's a crazy story. A friend of mine is a hobby director. He loves the horror movies and his dream was to make a movie like this. But he never finished this movie. I think he filmed a lot of hours, but he didn't finished this movie and I had a small-small-small part there, I think only three seconds. (laughs) It was just for fun.

SP: But the trailer was really cool and fun in a way.

Axel: Yes, but this movie was never finished.

SP: OK, thank you very much for the interview, Axel!

Axel: You're welcome!

That's it. I hope you like it. Also I did two videos at the show. Here's the first one (Axel starts to play the first track of the set Posse (I Need You On The Floor) [Club Mix]) and here's the second one (Axel signs some autographs for the fans).

Interview with Scooter in Moscow [23.03.2013] 24.03.2013

Hello, Posse! Yesterday we had a great chance to do a short interview with Scooter at the hotel. We would like to say a big thanks to the band, its manager and the show organizers from the Promo END company for this great possibility. And I hope that everybody will enjoy this interview. The video version of the interview you can find here (part 1) and here (part 2). And here's the text version of the interview.

When we've entered the room, Michael said that he already knows what will be one of our first questions. And of course he was right. We wanted to know something about the new album. But let's start from the beginning.

Russian Scooter Posse (RSP): So, how do you like Moscow today?

Rick: We're doing fine. We heard that it should start snowing soon. So let's see how we'll get to the venue later on.

RSP: And it will be very cold today.

Rick: Yes.

Michael: It's good.

RSP: OK. The first question is, of course, about the new album.

Michael (laughs): Of course!

RSP: As we heard you've already start to produce it. The fans want to know in which styles will it be?

H.P.: Only Happy Hardcore! The whole album.

RSP: Oh, really?

H.P.: No.

Michael: And Trance! (laughs)

RSP: It's our dream, to be honest.

H.P. laughs

Michael: It will be Hip-Hop! (laughs)

Rick: As you see, we always trying to improve what we are doing and to be up to date, to do something that people listens too. Of course we will not sound as at early days, because this sound was then, the things have changed and there is a lot of new. And this will definitely be at our new album. But now we are at this stage of finding ideas, checking out the new stuff

H.P.: Yeah, what we are trying to do is transform our typical Scooter sound to the present and to the sounds of today. But at the same time you will hear its Scooter, but it sounds new. This is what we wanna do. And you can't produce something that could be produced ten years ago. To be fresh and new this is very important.

After this question the manager told us that H.P. have to go to another interview and if we want to ask him something more, we need to do it right now.

RSP: We have a question for H.P. directly. You were a jury member at X-Factor. So, how do you liked to be almost a producer of a female vocalist? Is it really yours or you don't really like it?

H.P.: Oh, for me it was a nice experience to do something completely different from what you are doing normally. Sometimes it's good for your mind to be opened for other things. And it was really successful in a way, the whole show and the guys who won the show. They were number one at the albums chart in Germany and one girl from my category, Lisa, will be produced by us, Kontor Records. The whole thing was really good.

Then H.P. leaved us and we continued to talk with Rick and Michael.

RSP: Do you know that Axel Coon will play a DJ-set here, in Moscow, very soon?

Rick: Yes, I think I saw the posters at the Facebook, because we're connected with each other.

RSP: So maybe you will stay in Moscow for his DJ-set?

Rick: No, we have to continue to work.

Iceman shows Rick a video from Axel Coon where he invites all the fans at his DJ-set in Moscow.

Rick: Cool!

RSP: So maybe you'll record some kind of video-greeting to Axel and when we will be at his show, we will show it to him?

Rick: Yes, sure! Should I do this in English?

RSP: You can greet him on his birthday.

Rick: Hey, Axel, alter eimer! This is Rick! I hope you'll have a lot of fun in Moscow at your DJ-set! Keep rocking! And lets meet in Hamburg! Wicked!

RSP: It was great! Rick, why don't you play The Night at your live shows?

Rick: You see, we have released a lot of things, I think about sixty singles. And our shows are very limited in time. We can't do really long shows, because the people will be really exhausted and it's physically not possible to continue, so we have to chose tracks. And in Germany we have, I think, twenty three top ten hits and the live show normally consists of twenty one or twenty two songs which are also contains the special versions of album tracks and stuff which is not a common thing. This is all to make its more interesting for everybody. We cannot play every single from every chapter. We play such tracks as Weekend and Nessaja, which were bigger hits than The Night, I think they are better accepted by the crowd. But maybe we will play The Night again, probably at the Russian tour in autumn.

RSP: Do you have any surprises for the fans today?

Rick: I'm not quite sure. You know the tracklists are sometimes changes spontaneously before the show, so you never know. Sometimes we change the program and yeah, something happens.

RSP: Also we want to ask why don't you released I'm a Raver, Baby as a single?

Rick: You see, we have a record company. It's always a decision of a record company. We only can offer the songs. They know the market much better than we do. It's their decision to release the song or not.

RSP: A sad question. Not so long ago a well-known musician Ricardo Da Force, who has formed part of The KLF and N-Trance, passed away. As we know, you guys admire The KLF, as they strongly influenced your music. Did you know any of them personally?

Rick: No. I know that James Cauty and Will Drummond know about our music and about the existence of our band. And it's really funny, as far as I heard, Will Drummond was asked about the development of the project and he said: Well, it's a German band and it's a kind of next KLF. But it's only what I heard; it was not published officially in any interview. It was a guy who met with them. He said that they know about us and they are cool with us.

RSP: We have a question about Ratty. We've already asked you about Ratty in 2011 and you said that maybe Ratty will return, maybe not. Ratty was a project together with Axel Coon, so maybe you can work with him again and Ratty will reborn?

Rick: You see, the Ratty thing has developed in the studio, because it was it was a b-side of m-m-m its hard to remember of what single, because it was such a long time ago m-m-m of wait a second of She's The Sun, of course, yes. It was a b-side for She's The Sun. And we released this just to trick the DJs, because in Germany it was a little bit difficult for us to get the reputation in the clubs. Because everybody thought that Scooter is a commercial crap. And we sometimes tricked them by releasing the stuff without our name on it.

RSP: By the way, we saw Sunrise (Here I Am) at Armin van Buuren's A State Of Trance.

Rick: Yes, indeed. And it's really funny, that sometimes people think that we have covered our b-side from the Ratty thing. We also did a version of I'm Your Pusher with the title The Pusher as a project name as a white label release and in a really critical techno dance music magazine that always dicing us it became a record of the month. I don't know if the reviewer was fired later, but it was a good fun!

RSP: And who are these guys under the rat masks who appeared in Sunrise (Here I Am) official video?

Rick: One of them was a brother of Axel, another one was an actor that also appeared as an actor in the video and the third one was a nephew of H.P.. It was definitely not us.

RSP: It's the same with the TV performances?

Rick: Yes.

RSP: By the way, as we heard, some DJs who played Sunrise at their DJ-sets cracked the vinyl when they realized that Ratty is Scooter. What's wrong with this people?

Rick: I think that someone really did so. But in common they continued to play it. I think it's not so important, because you always can do what you like and as long as you do what you like, you don't have to think so much about the reaction of other people about your work.

RSP: Rick, what is your most favorite video?

Rick: Do you mean a Scooter video?

RSP: Yes.

Rick: Well, I think I think it's Ramp! (The Logical Song) and Maria (I Like It Loud), because those were directed by a really-really cool director Marc Schoellermann. He is a really cool producer and every time we cooperate, something magical happens. Marc is working for Hollywood and producing a full-length movies and he's very big at car commercial thing. He is a huge talent. The whole film set was like for a movie. It was hundreds of meters of lights and burning things and everything. It was a really good fun.

RSP: And what is the most expensive video? I think it was Faster Harder Scooter?

Rick: No, the most expensive video was

Michael: In India? In Mumbai?

Rick: No, no, there were many people, but the most expensive video was The Age Of Love. Because it was done completely in a blue box with post production and at that time it was impossible to do it at the laptop. At that time you needed expensive equipment and the people who were a part of Hollywood productions.

RSP: OK, the last question. What do you plan for the nearest hours before the show?

Rick: In next hours I want to find something to eat, probably go for a soundcheck and then I plan to return to the hotel to chill a little bit. And then rock'n'roll!

RSP: We are always really glad to see you in Moscow.

Rick: Thank you!

RSP: By the way, Rick. We heard that someone came up with a fake title of the next Scooter album. It's My Name Is Techno, Call Me Electro.

Rick: Ha-ha, cool. Yes, there are always rumors about the titles of the albums. But there's still no decision done yet.

Michael: It will be Hip-Hop, Don't Stop. (Everybody laughs)

RSP: OK, guys, thank you for the interview and see ya at the show!

The interview was taken by Scar (, Iceman ( and Phantom ( Thanks to Katerina Vorontsova, our beautiful video operator :) Juliana Geerdes and DK-slave also were there. Respect to all :)

Here are some photos from the interview:


Scooter in Moscow! Tomorrow! 22.03.2013

I want to remind you, that tomorrow Scooter will play live at Moscow's A2 club! The show will start at 20:00, the support act is DJ One Of The Best. The tickets are still available at and Hurry up and buy yours!

And that's not all! Axel Coon, a great DJ and ex-Scooter member, techno-engineer of the second chapter, will play his DJ-set at Moscow's Mona Club on March, 30! The tickets are still available. By the way, Axel have recorded a video for all the ravers who will come to his show. Here it is!

The Alternative Album (Another Edition) 16.03.2013

Very interesting gift for H.P. Baxxter's birthday was prepared by a Russian musician and Scooter fan Sergey (aka Sound-X-Monster). He produced a sequel to his last year's tribute album, dedicated to Scooter. The new creation is called The Alternative Album (Another Edition), and consists of twenty-six tracks, most of which are remakes of the old tracks from the first Alternative Album. However, there are also some completely new compositions, such as track Happy Birthday H.P. Baxxter, which is some kind of a response to Jerome's Who The Fuck Is H.P. Baxxter?. I recommend to check The Alternative Album (Another Edition) for all those who love the old Scooter style and Sound-X-Monster's music. Download the album here.

Happy birthday, H.P. Baxxter! 16.03.2013

Today is a birthday of the best, the one and only MC, H.P. Baxxter! For twenty years this man is a permanent leader of the loudest band in the world, Scooter! I would like to congratulate him and wish him to be healthy, happy and loud for many years to come! You have a big crew all over the world, H.P.! You're welcome in every single country. You keep the spirit alive! Keep the vibes!

Our Happy Hardcore (20 Years Of Hardcore) minimix 13.03.2013

The official minimix of the forthcoming Our Happy Hardcore album (the 20 Years Of Hardcore reissue) is available on the Net. I want to remind you, that fifteen Scooter albums will be re-released on a band's 20 years anniversary in 20 Years Of Hardcore series. All the albums will be remastered and will contain some remixes and rare tracks. The first three reissues will be out on 15'th of March. You can order them here.

Updated! The next three Scooter albums (20 Years Of Hardcore series) become available for pre-order at Age Of Love (3CD), No Time To Chill (2CD) and Back To The Heavyweight Jam (2CD). The release date for all three is April, 26.

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with a photo of Rick sitting in the studio behind the monitor. Under the photo there is a sign: In the Scooter lab. So maybe (just maybe) the guys are working on a new track right now. And maybe this track will be played live in Moscow very soon! 23'th of March, Moscow, A2 club. You CAN'T miss it! The tickers are already on sale!

Scooter in Moscow! Don't miss it! 12.03.2013

Promo END presents: the most energetic, crazy and successful music band in German history, Scooter, will play live in Moscow! The Moscow's A2 club will open its doors to all the Hamburg rave kings fans on 23'th of March. Powerful sound, great light effects, thousands of hands in the air and hundreds ripped throats of the hardcore fans H.P. Baxxter, Rick Jordan and Michael Simon will blow up the dancefloor of A2 club and it will be a true sign of the coming spring! This is the event you just CAN'T miss! Nobody knows when the German techno-engineers will come to Moscow with a proper live show next time. So, dear fans, buy the tickets right now and be ready to for Scooter power! The tickers are available at,, and other ticket-shops.

Scooter official site
Promo END official site
A2 official site

Will Scooter perform the new single in Moscow? 12.03.2013

According to this web-site, Scooter will perform their new single at the show in Moscow, that will take place at A2 club on 23'th of March. Of course this information is not official, but it will be nice if it's really truthful. Thanx for Scooter VK group for this good find.

Axel Coon in Moscow, the new single by Section 1 10.03.2013

Let me remind you, that ex-Scooter member Axel Coon will play a DJ-set live in Moscow on 30'th of March at Mona lub. Probably he will blast some powerful Trance tunes on his decks, so I recommend not to miss this show! The tickets are already available for purchase.

OK, this information is not directly connected with Scooter or its ex-members, but it will be interesting for all the fans of Section 1 project. The music style of these guys really recalls the Scooter style, so that's why I'm posting the news about them and their releases. So, the new single by Section 1 is called M.I.C. Contest and it will be released on the 1'st of April at Turbotraxx Tunes. You can watch the video trailer of this single here.

The work on a new album is in progress 08.03.2013

According to the fresh phone interview with H.P. Baxxter, that was recorded for the Belgian radio station Q-Music, the work on the new Scooter album is in progress right now. The interview was taken in the eve of We Love The 90's show, where Scooter will be playing. You can listen to the interview with your own ears, if you'll follow this link, but it's not in English language. By the way, look at the photo on the left. If you'll look carefully at this photo, where H.P. is showing the freshly printed ATBGO, OHH and Wicked! albums (20 Years Of Hardcore series), you'll see that Scooter studio was updated with two new Adam S4X-H monitors.

And The Beat Goes On! (20YOH Edition) minimix 04.03.2013

The official minimix of the first Scooter album And The Beat Goes On! that will be re-released in 20 Years Of Hardcore series has appeared at Kontor's official YouTube channel. Please, follow this link to check it out. I want to remind, that almost every Scooter album (except Music For A Big Night Out that was released last year) will be re-released to celebrate the band's 20 years anniversary. The first three albums will be out on 15'th of March. You can pre-order the CDs or the WEB-releases here.

20 Years Of Hardcore collection 25.02.2013

On the picture on the left (click on it to enlarge) you can see how the full collection of Scooter albums re-releases will look like. If you'll collect them all and put on the shelf, you'll see the big image of H.P. Baxxter and the sign Scooter. Also, if you'll look at the pic carefully, you'll notice that there is no Music For A Big Night Out in this 20 Years Of Hardcore collection. So it seems that this album will not be included in this series. By the way, you can check the pre-listings of all the tracks from Our Happy Hardcore (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition) at

ATBGO, OHH & Wicked! re-releases tracklistings 23.02.2013

The full tracklists of first three Scooter albums that will be re-released as the 20 Years Of Hardcore anniversary editions, have appeared at As I reported in the previous news, the albums will include the best remixes, b-sides and rare tracks. Take a look.

...And The Beat Goes On (20 Years Of Hardcore Box Set)

01. Different Reality
02. Move Your Ass
03. Waiting For Spring
04. Endless Summer
05. Cosmos
06. Rhapsody In E
07. Hyper Hyper
08. Raving In Mexico
09. Beautiful Vibes
10. Friends
11. Faster Harder Scooter

01. Vallée De Larmes
02. Vallée De Larmes (Re-Incarnation By The Loop Version)
03. Hyper Hyper (On A Spanish Fly Tip)
04. Hyper Hyper (Prezioso Mix 2)
05. Modeselektor feat. Otto V. Schirach - Hyper Hyper
06. Move Your Ass (Ultra-Sonic Remix)
07. Move Your Ass (Mandala Remix)
08. Move Your Ass (Mega'lo Mania Acid Mania Mix)
09. Move Your Ass (Para-Dizer Remix)
10. Move Your Ass (Men Behind Remix)
11. Move Your Ass (Alien Factory Remix)
12. Move Your Ass (Matiz Remix)
13. Sido feat. Scooter, Kitty Kat & Tony D - Beweg Dein Arsch

01. Friends (Single Version)
02. Friends (Ramon Zenker Club Mix)
03. Friends (Jeyenne Mix)
04. Endless Summer (Maxi Version)
05. Endless Summer (Datura Remix)
06. Endless Summer (Datura Instrumental Version)
07. Endless Summer (Spanish Version)
08. Endless Summer / Hyper Hyper / Move Your Ass (Live)
09. Unity Without Words Part 1
10. Across The Sky
11. Back In Time

Our Happy Hardcore (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition)

01. Let Me Be Your Valentine
02. Stuttgart
03. Rebel Yell
04. Last Minute
05. Our Happy Hardcore
06. Experience
07. This Is A Monstertune
08. Back In The U.K.
09. Hysteria
10. Crank It Up

01. Back In The U.K. (Long Version)
02. Back In The U.K. (Tom Wilson Remix)
03. Back In The U.K. (Double M's Bassss Mix)
04. Back In Villabajo
05. Back In The U.K. (Paddy Frazer Mix)
06. Unity Without Words Part 2
07. Back In Ireland (Long Version)
08. Let Me Be Your Valentine (Commander Tom Remix)
09. Let Me Be Your Valentine (Itty-Bitty-Boozy-Woozy's Blue Mega Blast)
10. Let Me Be Your Valentine (Shanin & Simon Remix)
11. Eternity
12. Rebel Yell (Extended Mix)
13. Euphoria
14. The Silence Of T.1210 MkII

Wicked! (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition)

01. Wicked Introduction
02. I'm Raving
03. We Take You Higher
04. Awakening
05. When I Was A Young Boy
06. Coldwater Canyon
07. Scooter Del Mar
08. Zebras Crossing The Street
09. Don't Let It Be Me
10. The First Time
11. Break It Up

01. I'm Raving (Extended)
02. I'm Raving (Taucher Remix)
03. I'm Raving (Db 600 Remix)
04. I'm Raving (Progressive Remix)
05. I'm Raving (Fortunato & Montresor House Remix)
06. Jan Delay & Moonbootica - I'm Raving
07. B-Site (WWW. Mix)
08. Loops & Pipes
09. Break I Tup (Unplugged)
10. Wednesday (Kontor Mix)

More information about 20 Years Of Hardcore 23.02.2013

According to, the long anticipated re-releases of the first three Scooter albums, which will be released under the slogan 20 Years Of Hardcore, will include the following: the first CD of every album will include all the album tracks, which will be remastered. The second CD will include the chosen remixes and b-sides as well as the rare tracks that are hard to find. Also there's a statement that all Scooter albums will be re-released with the time.

Discotheque of the 90s 18.02.2013

Do you remember that the Scooter guys were talking, that they don't want to participate at the retro fests, because they have many fresh hits and don't want to parasitize on their old hits. Nevertheless they are participating in such shows time after time, in different countries, including Russia. This time Scooter will perform at the show called Diskach of 90s in Saint-Petersburg's Ledoviy Dvoretz on 5th of April. The tickets will be available soon at

20 Years Of Hardcore covers 08.02.2013

The cover design of the first three Scooter albums re-releases with a header 20 Years Of Hardcore have appeared at Here are the covers:

And The Beat Goes On! (20 Years Of Hardcore Box Set)
Our Happy Hardcore (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition)
Wicked! (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition)

All Scooter albums will be re-released 05.02.2013

Here's a fresh interview with H.P. Baxxter, which took place on the day of his gig together with Jerome at Empire club. The most interesting thing he told is above: Scooter have plans to remaster and re-release ALL their albums. So the expanded editions of And The Beat Goes On!, Our Happy Hardcore and Wicked! are only the first signs of the massive wave of re-releases that the Scooter guys are planning this year, before the band's 20 years anniversary. The hardcore fans who want to buy all the remastered albums will have to spend more than €200 for them. So be ready, guys and girls.

20 Years Of Hardcore 01.02.2013

Very exciting news! According to very soon we will get three releases from Scooter! These releases are reprints of first three Scooter albums with a general header 20 Years Of Hardcore. Every album will contain two CDs at minimum. It will be really interesting to know what will be on the extra CDs, but there's no information about it for the moment. Here are the links for the pre-orders of all the three albums:

And The Beat Goes On! (20 Years Of Hardcore Box Set) (3CD, €12,99)
Our Happy Hardcore (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition) (2CD, €12,99)
Wicked! (20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition) (2CD, €12,99)

All three albums will be released on the same day: 15'th of March.

Axel Coon will play a DJ-set in Moscow! 27.01.2013

I have good news for all the Russian fans of Axel Coon. He will play a two hours DJ-set in Moscow's Mona Club on 30'th of March. The tickets will be on sale from February, 15. More information you will find at the official site of Mona Club.

Who The Fuck Is Jerome? 26.01.2013

It became known, that the composition called Who The Fuck Is H.P. Baxxter was produced by Jerome, the man who helped Scooter to create some tracks for the album Music For A Big Night Out. This new track will be used in Jerome's DJ-sets and I think it already was played at the yesterday's party that was held at the Austrian club Empire. The party was called Who The Fuck Is H.P. Baxxter also and Jerome performed there together with H.P..

Who The Fuck Is H.P. Baxxter? 23.01.2013

And now it's time for the unexpected news. The solo single (?) of H.P. Baxxter is available for pre-order at The track is called Who The Fuck Is H.P. Baxxter? and it will be released as a WEB-download at Kontor Records on 25th of January. You can listen to the short samples of the tracks at What does all this mean? I don't know. Maybe H.P. decided to start his own career. I just hope that it will not affect the Scooter project. When I'll get more information about the single, I will post it at the site. So stay tuned!

A2 Moscow 11.01.2013

The new year has arrived, alcoholic marathon is over and it is time to say that the forcecoming Scooter show in Moscow was moved at another place again. It will take place at A2 club on 23th of March, 2013. This fact may cause confusion for some fans and no wonder, because not so long ago, the band performed in St. Petersburg in the club with the exact same name. But do not worry, ladies and gentlemen, at this time it's all about the Moscow club. Tickets are on sale now.

Happy birthday, Rick! 01.01.2013

Today is a birthday of Mr. Rick J Jordan from Scooter. He is 45 now. Dear Rick! We wish you all the best, as always! Be happy and healthy. Enjoy the music, create some new awesome stuff and stay cool!

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