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Scooter The Big Mash Up Tour official teaser 23.12.2011

The official video teaser of Scooter's The Big Mash Up live tour appeared at Kontor's official YouTube channel. You can watch it right now, just follow this link. The Big Mash Up tour will start in Hamburg on 22 of March and will end on 6 of April in Berlin. You can buy your tickets here.

Section 1's new album 21.12.2011

Many Scooter fans know the band called Section 1. These guys are working in a style that is pretty close to Scooter style. By the way, they did some covers of Scooter tracks for their new album! You can watch the teaser of this album which is called Kill The Silence Get The Noise here. The album will be released on December, 30. You will be able to catch it in all the major WEB-stores.

Scooter and Clueso White Wedding 09.12.2011

Yesterday the Scooter guys and a famous German musician Clueso have performed together at 1Live Krone 2011 and sang the White Wedding song (by Billy Idol). You can watch this performance right now if you will follow this link. H.P. already sang this song at Inas Nacht show and it seems that he like it a lot. And if he really likes the song, why not to release its electronic version at the Scooter album?

Mini-update 05.12.2011

Dear Scooter Planet visitors! As you can see, our site is preparing for a New Year, that's why the design was slightly changed again. H.P., Rick and Michael are now wearing the special New Year hats at one of the site's logos and there are some snowflakes at the background. Also I've created a video-review of the latest Scooter single C'est Bleu. You can watch it right now at the official Scooter Planet YouTube channel. The video is in Russian language only, but I hope you'll like it anyway. Enjoy!

C'est Bleu video today! 30.11.2011

Important news! Today at 18:00 (German time) will be the premiere of C'est Bleu video by Scooter & Vicky Leandros! Check the official Scooter Facebook page to watch this video. And yes, of course I will update this text with a link to the official video as soon, as it will be available on the net! Stay tuned!

Updated! Let's watch the video!

Interview with Jay Frog 27.11.2011

The Scooter Planet forum user with a nickname Frontliner have visited Jay Frog's DJ-set that took place in Moscow club Tuning Hall on 26'th of November. He together with another Russian Posse did an interview with Jay! Here it is:

Interviewer (I): Hello, Jay! Here's our first question. It's been a while since the last release of your Master & Servant project. Do you and Gordon (Gordon Hollenga is a second member of Master & Servant Project) plan to release something new in the nearest future?

Jay (J): Hello! Right now together with Gordon we want to open our very own label and release our stuff on it. But weve got some issues right now and can't work 'on full' at the moment.

I: There were some rumors in the past, when you was a member of Scooter, all the b-sides and mixes of the third chapter were created by you. Is it true?

J: Yes, it's not rumors, it's true.

I: Just as we thought. OK, here's our next question. Do you plan to release your own album or a mix on a CD?

J: Yes. I seriously plan to work on it. I think that it will be an artist album full of my own tracks and remixes. I'm really working on it. But I need at least one hit-single before the album release. Without a commercially successful single it's no chance for the album.

I: Of course you've heard about The Stadium Techno Inferno, the biggest Scooter show of all time. Did the guys from Scooter invited you to be a part of this show?

J: Hmm, no. You see, I had another plans for this day. I had a show in another city and it was pretty far from Hamburg. And this date was planned for a long time before TSTI, so I had no chance to cancel it anyway. But you know, if this date was not busy, I would be at Imtech Arena for sure!

I: It's a pity, that you wasn't there. OK, let's continue with the questions. Your latest work It's Alright is really good and many people love it

J: It's a pity, that I didn't played it tonight

I: And we were waiting for it, by the way. When can we expect a new track from your main project, Jay Frog?

J: I've got a great and almost finished new track, but I was not able to get the rights to release it. So now I have to start from the beginning. In the nearest future I will be touring through Canada and USA. But when I'll be back home I will start to produce a new melody for a single.

I: OK, now let's continue with the 'Scooter questions'. Jay, why did you leave the band? Was it a contract?

J: Oh, it's an old story. Fire years passed, you know (laughs) No, it was not a contract. The main problems for me were the girls. There were so many girls every day Finally it all become too hard for my 'little Jay' (laughs again)

I: What do you like to do in your free time?

J: This is a good question. The problem is I almost have no free time. But when I have it, I prefer to lay down at a the couch and watch the DVD for the whole night.

I: What school lessons were your favorites? And what lessons you disliked?

J: (laughs) I can't stand seeing blood since childhood, so I never liked biology. And my favorite lessons were mathematics, physics English, of course. By the way, I learned Russian for two years. It's a pity, that I absolutely can't understand the Russian speech, but I can read in Russian.

I: What do you think about the Dubstep style? You've played some Dubrstep tunes today, so that means that you like it?

J: Yeah, that's right! By the way, I like the latest single very much (it seems that Jay talked about Scooter's David Doesn't Eat single)

I: Do you still support the relationships with the Scooter members?

J: Yes, because we are friends. Well, we talk not so much as before, but it's only because we're not working together anymore. But we often talk on the phone with H.P. and Rick.

I: And the last question. Your plans for the future?

J: I have a lot of shows in my schedule. So I'll try to visit many venues in the nearest future. And of course I'll try to make you happy with my future tracks.

I: Thank you for the interview and your wonderful DJ-set!

J: See ya!

Two-track single 22.11.2011

The C'est Bleu page at was updated and now we know, that the CD-version will contain only two tracks: Radio Edit and Dubstyle Mix. The WEB-version of the single will contain also the Extended Version. By the way, the audio samples of all versions are already available for listening, but I'm not sure that you will notice the difference between the Radio Edit and Dubstyle Mix. These samples are almost the same (and also almost the same as the album version of C'est Bleu) and the Extended Version is represented with a very uninformative sample. By the way, now we also know the lengths of all the three tracks from the CD and WEB versions of the single. Radio Edit is 03:11, The Dubstyle Mix is 04:23 and Extended Versions is 06:01.

C'est Bleu tracklist 22.11.2011

The Discography section at the official Scooter site was updated with the information about the new single C'est Bleu. The single will contain three versions of the track! Check it out:

01. C'est Bleu (Radio Edit)
02. C'est Bleu (The Dubstyle Mix)
03. C'est Bleu (Extended Version)

The lengths of the tracks are unknown yet, but we will know everything soon, I'm sure.

Scooter plans 21.11.2011

In this interview for the Hungarian music channel before the concert in Budapest the Scooter guys have shared some really interesting information with the journalists. They said, that they wrote a new version of C'est Bleu track especially for the new single release and also a Club Mix of it (H.P. called it Club-Extended). So now we can predict that the new single C'est Bleu will contain two tracks again. Also H.P. said that right after the release of C'est Bleu the band members will lock their selves in the studio again and will start working on a new material, because they really have to use the time with advantage. In March Scooter will start touring again, so they will have no time to produce in March and April. And do you know why the guys want to use as much time as possible for producing? It's because they want to release a new album next autumn! Damn, what a good news! Also H.P. Baxxter said, that sometimes the long vacations are bad and it's hard to concentrate at music making again. That's why this time the guys want to keep their selves fresh and ready to rock at any time.

Jay Frog in Moscow! 16.11.2011

Here's some nice news for all the Russian fans of Jay Frog! He will be a guest DJ at Tuning Hall club (Moscow) on 26'th of November. It will be a party dedicated to the Tuning Hall birthday and there also will perform such artists as Sven Svenson, Andrey Deep and Zolotov. You can read more about this party here (Russian language).

Vote for Scooter! 16.11.2011

Let's vote for Scooter in this The Dome poll. To be honest, I don't think that we have a good chance to win, but we need to vote anyway. The new Scooter album is not charting so well, so any little success will be really appreciated. Let's vote for Scooter, guys and girls! The best band in the world needs your help!

C'est Bleu cover design and release date! 15.11.2011

The cover art of C'est Bleu single by Scooter and Vicky Leandros was posted at! You can see the picture on the left (click on it to enlarge). Also now we know the release date of this single. It will hit the shops shelves on December, 2! The tracklist of the single is unknown yet, but it will cost €3,99. You can make your pre-order right now!

Scooter at TV 03.11.2011

Yesterday H.P. Baxxter, Rick Jordan and Michael Simon were at TV Total show. You can watch the show right now at Scooter Planet YouTube channel. The video is in German language. By the way, don't forget to visit my YouTube channel from time to time, because there are many videos that I'm not announcing at the main site. On December 3'rd Scooter will be at The Dome. They will perform C'est Bleu together with Vicky Leandros, so it's not hard to guess, that it will be the new single C'est Bleu premiere. Of course I will do everything to make sure that you will be able to watch this performance at Scooter Planet site. Stay tuned!

Interview in Budapest 12.11.2011

The hungarian fans have made an interview with Scooter on 10'th of November in Budapest. You can watch the video version of this interview here and I'll just post the main facts. The next Scooter single will really be C'est Bleu. The video for this track will be shot next week together with Vicky Leandros. The Scooter guys are now plan the next concert tour but there are no details about it for the moment.

Some facts about H.P.'s personal life 03.11.2011

H.P. Baxxter still hopes to meet a woman of his heart. He said it in the interview for the magazine called In. H.P. is sure that the real love exist, but it's not necessary to marry. Baxxter's only regret is that he is still not father. Sometimes H.P. is jealous when he see the parents walking with their children.

Meanwhile the Scooter guys are going to release a new single from The Big Mash Up album. The fans are almost sure that it will be C'est Bleu, a track that was recorded by Scooter together with a vocalist Vicky Leandros. Vicky herself claims that she is listening to Scooter music every day to wake up. Every morning she's listening to Hyper Hyper on the full volume while driving the car. H.P. and Vicky knows each other for two years and they already become a good friends.

By the way, here's another interesting fact about H.P. Baxxter. In a fresh interview he admitted that he never did any sports in his life, but he began to make the 45 minutes jogging every morning for about two years now. Today H.P. Baxxter feels very good and believes that his athletic form is now better then ever.

Almost no news 31.10.2011

Since there are no real news from Scooter these days, I recommend you not to forget to visit the official Scooter Planet YouTube channel and watch some new videos I've added there (the unpacking of The Big Mash Up is there, too).

By the way, Ferris has officially announced the first single from his new album B.A.C.K. at his Facebook page. The single will be called Next Tou You and will be released in January.

C'est Bleu will be the next single 28.10.2011

H.P. Baxxter was a guest star at RTL's Exclusiv TV-show. He doesn't said anything about the release date yet, but the Scooter guys are already thinking about the videoshoot. For the people who knows the German language I recommend to watch the replay of the show. So, what do you guys think about C'est Bleu as a new single?

The votings 19.10.2011

Now, after the release of The Big Mash Up album I want to sum up the results of some votings that were at my site. The first results are for the voting the best Scooter album (from And The Beat Goes On! till Under The Radar Over The Top). So, the Scooter Planet visitors voted No Time To Chill and Back To The Heavyweight Jam as the best Scooter albums. They've got 16,42% of the votes each. The second and the third places were taken by Under The Radar Over The Top (12,55%) and The Ultimate Aural Orgasm (11,44%). The worst album (it got the minor count of votes) is Who's Got The Last Laugh Now?. This was kind of a surprise for me actually, because personally I like this album. Also Mind The Gap (a very nice album too, imo) and Jumping All Over The World are among the worst albums too. They've got only 3,32% of votes each. The second voting was for the best track of Under The Radar Over The Top album. The winner is J'adore Hardcore. It has 19,89% of votes. The second place was taken by The Sound Above My Hair (16,32%) and the third place is for Ti Sento (13,13%).

So now I've added two new votings to the site. This is a voting for the best album again (but now with The Big Mash Up included) and a voting for the best track from The Big Mash Up. Both votings can be found at Discography section.

Attention! There was some errors in the scripts of the new votings, so your votes were not applied correctly. Now I have fixed the errors, so please, vote again! All the votes have been reset.

Ferris will be B.A.C.K.? 18.10.2011

While The Big Mash Up is hitting the shelves at the musical shops and your speakers, Ferris Bueller is preparing his comeback! First he wrote at his official Facebook page, that together with his team he started the production of the new album. He also mentioned that there will be no rip-offs at his album. He-he, let's see, it could be interesting. After a couple of hours Ferris confirmed, that ten tracks are ready for the production and that the working title for the new album is B.A.C.K.. Well, I must say, that I'm already curious and it will be interesting to know what Ferris mean, when he's saying that he want to create the sound that Scooter should do nowadays. Let's see what he is going to release. Good luck,Ferris.

By the way, you can watch the making of David Doesn't Eat video here.

David Doesn't Eat video and my thoughts 14.10.2011

The new Scooter video David Doesn't Eat is online! You can watch it here. I must say, that I really like the video, very professionally done! Bravo, director! Bravo, Scooter! And the track itself wow, it's just a bomb! Dubstep style plus some 8bit sounds plus a catchy refrain from the 80's. This track is just pure awesomeness! And I must say that H.P. Baxxter is back! His lyrics are so crazy and fresh! Well, I'm totally fell in love with David Doesn't Eat track. It's massive!

Today is a great day for all Scooter Posse all around the globe. The new album and the new single got their released at the same time. If you'll ask me, The Big Mash Up album is a gigantic step forward for Scooter. Yes, this album is too new and too unusual for many old Scooter fans. Many of them are shocked and keep saying This is not Scooter anymore and so on but guys, let me tell ya just wait a little and give this album a change to grow on you. The Big Mash Up is a top quality material. When I first listened to the minimix from Kontor, I was shocked too. I was sitting with a mouth wide opened and listened to the new sounds of Scooter. This album have the chances to become one of the best albums in their history, believe me, it's true. I'm an old school fan too, my favorite Scooter albums are Wicked!, Back To The Heavyweight Jam and The Stadium Techno Experience, but I must admit that I fell in love with The Big Mash Up when I heard it for the first time. It's a masterpiece. Give it a chance and the album will blow your mind, Posse!

The Scooter show in Kiev was cancelled 14.10.2011

It's very sad, but the Scooter concert in Kiev was cancelled. The organizers of the show expresses their regrets and hope that the concert will take place at another day. All the sold tickets will be valid! More details you will find at the official site of Stereo Plaza.

By the way, here is the good news! Tomorrow at 12:00 (CET) there will be a world premiere of David Doesn't Eat video at Scooter's official Facebook page.

Video-chat essentials 13.10.2011

The video-chat with Scooter is over. Only Rick and Michael were in the studio, because H.P. Baxxter was busy promoting the new album at another place. Not so much questions was asked and the show host has chosen not the best questions in my opinion. Anyway, here are some extracts from the chat:

- The guys don't know when the David Doesn't Eat video will be online, even the guys themselves don't seen it;
- The dates of Scooter appearance at TV are unknown yet, but the guys will participate in TV-Total and The Dome shows;
- The favorite tracks from The Big Mash Up for Rick are: David Doesn't Eat and Beyond Invisible. He is a fan of Dubstep music;
- The guys said that they will perform at Kiev on 15'th of October;
- The DVD with The Stadium Techno Inferno concert that will be released together with The Big Mash Up album will exclude some concert tracks. For example Habanera

The full audio version of the chat you can listen here.

Video-chat with Scooter 11.10.2011

Every Scooter fan will be able to ask the band something interesting during the video-chat that will be held on 13'th of October at 14:00 (German time) at So, think about some questions, guys and girls! Maybe the guys will answer them.

The photos from the video-shooting of David Doesn't Eat video appeared on the Net. You can watch them at our forum.

The Swiss Posse will eat cheese instead of raving? 08.10.2011

It seems that The Big Mash Up promo-campaign finally started. The new article at tells about the fact that Scooter will not perform live at Switzerland anymore in future. In Switzerland there is a law that prohibiting playing music louder than 93db. H.P. Baxxter says, that Scooter music is not working without a proper sound power. And he's right, isn't he? Well, anyway, I want to hope, that it's nothing more than a PR move to promote the new Scooter album and the band will perform in Switzerland in future. But for now, the concert that will take place in Switzerland during The Big Mash Up Tour is posed like the last Scooter concert in this country.

The Scooter guys are filming a new video 06.10.2011

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with a following message:

What's up crew? We are in Berlin right now filming our official videoclip for David Doesn't Eat! Here is a little insight exclusively for our Facebookers! But don't worry, we won't quit eating like David ;)

Here's a photo from the film set.

Suck My Megamix! 06.10.2011

It came to my attention, that Suck My Megamix (a long megamix of all Scooter singles that will be released along with The Big Mash Up album) CD version will be 80 minutes long because of the format restrictions. And the WEB-version of this megamix will be 115 minutes long! You will be able to buy the WEB-version at iTunes shop.

TBMU (Strictly Limited Fan-Box Edition) contents 04.10.2011

Here's a photo of all the contents of The Big Mash Up (Strictly Limited Deluxe Fan-Box Edition):

I think this is really cool! If you still didn't pre-ordered this beauty, do it right now, Posse!

The concert in Kiev was postponed 01.10.2011

Dear Posse! If you're going to visit the Scooter show in Kiev, you must know, that the concert was postponed to 15'th of October. It will start at 21:00 (local time). The cost of the tickets is: 255 UAH (standard) and 450 UAH (VIP). You can buy the tickets online. More information about the concert you can find at the organizers official site (in Russian language).

The master-CD of The Big Mash Up 30.09.2011

Here's a new message from the Scooter guys at their Facebook accout:

Our holy treasure: The Big Mash Up master CD!!! Don't worry guys, the final album will look much more impressive than this!

You can see the picture, that was included in this message here. By the way, if you still don't pre-ordered the new Scooter album, you can do it here.

One day one sample 28.09.2011

Here's the message that was posted by the Scooter guys at their official Facebook page:

Wicked! Starting on October the 1'st our official The Big Mash Up Teaser Marathon will guide you the way to our long awaited album! Since then the slogan will be: one day - one new teaser! Does that sound tasty? :) In those days you will get an impression of our album through 30 seconds long snippets of each bangin' album track! Big shout to our Scooter Posse! We love you!

I think its good news for all the impatient fans. But personally I will wait till the album release and then will listen to all the full tracks :)

New details about the David Doesn't Eat single 25.09.2011

According to the new information that appeared at the new Scooter single which is called David Doesn't Eat will contain two tracks and one of them will be a remix by Eric Chase. There was also said, that H.P., Rick and Michael has used the refrain of the song called A Walk In The Park, that was popular in 70's for David Doesn't Eat. Don't forget, that the new Scooter single David Doesn't Eat will be released at the same day with the new album The Big Mash Up 14.10.2011. You can pre-order one of the three versions of the album and the new single right now!

The Big Mash Up tracklist 24.09.2011

Finally, the official tracklist of The Big Mash Up album is here! Thanx to! The first time in Scooter history the album contains 16 tracks (one of them is a bonus track)! Here's the tracklist:

CD 1:
01. C.I.F.L.
02. David Doesn't Eat
03. Dreams
04. Beyond The Invisible
05. Sugary Dip
06. It's A Biz
07. C'est Bleu
08. 8:15 To Nowhere
09. Close Your Eyes
10. The Only One
11. Sex And Drugs And Rock'n'Roll
12. Copyright
13. Bang Bang Club
14. Summer Dream
15. Mashuaia
16. Bonus track: Friends Turbo

CD 2:
01. Suck My Megamix - The Longest Scooter single In The World feat. All 46 Scooter singles In one Megamix

Well, what can I say? I'm happy today. I really like the tracklist and found the track names very unusual for Scooter. Waiting for the album to be released soon!

By the way, you can pre-order the David Doesn't Eat single here

David Doesn't Eat the new Scooter single 22.09.2011

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated today again with the following message:

What's up guys! We've got a nice surprise for you today: Here is the official cover of our new single David Doesn't Eat which will be released together with the album The Big Mash Up on October 14'th! Wicked! Tell us what you think!

You can see the cover of the new single on the left. Click on the picture to enlarge it.

The Big Mash Up is finished 22.09.2011

Here's a message, that the Scooter guys posted at their official Facebook page today:

OK, party people, check one two, check one two... Returning to the social networks business ;o)... We just finished The Big Mash Up!!! We're completely exhausted, but 15000% happy with the result! Stay tuned, we'll be back with further announcements

The Scooter guys are signing the postcards 21.09.2011

The new video appeared at Kontor Records' official Facebook page. On that video there are H.P. Baxxter, Rick Jordan and Michael Simon, which are signing the Scooter postcards, that will be included in The Big Mash Up (Limited Deluxe Fan-Box edition). H.P. is joking that the signing of four thousands cards takes much more time than the whole album production :) Watch the video here.

The Scooter guys are finishing TBMU 13.09.2011

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with this message:

The guys producing the very last track for their forthcoming album The Big Mash Up (out: 14.10)! Are you curious already????

Also there's a video added. On this video you can see Rick playing the unknown track live in Scooter studio while H.P. Baxxter and Michael Simon are sitting quietly at the sofa :) Watch this video here.

Scooter at Inas Nacht show 13.09.2011

The Scooter guys will take a part in the show Inas Nacht at the German TV-channel ARD 1 on 13'th of October. They already were at this show last year and H.P. Baxxter together with the show's host performed the cover version of a Billy Idol's song called White Wedding. If you didn't watched that memorable show before, I recommend to watch it right now! And let's hope that Scooter will perform another song in a new episode of Inas Nacht! It will be a great promo for the release of The Big Mash Up.

The release date of the new album officially confirmed 07.09.2011

The Scooter guys have updated their official site with the following message:

Finally! The official artwork for the new Scooter album The Big Mash Up is finished! The album will be released on 14'th October 2011 in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Wicked!

The final version of The Big Mash Up cover 06.09.2011

The official and final design of The Big Mash Up has appeared at You can see the image on the left (click on it to enlarge the pic). This one is looking much better than the previous version, if you'll ask me. So now we know how The Big Mash Up will look like. But we are much more curious about how it will sound like, aren't we? And of course we want to know the tracklist of this album. Let's hope that we will find it out soon, too.

Happy birthday, Michael Simon! 29.08.2011

Today is a birthday of Michael Simon! I would like to congratulate and wish him all the best! And of course I would like to wish him many victories in life and musical career!

Also today Scooter has updated their official Facebook page. They wrote that from now on there is a possibility to access Scooter's fan-shop right from Facebook. All you have to do is to go to the Scooter page and click on 'Scooter shop' link.

And the last (but not the least). As I already wrote some days ago, Scooter will perform in Kiev on 14'th of October (at the same day, when The Big Mash Up is going to be released). And now it came to my attention, that Scooter will not leave Kiev right after the show, because they will also perform at Super DiskotEka, that will take place on 16'th of October. By the way, if you want to go to Super DiskotEka, you can order the tickets here.

The Big Mash Up T-shirt 26.08.2011

The new T-shirt was appeared at Scooter's official fan-shop. You can look at it and buy it here. This T-shirt is called The Big Mash Up and it's kind of confirms the new album cover, that I've uploaded a few days ago. There's a brick wall with 'Scooter The Big Mash Up' graffiti on it, if you don't remember. By the way, this cover is really close to a cover of the legendary The Wall by Pink Floyd. You can look at The Wall's cover here to compare it with Scooter's The Big Mash Up.

The Big Mash Up cover 24.08.2011

The cover of The Big Mash Up album appeared at You can see it on the left (click on the picture to enlarge it). I'm foreseeing many negative reactions from the fans, when they will see the cover. But I must say, that it's not so bad, it's simple and clear. And also I want to suggest, that maybe this version of the cover is not final and there will be another one when the album will be released.

The Big Mash Up Tour 24.08.2011

Here comes the news! It came to my attention, that the second CD of The Big Mash Up album will contain the megamix of the previous Scooter singles. Will it be the ordinary Best Of compilation (just as a DJ-mix this time) or maybe it will be a mix of upgraded and remade Scooter tracks (like Hyper Hyper, Endless Summer and Move Your Ass, that Scooter performing at their live shows) that is the question. As an optimistic guy, I hope for the second variant. But this is only a dream. We will know the true only when The Big Mash Up will be released. Now I will tell a little bit about the The Big Mash Up's Ltd Deluxe Fan Box edition. The package will contain some nice bonuses for the fans: a number of Scooter postcards with autographs, an armlet (or the necklace) in a style of H.P. and a band poster. The DVD, that will be released as a part of Limited and Fan-Box Editions of The Big Mash Up album, will contain the video version of The Stadium Techno Inferno show! This information was found at

All versions of The Big Mash Up 24.08.2011

Finally, all editions of The Big Mash Up album are available for pre-order at! Here they are:

The Big Mash Up (Regular Edition), price: €11,99. Well, it's a first time in a Scooter history, when the regular edition of the studio album contains two CDs instead of one. What will be at the second CD we don't know yet, but I think there's no chance, that two CDs will be filled with absolutely new material;

The Big Mash Up (Limited Edition), price: €13,99. This edition will contain two CDs and one DVD;

The Big Mash Up (Limited Edition Deluxe Fan-Box), price: €20,99. This version will also contain two CDs and one DVD. This is a fan set, so like Under The Radar Over The Top (Limited Edition Deluxe VIP Fan-Box) it will for sure contain some bonus content (maybe Scooter postcards and something more) and will be packed in a beautiful box

The cover and the tracklist of The Big Mash Up are still not available. I think they will appear in September. Let's wait.

The Big Mash Up Tour 22.08.2011

The Official Scooter site was updated with the new tour dates! The Big Mash Up Tour will start in the end of March 2012 in Hamburg. There will be twelve shows all over the Germany. Here's the full list of the dates:

22.03.2012 Hamburg - o2 World
23.03.2012 Aachen - Tivoli Eissporthalle
24.03.2012 Saarbrücken - E Werk
26.03.2012 Frankfurt - Jahrhunderthalle
27.03.2012 Essen - Grugahalle
29.03.2012 Bremen - Pier 2
30.03.2012 Bielefeld - Stadthalle
31.03.2012 Leipzig - Arena
02.04.2012 Kempten Big Box
03.04.2012 Zürich (CH) - Komplex 547
04.04.2012 München - Zenith
06.04.2012 Berlin - o2 World

Of course we hope that Scooter will find some time in their schedule and will visit Russia too!

The Big Mash Up release date 20.08.2011

Today is a great day, my friends! Because finally we know the release date of the new Scooter album called The Big Mash Up! was updated with the information about this album and the release date is there too. It's 14'th of October! So, our waiting is almost over! For now there's only one version of the album is available for pre-order at It's Ltd Deluxe Fan-Box edition, that will contain two CDs and one DVD. The price of this version of the album is €20,99. I think another versions of The Big Mash Up will be added later, will cost cheaper and will be released at the same date. The tracklist and the cover of the album are unavailable at the moment, but be sure, that when there will be some new information about The Big Mash Up, you will find it at Scooter Planet! Stay tuned!

Scooter is back to Kiev 20.08.2011

After their recent performance in Odessa, Scooter decided to keep up 'bombing' Ukraine. On the 14'th of October the guys will occupy the stage of Stereo Plaza concert club in Kiev. If you want more details please visit this website, where you can also book the tickets for the concert. Meanwhile the Russian Scooter fans keep hoping that the band will come to Russia again in the nearest future, especially when there are some reasons to hope for that: according to one of the fans who managed to have a brief chat with Rick after the Odessa concert, the guys don't disregard the opportunity of their concerts in Russia this or next year.

Scooter live @ Odessa report 14.08.2011

One of the Scooter Planet forum members, Frontliner, was at the Scooter concert in Odessa on the 12'th of August. You can read his report about the concert at our forum (only Russian version is available) and watch some nice photos he made. Enjoy!

The concert:


The meeting with Scooter:


The Only One Australian release 14.08.2011

I've got some really good news for every collector of interesting Scooter releases. The Only One, Scooter's new single, was released at Australian label Central Station. This release contains three versions of The Only One (the German version of the single contains only two versions, as you remember): Radio Edit, The Only Club and Extended Mix. For more information please visit this page. Very nice item for any Scooter collection!

By the way, you can vote for The Only One at Russian Radio Record's music chart! Just follow this link, check Scooter (it's in the second list on the page) and click at the grey button. You can vote only one time a week.

The Stadium Techno Inferno online 09.08.2011

Scooter started to upload the videos, that were recorded during The Stadium Techno Inferno at their official YouTube channel. The first video is The Only One (Live). You can watch right now, right here.

The official Scooter Planet YouTube channel was updated too! You can watch a short interview with H.P.'s mother here (German language). Also you can watch the unpacking of Weekend, Ramp! and Sinead (Scooter remix) and the unpacking of Back To The Heavyweight Jam (DigiPack), The Question Is What Is The Question, Age Of Love (Limited) and Apache Rocks The Bottom.

Scooter are back in the studio 02.08.2011

It was a long time since I've updated the site with some news. But believe me, it's not my fault. Summer is a traditionally calm season for Scooter, there's just NO news from the band. Scooter are making some live-shows here and there and chilling a little bit. Only yesterday a new message from the band appeared at their official Facebook page:

First day back in the studio after some refreshing holydays... Ready 2 rock again!

So, let's hope that the Scooter guys already started to work on a new album. We're waiting for The Big Mash Up for a really long time now.

By the way, the official Scooter Planet YouTube channel was updated with two videos: The unpacking of Encore (Live & Direct) by Scooter and We Move The Jumpin' Hype by Calypso + unpacking of Hyper Hyper and Shake That (Limited). Enjoy.

New message from Ferris 19.07.2011

Ferris Bueller has updated his Facebook page with a new message. Here are the main thoughts from it (thanx to Alucard from the Official Scooter Forum for translating the message from German to English):

- Ferris thinks, that The Stadium Techno Inferno was the a bad and cheap show and an easy way to create another DVD to earn money for Scooter;
- Ferris is sad that Scooter ended up like that because it started really good; - Ferris said that its him who wrote and composed Nessaja and he is still suing Scooter, because they say that this track is their work and have never thanked Ferris or at least mentioned him as an author. And on the other way Scooter even forbid him to say that he's got something to do with Nessaja;
- In the future we will hear the original Scooter sound again. Not in the next 5 months but we will recognize it when the time's right. It seems that Ferris will make a new album (or single) in an old and recognizable first chapter Scooter style

Well, what can I say? I thought that Ferris is finally calm, but it seems that he is still pretty angry. But well, I think, that it's good for us, Scooter fans, that Ferris plans a comeback in music. I think it's the one and only way for him to prove his talents and skills as a music maker. If he will really create something good, all the Scooter fans will applause to him. By the way, Wicked! Is still a favorite Scooter album for me and it was created together with Ferris. If he really can create something similar to that endless sound, it will be awesome. Let's wait and see what Ferris will produce.

Old photos from CTN era and more! 16.07.2011

The Official Scooter Planet YouTube Channel was updated with two new videos. The first video was taken from It's a short interview with H.P. and Rick in German language. The guys are telling a bit about Celebrate The Nun era and shows some old photo albums with their pictures. You will see H.P. with an absolutely crazy hairstyle and Rick with a moustache! It's a must-see video, believe me! Watch it here. The second video will be interesting for the Russian Scooter fans. It's a cut from the episode of Ostorozhno, Modern! comedy show. The episode is dedicated to the guys who listen to Scooter, but were not so intelligent and hated to read. Well, it's a funny episode, so I've decided to upload it to my channel. Watch it here and enjoy.

Scooter live in Ukraine! 15.07.2011

Good news for all the Ukranian Scooter fans! The band that had not visited Ukraine since 2004, if I remember correctly, will perform in Odessa on the 12'th of August at !Yo-Moscow club. So, Ukraniane Posse, get ready to shake your booty to the beat of your favorite band! More information about the event will be published at !Yo-Moscow's official site in the next days, I think.

Scooter taking a 'short holiday break' 13.07.2011

Scooter guys left a short message on their official Facebook page that after performing tomorrow at the festival at Hungary, they are going to take a short break. How long will this break last? Scooter still has to work on the new album. Not so long ago the guys said they were not happy with the tracks that they had already prepared for The Big Mash Up and are going to redo them using another style, which is more suitable for Scooter, due to what the release of the album is postponed until September or October. But H.P., Rick and Michael have to do too much concerts recently. So, how can they find the time to work on the album? I doubt that Rick works on the tracks on board of the plain using his notebook, as some of the modern musicians do. Constant shows and flights wear the guys out, while the release time is getting nearer. It is only natural that the guys are tired and want to take a break, at last they are just humans, not robots! But when will they start to work on the album? This question is still unanswered. They have absolutely no time to do that.

Russian radio show about Scooter 05.07.2011

In yesterday's episode of the Muzykulno! radioshow at Fresh Radio all the listeners were able to know many interesting facts from Scooter history. I'm proud to say, that the show was produced with the using of the materials of my projects and All the Russian speaking Posse can listen this show and download it to their PCs from this page.

The Big Mash Up was postponed till September or October 30.06.2011

There was a short interview with H.P. Baxxter during The Stadium Techno Inferno afterparty in H1 Club (Hamburg). Here it is:

Q: What are you doing for the future?
H.P.: We are recording our new album, that's going to be out in September or October. We're struggling a bit, the album should have been out already, but it's going to be good, it's going to be good...

Q: What can we expect? Something completely new?
H.P.: I believe we worked one year in the wrong direction... We wanted to make some Electro House... We realized that this isn't really our cup of tea, but sometimes you can reach your goal by a devious route.

Not long before The Stadium Techno Inferno, Rick Jordan was saying, that the guys already done about seven new tracks for The Big Mash Up album! So, now it seems that Scooter guys are going to re-write all the new tracks in a different style? It's really looking like this, especially if we will add a fresh statement by Rick during The Stadium Techno Inferno, when the guys met the fans. Here's what Rick said this time:

We've tried a lot in the last months, especially some Trance / Dance / House, but now we realize, that we want something harder, like back to Scooter roots

Well, that's all news for today. It seems that we have to wait for the new album a little bit longer. But to be honest I'm happy that Scooter realized one simple thing. Electro House is really not their cup of tea. Scooter music must be powerfull, speedy, melodic and hard! Please, Scooter, write some tracks in a style of Back To The Heavyweight Jam and The Stadium Techno Experience! This is my little personal wish =)

TSTI summary 26.06.2011

So, The Stadium Techno Inferno is over. It was a great concert, and I hope, that many of you were able to watch this show via my site and livedome, of course! Now I want to sum the concert experience a little bit. The tracklist was really good! I wanted to hear something 'old but gold' from Scooter, something that they are not playing frequently. And I've got what I wanted! Just see the tracklist of the show below! Also I must say that I really liked the 'mashup' part of the show! It was absolutely brilliant! The mixture between Frequent Traveler, We Are The Greatest and Sinéad (Scooter remix) was absolutely 'out of this galaxy' experience! And OMG, it was followed by Ratty's Sunrise with some Jumpstyle claps added. Thumbs up, Scooter guys! That was awesome! But I have to say that the appearance of Jan Delay and his 'version' of I'm Raving chorus was a little bit unexpected and well not really my cup of tea. I think he should learn the lyrics before coming to the stage across thousands of people. But this is only my opinion. On the other hand, the appearance of Heinz Strunk and his pipe live performance throughout How Much Is The Fish? was a brilliant idea! Thank you, Scooter, all the crew, guest stars, dancers and the amazing crowd that supported our favorite band at the show! Wicked!

Tracklist of the show:

01. Intro (Habibi Halua / Keyser Soze)
02. Hello (Good To Be Back)
03. Aiii Shot The DJ
04. Jumping All Over The World
05. The Question Is What Is The Question
06. I'm Raving (feat. Jan Delay)
07. The Only One (Extended)
08. Ramp! (The Logical Song)
09. The Leading Horse
10. Stuck On Replay (Club Mix + Extended)
11. Mashup: Frequent Traveller + We Are The Greatest + Within Temptation - Sinéad (Scooter remix)
12. Medley: Ratty - Sunrise + Cambodia + Enola Gay
13. Jigga! Jigga!
14. Habanera (with some new Lyrics added)
15. Fuck The Millennium + Call Me Manana
16. No Fate
17. Ti Sento
18. J'adore Hardcore (Extended)
19. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
20. How Much Is The Fish? feat. Heinz Strunk (+ 'live' pipe)
21. One (Always Hardcore)
22. Fire
23. Nessaja
24. Maria (I Like It Loud)
25. Bird
26. Coldwater Canyon intro + Move Your Ass + Endless Summer + Hyper! Hyper! + Move Your Ass (Hardstyle Edit)

Warming up before TSTI 20.06.2011

Well, the long-awaited super concert The Stadium Techno Inferno will take place tomorrow! Some of our fellow Posse will travel to Germany to see Scooter live! But we must not fell sad, because, thanks to livedome, we will be able to see the concert live online! So, to make your waiting worthwhile, I decided to publish some interesting facts about the concert

- Scooter were hoping to sell 20000 tickets for the concert. Acoording to German radio there are 15000 tickets sold by now;
- One of the special guests of TSTI will be Die Atzen, and Chris Avantgarde will play his DJ set;
- According to Scooter, the show will cost 1000000;
- In private chat with Rick at RAI Club we managed to confirm the rumors about another TSTIs special guest. It is a very popular and very famous German musician, who has many fans in Russia. If Scooter did not change anything about it, it would be a very nice surprise for many of you;
- H.P and Michael promised the there will be 140000 Wt of sound, 450000 Wt of light, 400 pyrotechnical special effects and 40 dancers

Isn't it cool?! I think it is! If the guys will make real everything they promised, the concert will be an extraordinary good! And to cheer yourselves up before the wonderful (and I hope it will be wonderful) concert; see a special live greeting from Scooter and

H.P. is divorcing. Officially 24.06.2011

One day before Scooter's biggest show in Hamburg and H.P. Baxxter is announcing his divorce with his wife Simone Mostert. Their relationships started 6 years ago, when they met in a bar. Their wedding was held in Tremsbuettel castle. Of course, H.P.'s tour life was a reason for Simone's jealousy, but the last straw was the 2011 New Year's Eve, that H.P. spend with a sunny blond woman, a jewelry designer from Hannover. That's how H.P.'s second marriage was ended.

The Stadium Techno Inferno translation online 20.06.2011

Are you feeling sad, because you can't visit the biggest Scooter live-show The Stadium Techno Inferno that will take place on 25.06.2011 at Hamburg's Imtech Arena? Well then I've got some good news for you. You will be able to watch the concert right from your living room, using your computer and Internet connection. You only need to buy an 'online ticket' for the concert for only 4.99! You can buy your ticket right now, just follow this link. The link for the concert translation will appear at on 25.06.2011. You will only need to enter your unique number (you will get it, when you will buy the 'online ticket') to enjoy the show. The video translation of The Stadium Techno Inferno is organized by a German company livedome. The online-translation will start at 8:00 PM (CET).

Within Temptation Sinéad (Scooter remix) 03.06.2011

The Scooter's remix of Within Tamptation's new single called Sinéad was played in Kyau & Albert's radioshow Euphonic Sessions on 1'st of June! Someone made a rip and uploaded it to YouTube! So you can enjoy it right now! The remix sounds very nice. It's a melodic Progressive Trance / House with a beautiful melody! And Sharon's vocals feats perfectly to this track!

The details of the interview at Radio Hamburg 01.06.2011

So, here are the details of the Scooter interview for Radio Hamburg, as I promised:

- Die Atzen are the special guests at The Stadium Techno inferno, but there are some DJs around, too;

- Fire is very likely to be played at The Stadium Techno inferno;

- The favorite track of H.P. is What Time Is Love by The KLF, the favorite song of Michael is Michael Beat It by Michael Jackson, the favorite track of Rick is Insomnia by Faithless;

- Status Quo agreed to make Jump That Rock with Scooter because they were at no. 1 in the UK at that time;

- Scooter wanted to make the song Jumping All Over The World and tried to get the permission to use Rocking All Over The World melody (and title?) for that. But unfortunately John Fogerty, the guy from Creedence Clearwater Rivaval band, refused to work with Scooter. Then they suddenly came up with an idea to use the melody from A Glass Of Champagne by Sailor. They liked Jumping All Over The World even more with that melody instead of Rocking All Over The World

Thanx to aganim for the translation from German language!

There's a new video (Sheffield (Limited Edition) unpacking) available at Scooter Planet's official YouTube channel.

By the way, here you can listen the unrelesed remix by Scooter (made in 1995) for the Datura project's track called Angeli Domini.

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