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Happy New Year! 31.12.2012

Happy New Year, dear Scooter Planet visitors! Let me wish you all the best. Be healthy, lucky and rich in 2013! :) And I hope that Scooter will make us all happy and release some really massive, hard, fast and cool stuff! Be happy, guys and girls!

Not Milk, but Izvestiya Hall 24.12.2012

The Scooter show in Moscow which is planned for the 23th of March will be held not at the Milk club, but at the Izvestiya Hall club. The official site still has no information about this, but it's already confirmed by the organizers.

Scooter will come to Moscow in March?! 19.12.2012

There is a lot of news regarding Scooter in Russia these days! And today I have very good news for all the Scooter fans from Moscow! According to the official Scooter site, the band will make a show in Moscow's Milk club on 23th of March 2013! I'll keep you informed and will post the news about the show when I'll know the details! Stay tuned

Scooter will play live at Kubana fest! 17.12.2012

I have some really cool news for the Russian Posse once again! Our favorite band will be the guest of the Kubana fest that will traditionally take place at Anapa (Krasnojarskij kraj) from 1st till 7th of August. You can read the details at Kubana's official site (Russian language). Also I want to note, that according to the announcement, it will be a big concert, not a DJ-set. Dear Posse, you have a lot of time to save some money for the travel to Kubana to see Scooter live! And don't forget to get the map of the Krasnojarskij kraj!

Rick J Jordan interview at Gipsy club 16.12.2012

My colleagues from the VK community dedicated to Scooter managed to interview Rick J Jordan at yesterday's party at the Gipsy club in Moscow. Here it is:

Interviewer (I.): Hello, Rick! Hello, Michael! We are Russian Posse, we have come here only to enjoy your DJ-set. We have won the tickets to the show. It will be cool if you'll agree to answer some of our questions.

Rick (R.): Yes, of course. (he turns to Scooter manager Sasha). Can we do this?

Sasha (S.): Yes.

Sitting on the couch, we started to setting up the photo and video equipment for the interview. Michael left us and talked to the manager the whole time while we interviewed Rick.

Rick. (R.): Don't hurry, we have some time for the interview. (laughs)

I.: That's cool! So, our first question Or maybe it will be better if you'll read it by yourself?

Rick (is reading the question): Why didn't you released the full version of SOR (Club Mix) and SOR (Extended Mix) in the web-shops?. Mm-m SOR? What is it?

I.: Stuck On Replay.

R.: Oh, OK, I've got it. You know, we have released so many singles and albums during our career, so it's not easy to remember everything, especially when we see such abbreviations. You see, the whole definition of the single concept have changed recently. Stuck On Replay was released at the time when the concept of the single releases was slightly changing. It was the time when the single could include many tracks and mixes, but there also were some limitations. To be honest, I'm not a big specialist to talk about these things. We have Jens (the Scooter manager and the owner of Kontor Records), he knows about all these changes much more than me. You'd better ask him.

I.: OK, we'll ask him if we'll get a chance. The next question is for H.P.. By the way, where is him? Why he's not here, with you?

R.: H.P. decided to have a rest after the flight. Right now he's sleeping at the hotel.

I.: Well, maybe you can answer this question? You know him so many years.

R.: Sure! Just ask.

I.: Would he ever make a jazz album?

R.: I must say that H.P. hates jazz! (laughs) Really, this is true. H.P. loves fast, energetic and hard music, rocking style. Jazz is too slow and boring for him. So I don't think he'll ever make a jazz album.

I.: Our next question is about the vinyl records. Why do you not release the vinyls nowadays? Many of your fans all over the world would love to have the vinyls in their collections.

R.: This is a very difficult question. And this is a question of the big marketing. You have to ask Jens about it, because he knows the industry much better than me.

.: We're asking you, because H.P. and you are the co-owners of Kontor Records, as we know

R.: Yes, we are. But each of us is good at his field. I am well versed in music, H.P. is our creative center, and Jens is a good marketer. We try not to interfere with each other and not get in each other's job. But we understand, that our fans are waiting the vinyl releases from us. Maybe we will release something on vinyl to celebrate the band's 20 years anniversary.

I.: OK, here's the question about the ex-Scooter members, Axel Coon and Jay Frog. We have talked to Jay in Moscow not so long ago and he said, that he keeps in touch with you. Do you keep in touch with Axel too?

R.: Yes, of course, we have very good relationships with Axel and Jay. For example, we have talked to Axel a few weeks ago via Facebook. But he couldn't talk long, because he was busy with Kelly Trump. (laughs)

I.: Did you have any thoughts on how to negotiate with the guys and ask them to do remixes of your songs?

R.: Sure, why not? We were not talking about this yet, but it's a good idea. Maybe we'll do it for the Scooter anniversary.

I.: It will be great! Our next question is about your label Kontor Records. As we know, you are releasing all your stuff only at this label.

R.: Yes, this is true.

I.: But at the same time you have your own label Sheffield Tunes

R.: Well This is a sub-label of Kontor Records. When we started the Kontor Records, it's office was right in our studio! We rented a separate room later, but in the same building as the studio. The label has grown with the time and, thanks to the Jens' talent, became one of the biggest European music labels. So it would be foolish not to release music on Kontor Records, because it's name and status give us freedom of action and other features that are not available to many musicians nowadays.

I.: If we talk about the fame of your label, we know that many musicians are releasing their stuff there. For example ATB and Mark Candys. Do they inspire you? Do you listen to their songs to learn something for your own band (Scooter)?

R.: Yes, of course. We try to keep track of all the changes and trends in the modern music. For example I am very impressed with the modern trance, house and progressive house music. I try to follow these styles closely.

I.: It sould be noted that the tracks Too Much Silence and Last Hippie Standing from your latest album received positive reviews from most Scooter fans around the world. OK, here's our next question. Why do not you go on tour with your new album Music For A Big Night Out in 2013?

R.: Usually we're going on tour with every album, but this year there already was a tour.

I.: The new album Music For A Big Night Out is much more successful than The Big Mash Up. I think that the MFABNO tour could be more successful too.

R.: Maybe. But we're already working on the new tracks, so I think we'll perform the MFABNO tracks during our next tour in 2014.

I.: OK. Here's our last question. The next single. What will it be? Will it be the track from Music For A Big Night Out?

R.: He-he, if I knew, I'd answer for sure. But we don't know it yet. We already produce the new tracks for the next album, so if it will be necessary to release one more single from Music For A Big Night Out album, it will be surprise for us as well.

I.: Thank you for the answers, Rick! And good luck with your DJ-set today!

R.: Thank you too! See you on the dancefloor!

This interview was taken by: VK Scooter community administration and Alexey Starostin.

Photos from the event:


Scooter DJ-set in Moscow?! 12.12.2012

Here's the message from the official VK page of the Russian label Kontora:

Dear friends! We have to inform you, that this Saturday (15.12.12) Scooter will perform a DJ-set in the Gipsy club (Moscow, Bolotnaya Naberezhnaya 3/4)!

Now this is what I call unexpected news!

Winter chill 11.12.2012

There will be no updates about the Scooter show in Saint-Petersburg at the site, because our reporters were not able to be at the press-conference and didn't manage to make an interview with the band. Say thank you to the show organizers. Also I must admit that there is no important news from Scooter these days. The winter break has come too quick after the release of the new album. So I will share with you all the little facts that came to my attention. First of all, Scooter will play live at the water cruise Tallin Stockholm in February. The show will be called KBK Army Of Hardcore. On the 27th of July (2013) Scooter will perform at the Münchner Sommernachtsraum fest that will take place at Münich's Olympic stadium. And the last fact. Scooter will participate in a TV-show Silvester Hit-Countdown that will be broadcasted at RTL channel. That's all for today.

A little bit of news 27.11.2012

The X-Factor show, where H.P. Baxxter was one of the juries, is over. His protégéé Melissa took the second place. Meanwhile the official YouTube channel of Scooter Planet was updated with the unboxing videos of Army Of Hardcore and Music For A Big Night Out. Check it out! And the last, but not least: Scooter will perform live in Saint-Petersburg on the 30th of November. I will not be at the show this time, but my friends will make a report from the show and it will be available at my site. So stay tuned!

The making of Army Of Hardcore official video 15.11.2012

Today you can watch the making of Army Of Hardcore video at the official Scooter channel on YouTube. Also, I want to inform all the collectors that the Russian release of Music For A Big Night Out album will be out on 19th of November. Oh, and by the way, 4 A.M. have reached the first place in the chart at the D.FM (Russian radio station)! Congratulations, Scooter

Competition for the Russian Scooter Posse from Keks FM 14.11.2012

Radio station Keks FM is holding a contest for all the Russian Scooter fans! You can win two tickets to the Scooter show that will take place in Saint-Petersburg on 31th of November and a possibility to dance and jump together with H.P. Baxxter on the scene during the performance of one of the tracks at the show. All you have to do is make a video of you going crazy and dancing while listening to Scooter tracks and upload it on YouTube. You can check the details here (Russian language).

MFABNO in Media Control chart 13.11.2012

Good news, everyone! The new Scooter album which is called Music For A Big Night Out have entered the Media Control chart at number 10! This is a real step forward, because all the latest Scooter releases were not so successful. Congratulations to the band! By the way, Music For A Big Night Out have already beaten The Big Mash Up, because its highest chart position was number 15.

4 A.M. & Army Of Hardcore at the X-Factor 12.11.2012

Here you can watch the performance of the medley between 4 A.M. and Army Of Hardcore at the X-Factor show. The chorus of 4 A.M. was sung by two X-Factor participants, that's why this record can be interesting for the collectors. Also this is the first public performance of Army Of Hardcore. It was a playback, but anyway check it out :)

The live-chat results 09.11.2012

Here are the main facts from the yesterday's live-chat with Scooter that was presented by Spotify:

- They gonna do a new Tour in the year 2014. They are not sure about the club tour before yet
- The chance to hear a third single from the new album is high
- A new album will be released before the Tour 2014
- The quote on the Shirt which you can find in the Limited Edition, was a idea from H.P. Baxxter
- There won't be any vinyl releases anymore
- Chris Avantgarde doesn't work in the studios anymore
- H.P. likes his job as juror at X-Factor Germany
- The pitched vocals in Black Betty are by Rick
- There are no plans to recover the Ratty project
- There will be no DVD of the Hamburg convert (2012)
- Music For A Big Night Out is not the last album by the band (and that's great)
- Mashuaia will never be played live

The live-chat with Scooter and another news 06.11.2012

Now, when I have a break in a listening of the new Scooter album which is called Music For A Big Night Out, I want to inform you about the news. First of all, it came to my attention, that there will be no live tour this year and next year. But in the year 2014 the band will make a huge European tour to celebrate the 20 years anniversary. I hope they will come to Russia too. The next news is for all the people who love the beautiful voice of Nikk, Rick's wife and want to hear her voice in the new Scooter tracks. I can say, that your dream come true in a part. Because Nikk's vocals was used in the track Talk About Your Life on the new album. But it was pitched :) And now prepare for a really important information. On the 8th of November at 20:00 (German time) there will be a live-chat with Scooter at the Soundrop room on Spotify. You will be able to ask some questions to Scooter, vote for your favorite tracks and listen to the fresh tracks from the new album Music For A Big Night Out. Don't miss this opportunity!

The polls 02.11.2012

I want to sum up the results of two polls that were held at Scooter Planet for the past year. You can see the results of the voting for the best Scooter album (from And The Beat Goes On! till The Big Mash Up inclusively) here. And here are the results of the voting for the best track from The Big Mash Up album. And now it's time to start the new polls. The first one is for the best Scooter album (this time including the new album) and the second one is for the best track from the new album Music For A Big Night Out. You can find this polls at the Discography section.

The official video for Army Of Hardcore is available 01.11.2012

Hello, Posse! The official video of the new Scooter single which is called Army Of Hardcore is available for your pleasure, right now! Click on this link to enjoy it without any delays! Yeah!

Army Of Hardcore official video will be out on Friday 30.10.2012

The official video for Army Of Hardcore will be out at the same day as the new album and single will be released, the 2nd of November. This information was taken from the official Scooter page at Facebook. On the left you can see a shot from this video. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

There will be no Army Of Hardcore Maxi CD 29.10.2012

Finally, the mystery of the different, more expensive release of Army Of Hardcore single that appeared at, is revealed. It's not the Maxi version of the single, it will not contain any additional mixes. It's absolutely the same as the cheaper version of the single, the only difference is a different manufacturer. claims that the quality of the more expensive version will may be better, but this difference will maybe be unnoticed by the customer.

Scooter Music For A Big Night Out (Minimix) 29.10.2012

When the audio samples of all the tracks from the new Scooter album called Music For A Big Night Out have appeared at one of the web-shops, I didn't mentioned it at the site, because the band didn't wanted the samples to appear too early. But now, when the official Scooter page at Facebook was updated with the official Minimix for the new album, I'm happy to post this link: Scooter Music For A Big Night Out (Minimix HD).

Scooter Army Of Hardcore (Maxi Single)?! 28.10.2012

Do you remember the mystical second version of Army Of Hardcore that have appeared at, but without the tracklist, cover art and price? Today the price was added and it's €5,99 (the 'normal' Army Of Hardcore single price is €2,99). There are still no cover art (I think it will be the same) and tracklist, but now we can assume, that it will be a good old Maxi single from Scooter! Maybe with a remix of even a b-side added. Who knows? As a collector you might want to buy this one ;)

Army Of Hardcore, the official video 24.10.2012

The official video for Scooter's forthcoming single Army Of Hardcore will be shot in Berlin in the end of the week. The director of the video is Mark Feuerstake, the same man who already created three videos for the band (C'est Bleu, It's a Biz and 4 A.M.). Thanx to Horseman, who have found this information at Feuerstake's official site.

Army Of Hardcore tracklist + info about the album samples 20.10.2012

The tracklist of the new Scooter single Army Of Hardcore has appeared on the Net. The tracklist is really stingy, just as many of us thought.

1. Army of Hardcore (Radio Edit) (2:57)
2. Army of Hardcore (Extended Club Mix) (6:05)

At the moment it's unknown will there be another version of the single (maybe Maxi?). I already wrote about the mystic second version of the single that appeared at The tracklist and the price of it are still unknown. But maybe the appearance of the second Army Of Hardcore was just a mistake of

Michael Simon has reported that the Kontor Records officials have no plans to publish the samples of the new Scooter album Music For A Big Night Out before it will be released. So, no teasers until the 2nd of November.

Music For A Big Night Out (Limited Edition) photo 19.10.2012

The photo of Deluxe Fan Box version of the new album Music For A Big Night Out have appeared at Scooter Facebook page. You can see it below (click on the picture to enlarge it):

By the way, the different version of the new single Army Of Hardcore have appeared at, here. But there's no any information about this version, the price in unknown, too.

Music For A Big Night Out Deluxe iTunes version 18.10.2012

The tracklist of Deluxe WEB edition of the new Scooter album Music For A Big Night Out have appeared at iTunes. There are three extra tracks and 4 A.M. video included. Also now we know the length of all the tracks from the album. Check the tracklist of Music For A Big Night Out Deluxe iTunes version below. Thanx to Horseman for the news.

01. Full Moon (1:50)
02. I'm a Raver, Baby (3:16)
03. Army of Hardcore (Radio Edit) (2:57)
04. 4 A.M. (Radio Version) (3:16)
05. No Way To Hide (3:22)
06. What Time Is Love? (3:10)
07. Overdose (Frazy) (3:03)
08. Talk About Your Life (3:25)
09. I Wish I Was (3:25)
10. Black Betty (3:34)
11. Too Much Silence (5:38)
12. Last Hippie Standing (6:37)
13. Army of Hardcore (Extended Club Mix) (6:05)
14. 4 A.M. (Picco Remix) (5:29)
15. 4 A.M. (Clubstar UK Mix) (3:25)
16. 4 A.M. (Music Video) (3:49)

Army Of Hardcore will be released on CD 17.10.2012

The new Scooter single which is called Army Of Hardcore will be released on CD on the same date as the new album Music For A Big Night Out, on the 2nd of November. You can pre-order the single right now if you will follow this link.

Army Of Hardcore is the new Scooter single 16.10.2012

Army Of Hardcore will become the new Scooter single. The release date of the new single is unknown yet, but we can assume that it can be released at the same day as the new album, which is called Music For A Big Night Out, on the 2nd of November. You can see the cover design of the new single on the left. Click on the image to enlarge it.

The styles of the new album 11.10.2012

Michael Simon have updated his official Facebook page with a photo of a master CD of Scooter's new album Music For A Big Night Out. Also he have posted the tracklist of the album with a genre description for every composition. Check it out:

01. Full Moon (Intro)
02. I'm A Raver, Baby (Hardstyle)
03. Army Of Hardcore (Trance)
04. 4 A.M. (Progressive House)
05. No Way To Hide (Progressive House)
06. What Time Is Love? (Progressive House / Trance)
07. Overdose (Frazy) (Happy Hardstyle)
08. Talk About Your Life (Hardstyle, high pitched voice)
09. I Wish I Was (Progressive House)
10. Black Betty (House / Dubstep / Electro)
11. Too Much Silence (Trance)
12. Last Hippie Standing (Psy Trance)

Music For A Big Night Out tracklist 09.10.2012

So, here we go! The official tracklist of the new Scooter album which is called Music For A Big Night Out has appeared at web-shop! I will not bore you anymore, just check it out:

01. Full Moon
02. I'm A Raver, Baby
03. Army Of Hardcore
04. 4 A.M.
05. No Way To Hide
06. What Time Is Love?
07. Overdose (Frazy)
08. Talk About Your Life
09. I Wish I Was
10. Black Betty
11. Too Much Silence
12. Last Hippie Standing

The album will be released on the 2nd of November, so don't forget to pre-order your copy.

The final version of MFABNO cover art 05.10.2012

The Scooter guys have fulfilled the promise and uploaded the final version of their new album cover design at their official Facebook page. You can see the official cover design of Music For A Big Night Out album on the left (click on the picture to enlarge it). And here's the HD-version.

The cover of the new album tomorrow  04.10.2012

A short, but important message from the official Scooter page at Facebook:

Posse, tomorrow we will upload the official cover of our new album Music For A Big Night Out! Be prepared!

So be ready, Posse! :)

Scooter 4 A.M. (official video) 30.09.2012

The official video of Scooter's new single 4 A.M. has appeared on the Net. Click here to watch it.

By the way, don't forget to visit Scooter Planet's official YouTube channel. It updates frequently. For example last night it was updated with a video recording of Scooter appearance at Hamburg SV 125 years anniversary show.

Scooter live at O2 World Hamburg arena today! 29.09.2012

If you remember, I've already wrote in July that Scooter will participate in a show dedicated to FC Hamburg's anniversary in the end of September. Now this day has come! Today Hamburg SV and its fans are celebrating the 125'th birthday of the team. Scooter will play a few tracks I think, including the official goal hymn of Hamburg SV, One (Always Hamburg). And yes, I've got the good news! We will be able to watch the show online, here's the link. The broadcasting will start at 22:00 (German time).

4 A.M. official video will be out on Sunday 28.09.2012

The official video of Scooter's new single 4 A.M. will be out on Sunday. This information has appeared at H.P. Baxxter's official Facebook page. I think it will appear at Kontor's official YouTube page or at Scooter's official YouTube page. Don't miss it! The Sunday is not so far away ;) By the way, here you can see a screenshot from the video.

The cover art of the new album 25.09.2012

Today I've surfed the Internet in search of some fresh information about Music For A Big Night Out and suddenly found the pre cover art of this album. You can see it on the left (click to enlarge the image). Yes, this is a prior version (check out the line Vorab-cover, which means pre cover art in German), but maybe the final version of the cover will look nearly the same. I found this cover art here.

The photosession for the new album 25.09.2012

The Scooter guys are making a photosession for the new album today Music For A Big Night Out. This photo (on the left) was uploaded at the official Scooter Facebook page. Also you can watch the new interview with H.P. at Scooter Planet YouTube channel. The interview is in German language, but it contains a few shots from the 4 A.M. videoshooting.

The Limited Edition of the new album will include a T-shirt 21.09.2012

A short description of Scooter's new album Music For A Big Night Out have appeared at So now we know that the Limited Edition of the album will include the exclusive Scooter T-shirt that is not available for purchase at the official merchandise shop. Also the description says that the album will consist of many potential singles, filled with H.P.'s shouts and gorgeous female vocals. Now we only have to wait until the official tracklist of the new album will appear. By the way, the price of the Limited Edition of the new album was reduced again and now it's €17,99.

The video for 4 A.M. will be shot tomorrow + surprise! 19.09.2012

The official Facebook of Michael Simon was updated with a short message: the video of Scooter's 4 A.M. will be shot tomorrow in Berlin. But this is not the main news today! Also Michael have uploaded a short teaser of a new Trance track by Scooter that will be probably included in the new album Music For A Big Night Out. And hell yeah, this track is very, very nice! It's a pity, that Michael have removed the teaser after a half of an hour, but the fans were fast enough to download it and re-upload at another places. So if you really want to find this teaser, you will find it ;) I really like this track! It's a newschool Trance with a female vocal and just an awesome melody! Yes, Scooter, yes! That's what we have talked about! We need such tunes! Keep it up! Now I'm waiting for the release of the new Scooter album even more than before!

Music For A Big Night Out (Limited) at! 18.09.2012

The pre-order of Music For A Big Night Out (Limited Edition) is available at The price is €19,99. The Limited Edition of a new album by Scooter will contain only one CD, just as the Regular Edition. And we still don't have any clues of what will be included in the package.

Mark Feuerstake will shoot another video for Scooter 18.09.2012

The official video of Scooter's 4 A.M. will be shot by Mark Feuerstake. This director has already done two videos for the band: C'est Bleu and It's a Biz. The video shooting will take place in Berlin. This information was found by Horseman at Feuerstake's official site.

Trance, trance, trance! 14.09.2012

The official Michael Simon's Facebook page was updated. Here's what he wrote:

We will shoot the video next week. So be patient. Working on the album right now. Just finished a nice Trance track

Music For A Big Night Out the new album by Scooter 14.09.2012

This day has come! Now we know the name and the release date of the new Scooter album! It's called Music For A Big Night Out and will be released on 2nd of November! This information has appeared at web-shop. Today you can pre-order the standard edition of the new album for €11,99. Will there also be another editions of the new album, for example limited fan edition or something like this? I think we must wait a little bit more to know all the details

4 A.M. will be physically released 12.09.2012

Yesterday H.P. Baxxter was participating in a German talk show by Markus Lanz. Answering one of the questions H.P. stated that the new Scooter single 4 A.M. which digital version is already available for purchase in the WEB stores, will get the physical release as a CD-single! I think this is a very satisfying news for many collectors. You can watch the whole talk show here or at the official Scooter Planet YouTube channel. By the way, there are some more new videos available at Scooter Planet YouTube channel, so don't forget to check it.

The official video of 4 A.M. will appear soon 08.09.2012

The official video of Scooter's new track 4 A.M. will be published soon. This information appeared at the official Scooter Facebook page. The exact date is unknown yet, but now we know, that it will be released for sure. If you still don't bought your copy of 4 A.M. WEB-release, you can do it right now by clicking on this link.

Music + X 07.09.2012

I've got some interesting news for the Moscow Posse and all the fans who plan to visit the capital of Russia in September. From the 7th to 25th of September at the Artplay centre will be held the multimedia exhibition which is called Musik + X. It's dedicated to the German musical culture. The exposition will include 4 parts Pop, Techno, Hip-Hop and Indi. The history of Kraftwerk, Scooter, Tokio Hotel, Scorpions and another artists will be presented in photos, live recordings, music videos, concert costumes and fan attributes. The entrance is free. The address is: Nizhnjaja Syromjatnicheskaja, 10.

4 A.M. shortcuts 07.09.2012

The pre-order page for the 4 A.M. single has appeared at Also you can listen the samples of two mixes that will be released at the single.

The tracklist:
01. 4 A.M. (Radio Version) [3:17]
02. 4 A.M. (Club Extended) [5:31]

4 A.M. is indeed a House tune. This style is so popular now, so nothing surprising here. Along with the traditional MC shouts by H.P. you will hear the strong and beautiful female voice in this single. Sorry, but I cant write more about the single now, because I don't like House music and I feel disappointed now, because I was waiting for something really different from Scooter. Why they held the voting about the next single music style, if they didn't planned to listen to the fans? I don't know. Maybe later, when my emotions will calm down a little bit, I will post write about the new single.

Some new facts about the new single 4 A.M. 06.09.2012

OK, Posse, here are some new facts about the new Scooter single which is called 4 A.M.. All these facts are directly from Michael Simon. First of all, the new single will be in a style of Progressive House and it will NOT be the instrumental one. The second: new single will be released only as a WEB-download (at least for now). The third: it will include only Radio Edit and Extended Mix, but not Club Mix. The fourth: 4 A.M. is going to be released this Friday (and not in the end of September, as was stated before), because it's necessary for some TV-shows, where the single will be performed (I think it's all about the X-Factor show presentation). The Scooter guys are surprised as much as we do, actually. And the last info. It seems that 4 A.M. single will be available for download at the iTunes shop at first.

The new single will be out this Friday! 05.09.2012

Hey, Posse, I want to see your hands up in the air! I have awesome news for you all! I'll just post the message from the official Scooter Facebook page, as is:

BIG NEWS! Be prepared for the brand new single 4 A.M. coming THIS Friday (mgmt)!

This message includes the image of the new single's cover! You can see it on the left.

The new album will contain a Hardstyle track for sure 03.09.2012

Michael Simon's Facebook page is the main information source for us today! He continued to answer some questions by the fans and stated that the band has finished a nice Hardstyle track for the album today. One of the fans wrote that it will be awesome if the guys will make some oldschool (2001-2007) Trance stuff for the new album, but the Mike's answer was: Don't forget it's 2012, which might means that our hopes for this style are vain. Then the fan wrote that he hopes there will be no high-pitched voice on the new album's tracks and Michael replied: Tell this to Rick and H.P.. So, can we predict that the high-pitched vocals will be on the new album? ;) I'll continue to monitor Michael's page and will inform you as soon as we'll get some new and interesting information. Stay tuned!

More news about the new album 03.09.2012

Here's a fresh update from Michael Simon via the Facebook:

A lot of people asked me what kind of style the new album contains and when it will be released. The only thing I can say is that it will be this year. Of course a new single will be released before. Maybe end of September. The album will not have any specific style. If i know more about it i will post it here. Thanks for your patience! :-)

A little but later he added (as a comment for his own post): There is also Trance on the album of course :-)

Nice addition, isn't it? ;)

The new single and album very soon! 01.09.2012

We've got some really awesome news from BS-Baxxter, one of the Scooter fans who visited the band's show in Budapest. He says that Rick J Jordan have answered some questions by the fans and said that the band's new album will be released in October or November and the first single from it may be released in the end of September. It confirms the statement of Michael Simon from the previous news block. And isn't it great?

The new single is almost ready 31.08.2012

One of the Scooter fans, the guy whose nick name is soundnoizer, contacted Michael Simon via Facebook private messages and asked him about the new single and the possibility of revealing of this single at the X-Factor show, where H.P. is one of the juries. Michael has answered this questions and stated that the new single is almost ready and yes, maybe the band will reveal it for the first time at the X-Factor show. Very good news! Stay tuned for more!

Michael's birthday, X-Factor 29.08.2012

Today is a birthday of Michael Simon! I want to sincerely congratulate him and wish him to succeed in all his affairs, including the work on a new Scooter album. And of course I wish him to be happy, healthy and lucky in a personal life. Happy birthday, Michael!

And now, a few words about the X-Factor show, where H.P. Baxxter is playing the role of one of the juries. You can watch the best highlights from the show here. I recommend watching the singing of a blind girl and the performance of the band which is called Rune.

Scooter will play live in Saint-Petersburg! 15.08.2012

I have some really good news for the Russian Posse, especially for the people that live in Saint-Petersburg! Our favorite band, Scooter, will play live at Saints-Petersburg's club A2 on the 30'th of Novemer, 2012. All the information about the show and the tickets you will find at the official site of A2 club or at its Facebook page.

The auction 10.08.2012

The guys from Scooter want to help the children, so they are putting their gold award up for auction. It's the award for Encore (The Whole Story), a record, that was sold more than 25000 copies. The starting bid of the lot is €800. Every penny proceeds from the auction will be sent to the children charity project (music therapy). If you need more information, you can find it here (German language).

The future of Scooter is uncertain? 07.08.2012

I'm sorry, but I don't have any positive news considering Scooter for you, guys. Actually I have to report some ambiguously information. As you know, H.P. Baxxter is working as one of the juries at Germany's X-Factor TV-show. In one of the recent interviews H.P. Baxxter said that he is thinking of becoming a producer of one of the X-Factor talents. This new role is really interesting for him and would like to test his strengths. He even hinted that it will be cool to make a single or even an album together with a rising star vocalist from the show. Right now I imagine the discouraged faces of the hardcore Scooter fans, who don't like this news at all. And I can understand them, actually. The information is a little bit scary for the fans. Of course, maybe H.P. is just follows the letter of the contract with VOX and X-Factor and he just HAVE TO talk in this way but who knows, maybe he really wants to be a producer, maybe he is tired of Scooter? I hope it's a whim! Don't forget, that Michael Simon started to resume his solo career as a DJ and music producer! Now the situation seems even scarier. Answering one of the fans' question, Michael said, that he just HAVE to resume his solo career, because it's unacceptable to forget about it. He is still a Scooter member, but he doesn't want to answer the questions about the forthcoming shows in Great Britain and he will not talk about the next Scooter album. There are absolutely no news from our almighty Rick J Jordan, but in this case, I think it's a good sign! I really hope that Ricky is working hard on a new Scooter album in the studio right now and everything will be OK.

Auf geht's Hamburg! 25.07.2012

Once again, let's talk about football a little but. One (Always Hardcore), a composition by Scooter, became the official hymn of Hamburg SV! The track was changed a little bit for the hymn, which is called Auf geht's Hamburg! (Let's go, Hamburg!). The hymn was already played at the stadium yesterday, when Hamburg SV scored a goal in a match against FC Barcelona. By the way, the idea of a hymn based on a Scooter track came to the Hamburg SV players. They think that the official hymn of the team must be energetic and rough. The guys from Scooter really liked the idea and were happy to help the Hamburg SV players to record the special version of One (Always Hardcore) with slightly changed lyrics dedicated to the team at the Kontor Records studio. Awesome news!

A little bit of news 06.07.2012

The summer is, traditionally, a dead season for Scooter. There's no news about the new musical material from the band, so we have to be satisfied with some information about the social life of the band members. For example, H.P. Baxxter have started his work as one of the juries of the German TV-show X-Factor. Periodically he is uploading the photos from the shooting at his new official Facebook page. Also it came to my attention, that Scooter will perform at the show dedicated to the birthday of Germany's Hamburg SV on 29'th of September. The show will take place at O2 World Hamburg arena, right after the final whistle at the match between Hamburg SV and Hannover 96.

H.P. Baxxter at Facebook 28.06.2012

World's greatest MC, the one and only, H.P. Baxxter, have opened his own official page at Facebook. You can find it here: It's almost empty for the moment, except for some photos that were shot during Scooter's The Big Mash Up tour, but I hope we will get some cool updates from H.P. in the nearest future.

The Scooter guys are working on new material! 21.06.2012

Finally, very cool and promising news has been appeared at Scooter's official Facebook page:

Hi, folks! We're working really hard in our studio at the moment. That's why we didn't update our status for the last weeks. We try harder... All i can say is that the new stuff will be excellent and ass-kicking! There are lots of ideas in our mind that we currently try to work out on our machines! Peace out, stay tuned, see yaaa! Rick

Interview with Sound X Monster 08.06.2012

Hello, guys and girls. There is literally no news from the band these days, so I decided to make a little surprise for you all. I made an interview with Sound X Monster, a man behind Scooter's Alternative Album which was 'released' on the Net last month and collected a lot of comments by Scooter fans. I think it will be interesting for you to read this interview, because many of you really like the Alternative Album. Enjoy.

Scooter Planet (SP): Hello, Sergey. Thank you for your agreement to make this interview for Let's start. First of all, how did you've got the idea to create The Alternative Album? And how long have you worked on it?

Sound X Monster (SXM): Hello, Posse! The idea of TAA have come to my mind spontaneously. It all started a few years ago, when I've uploaded my tracks dedicated to Scooter at one of Russian Scooter forums. One of that tracks was The Scream Of Baxxter, which was acclaimed positively by many fans (and I was happy about it). Few days later one of my good friends (Oleg aka. KingMan) suggested me to produce a small audio experiment, something like My view of Scooter's next single. I really liked the idea. Actually, I liked it so much, that I've locked myself in the studio for a few months and didnt leave it until Stuff The Turkey (The Alternative Single) wasn't finished. So, everything started with that single. A few weeks after I've produced the first version of Time To Jump!. I want to note, that everything was made only for fun and without any selfish motives. I just liked the idea. As the feedback on my tracks was mainly positive, I decided to produce the full Alternative Scooter Album. It took me almost two years to 'release' it, I even had to freeze the project because of personal reasons. But, in spite of this, the project was finally complete!

SP: Many Scooter fans would like to know, how did you managed to combine some of the old phrases by H.P. from the old tracks to create the new lyrics for your project. Everything sounds pretty clear. How did you manage to achieve that?

SXM: To be honest, it was not easy, because there are almost no Scooter acapellas on the Net. A lot of my powers were concentrated on the work with H's shouts. I had to re-listen absolutely all Scooter tracks (including remixes, b-sides, megamixes, interviews and everything like that) to choose the right sounds. Some H.P.'s phrases for The Alternative Album were literally pieced together by syllables and maybe some of these words you will never find in any dictionary.

SP: As I understand, you're a Scooter fan? Tell us how you become a Scooter fan. When did you heard the band for the first time, what tracks are your favorite and so on.

SXM: I'm listening to Scooter for more than ten years. Once my friends have given me a cassette with an album by Scooter and I really loved the track called Fire. After that the relentless interest for electronic dance music was born inside of me! I really like Scooter for their professional approach in music writing, the unique energy and atmosphere in their tracks. I've tried to listen to the similar music from other musicians, but it's nothing close to the quality of Scooter tunes. And also so many unforgettable moments in my life are connected with Scooter music. This band is in my heart forever.

SP: After you've uploaded your Alternative Album on the Net, did you got some reaction from Scooter? Do you monitoring the forums to collect the feedbacks on your work by the Scooter fans?

SXM: I think that the Scooter guys didn't listened to the album for the moment, but of course it would be really interesting for me to know what they think about it. Of course I'm reading the comments about The Alternative Album from time to time and I'm really happy that these comments are mainly positive. Of course some of the fans are not so positive about my work, because the mastering and mixing are not at the maximum level, but as I said before the album is not professional, I've concentrated on the melodies and ideas of the tracks. I hope I'll grow up as a professional in the future.

SP: This is a standart question, but anyway what software did you used to create The Alternative Album? Maybe not only software?

SXM: I think that you can write music with any software you want. You just need to have the ideas and persistence. I used mainly FL Studio and Cubase for The Alternative Album.

SP: Do you plan to make another album dedicated to Scooter? And if yes, when should we expect it to be 'released'?

SXM: I hope to release The Alternative Album - Another Edition this summer. This album will contain many completely reworked tracks as well as club mixes, extended mixes and even remixes of the well-known tracks from the original Alternative Album. I think I will 'release' it in July or August!

SP: Beside Scooter what electronic musicians do you like?

SXM: My musical taste is pretty wide, but I can say one thing for sure: the Scooter guys are the best and they are will never be replaced by anyone else.

SP: What can you say about the modern Scooter sound? Do you like the path that Scooter chose for their The Big Mash Up album? What can you say about the Jumpstyle and Hardstyle eras in Scooter's history? What do you prefer more? Do you want Scooter to go back to their roots, back to so called Scooter Techno? I'm asking because your Alternative Album was very close to old-good Scooter Techno, with only small influences of Jumpstyle and Dubstep.

SXM: I think I have to agree with the fans who think that the modern Scooter really differs to the old (real) Scooter. But it's no wonder, because the time is not standing still, the musical culture is changing with every year. Our guys want to keep up with the times, like it or no. The Jumpstyle by Scooter became boring a little bit and I think the guys produced a lot of tunes in this style. But all these tunes sounds really great. And I think that TMBU is really a great album, I especially like such tracks as C'est Bleu, David Doesn't Eat and The Only One. But I think that the Scooter guys shouldn't use Dubstep for long. If we're talking about my taste, the real Scooter Techno is the ideal style for me.

SP: Would you like to be a support act for Scooter at one of their shows in Russia? If you'll get the invite to be a support act, will you agree?

SXM: To be a support act? I think that every Scooter fan who produces music (and we have a lot of such fans by the way) would be happy to be a support act for Scooter. Of course I will agree! This is a great possibility not only to show yourself but also to talk a little bit with the Scooter members.

SP: Well, I think I've asked all the questions I wanted to ask. Once again, thank you for the interview. Maybe you would like to add something in the end?

SXM: Yes, I would like to say thank you to all the Scooter fans who used their time to listen to The Alternative Album. And please, dont think about this album as a commercial product. It not pretends on the high chart positions and so on. This album was made for myself and for all of you, with all my heart. Thank you for all your feedback and to Scooter Planet for the warm conversation! Stay tuned! Peace!

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