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news [2010-2] the sum of 2010 24.12.2010

Well, as the 2010 is coming to an end, we can sum it up. Let's be sincere: this year was not full of special events that had to do with Scooter. But still there are some things worth pointing out. First of all Stuck On Replay became an official anthem of World Hockey Championship that was held in Germany. Secondly, Scooter had a concert in Moscow that was very important for us, the Russian Scooter fans. My colleagues and I had a chance of making an interview with the guys right at their hotel room. On the third place, Jumping All Over The World gained a multi-platinum status in Europe while Under The Radar Over The Top became golden. What else? The guys announced a concert that may become the greatest one in the band's history and named it The Stadium Techno Inferno. The concert is scheduled to the summer of 2011, so the guys would sell as many tickets as they can. The show will take place at Imtech Arena stadium (Hamburg), that is capable to receive over 57000 persons. Also, Scooter Planet celebrated it's 10'th anniversary, and Scooter received a VIVA Comet Platinum Award, as the most rated band according to VIVA TV channel. And in the late November Scooter returned to Russia as one of the the Super DiskotEka festival headliners. That is what the 2010 was for Scooter, the Scooter Planet web-site, for me in particular and for all of you, friends! I can only add that yesterday my web-site was the winner in Online Miracle category (in a sort of a contest held by the Official Scooter forum members). Quite a nice finish for this year, I guess. Today the Catholics of the world celebrate Christmas, so I would like to congratulate everyone who celebrates this day. The New Year is just around the corner, and it's time to make wishes. Don't forget to make a good wish for Scooter, too.

Stuff The Turkey X-Mas Tour photos 20.12.2010

The Official Scooter Site was updated with a new photo gallery dedicated to the concerts of Stuff The Turkey X-Mas Tour. The photos are really good and interesting. They represent the concerts atmosphere very well. So, I really recommend to all the Scooter fans to watch these photos. You can do it right now, just follow this link.

Facebook update 05.12.2010

There's a new update at Scooter's official Facebook page:

Alright! From now on we will keep you up to date during the Stuff The Turkey X-Mas Tour! Every day there will be photos and some videos about the latest tour facts. Wicked

Right after this message appeared, the page was updated with a few photos from the backstage. So you can just navigate to this page and watch it. And don't forget to visit the official Scooter Facebook page during the Stuff The Turkey X-Mas tour and watch the new updates.

New Scooter interview digest 04.12.2010

A new interview with H.P. Baxxter appeared on the Internet. The interview was dedicated to Christmas concert tour Stuff The Turkey. H.P. did not say anything quite new in this interview, but there were some interesting questions and answers that I would like you to read. Also I would like to express my gratitude to Frontliner, who translated the interview from German into Russian.

Question: Will any new tracks be performed during Stuff The Turkey tour?
Answer: We are working on the new album right now, and hope it will be presented to the public next spring or early next summer. But, who knows? We can make an exception and perform something from the new album, just to see how it works live. One can't decline that the things might go that way.

Question: And then the critics will start growling at you again, saying that your music is nothing more than dance music.
Answer: I think that our music is a kind of collage or mosaic. We are making our tracks using the existing melodies, and get something absolutely new as a final result. For example, if you listen to The Logical Song from Supertramp, before Ramp (The Logical Song) from Scooter, you will undoubtedly recognize the melody, but anyway those tracks differ one from another on the whole. I know that not everyone can understand this, but I don't blame anyone for that, and I dont get offended if someone just doesn't get it.

Question: You started using Hip-Hop in you tracks a couple years ago, but did not use it ever since then.
Answer: Yes, we did that. But we are toying with styles all the time, uniting one thing with another to see what will happen. It was not easy to work with Hip-Hop, considering the rhythm of our music. We constantly have new ideas, and that does not depend on our mood or state of mind. Now we are working with Electro, and it was a spontaneous decision, as always.

Scooter at RPF radio station, no news about the new track 03.12.2010

Today the Scooter guys are invited to the Radio Planet Family radio station (Germany)! The show is called 100% Scooter and it will start at 20:00 (German time). I've asked one of the RPF's representatives, will there be an interview with Scooter, and he said that the interview is planned, but nobody knows what the radio DJ has prepared, actually. So, it will be a surprise. The interview will be probably in German language.

Update: there was NO interview with Scooter, it was just a show with many Scooter tracks played, nothing more.

The second message is not so pleasant. Many of us were thought that Scooter will perform a new track at their shows during the Stuff The Turkey X-Mas tour. Actually, the guys themselves were hinted about it in the news section of their official site some time ago. So, the first Stuff The Turkey concert is over and there was no new track performed. The only interesting fact about this concert is that the guys were played a special live version of Where The Beats again.

Win the tickets to The Stadium Techno Inferno! 02.12.2010

Here's a message from the Official Scooter Facebook page:

On December 3rd you will have the one and only chance to win a great scooter live package in Nokia's and OVI Music's Advent calendar. The package contains the "Scooter Live In Hamburg" DVD as well as two tickets for the sensational concert on June 25th, 2011 at the Imtech Arena in Hamburg. Give it a try and good luck on December 3rd

You can participate in a lottery following this link.

Attention! This lottery is available only for the people, living in Germany!

Scooter @ Super Diskoteka 28.11.2010

So, yersterday Scooter performed at Super DiskotEka show in Saint-Petersburg. The guys have played four tracks: Fire, How Much Is The Fish?, One (Always Hardcore) and Maria (I Like It Loud). You can see the pictures from the show here and you can also download the video rip of Scooters performance here. Enjoy!

Interview with H.P. Baxxter at Radio Record 26.11.2010

So, H.P. Baxxter was interviewed by Radio Record, one of the hosts of Super DiskotEka event (the one that is scheduled for tomorrow and will be aired by MTV Russia).The interview was rather entertaining than filled with information. There were a lot of giggly moments. For instance, H.P. had to answer the How much is the fish? question once again. He invents a different answer to this question each time he hears it. This time he made up a new answer, too. There is absolutely no sense of posting the text the interview, for, as I said, there were no questions about new Scooter album or single. But you can just watch the interview, which I managed to grab especially for you (I must confess that I had to overcome certain difficulties in the process). Follow this link and enjoy!

Scooter will be at Radio Record studio tomorrow! 25.11.2010

Scooter will be at the Radio Record studio in Saint-Petersburg tomorrow from 19:00 till 22:00 (Msk and Spb time)! There will be a radio show dedicated to Super DiskotEka event, that will take place in Saint Petersburg's SKK at 27'th of November. It seems that tomorrow at 19:00 (Msk and Spb time) there will be a video translation of interview with Scooter at Radio Record's official site! Don't miss it!

The Stadium Techno Inferno official poster revealed 22.11.2010

The official concert poster of The Stadium Techno Inferno revealed on the web. You can see it on the left. Click on the picture to enlarge it. It looks really awesome and aggressive! The Stadium Techno Inferno concert will be the biggest show in Scooter's history! It will take place in June, 25 (2011) at Hamburg's Imtech Arena, which capacity is 57274 people.

The precise airing time of Super DiskotEka 16.11.2010

Dear Russian Posse! I would like to make some corrections to the previous news about the Super DiskotEka time, that will be aired on the 27'th of November on MTV Russia. The airing will start at 21:00 (Msk time) and not at 19:00 as it was said earlier. Vassily Strelnikov, Anton Kamolov and Tutta Larssen will be hosting the show. There will be many Russian pop stars at the show (those whose popularity reached its peak at the 90s) and international celebrities such as Scooter and Klubbheads.

Super DiscotEka live broadcasting at MTV Russia 06.11.2010

Great news for all Russian Posse, who will not able to go to Super DiscotEka show, that will take place in Saint Petersburg's SKK at 27'th of November, where our beloved Scooter guys will perform as a headliners! Today it came to my attention, that the show will be broadcasted LIVE at MTV Russia at 27'th of November at 19:00! So, Posse, don't miss it! Super DiscotEka is presented for you by MTV Russia and Radio Record.

Scooter official Facebook page update 05.11.2010

Finally we've got the news update right from the guys! They've updated their Facebook page with the following message:

Now, as the days get shorter and darker, Scooter have locked themselves up in their studio to create a new album.

The guys are working hard to record the brand new material, which you will be able listen to on the next studio album ...which will be released in Spring 2011.

For all who cannot wait to hear the new stuff, the upcoming tour is warmly recommended.

Tickets are to be found by clicking on this link

So it seems that the new track (or even tracks) will be performed by Scooter at the forthcoming live tour Stuff The Turkey!

Some details about the new album 07.10.2010

A few days ago Scooter performed live in Sofia, a capital of Bulgaria. Local journalists made an interview with Rick J Jordan an hour before the concert. Rick has answered some questions and revealed some new information about the next album. He said that the work on the album is in progress now, but it's just started (not so long ago). The guys are collecting the ideas and experimenting with the music styles at the moment, trying to find the right sound for their new album. This album will differ from previous releases very much. Of course the energy typical for Scooter will remain, but the sound will be kind of new. It will be inspired by such styles as Electro and Progressive. The whole interview (in Bulgarian) you can read here.

Clubland Live 4 is cancelled 06.10.2010

Here's the statement from the Clubland Live official site:

Due to unforeseen circumstances the Clubland Live 4 tour scheduled for October 2010 has been cancelled.

Full and immediate refunds for tickets purchased are available from the point of sale.

The promoters SJM Concerts and all of us here at Clubland would like to pass on our profound apologies for any disappointment and inconvenience this may cause

It's really sad, that British fans will not see Scooter performance in the near future. But we're happy for the German fans, because they will be able to go to one of UTROTT Stuff The Turkey X-mas Tour shows in the end of the year! Here's the official teaser of this tour.

Rumor confirmation 03.10.2010

There was an information that came from CHRISTIAN from the Official Scooter Forum, that the new album by our favorite band will be out in March, 2011. CHRISTIAN has read it in Austrian newspaper. Now this information is confirmed by a Russian Scooter Posse from Scooter Planet forum. His nickname is Alighni. He searched the Internet and found the Austrian web-site with this article published! You can read it here. So the rumor is now confirmed! The new Scooter album will be released in March, 2011!

Happy birthday, Ferris! 29.09.2010

Today is a birthday of Ferris Bueller, the ex-member of Scooter. He turns 39 today. I would like to congratulate Ferris and wish him all the best! We, Scooter fans, are proud that Ferris is a part of Scooter history and a very talented musician and good person! And we are waiting for the new solo musical works from him! Happy birthday, Ferris!

The new Scooter album will be released in March! 29.09.2010

CHRISTIAN, a member of the Official Scooter Forum is now in Vienna, where she went for a Scooter concert. She said, that she read in a local newspaper that the new Scooter album will be released in March, 2011! When CHRISTIAN will get back home from the concert, she will post the scan of this article at her site as a proof. But I think that we have no reasons to not believe her. Finally the information vacuum has burst and we're getting more and more fresh news about Scooter!

Concerts cancellation 29.09.2010

As you may know, there are many Scooter concerts, that were cancelled last days. The fans were really disappointed and there was a lot of discussion at the Official Forum about it. Finally we have an official statement from the Official Site:

Because of the cancellation of the concert in Klagenfurt (financial arrangements of the local organizers were not observed), the Austrian tour operator, unfortunately, was forced to cancel the concerts in Salzburg and Imst, too. Vienna is not affected and will take place. The band regrets these cancellations very much and is looking forward to the concert in Vienna

Scooter at Super DiscotEka, a concert in Russia in 2011? 12.09.2010

Leeroy from Scooter Planet Forum reports, that he talked with a Radio Record promoter, and he said that Scooter will perform at least one hour or even more at Super DiscotEka, that will take place in Saint-Petersburg's SKK on November, 27. By the way, Super DiscotEka will be broadcasted at MTV Russia! Also he said, that Scooter have signed a contract with Radio Record and maybe (just maybe!) Scooter will come to Russia in 2011 to perform some live concerts and promote their new album.

The Scooter guys are back in their studio 14.09.2010

Finally, the Official Site was updated with some news! Here it is:

Scooter slowly but surely are back from their well-deserved summer vacation. After H.P. was seen on 'Inas Nacht' on german television last week, the boys are now back in their studio to record the next album. In addition to studio work there are also some interviews scheduled before they go on tour again at the end of the month. Keep eyes and ears open, because you will see and hear more from Scooter in the near future

Super DiscotEka 16.09.2010

The billboards with Super DiscotEka ads appeared in Saint Petersburg. There's a photoshopped H.P. Baxxter's photo on it. Super DiscotEka is a Dance event prepared by Russian MTV, that will take place in Saint-Petersburg on 27 of November. It will not be a Scooter solo concert, but a festival of popular Dance acts including Scooter.

The new Scooter medley and not only! 10.09.2010

I know, we are all so tired to wait for some news about the new Scooter album. Today I will not tell you anything new about the album (sadly), but I've got another interesting news!

First of all, a few days ago Scooter was at the pyro-show in Berlin dedicated to the opening of IFA 50. The guys performed a new medley! All the tracks were old, but they all were re-arranged! The symphonic orchestra sounds were added as well as some new musical parts! For example the absolutely new Trance melody in Jigga Jigga!. Well, it's better to see and listen then read it for the hundred times! So, check this link, guys and gals! But I must warn you, that the audio quality of the video is not very good, because the fireworks sounds are too loud. It's not too easy to hear the re-arrange tracks, so make the volume louder. Maybe the guys finally paid attention to what their fans told them on various occasions earlier on, and decided to release an album of remade tracks of their own? Or maybe they are just preparing the new program for their Stuff The Turkey Christmas tour or possibly even for The Stadium Techno Inferno 2011?

And here is another news. Yesterday, on the 9'th of September, H.P. Baxxter participated in Ina's Nacht teleshow at the German ARD TV Chanel. You can watch and listen to H.P. performing Billly Idol's song White Wedding here. Also you can watch the whole show here.

The new remix for Stuck On Replay 20.08.2010

The new compilation called Hardcore Till I Die vol. 3 is going to be released on 6'th of September. And there will be a new remix of Scooter's Stuck On Replay on this compilation. This remix is done by the Klubfiller project, so we can expect a UK Hardcore sound it it. You can pre-order the Hardcore Till I Die vol. 3 compilation here.

Scooter's endless summer 13.08.2010

Here's the news from the Official Scooter site:

Dear Scooter fans,

we hope you are enjoying your summer as much as Scooter are. Scooter are relaxing on their summer holidays before the tour continues on September 24th in Oulou, Finland. They will go back in the studio after summer to prepare the tour for you. Enjoy the summer, wicked!

So no ANY word about the new album again. That's strange, because not so long ago H.P. said in interview, that the guys are already working hard on a new material.

The new win again! 07.08.2010

Some days ago I've posted the news about Scooter participating in a VIVA Poland voting for the best dance artists. The applicants were Tiësto and Basshunter. Now I can tell you, that the voting is over and Scooter won it! Here's the proof. Congratulations to the band! Today Scooter are invited to the VIVA Poland tv show. I really hope that we will be able to see the record of the show later on YouTube.

The Scooter guys are working on a new album 05.08.2010

There's a new interview with H.P. Baxxter, that was published at the Slovakian radio station Europa 2 web-site. You can listen to it here: part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4. This interview is not so informative, but H.P. said, that the work on a new Scooter album is in progress! And the new album will NOT be a jumpstyle or hardstyle-oriented, it will be something different again. There are no new finished tracks yet, but the studio work is on fire. H.P. Baxxter said, that we can expect more information about the new album in autumn.

No news is good news? 03.08.2010

As I already mentioned there is almost no news about Scooter recently. You might think that I am too lazy to update Scooter Planet with fresh news. Don't. That's not true. It is just that there is really no real news about Scooter. That is why I decided to collect those small bits of news that managed to appear online recently.

Scooter made it to the Top Ten of the most downloadable dance projects, leaving behind such artists as The Chemical Brothers, Calvin Harris and Faithless. Scooter is the seventh in the Top Ten. The first six are: Davig Guetta, Cascada, La Roux, Ministry Of Sound (it's a label, not an artist), Basshunter and Tiësto. I think we can congratulate Scooter with this new achievement.

VIVA Poland is hosting the voting for the best electronic music artists. The applicants are Tiësto, Basshunter and Scooter. You can vote for your favorite band here.

And the last (but not the least) news for the Russian Scooter fans! As you already know, all the new Scooter releases in Russia are printed under the Kontora Records, a part of Gala Records franchise. There was a press-conference not so long ago. And during that conference it was told that DVD and Blu-Ray of Live In Hamburg were released in Russia in June. But that is not the most important. While talking about the release of Live In Hamburg, the representatives of the record company also said, literally, the following: We hope that this show will be seen in Moscow this fall!. It is hard to say what exactly did they mean by that, but, being a real Scooter fan, I personally hope that it was an indirect hint for the fans, which meant that the guys could have perform one or various concert in Moscow this fall!

Warning! Virus alert! 26.07.2010

Dear friends! Yesterday my site Scooter Planet was attacked by hackers and the main page was infected with some viruses and trojans! I tried to solve the problem by myself and the administration of my hosting provider, and today we finally cleared the site! If you was at Scooter Planet yesterday and your antivirus was silent and didn't stopped some viruses, please be sure that you have the latest antivirus update and check your system for viruses! I'm really sorry about this situation and I promise that I'll do all that I can to prevent the virus attacks in the future.

Back in the UK! 30.06.2010

There was no Scooter news for a long time now and this is not really unexpectable, because the summer season is always very avaricious for the news. That's why every little piece of new information is very valuable. So, today I want to inform you about Scooter's return in the UK! In October our favorite band will perform at Clubland Live 4 festivals in slight English cities. Scooter will be a part of a big show created by many artists, such as Tinchy Stryder, Ultrabeat, Italobrothers, Roll Deep, N-Force, Aggro Santos, Friday Night Posse, Dougal & Gammer, Alex K, MC's Domino & Whizzkid. Here's the schedule of the forthcoming concerts:

Mon 25th October - Belfast (Odyssey Arena)
Tue 26th October - Birmingham (NIA)
Thur 28th October - Glasgow (SECC)
Fri 29th October - Newcastle (Metro Radio Arena)
Sat 30th October - Manchester (MEN Arena)

The tickets will be on sale from the 2'nd of July.

The best German pop song web voting 03.06.2010

The German TV-channel NDR is hosting a web voting for the best and most popular German music tracks. And Scooter's Nessaja is in the list! If you want to vote for our favorite band, follow this link, select Nessaja in the list and press the Abstimmen button at the bottom. Will Scooter become a number one again? It's all up to you!

Spiegel article about H.P. Baxxter 01.06.2010

Here's the article from the about H.P. Baxxter. You can call it questionnaire, if you want ;)

H.P. Baxxter does not need too much lyrics to catapult his songs to the top of every chart. A couple of lines is more than enough for that. In the school Spiegel-question-formular the techno MC tells, how he almost became a dentist, and why does he describe himself as wicked!

1. H.P. is a techno MC because he is a better MC than a singer, and also because MC-ing forms a part typical Scooter sound, and because there are no opponents / concurrence.

2. If he wouldn't have become a techno MC, he would have tried some luck as a singer, or he would have made a career as dentist career.

3. In school passed most of his time writing texts for his school band Century, or daydreaming about the Fender Stratocaster. That is why he made 2 honorable rounds.

4. His classmates liked him very much, because before they could get on each other nerves, he was already gone.

5. When H.P. was 17 he would dream and see himself as a re-incarnation of Ritchie Blackmore, and he frequently dreamed of how he would reunite Deep Purple band . But a little while later (when he was 18) Depeche Mode 'entered' his life, and all he wanted was to become a famous singer, just as famous as Dave Gahan was.

6. He knew that he wanted to become Techno MC when he was infected by the rave-virus, and when the attempt to get successful career with the band CTN didn't work out.

7. H.P. was never too lazy to clean the studio aquarium. But he would never want to iron anything.

8. H.P. gets upset about the fact that the regulatory and prohibition delusion of the government slowly takes on grotesque forms and the really important things are flogged to death on an amateurish way only. Furthermore, the media brainwashing of the people nears the limit of endurance.

9. The decisive moment in his career was... Hyper Hyper!

10. H.P. Baxxter would like to be for a day... boss at Jaguar and would immediately build the E-Type again.

11. The best day of his life was... when Scooter got the number one in the UK album charts. But in the private life there have been several such days.

12. His biggest mistake was that he had chosen Latin instead of French in school.

13. H.P. considers himself wicked.

14. H.P. wishes to the next H.P. Baxxter... that he will address some things a little more relaxed and that he will not always strive for perfection.

15. When he could live his life over again, then... he would do all the same again like he did in his life, unfortunately, probably also he would make the same faults again

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