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The Alternative Album (Tribute To Scooter) 26.05.2012

The fans are missing the good old Scooter sound, so they are trying to create it by themselves. Russian producer Sound X Monster released the album-tribute dedicated to Scooter today. It's called Scooter The Alternative Album and you can download it here. The quality of the tunes is good, so I hope you will enjoy this tribute to Scooter by the fan.

Raveheart 24.05.2012

Jan Delay will release his newest CD / DVD / Blu-Ray called Hamburg Brennt!! on Tuesday, May 24'th, 2012. It contains a lot of featurings with other artists. One of them is called MC H.P. Fucking Baxxter and he is the guest singer during the song Raveheart. Thanx to le Rotty for this news!

Scooter will play live at Yantarny Beach fest in Russia 17.05.2012

This is a short message for the Russian fans. Scooter will play live at the musical festival called Yantarny at Kaliningradskiy region on 13 of July, 2012. This is the official info that is taken from So I would like to congratulate all the Scooter fans from Kaliningrad! You will see the band live very soon.

How Much Is The Fish? (feat. Alexander Rybak) 29.04.2012

At the yesterdays Scooter show in Norway the guys performed How Much Is The Fish? together with a guest-star Alexander Rybak (the winner of Eurovision 2009). This news is so unexpectad that I decided to write about it here. It's not hard to guess, that Alexander Rybak played on violin during the performance of How Much Is The Fish?. You can watch the video here. I must admit, that it's not the first time when the Scooter guys are experimenting with How Much Is The Fish?. Remember The Stadium Techno Inferno show. The track was performed together with Heinz Strunk and his pipe.

When to expect the new album? 19.04.2012

It was a while, since I've updated the news last time here. But it's only because there's no real news out there. The German part of TBMU-tour was ended, H.P. is preparing himself to be a new jury member in X-Factor show in May so there are no real band news these days. But we should not forget, that some time ago H.P. Baxxter mentioned in one of the interviews that he really want to release the new Scooter album this year. Many fans have reacted skeptically to these words, because the time gaps between the albums releases are only increase last years and The Big Mash Up was released only about a half-year ago. But in a recent interviews the guys again talked about the possible release date of the new album. They said, that it will be released in summer or autumn this year. In the latest interview, which can be found here (it's in German language) H.P. Baxxter mentioned once again, that the new album is planned. The only thing we can do is wait, wait with the patiently. But I want to focus your attention, that the words the new album is planned doesn't mean that the guys already started working on it.

H.P. Baxxter at X-Factor show 29.03.2012

It came to my attention that H.P. Baxxter from Scooter will become a new adjudicator at the German X-Factor show. Besides of H.P. there will be such adjudicators in this show as a popular singer Sarah Connor, Sandra Nasic (the singer of Guano Apes) and Moses. H.P. Baxxter says that the participating in X-Factor is a new challenge for him and it will be really interesting to discover a new artist that will possibly become big with the time. Also he admitted, that it's a really interesting idea to gather different genre artists into the jury team.

My thoughts about the Hamburg show 23.03.2012

My dear friends, Posse! Tonight we saw the best Scooter show for the past ten years in my opinion. The closest follower (or the same quality) is the Encore show. To be honest, I didn't expected such an AMAZING show after The Stadium Techno Inferno, which is, in my eyes was not as good as for example, Live In Hamburg (2010). But then I saw this the tonight's show was simply perfect for me! The big crowd (I think it's at least ten thousands), so many upgraded old tunes, new tunes, beautiful girl dancers not to mention a great VJ-set this time! The visuals was stunning, it's a new level for Scooter! What else? Rick's solo on a keybards, crazy Michael, who really rocked tonight, like a real hardcore raver and H.P.... Oh my God, he is a king of all MCs in the world! His physical form is unquestionable! The whole show he was like an athlete, who doesn't need any rest. Well, I repeat: in my opinion it was the best Scooter show in years! I wish I could go to such a wonderful concert! Please, Scooter, come to Moscow again. We miss you so much! Scooter is the best band in the world. Since the beginning and forever.

The first show of TBMU tour will be broadcasted online! 21.03.2012

It came to my attention, that the first show of The Big Mash Up live tour that will take place tomorrow in Hamburg, will be broadcasted online! To be honest, I don't know will it be free to watch or will it cost some money, but I thought that I must inform you all about the possibility to watch the Scooter show online! Here's the link where the concert will be broadcasted tomorrow at 19:30 (GMT+1).

TMBU Tour Edition and the birthday present for H.P. 18.03.2012

While there are no important news from the band, I keep updating the site with some minor news. The first news is about the new WEB-edition of The Big Mash Up album for iTunes users which is called The Big Mash Up Tour Edition. The difference between this new version and the old one is: three latest official Scooter videos were added to the package and the single version of It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) was added. So I think that The Big Mash Up Tour Edition will be interesting only for the fans which are buying the WEB-releases and still doesn't have the original version of the album. Here's the link to buy The Big Mash Up Tour Edition.

The second news is about a little present for H.P.'s birthday by a Russian radio station U-FM. They've broadcasted a 30-minutes long megamix of the well-known Scooter tracks. You can listen to this megamix right now if you'll follow this link. Thanx to Alex King, who have found this information.

Happy birthday, H.P. Baxxter! 16.03.2012

Today is a 16'th of March and it means that today is a birthday of the original, the legendary, the one and only, H.P. fucking Baxxter!!! I want to congratulate him from the heart and wish him all the best! H.P. is our inspiration, he is the chosen MC! Happy birthday, H.P.! And please, write a new album together with the guys this year! :)

Make your own Scooter video 14.03.2012

The official Scooter page at was updated today. There's a competition for the fans! The Scooter guys are asking their fans to make their own videos for their favorite tracks from The Big Mash Up album. The authors of the best video will win the tickets to Scooter's The Big Mash Up show in Hamburg! Also they will get a special VIP packages and meet and greet from the band, as well as a possibility to rock on the stage together with Scooter during the performing of any three tracks. But it seems that this competition of for the German fans, because the rules are in German language only.

Scooter needs your opinion! 12.03.2012

It's a miracle! The Scooter guys have added the new voting to their official Facebook page. They are asking the fans to answer the question what music style for the new single does they prefer. In my opinion it's a significant moment! The band decided to listen to their fans once again as it was many years ago (I remember when in the end of 90s there was some kind of a feedback with the fans at the official Scooter forum and the band listened to the fans' opinions back then). I recommend you all to navigate to the Facebook right now and make your vote! Here's the direct link to the voting.

It's a Biz (Ain't Nodody) official video 09.03.2012

Finally, the official video of It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) appeared on the Net! You can watch it right now if you'll follow this link. Don't forget that the single will be released on March, 23. You can pre-order It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) CDS here right now.

The Russian release of TBMU 02.03.2012

I've got some good news for the Russian fans and the international Scooter releases collectors. According to the official site of Kontora Music, the Russian license of The Big Mash Up album was released on the 1'st March. So now all the Russian Posse can ask for the album in the music shops in their cities. Thanx to Horseman, who found this information.

It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) audio samples 01.03.2012

The sound samples of all three mixes from the WEB version of It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) single appeared at The new radio version of It's a Biz sounds awesome if you'll ask me. I really like its power and freshness. The Club Mix and Extended seems to be exactly the same, except the H.P.'s vocals in Extended.

The WEB release of It's a Biz will contain three tracks 29.02.2012

According to this online music shop, the WEB version of the new Scooter single which is called It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) will contain three mixes (the CD version contains only two tracks). Beside of The Big Mash Up Tour 2012 Edit and the Club Mix there also will be the Extended Mix. By the way, the lengths of the Club Mix and Extended Mix are absolutely identical. Check it:

01. It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) [The Big Mash Up Tour 2012 Edit] (03:21)
02. It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) [Club Mix] (05:40)
03. It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) [Extended] (05:40)

It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) tracklist 23.02.2012

The tracklist of the new Scooter single It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody), which will be released on 23'th of March appeared at the official site. Just as I thought, the single will contain two tracks again:

01. It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) [The Big Mash Up Tour 2012 Edit]
02. It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) [Club Mix]

Also I've noticed that the designer of It's a Biz single cover corrected the mistake in the title (the apostrophe was at the wrong place before). You can see the corrected cover here.

It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) release date 22.02.2012

According to the new Scooter single which is called It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) will be released on 23'th of March. Right now you can pre-order the single at the price of €3,48 at this page. The tracklist is unpublished yet, but it seems that it will be a two-track single again.

It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) video shooting is in progress 22.02.2012

Mark Feuerstake, the director of It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) official video have updated his official site. He says that the recording of the video is in progress now and even added two photos from the stage. One of the photos you can see on the left and you can see another one if you'll navigate to the director's official site, right here. Thanx to Horseman, who have spotted this information. The date when the video will be online is still unknown yet.

It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) cover 21.02.2012

The cover design of the new Scooter single called It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody) appeared at their official page at Facebook. I like the design very much! I think it's a really, really good, almost a masterpiece. You can see the cover on the left (click on the image to enlarge it). The exact release date of the single is unknown yet, but it will be out in the end of March.

Some facts from the fresh interview 19.02.2012

Thanx to aganim and ROCHEN from the official Scooter forum, now we have the translation of the Scooter interview for VIVA, that I mentioned in the previews update. Here are the main facts from this interview:

- There will be reworked Scooter classics on the tour and also some tracks the Posse wouldnt expect them to play;

- H.P. says that Scooter are as popular (especially in East Europe) as Rammstein and Scorpions;

- They don't think that they are some kind of idols, they just try to act as 'cool' as possible, but without adapting themselves to anyones expectations, they find it un-cool when some bands pretend to be 'politically' affected and show too much engagement for charity projects and stuff, they want to be 'rebels' and they like to be different;

- About the Dubstep: this genre affected them step by step. H.P. was very impressed by Skrillex' show Electric Zoo where he saw like everyone rocked around as if it's a Rock'n'Roll festival. There was stage-diving and everyone had very much fun. Moreover H.P. finds this genre 'powerful' and he got the impression that it could fit to their concept. Anyway he also noticed that the fans are not very into this style. However there will be a few more Dubstep tracks, but not only;

- The guys admit that they were maybe too early with this change to Dubstep (because Dubstep was never commercially successful in Germany so far), but Rick is sure that the whole range of new sounds but also the different arrangement of Dubstep will have a huge influence on the future music;

- It's often coincidences which help them to find the right cover song... Rick was creating Dubstep the whole day in the studio when he went out and heard A Walk In The Park on a radio... right away he knew: 'this fits!';

- They create the lyrics spontaneously, inspired by certain situations;

- In the future they want to 'attack' the UK again, but also the US on some festivals, art-wise every song will get its own visual show and they want to make the performances more 'artful';

- They think that the 90's parties suck, especially because most of the hits they had are about 2000 they would never play on such a party

Thanx to ROCHEN for the translation.

It's a Biz (single version) sample 16.02.2012

The fresh interview with Scooter appeared at the site of VIVA TV. Beside of other things you can hear in the interview, you can also hear the sample of the new single version of It's a Biz there. It's a pity, but I cannot watch this interview, because it seems that it's blocked for the Russian users. But you can try to check the link by yourself, maybe you'll be more luckier than me. But if you've got the same problem as I, check this YouTube video! There you'll be able to listen the sample of It's a Biz (single version).

It's a Biz video shooting 16.02.2012

According to this site, the video shooting of It's a Biz will take place in Vienna (Austria) and Brno (Czech Republic) in the end of February. By the way, Scooter will play live in Brno on February, 24. It's a Biz video will be directed by Mark Feuerstake, who is also a director of Scooter's C'est Bleu video.

The next single is It's a Biz! 13.02.2012

Just as I said, the fresh news is coming shortly! Today the official Scooter page at Facebook was updated with a short message:

Watch out! We will release the next single It's a Biz with a new version in the end of March

So, the next month will be pretty hot for all the Scooter fans! We will get the new single and The Big Mash Up tour will start. And the most exciting thing about the new single is that this version of It's a Biz will differ from the album version. Let's wait and see what differences the guys have added to the track.

Some news 12.02.2012

Here are some 'little' news which are not really important, to be honest. First of all, the band is preparing for The Big Mash Up tour. H.P. Baxxter is doing the jogging everyday to keep himself in form for the upcoming gigs. Also the band asked all the fans to write at Facebook their whishes of what the band might do at the stage. At first everybody thought that the guys talked about the tracks they should play during The Big Mash Up tour, but a little bit later they said that the setlist for the shows is already formed. So What they had in mind when they've asked what they should do on the stage? Who knows :) Also Michael Simon created his own official Facebook page. One of the fans asked him about the reasons of this (maybe he wants to leave Scooter?), but Michael said that he is not going to leave the band. Well, this is a very positive information and that's all news for today. Let's hope that in the nearest future we will get more informative news from the band. The Big Mash Up tour will start next month, so the news will come for sure!

The Russian release of TBMU next week 06.02.2012

Russian music label which is called Kontora reports that the regional release of The Big Mash Up album by Scooter will be in shops on the next week. To be honest I have not tracked the Russian release of the album and thought that it's already released, but it seems that I was wrong. So I suggest to everyone, who waits for the Russian release of TBMU to ask for it in the music shops near you on the next week.

Scooter live @ Konspirative Küchen Konzerte 22.01.2012

Recently Scooter performed live at Konspirative Küchen Konzerte TV show. The performance was something like a small concert, and you can watch its video here. The program also had an interview part, but unfortunately it was in German and I don't have its translation yet. But I can tell you for sure that Scooter were asked about H.P.'s weird shouts (like Gothic doesn't exist and How much is the fish?). Stefan Marx, a famous German painter, whose work is based on different peculiar phrases and slogans, also took part in the show. Stefan and H.P. had a very good understanding, and thanks to that H.P. invented a name for one of Stefen's painting Ananas Doesn't Exist :) And the show's audience invented a name for the next Scooter single I Like The Crowd! Well, why not?

Scooter touring 10.01.2012

As I remember, the Scooter guys gave some interviews not so long ago and they said that right after the German TBMU tour they will concentrate on the production of the new album. Well, it seems that it's not true. Guess what? Our guys will perform at We Love The 90's fest, that will take place in numerous cities of Norway in April. And on 12'th of May Scooter will play live in London! It seems that it will be a full show by the band. Now this is really a good news, and not only for the UK Scooter fans, but for the band too. Here's the link where you will find more information about the show in London.

Scooter touring 01.01.2012

Dear Scooter Planet visitors! Happy New Year! Traditionally, I want to wish you to be happy, healty and reach in 2012! And ofcourse I will us all to get more great releases by our favorite band, Scooter! Hooray!

Also today is a birthday of our super music mastermind, mr. Rick Jordan! To be honest, I want to wish him absolutely the same, what I wished to all of you, Posse! ;) Happy birthday, Rick!

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