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The Stadium Techno Inferno news 30.05.2011

The Scooter guys have updated their official Facebook page. They wrote, that Die Atzen will be one of the special guests at The Stadium Techno Inferno. Well, maybe this is an interesting information for somebody, maybe somebody even likes Die Azten's music :-D Also Scooter were the guests at Radio Hamburg's morning talk-show and have answered some questions of this show's hosts. For example they said that it is possible that the Hamburg's airport will not take plains on the day when The Stadium Techno Inferno will be held, because the pilots would be embraced by all the special effects and pyros, that will be used at Imtech Arena. Now THIS is what I call a 'good PR'! I hope I will be able to post some more interesting facts from this interview soon. And right now you can watch the video-version of the interview (in German): Part 1 and Part 2.

The Only One making of 23.05.2011

The official 'making of' video for The Only One is available for watching at Scooter's official YouTube channel. So go and watch it ;) And, by the way, The Only One video is still holding the number one position at! This is a really good result, but we hope for more! And ofcourse we hope, that The Only One will enter the German music charts!

Scooter answered their fans' questions 20.05.2011

Scooter spent an hour communicating with their fans via Facebook today. The guys answered quite a lot of questions, and some of them were asked by me. I decided to make a digest of the most interesting things that the fans have found out about Scooter today.

-Scooter started releasing double-tracked singles due to label's decision. There is no place for a CD-single releases in the modern musical business. So it looks like we will not see any B sides or four-tracked singles anymore.

- When I asked the guys to release Friends Turbo (Drum'n'Bass version) as the bonus, 13'th track of The Big Mash Up album, they said that they will keep that in mind;

- The video shoot of The Stadium Techno Inferno will be shown in some movie-theatres around Europe;

- The Stadium Techno Inferno will possibly be released on DVD and Blu-Ray discs;

- The new album will contain from 11 to 13 tracks;

- In the end of August, before the new album's release another new single will be released;

- The Big Mash Up will contain a mix of many interesting things, and will be influenced by such styles as Trance, Electro, Trouse and Hardstyle;

- 7 tracks for the new album are ready by now, but the guys keep working on them, trying to make them better;

- Chris Avantgarde, who was Scooter's studio assistant, has signed a contract with Kontor Records now. He keeps helping the guys with their tracks, but he is not one of the Scooter members;

- It is possible that the new album will content a track with HP Baxxter's German vocal. The guys are trying to record something of that kind right now;

- The Stadium Techno Inferno concert will last for two hours or maybe more;

- Some tracks from the new album will be faster than The Only One, the others will have the same BPM;

- The new album will surely contain a Drum'n'Bass track and there will possibly be Dubstep track

Within Temptation Sinéad (Scooter remix) 20.05.2011

As I already wrote before, Scooter is making a remix for a new Within Tamptation single. Yesterday it came to my attention, that this single will be called Sinéad and will be released on 15'th of July. And also, if I've understand correctly, not only Scooter Remix will be featured at the single, but also a version by Benno de Goeij, a very famous Trance musician, a 1/2 of Rank1 project. Stay tuned for more information!

TSTI interview, The Only One tracklist 19.05.2011

The scan of The Only One back cover (or you can call it booklet) was appeared on the Net. You can look at it here. Now we know the tracklist of The Only One CD-single. Here it is:

01. The Only One
02. The Only Club

By the way there's an interesting fact. Michael Simon was not mentioned as one of the music authors in The Only One booklet, he only mentioned as one of the lyrics writers but Chris Avantgarde (the new Scooter's studio assistant) was mentioned there. By the way, there's no doubt that Chris worked on The Only One club mix (The Only Club). OK, now, when you have something to think about, I recommend you to watch a new Scooter interview about The Sadium Techno inferno (only in German language, sorry).

Site of the week 15.05.2011

Scooter mentioned this site ( as a fan-site of the week at their official Facebook page! Here's what they wrote:

Fan-site of the week: Another really great fan-site in Russia, also in English language! Take a close look!

Well, what can I say :) Thanks for the support, guys! I really appreciate it! All I do is for you, Scooter, and for all the Posse all over the world! Stay tuned for more!

The Only One video is on the Net! 13.05.2011

Finally, the new Scooter video for The Only One track is available for watching! You can watch it right now, if you will follow this link! You can leave your comments about the video in our guestbook! Oh, and by the way, the official Scooter Planet YouTube channel was updated today with the video of Friends Turbo unpacking. Maybe someone will be interested.

The Only One video will be available tomorrow! 12.05.2011

The Scooter guys have updated their official Facebook page with some information about The Only One video. It is ready and it is good, according to H.P., Rick and Michael. The video will be online tomorrow exclusively at More details and the exact time when the video will be available will be posted later (I'll update this text).

Scooter makes collaboration with someone? 09.05.2011

Here's what the Scooter guys posted at their official Facebook page today:

We recorded some great female vocals today, expect the best!

Of course no details, as always :) Maybe the guys is talking about the vocals for their new remix for Within Temptation, but it's more likely that they are talking about their own brand new track for the new album.

Scooter will remix Within Temptation! 08.05.2011

Very interesting news! The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with the news about Scooter remixing the next Within Temptation single! The guys wrote that they are very impressed by the Within Temptation's vocalist Sharon voice. Within Temptation is a rock band that was found in 1996 in Netherlands. I must say, that I'm really curious now about this new remix by Scooter. Hope we will hear some samples soon.

The Only One samples! 06.05.2011

The audio samples of The Only One single appeared at web-shop. You can listen to the samples if you'll follow this link. I must say that I like the samples, they are way better than I thought they will be. I think this new single will blow the charts! Good job, Scooter! Now I'm really looking forward to the single release!

The Only One tracklist 06.05.2011

The full tracklist of The Only One single was added to the web-shop! Here it is:

01. The Only One [3:32]
02. The Only One (Extended) [5:15]
03. The Only Club [5:02]

Well, it seems that we will not get the b-side once again, which is not good. But don't forget, that The Only One supposed to be at the double-A single together with Friends Turbo at first. And now it's a stand-alone release and it will include the Club Mix. By the way, I always smile when another Scooter release comes out and the Club Mix on it is shorter than Extended Mix :)

The cover and the release date of The Only One 04.05.2011

The cover of the forthcoming Scooter single The Only One was appeared in Internet! You can see it on the left (click on the image to enlarge it). Also now we know the release date! The Only One will be available in German music shops on 20'th of May! If you'll look to the cover of the single you'll agree with me, if I'll say, that it will be the main promo in The Stadium Techno Inferno campaign.

The Only One video shooting 02.05.2011

The Scooter guys have updated their official Facebook page with the following message:

Arriving in Berlin, video shooting for The Only One tomorrow

So, it seems that we will see the new video very soon. And don't forget, that The Only One, the first single from the new album, will be out in late May.

A little bit about TSTI 29.04.2011

Now we know some facts about The Stadium Techno Inferno from this article by (it's in German language only). More than 100 people will work to construct a big multileveled stage for Scooter's performance, the stereo system will be very powerful 240000 Watt will kick people out of their shoes! 30 professional dancers will do everything they can to entertain the people with their moves. The budget of The Stadium Techno Inferno is 1000000 (one million euros)! 12000 of 25000 tickets are already sold. The cost of the tickets varies from 37,50 to 58,30. So Are you still not sure if you will go to the The Stadium Techno Inferno or no? Ha-ha! You HAVE to be there!

News about the new single and new album! 29.04.2011

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated today. The guys wrote, that they had about ten interviews with all kinds of media today about the new album, the upcoming single and The Stadium Techno Inferno. A little bit later they've posted some more information, that is really important for all the Scooter fans! So The new single will be indeed called The Only One (as we thought before), it will have nothing to do with the stuff Scooter released in the past. The single will be out in late May. The new Scooter album will be released in August and it's called The Big Mash Up! One or two new tracks (from this album) will be presented at The Stadium Techno Inferno show, that will take place at Hamburg's Imtech Arena on 25'th of June!

Scooter interview by 26.04.2011

Here you can watch the new interview with Scooter by The main facts from the interview:

- Rick is a frequent customer of subways
- H.P. likes cigarettes and RedBull with vodka
- H.P. was brown haired once, but only for 2 days back 15 years ago
- The guys once produced a track and in the mid of the production they realized that they have already done such a track in the past
- Still many people (especially in Russia) do ask the question about the fish
- Many depressive moods (of the fans?) during every album production

Thanx to FlyingDutchman from the Official Scooter Forum for the translation.

The making of Friends Turbo 21.04.2011

Here you can watch the making of Friends Turbo video! Maybe it's even funnier than the actual video ;) I recommend to watch it right now =)

Also, it seems that Scooter started a new tradition at their Facebook page and now they are highlighting one Scooter fan-site every week (?). The first site that was mentioned by Scooter is by my friend and colleague DJ Hooligan. This is really a good site and great work by Denis.

Friends Turbo video 17.04.2011

Finally, the Friends Turbo video is now online! You can watch it, following this link. The video is really funny :) And, of course, the Scooter guys wearing the motorcycle suits remembers the good-old 90's! And you have to see, like H.P. Baxxter is getting owned by a green Opel Manta in this vid! H.P. is a nice actor, yeeeeeah :)

Also I recommend you to visit the official Scooter Planet YouTube channel! There's a new video about the Russian fans meeting Scooter near the entrance of Ritz Carlton hotel in Moscow this March.

Friends Turbo (Movie Version) 14.04.2011

The full version of Friends Turbo is available at Kontor's official YouTube channel right now! The video will be uploaded later! There are not only shouts by H.P. Baxxter in this version of Friends Turbo, but also some phrases by the New Kids. They are screaming some lyrics from the old Scooter tunes. Kindda funny.

Friends Turbo video will be available really soon 13.04.2011

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with this message:

Friends Turbo video looks really cool. Not long till upload... He-he-he...

So it seems, that we'll get the video very soon, maybe at the same day with a single release (15'th of March), or even earlier.

By the way, the image of the back cover of Friends Turbo single appeared at

The HMITF clothes are on the case again! 08.04.2011

It seems that H.P. and Co will appear in Friends Turbo video dressed in costumes from How Much Is The Fish? video! Yesterday the photo of H.P. wearing this moto-costume appeared at Scooter's official Facebook page and today we've got some pics from the videoshooting: pic #1 and pic #2.

Meanwhile, Ferris continues his angry passages at Facebook:

How paradox to release Friends at this stage... but a movie starring 3 guys burping and gobbing might apply to the whole situation nowadays...

Scooter interview for TVC channel 04.04.2011

One more interview with Scooter, recorded in Moscow in March was added to Scooter Planet's official YouTube channel. This time the interview is for Russian TV-channel TVC. Enjoy! And don't forget, that you'll always find all the latest video-interviews and other videos dedicated to Scooter at Scooter Planet's official YouTube channel! Subscribe and add us as a friend!

No Drum'n'Bass Mix? 05.04.2011

According to the CD version of Friends Turbo single will NOT contain the Drum'n'Bass Mix. It seems, that this mix is a bonus of WEB-release. This is pretty bad news, if you'll ask me. I must say, that the Drum'n'Bass Mix is my favorite from the whole package for the moment. So, it will be sad not to get it on a physical release.

Another Scooter interview 04.04.2011

Here you can find the interview with Scooter taken on 12'th of March in Moscow by It also contains a video! The interview is in English, so everybody will understand it. Enjoy!

By the way, if you still not ordered the new Scooter single called Friends Turbo, you can do it right now! Buy it, support Scooter!

The Friends Turbo samples! 01.04.2011

Yeah! Finally, the audio samples of all three mixes of Friends Turbo appeared at! You can listen to them, following this link. And yes, Friends Turbo is a hard and happy remake of good-old Frends from 1995, just as we hoped! By the way, I really like the Drum'n'Bass Mix! It's a really ass-kicking version in my opinion! Nice job, Scooter!

Friends Turbo tracklist revealed! 01.04.2011

The tracklist of the upcoming new Scooter single called Friends Turbo appeared at web-shop! Here it is:

01. Friends Turbo (Movie Version) [03:20]
02. Friends Turbo [03:19]
03. Friends Turbo (Drum'n'Bass Mix) [04:02]

So, as you can see, no b-side. But there will be three mixes of Friends Turbo. I'm curious about the Drum'n'Bass Mix especially. Let's hope it's not a Full's Day joke! Keep waiting for the 15'th of April, when Friends Turbo will be released!

Scooter collaborates with someone 01.04.2011

Here's what Scooter published at their official Facebook page:

Had a great session today in our studio, fantastic experience to team up with other musicians! Rock on!

So it seems that we'll have at least one collaboration track at Scooter's new album! Interesting news!

Friends Turbo cover 30.03.2011

The cover of the new Scooter single called Friends Turbo appeared at You can see this cover on the left (click on it to enlarge the image). I hope, that the tracklist of the single will be available soon and the sound samples too. Of course I will update Scooter Planet as soon as I'll get some new information! Stay tuned!

Scooter Friends Turbo (single) 29.03.2011

The title of the new Scooter single was changed at the pre-order page at Now it's called not The Only One / Friends Turbo, but just Friends Turbo. Well, I think, no need to comment it. I only hope, that the track called The Only One will not be 'erased' from Scooter discography and will be released later, after Friends Turbo, but before new Scooter album in August.

Vote for Scooter at Comet Awards! 29.03.2011

Our favorite band, Scooter, is a nominee for the Comet Award in the Best Live Act category this year! You can vote for our heroes, following this link. There are only five participants in this category, so we really can try to move Scooter to the number one position! Just vote, Posse! Vote!

Friends Turbo is an official soundtrack of New Kids Turbo 28.03.2011

Here's the news that was posted at Scooter's Official Facebook page:

Here do we go: Friends (2011) will become the main theme for the upcoming New Kids Movie movie Turbo! Breaking with our former policy not to release a single hit again, we reconstructed FRIENDS by request especially for this outstanding movie! Hence it will be the next release performing together with the New Kids in the video! Watch out!!!

The release date of the new single 27.03.2011

So, guys and girls, it seems that I was right, when predicted the release date of the new single in the previous news post. The information about the pre-order of The Only One / Friends Turbo appeared at And there's a tab with a release date included: April, 15. Now I'm also sure that I was right when I wrote that Friends Turbo can be a soundtrack for the New Kids Turbo movie, because the soundtrack CD for this movie will be released on 15 of April at Kontor Records in Germany. Let's hope we'll get some more information about the new single soon! Don't forget, that we still don't even saw the cover image of it!

Something about Friends Turbo 25.03.2011

Yesterday we knew that the new Scooter single will be a Double-A CD with tracks The Only One and Friends Turbo. Today I want to talk a little bit about Friends Turbo. As you remember, some days ago the Scooter guys announced that they are working on a soundtrack for a movie. Now I think that I know what movie it will be. It might be New Kids Turbo, a comedy that was released in the end of 2010. The part of the soundtrack for this movie was written by DJ Paul Elstak, the track was called Turbo. So, I think it's almost clear, that Scooter's Friends Turbo is a reworked version of good old Friends track from 1995 and that it will be included in the new soundtrack for the New Kids Turbo movie. The CD with the soundtrack will be released on April 15, according to So, I think that we'll hear Friends Turbo on that day. Also it is possible that Scooter will release their single The Only One / Friends Turbo somewhere near April 15 too So, let's wait and see. I think that the official news will come shortly.

The title of the new single revealed?! 24.03.2011

In a short interview with Scooter at the red carpet of ECHO 2011, H.P. Baxxter answered a question about the new single. He said, that it will be a Double-A CDS (!). The first track will be called The Only One and the title of the second one is Friends Turbo. And no details followed so far. Maybe H.P. was joking? Who knows! Anyway, you can watch this video with your own eyes and hear what Baxxter said by your own ears! More information about the new single will follow soon, I hope!

Scooter at radio and TV 22.03.2011

It seems that the Russian media finally remembered about such band as Scooter after their performance at Super DiskotEka Of The 90's. There were some reports about the band ant the TV-channels Perviy and NTV at first and now we've got a full episode of the program called Muzykalniy Legion (Musical Legion) at Park Razvlecheniy channel and a video-interview with Scooter by Radio NRG. The official Scooter Planet YouTube Channel is growing everyday and I recommend you to watch the latest videos: Musical Legion about Live in Hamburg (part 1 and part 2) and Scooter interview for Radio NRJ. By the way, I want to send a big respect to Alexander Loyevsky, the host of the Musical Legion program, because he did a great job and devoting a full episode of his TV-show to our beloved band. Thank you.

Scooter producing the soundtrack! 20.03.2011

After the concert in Brno (Czech Republic) yesterday Scooter gave some interviews to local TV-channels. In one of these interviews H.P. Baxxter revealed some fresh information:

- The new single will be out in April
- The new album will be out in August
- The Scooter guys are now working on a soundtrack for a movie

These were very interesting news! Yes, we already know (from an interview with Rick Jordan in RAI club) and about the album that will come in the end of summer... But what about the movie soundtrack by Scooter? Now, this is a very interesting piece of news! I'm getting really excited and I hope we'll know more about it soon!

By the way, I'm glad to announce that the official YouTube channel of Scooter Planet was opened a few days ago. From now on all the Scooter-related videos from me you'll find here: Today I've uploaded the short TV-report about r concert in Brno by one of the Czech TV-channels. Enjoy!

< font color="red">Updated: I've uploaded the interview for the Czech TV where H.P. said about the release dates and about the movie soundtrack at Scooter Planet's YouTube Channel.

Scooter at Russian TV 17.03.2011

There were two short reports about Scooter and H.P. Baxxter personally at Russian TV channels Perviy and NTV on 16.03.2011. Thanx for AlexKing, who found out how to find these reports after they were broadcasted and thanx to Unreal, who ripped them and uploaded for! Enjoy!

Report #1 Scooter: To Russia for the car (NTV) watch it now!
Report #2 about H.P. Baxxter (Perviy) watch it now!

The new Scooter single is finished! 16.03.2011

Here's what Michael Simon wrote at his Facebook page:

The new single is finished! Watch out for more info here or at Scooter official Facebook page. More info SOON!

So, it seems, that the new single will really be released in the end of April, as Rick told us in an interview. And this means, that the video for the new track will be out even earlier!

Happy birthday, H.P.! 16.03.2011

Today is a birthday of our leader H.P. Baxxter! I would like to congratulate him and wish him to stay in a good mood and health for long years! And H.P., try to smoke a bit more rarely, take care of your great voice! And be happy, man!

Meanwhile, the Scooter's Facebook was updated with the following post: Again a fantastic day in our studio..... It means that the work on a new album is on fire! And this is great!

Our interview with Rick Jordan 15.03.2011

So, guys and girls, here is the interview with Rick Jordan, that I promised to upload. Excuse me for the delay, but the 'decrypting' and translation (to Russian) took some time and I wanted to publish the Russian and English version of the interview at the same time. Well, I hope, you'll enjoy the interview! Here it is:

RSP (Russian Scooter Posse): Can you tell us an approximate date of a new single release? Your fans are craving for the new material.

Rick: As you may know, we've finished it yesterday and I think it's going to be released probably in the end of April in Germany and maybe in the rest of Europe. I can't tell you more for the moment, but this track will be massive.

RSP: What style will it be? Or is it still a secret?

Rick: It won't be Jumpstyle. Jumpstyle was a cool part of our career and I think that we will probably have one or two tracks in Jump or Hardstyle on our next album. But we try to feel how we can create a Scooter sound of 2011, but not 1998. We're working hard for nearly one year already to feel how we could do that, listening to a lot of tracks, remixes and stuff. And I think it will be a little slower, than our usual works, but it will be fun, it will be definitely filled with energy, and it will be big. But it won't be one million fifty bpm.

RSP: Some fans always wanted to know the answer to this question. Does Scooter have any unreleased tracks; we mean tracks that you for some reasons decided not to include into your albums and singles?

Rick: Actually, if we think that we will not succeed with idea we would throw it into the trashcan. We havent any unreleased singles. We are always trying to combine the best we have in our minds to one track and when we are finished, we release it.

RSP: Can you tell us a little bit about The Stadium Techno Inferno? In what way will it differ from other Scooter shows? How do you plan to surprise your fans?

Rick: The stage will be forty five to fifty meters and it's the biggest venue in Hamburg. It's not an arena, it's a stadium. Well, I think we will have a lot of dancers, big pyrotechnics

RSP: Maybe some special guests?

Rick: Yes, but we can't announce them now, because it will be a big surprise.

RSP: We will try to be there too!

Rick: Yeah, I heard that there's a guy from Russia I don't know his name, but there was a guy who came to our show It was at Bremen (Germany) during our last tour. And he came up with idea to chart a plain to and get a lot of fans from Russia aboard. I dont know how far it grew up until now, but I think it will be cool if this will come true.

RSP: In Finland H.P. mentioned the tour that will take place in Russia in the nearest future. So, will it happen?

Rick: We're working on it, but there's nothing confirmed for now. You know, it's difficult. We always try to make the best show, but if you're playing at the arena, and there are only a few thousand people watching, a really big show won't pay off. You know, we can't come and take fifty thousand euros with us to make it work. We can`t allow ourselves to be out of pocket. I think we may concentrate on our DJ-shows. But I hope that there also will be a tour.

RSP: Can you tell us something about Ratty? Last year, if you remember, we talked with you at the hotel, when you came to Moscow for a solo concert. And you said that there probably will be some new tracks from Ratty someday. What you can say about it now? Ratty's Sunrise became a Trance classic and many trancers all around this world are just in love with this composition!

Rick: Yes, I remember that meeting. And I want to say, that we are really happy, that Sunrise is still popular and many people love it. But I also have to say, that Scooter is our main 'child' and we are concentrating only on Scooter now. So, the new tracks by Ratty are not planned for the nearest future. But you know, we have a new friend, he is a musician too and he is a studio assistant now

RSP: Just like Axel before he joined Scooter?

Rick: Yeah, just like Axel. So, this young man, our assistant, is writing nice club music and maybe (just maybe), we will join the forces to make something new under the Ratty project one fine day.

RSP: OK, and now a few strange questions

Rick: Yes, OK, c'mon.

RSP: Does the commercial success mean a lot to you? Would you be able to release an album, that your fans would really like to hear, knowing beforehand that the style it is made in will not be commercially successful?

Rick: Well, we sometimes did it with singles, for example with Lass Uns Tanzen or No Fate. They are slower, than we usually produced. But there also was Shake That! that was a little bit more stylish and commercial. But for us its not about the money, it's about the imagination, how people will react to the songs we release. If you imagine yourself standing on the stage, listening to the song and thinking about how people would react to that, if you have this situation in your head, you will always try to produce something that will kick the people off their asses. It's because you want to be successful as a musician. There's no such musician, who can honestly tell you that he doesnt want to be successful or recognized or get the positive vibes from the crowd. Everybody wants to be like 'Oooh! Im the master of rock'n'roll!'. We just want to produce something that will just kick the people. On the other hand there are songs like No Fate that we really like and still play at our live shows, that was not a commercial hit, it was on the 14'th position in Germany. It was totally flop, but we still love it.

RSP: Some fans would like you to return to the old styles like 94 or 96

Rick: It's always the same. We are always watching all the blogs, Facebook, forums and read all these comments If well do something like we already did in the old days, people would say: 'Oh my God! Why did they do that? Why didnt they change the melody or the style?' and other people would say: 'Oh my God! They have changed!' You always have to do what you like at the moment, you always have to let the heart decide and I think its the most honest thing you can do.

RSP: A question that puzzles many of Scooter fans. Who chose the name for J'adore Hardcore b-side and why did he choose it? As far as we know, Dushbag is a bad word and it does not go with the track's sound.

Rick: (laughing) That was H.P.'s idea. There was no particular reason for that. If there is something strange or something weird, we will always naturally use it. Take for example 'Respect to the men in the ice-cream van' which is some kind of respect to KLF You know, KLF drove in the ice-cream van, supporting homeless people on Christmas. Nice job! Respect! This is a story behind us. So please, don't ask me about Dushbag, there wasn't any reason for that, I know.

RSP: The third strange question. Did you read an open letter from Technoboy, that appeared on his official web-site after Scooter's Under The Radar Over The Top was released? Can you comment it?

Rick: I think maybe he was in a strange mood. He is a good friend of Dave 202 and Dave 202 is our big friend. And after Dave talked to him, he stopped feeling bad. You know, it's the same story with Ferris now, but we refuse to comment it. I think its impossible to invent something new in music, especially in electronic dance scene, so sampling and borrowing had become a normal thing. There's no use to worry about it.

RSP: If you remember, last time when we met last year we gave you two CDs by Satellite Bass and Section 1. Did you listen to them?

Rick: Sorry, but to be honest I haven't time to hear the promos. But I still have these CDs, I just absolutely don't have time to listen to them.

[IceMan is playing one of the Satellite Bass tracks from his mobile phone for Rick. Rick nods, and when the vocal part is starting (sounds a little like Scooter) he says: 'Nice!']

RSP: How much the remix from Scooter will cost? I think many sound producers will be glad to know it.

Rick: it's not about the money. We only create the remixes if we like the original tracks. We don't create remixes only for money.

RSP: If someone wants to make a good remix for Scooter, what does he have to do first, whom should he contact?

Rick: Well, I think you have to contact Markus Gardeweg. He works for Sheffield Tunes and Kontor Records. He is responsible for all the contacts like this. So, he may help you in this situation.

RSP: In 1995 you did a remix for Shahin & Simon's track called Do The Right Thing

Rick: We've also produced the single version, yes

RSP: Back then you and Michael were friends already?

Rick: Our manager, Jens Thele, knows him since Michael was sixteen. So, we know Michael since Shahin & Simon time. Also I've made a mixed compilation for them, but it was not mentioned.

RSP: And now Michael is a part of Scooter!

Rick: Yeah, and as you see, four years has passed and he didn't leave the band

RSP: So, he will not leave the band? Will he stay?

Rick: I don't know I think, he will stay, of course!

RSP: That's great! We love Michael very much! OK, Rick! Thank you very much for this interview! And thank you and the guys for the great show tonight. We hope to see you in Moscow again!

Rick: Thank you, guys! And bye-bye! Until next time.

The interview was taken by: Scar, IceMan and Phantom
'Decrypted' by Scar


I wrote a review of Scooter DJ set in RAI club! You can read it at the Interesting stuff section of the site. And here's our video review of the event:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4


Our first photos 14.03.2011

I'm working on an interview with Rick now. Just finished 'decrypting' it, but still not started to translate it in Russian. So I decided to upload some of the photos made by my friend Phantom at the RAI club! These photos are made at the time while Scooter prepared to start their DJ-set. Hope, you'll like them! By the way, already then H.P. Baxxter recognized us in the crowd. The interview with Rick, a little story about our adventures outside and inside the RAI club and of course more photos will be uploaded later. We have a lot of work to prepare it all, as you understand.


Scooter @ RAI club photoset #1 14.03.2011

I found a photoset from Scooter's performance in RAI club. There are many photos of the people in the club and also some nice pictures of Scooter, of course. You can watch the gallery here. And don't forget, that in a few days we you'll find an interview with Rick Jordan and some STUNNING photos of Scooter performance at my site!

Scooter in Moscow 13.03.2011

Yesterday Scooter performed in Moscow at Super DiskotEka festival and at RAI club (with a DJ set). They played only three tracks at Super DiskotEka: Fire, How Much Is The Fish? and Maria (I Like It Loud). But the DJ-set in a club was just AWESOME! I and my friends (IceMan from and Phantom from was there! We made some nice pictures and videos of the show! And we made an interview with our maestro, Rick J Jordan! Off course all of these stuff will be available at and the aforementioned sited next days. But be patient. We have A LOT of material and we need some time to deal with it.

Scooter's riddles 11.03.2011

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated with a new video yesterday. On this video you can see a Scooter studio and there's a musical project is opened at their studio monitor. The sound is almost turned off or, maybe, the headphones are plugged in, so we can hear almost nothing but when the operator (btw, it's interesting, who was the operator this time? Personally I think it was Rick :)) moves his camera closer to the monitor to film a little toy figurine of British Queen staying on it, we can hear a very silent sound of music if you'll make the volume of your speakers louder, you will possibly hear what I heard. At 0:02 at the video there's an chord can be heard and also some sounds of strings orchestra and a male chorus (at least I think that I hear it). So is it a new single? By the way, here's the text, which Scooter wrote for this video: New Scooter single by appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II. Watch out!.

And a little bit later a new message from Scooter was appeared at their Facebook page:

Finished something really great in our studio yesterday, wish you could hear it right now, he-he... Stay tuned, waiting time will soon be over!

So, probably, this means that the guys finished the work on a new single? We still don't know but, as they say, we just need to wait a little bit more and we will know! Stay tuned!

Scooter DJ-set in RAI club details 10.03.2011

Here are the details about Scooter's DJ-set in a Moscow club RAI. The doors will open at 23:00 (Msk time) on 12'th of March. The entrance will be free. Face-control, Dress-code. DJ's: Miller, Scooter, DJ Technik. RAI club address: Bolotnaya Ploschad, 9. VIP-reserve (a table for ten persons) cost: 50000 rubles (~ 1250). RAI's official site:

Unexpected news! 05.03.2011

We've got some unexpected news! It seems that Scooter will play a DJ-set in the RAI club in Moscow after their performance at Super DiskotEka on 12'th of March. You can see the street ad of Scooter DJ-set on the left. So, it will not be a full solo concert by Scooter, just a DJ-set by Michael Simon with, probably, some shouts by Mr. H.P. Baxxter.

Scooter vs. Ferris 04.03.2011

There is a new message that was posted at Ferris Bueller's official Facebook page. Here's what he wrote this time:

I would never have taken any action... Until they've send me this letter from their lawyer: he wanted to ban me from saying that I have been the author of Scooter version of Nessaja

This story becomes more and more interesting with every twist. Let's see, how the events will develop.

Ferris finally explained his strange sayings 26.02.2011

So, finally Ferris Bueller updated his page on Facebook with the explanation of all his previous statements. Our previous guesses was confirmed. Ferris wants to sue Scooter and take all the rights for Nessaja. Here's what he wrote at Facebook:

Don't get me wrong: I'd love to see them successful! But with their OWN ideas. The only fact is: there will be a big lawsuit about the most successful Scooter track ever, that has been written by me... I'm talking about the English version and all additional hook lines of Nessaja

So, finally we know all the Ferris's complaints. Let's see how the events will develop.

The release of the new Scooter album delayed till August 25.02.2011

First of all, I want to say 'Thank you' to AlexKing, who found the new interview with Scooter by Radio Sputnik, taken after the concert in Finland. In this interview H.P. said, that the release date of the new album was moved from March to August, because the band needs more time to produce it. H.P. also said that the guys are working hard on the new album many months already and that the final result will be massive. You can listen to the whole interview (translated to Russian) here. Also you can read the full translation of this interview in English here.

Scooter on TV and in history 24.02.2011

On the 18th of March Scooter will take part in Die Ultimative Chart Show at the German RTL channel. Scooter will perform on the stage and H.P. will participate at the talk show. By the way the episode of the talk show in which Scooter would appear will be named Die Erfolgreichsten Party-Hits Des Neuen Jahrtausends, that can be translated as 'The Most Successful Dance Hits Of The New Millennium'. So, probably the band will perform one of its well-known themes, and there is no sense in expecting something new from it, but who knows after all, anything is possible.

Another news is that Scooter made it to the top of the UK list of best-selling dance projects, and occupied the 36th place, with 915000 of unites sold. Although our favorite band yet loses to such monsters of the electro-dance scene as The Prodigy, The KLF, Faithless, Robert Miles, Chicane and Chemical Brothers and others, we would like to congratulate our guys. Congratulations, Scooter!

Social networks accounts by Scooter Planet 23.02.2011

I'm happy to announce that there are three accounts of Scooter Planet were opened at three famous social services: Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte (Russian). Feel free to join one of these three pages if you want always to be one of the first who will know about the fresh updates of Scooter Planet. You're always welcome!

The Scooter concert in Finland was almost cancelled 13.02.2011

As you may know, Scooter played a concert in Finland last night. But their performance was almost cancelled because of the organization fails. The club, where Scooter were playing, was ready to place the number of 1500 people, but in reality there were more than 2500 ravers, who wented to see Scooter's live performance! So, the crush of people on the stairs has begun. H.P. was forced to declare, that the band has to stop the concert for a moment due to police requirement. One of the fans has recorded this moment with his video camera. You can watch this video here. After a pause the concert was continued and everything was allright. But many people were unable to get to the concert, even if they had the tickets in their hands.

X-Team Scooter Mania 09.02.2011

I think that many of you, people, remember, when in 2008 an interesting Psychedelic Trance track, related to Scooter was released? It was a track by Israeli duo Black & White called Hyper Tribute. And it was a really cool news and sound experience! The track itself was good. So, today, every Scooter fan can repeat his or her trip into the psychedelic sound, because the new track related to Scooter has arrived! This time the track is called Scooter Mania and presented by a Russian sound producer Alexander Larichev and his X-Team project. This composition is available at X-Team's release called Analogy Energy, released by Psy Core Records. Scooter Mania contains some samples from Scooter's Fire and it got that special Psy Trance vibe in it, so I think that many Scooter fans will love it! I really like it, for example. And I would like to say 'thank you' to Alexander Larichev for this track and also I wanna ask is he a Scooter fan? And you, Posse, can hear the samples of all the four tracks from Analogy Energy release and buy it in MP3 format here. Recommended by Scooter Planet!

Vote for Scooter! 08.02.2011

There's a voting for the possible nominees of Comet Awards 2011, presented by web-site. You can vote for Scooter in Best live act category! So I recommend to all the Scooter fans to do it right now. Just follow this link, select Scooter in a long list of artists presented at the page and then click on the 'Vote!' button. The winners of the voting will be included in the list of pretenders for the Comet Awards 2011 in the same category (Best live act) later this year.

The Stadium Techno Inferno promo teaser 04.02.2011

The promo teaser of The Stadium Techno Inferno appeared on the Net. You can watch it, if you follow this link. Personally I think that this video is so 'ambitious' and 'epic' that it can rival with Armin van Buuren's albums teasers, for example with this one. Also some people can compare the teaser with the trailers of The Transformers movie. But there's no doubt, that the announcer from the Scooter teaser is right The Stadium Techno Inferno will be one of the greatest Scooter concerts ever and everyone who will be able to get there will remember it forever.

Ferris is walking circles, H.P. is starring in a commercial ad 03.02.2011

There is no really interesting news regarded to Scooter nowadays, so I decided to tell you about that tiny pieces of new information that appeared on the Net. Ferris continues to practice his word-riddles on Facebook and this time I don't want to pay attention to his statements. If he will write something concrete and interesting in the future, I'll let you know. And now, if you want to read his ciphered messages, you can do it visiting his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, H.P. Baxxter does not waste his time on gibberish, like some people do, but keeps making money. He is a star of new Bild (a well-known German newspaper) advertising. German television airs advertising videos, which show H.P. playing a flame thrower and shouting Faster! Harder! Bild!. There also are billboards with H.P.'s photo and the phrase mentioned above on the German streets. You can see the photo of the billboard on the left (click on the photo to enlarge it). This news is small, but it is still news. I hope it will make your waiting for the new album or single more bearable. Let's keep waiting.

Ferris is 'opening our eyes' 27.01.2011

So, Ferris has cleared a situation a little bit. His Facebook page was updated with the following message:

What would you say if someone would have stolen your best ideas and would still celebrate it as his own great success, without giving you any sharing? It's not about me, I am financially independent and without any interest to be back in the public. They have done that to SO many people! My only aim is to open some eyes... They are wreck! Sorry

It seems that Ferris is really not focusing on discussions about Scooter, their interviews, their forum and their fan sites for many years. Because the most fans knows EVERYTHING about Scooter's 'rips', 'covers' or whatever you call it (Ferris calls it 'stealing' for example ;)). If Ferris wants to bring THIS information to the people, I must say, that he is late for about twelve years. But we want to ask, what's next? Will there be a litigation against Scooter? Or the public censure is enough? Sorry, Ferris, we love you, we appreciate everything that you did for the band in the past, but we will love Scooter in any case. Nothing can shake our love. And we like the way they are 'ripping' and 'covering', because their versions are always better than originals. And you know, everyone in the music industry 'rips' nowadays, especcially at EDM scene. And when you, Ferris, was a part of Scooter, there were many 'rip-offs' too.

Ferris's little war 26.01.2011

I was not going to publish this on the web-site, but it seems that I have to do this. The story around Ferris and Scooter continues to twist in dense and strange knots. It's started a few days ago, when Ferris published these lines at his Facebook page:

It's nice to be important but it's more important not to be a part of a bunch of psychotics and evil people anymore

Right after this text was posted, the 'comment box' started to be flooded with many comments from Ferris's fans and Scooter fans, that asked him what's going on and what this text is all about. Ferris haven't answered, but the new message appeared a little later:

Never frustrated just keen on showing a bunch of ruthless people... believe me! Everything's alright but everyone who follows that band should know the truth! Believe me or not

Well, after these words all the doubts were disappeared. Ferris talked about Scooter, our favorite band. The 'comment box' at Facebook started to burn once again. Some people supported Ferris, others suggested him to get a psychologist help. What Ferris was talking about? Some assumptions about it has appeared. Maybe he wants to sue Scooter and win the rights for the Nessaja track? All the informed Scooter fans knows, that the idea of this track was born in the head of Ferris Bueller. But Scooter released this composition without any mention of Ferris's name. And Scooter gained a big success with Nessaja, they earned a lot of money with it. So maybe Ferris just wants his piece of this juicy and tasty pie, that's all? Well, maybe, but I always thought about Ferris as a last romantic and a man who always wants to see the triumph of justice. Today the new text appeared at Ferris's Facebook page:

Just wait... and see! That's the name of the game... Just let them celebrate the last pieces of stolen 'fame'. But the whole story has come to an end anyways... Sad, true but deserved. Ridiculous blond people trying to get a last piece of fame - what a shame! And even if everyone says: 'Stop it', I will continue! It's all deserved!

That's all for now. It's absolutely clear, that Ferris is going to undertake a big Crusade against Scooter and it seems that he have some trumps in his pockets. There's no particularity in his words, but it looks like he wants to sue Scooter and get the rights for Nessaja or even for something else. All we can do is watch how the events will develop. I want you to be sure, that all the news you'll find at

Scooter @ Super DiskotEka 2011? 21.01.2011

There are rumors that appeared on the Net, which tell that Scooter will perform at Super DiskotEka festival in Moscow on 12'th of March, 2011 at 'Olympiyskiy' arena. Besides Scooter there will be such artists as 2Unlimited, Rednex and Sash!. To be honest, I don't know what I suppose to do be happy that Scooter will be back in Russia for Super DiskotEka or be sad about it. Because last time at Super DiskotEka our guys didn't played live (it was a playback) and also the selection of the songs was too predictable. It will be much better for all the fans if Scooter will come to Russia with solo concerts.

The Best Of Celebrate The Nun WEB-release 17.01.2011

I've got some good news for every Celebrate The Nun fan. The Best Of Celebrate The Nun WEB-release (that means only digital download) will be available on 4'th of February via A45 Germany label. You will be able to buy the release in MP3 192kbps, MP3 320kbps or WAV format. You can check the tracklist of the release as well as an additional info here.

An interesting inerview 17.01.2011

There is a new interesting interview in German press, in which H.P Baxxter is being interviewed by an artist Albert Oehlen. Unfortunately, the interview is in German, and I can't provide you with it's complete translation. But I'll try to sum up the most interesting highlights. Answering the question about Scooter's 'stealing' other people's music, H.P said something like: Ha! Do they call using the same bassline a felony? I think that the buzz is about us borrowing melodies and harmonies. But if someone starts seriously judging us for a 'stolen' melody, I always think: Oh, come on! You have stolen it from someone yourself!. It is already impossible to create something original or new. Also we have a kind of motto transforming the tunes. We use someone else's ideas rearranging them for Scooter

Also H.P. said something interesting about new Scooter tracks: Recently we got rid of all our old instruments and bought a new sequencer. We were very familiar with our old instruments and knew we could not fail with it, and now, with our new instruments we are stepping on an unknown terrain. You cannot just do what you do and be satisfied. You can't make a new hit, using the same instrumental as in the previous one and adding another melody. It is because of that that one loses a habit of creation of new music, as time goes by. You must try new things all the time and keep evolutionating. Recently I visited Ibiza, after a long while of not visiting it and was surprised by the way the music has changed. New styles and influences appear, and, if you really want to keep up with the time, you must try new things and get as much as you can out of it. If you don't do this you are out. If you are doing it, but you are too late you are out

As I learned English and not German at school, my translation is quite basic. Anyway, you can make your own conclusions. What can we expect from the new Scooter album? This is yet a secret. We can just cross our fingers and wait. By the way, those of you that know German can find the complete text of the interview and find out lots of interesting things here.

The Creator Agency 13.01.2011

Kontor Records, Scooter and the founders of CT Creative Talent announce the founding of a new booking agency called The Creator Agency GmbH. The shareholders will be: Kontor Records, the managing director of Kontor Records Jens Thele, Carlos Fleischmann and Philipp Styra from CT Creative Talent, Scooter leading man H.P. Baxxter and also George Angelopoulos, who worked as International Manager of Boese & Friends recently. Angelopoulos and Fleischmann will be managing directors of The Creator Agency. Headquarters are in Hamburg and Berlin.

The Creator Agency will be the first to book DJ artists from Kontor and other famous international DJ's, and take care of the global exposure of Scooter to the foreign markets. These international bookings of H.P. Baxxter and Co. will be personally made by Georgios Angelopoulos. The booking of the regular Scooter tours will still be made through Creative Talent.

Shareholder Jens Thele says: I am delighted to take part in this organizing event of the Club / Dance / Electronic genre. I am certain we will soon be as succesfull with Creative Talent as we are with Kontor Records

Carlos Fleischmann, the manager of Creative Talent and The Creator Agency, said: After the very good and long-term relationship with Scooter and team Thele in the tour area, the foundation of the Creator Agency GmbH is a logical consequence to remain succesfull. Kontor Records has an inexhaustible repertoire of DJ's that we will work together with and will do the booking for. In addition, Scooter, next to Rammstein and the Scorpions one of the few 'big' musical German export goods. This is what we want to use further and extend

Happy New Year, Posse! Happy Birthday, Rick! 01.01.2011

Dear friends! Congratulations! The New, 2011'th year is here. And a new decade has started. My best wishes for you and your families and friends. I hope that every one of you remembers that today, on the 1'st of January the irreplaceable, the one and only Rick Jordan celebrates his birthday. So, I would like to congratulate him, as a person and as an artist that forms part of our favorite band, and, wish him health, constant personal growth and lots of successful and energetic years ahead. Happy birthday, Rick.

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