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Scooter won the VIVA Comet Platinum award! 22.05.2010

Now what a great news again! Scooter won the VIVA Comet Platinum award! This special prize for the most aired band on VIVA was handed over to the band in Oberhausen tonight. This is a great achievement for Scooter and one more award in their pocket! And again it's a great occasion to congratulate our favorite band and all the Scooter fans all around the world!

CD - number 14, DVD - number 1! 20.05.2010

Great news for Scooter and all the fans! The Live in Hamburg CD reached number 14 in the official German album charts! This result is pretty good! But the most exciting thing is that the Live in Hamburg DVD reached the number 1 position in German DVD Media Control charts! This is just an outstanding result! I want to congratulate Scooter and all their fans with such a great achievements! This is really over the top!

Scooter Russian Replay 19.05.2010

I already wrote that Scooter signed a contract with Russian label Gala Records, when the guys was in Moscow in March. And now the first Scooter release under Gala Records and SOYUZ labels is released! And we can call this release a Russian Exclusive, because it is for Russia only. It's called Russian Replay.

01. Stuck On Replay - new song 2010
02. Hyper Hyper 1995
03. Move Your Ass 1995
04. Back In The UK 1996
05. Fire 1997
06. How Much Is The Fish? 1998
07. I Was Made For Lovin' You 1998
08. Fuck The Millenium 1999
09. I'm Your Pusher 2000
10. Posse (I Need You On The Floor) 2001
11. Aiii Shot The DJ 2001
12. Weekend 2003
13. Maria (I Like It Loud) 2003
14. Hello! (Good To Be Back) 2005
15. Jumping All Over The World 2007
16. J'adore Hardcore 2009
17. The Sound Above My Hair 2009

Scooter Planet's 10th Anniversary! 13.05.2010

There have been too many news about Scooter lately and I was very busy adding it to the site, that is why I missed a very important date! The 23rd of April was Scooter Planet's tenth birthday! The first news article appeared on the webpage exactly at 23rd of April of 2000. The site had hard times, when due to financial and other reasons it has been shut down for three years, but during all that time I kept thinking about its comeback. It has been almost two years since the web's rebirth and I am really happy that many of the site's old friends and frequent visitors keep visiting it and helping the web (and me) in so many ways. Thank you all!

Scooter WM Package (Special Limited Edition) 12.05.2010

It came to our attention that a special release named WM Package (Special Limited Edition) is being sold at the World Hockey Championship that takes place in Germany. The release consists of two discs: the first one is Under The Radar Over The Top album and the second one is the mini-single Stuck on Replay that includes Radio Edit and The Club Mix. As far as I understood this package can only be bought during the World Championship, and the quantity of the issues is very limited. I really appreciate the photos of the front cover and the back side of the release, submitted by the user Dimka™. Thanks to him you can have an idea about how the cover and the back side of the package look like.

The New Year with Scooter and more... more Scooter! 10.05.2010

It looks like the Scooter guys are so inspired by the massive success of their tour Under The Radar Over The Top, are not going to stop here. The huge concerts that will take place at the end of 2010 and even in summer of 2011 are already being announced!

Christmas Scooter Tour, that will be called Under The Radar Over The Top Stuff The Turkey X-mas Tour will last from the 2nd to the 12'th of December. During the tour Scooter will visit various German towns (you can see the tour schedule below). By the way, some 'special guests' are going to take part in the concerts. It is still unknown, who those special guests are.

And on June 25'th of 2011 Scooter will be giving the biggest concert in the band's history. It will be held at Imtech Arena in Hamburg and will have a very scary name The Stadium Techno Inferno. Considering that the stadium has the capacity of 57274 persons, the show will be really massive! This concert will also have special guests, whose names are not yet revealed.

Concerts Schedule:

Stuff The Turkey X-mas Tour 2010
02.12.2010 Rostock Stadthalle
03.12.2010 Dresden Messehalle
04.12.2010 Erfurt Messehalle
06.12.2010 Wiesbaden Rhein Main Halle
07.12.2010 Bremen Pier 2
08.12.2010 Dortmund Westfalenhalle
10.12.2010 Regensburg Donau-Arena
11.12.2010 Stuttgart Schleyerhalle
12.12.2010 Freiburg Rothaus Arena

The Stadium Techno Inferno
25.06.2011 Hamburg Imtech Arena

IIHF's World Cup 2010 opening 08.05.2010

So, the grand opening of IIHF's World Cup 2010 wasn't showed at TV, but at least we were able to hear Ti Sento playing every time after the German national team scored. By the way, congratulations to this team with their first win :) But what about Scooter's performance at the opening? For the moment you can watch only the videos made by the visitors of the first World Cup match (for example here or here). If I'll find a better video, I'll post it on the site.

May, the 7'th 07.05.2010

Today is the 7'th of May. Yeah, it's Friday, I know :) But that's not all! The new Scooter Live CD, DVD and Blu-Ray called Live in Hamburg are out today! Some German fans are already got these releases. Check these pics: 1, 2.

Also don't forget, that today will be the IIHF's World Cup Championship 2010 opening! Scooter will perform there. I really hope to see this performance today on TV.

H.P. at Raus auf die Straße 01.05.2010

Today H.P. Baxxter from Scooter will be a guest in a German TV program called Raus auf die Straße (Out to the Streets) at VOX channel. Along with another celebrities such as Xavier Naidoo and Marusha, he will talk about today's youth protest culture. Hope we'll get the video or text decryption soon.

Live in Hamburg ad 30.04.2010

The video ad of Live in Hamburg CD, DVD and Blu-Ray has appeared on the Net. You can watch it here. The ad is nicely done and really representing the quality of the forthcoming product. I don't know about you, but I can't wait for the 7'th of May, when this release will finally come out! Don't forget that you can pre-order the CD, DVD and Blu-Ray of Live in Hamburg here, here and here.

Scooter Live in Hamburg WEB version 24.04.2010

Today the tracklist of Live in Hamburg WEB version was announced! You can pre-order this release and listen to the sound samples of all tracks here. You will be able to buy this release in MP3 (192kbps or 320kbps), MP4, WAV or even FLAC formats! So you really can get the highest quality. Here's the tracklist:

01. Intro / J'adore Hardcore
02. Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
03. The Sound Above My Hair
04. Stuck On Replay
05 Jumping AllOver The World
06. The Question Is What Is The Question?
07. Second Skin
08. Clic Clac / Scarborough Reloaded
09. Fire
10. Fuck The Millenium / Call Me Manana
11. Weekend!
12. Bit a Bad Boy
13. One (Always Hardcore)
14. Ti Sento
15. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
16. Nessaja
17. How Much Is The Fish?
18. Maria (I Like It Loud)
19. Endless Summer / Hyper Hyper / Move Your Ass!

Live in Hamburg CD tracklist 22.04.2010

I've already posted the official tracklist of Live in Hamburg DVD and Blu-Ray and now it's time for the Audio CD. The tracklist of it has appeared at You can see it below. So, now we know, what tracks was removed to make it fit on one CD: Clic Clac / Scarborough Reloaded, Fire and Fuck The Millenium / Call Me Manana.

01. Intro / J'adore Hardcore
02. Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
03. The Sound Above My Hair
04. Stuck On Replay
05. Jumping All Over The World
06. The Question Is What Is The Question?
07. Second Skin
08. Weekend!
09. Bit A Bad Boy
10. One (Always Hardcore)
11. Ti Sento
12. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
13. Nessaja
14. How Much Is The Fish?
15. Maria (I Like It Loud)
16. Endless Summer / Hyper Hyper / Move Your Ass!

Section 1 Russia! (Where R U?) teaser 20.04.2010

Now I've got the information that is not really connected to Scooter, but it is close to them. The guys from Czech-Slovak music project called Section 1, which posing themselves as a Scooter-style continuers, has finished their new single Russia! (Where R U?). This release will be available to buy in many online music shops soon. And now you can watch the promoting teaser.

Updated covers of Live in Hamburg 19.04.2010

The updated covers of Live in Hamburg CD, DVD and Blu-Ray was uploaded at Now they are looking a little bit different. The position of H.P. on the covers has been changed, the barcode has disappeared. You can look at the new version of CD, DVD and Blu-Ray covers here, here and here.

Live in Hamburg trackisting 16.04.2010

The full tracklist of Live in Hamburg CD, DVD and Blu-Ray was annonced today. You can see it below. Also the Blu-Ray version of this release will include all Scooter video clips as a bonus. Don't forget, that the relese date of Live in Hamburg is 07.05.2010.

01. Intro
02. J'adore Hardcore
03. Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
04. The Sound Above My Hair
05. Stuck On Replay
06. Jumping All Over The World
07. The Question Is What Is The Question?
08. Second Skin
09. Clic Clac / Scarborough Reloaded
10. Fire
11. Fuck The Millennium / Call Me Manana
12. Weekend!
13. Bit A Bad Boy
14. One (Always Hardcore)
15. Ti Sento
16. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
17. Nessaja
18. How Much Is The Fish?
19. Maria (I Like It Loud)
20. Endless Summer / Move Your Ass! / Hyper Hyper

Will Scooter perform in Saint Petersburg? 15.04.2010

According to the Official Site, Scooter will perform live in Saint Petersburg on 27'th of November at SKK Arena (a 25000 venue) during the MTV Show. There's absolutely no information about the show for now, but I can predict that it will be a MTV Russia Music Awards. When I'll get more information about the show, I'll post it on the site.

H.P. will be the representive for the IIHF's WC 2010 07.04.2010

News from the Official Site: Scooter has been promoting the official 2010 IIHF World Cup song Stuck On Replay for weeks now, by constantly playing it on their live-tour. Now Scooter's frontman H.P. Baxxter officially got honored for his commitment and was named official representative for the 2010 International Ice Hockey Championship.

Scooter Live in Hamburg 2010 covers 06.04.2010

The covers of Scooter's new Live CD / DVD / Blu-Ray is now available on the Net! They are looking very nice and kindda aggressive. I really like it. You can see the cover of CD here, the cover of DVD here and the cover of Blu-Ray here. Hope youll enjoy it as much as I did. And don't forget that Live In Hamburg 2010 will be out on 7'th of May.

The new Live CD, DVD and Blu-Ray OFFICIALLY! 30.03.2010

Now this is official. The new Live CD, Live DVD and Live Blu-Ray of Scooter concert in Hamburg will be released on 7'th of May! This is already great news! Finally Scooter will release a Blu-Ray version of the concert! But that's not all! The price of these new Scooter released is cheap! The Live CD will cost only 8,99 Euros, the DVD will cost 7,99 Euros (even cheaper than the CD) and the Blu-Ray version will cost only 14,99 Euros! This is absolutely stunnung news! You can pre-order these releases right now!

Pre-order the CD 'Scooter Live in Hamburg 2010' (8,99 Euros)
Pre-order the DVD 'Scooter Live in Hamburg 2010' (7,99 Euros)
Pre-order the Blu-Ray 'Scooter Live in Hamburg 2010' (14,99 Euros)

Russian Posse interview with Scooter in Moscow 30.03.2010

Finally we managed to decrypt the audio file with our interview that we did in Scooter's hotel room on 26.03.2010! The interview is short (we had just about 3 or 4 minutes for asking our questions and photographing), but it's really nice and informative! We hope that you'll enjoy it like we've enjoyed the talk with the guys!

RSP (Russian Scooter Posse): Hi, H.P., Rick and Michael! Nice to meet you!
Rick: Hello!
H.P. and Michael: Hi!

RSP: Happy birthday, H.P.! Here's a gift for you from Russian Posse!
H.P.: Hey, my birthday is over, ha-ha-ha!
RSP: Better late than never, you know!
(We're giving a handmade doll dressed in a sweater with a word 'Scooter' on it)
H.P.: Is this Jay?
(Everybody's laughing)
H.P.: Really looks like Jay.
RSP: Yeah, yeah, but you can call her Maria.
Michael: Where's her pussy?
(Everybody's laughing again)
H.P.: Michael, you're pervert!
(Laughing, laughing, laughing)

RSP: OK, guys, our first question. We heard that you've recorded the whole concert in Hamburg! Is that true?
Michael (laughing): I knew, that your first question will be about the DVD!
Rick: Yeah, we just started working on the sound mixing for this record and also on the video editing and I think it's going to be released in Germany
H.P.: In May!
RSP: And what about Blu-Ray version? Will it be released this time?
Rick: Well, I think this time it's going to be on a Blu-Ray too.

RSP: Our next question is about your next album. Will it be in a Jumpstyle, Hardstyle, or we can expect something new?
H.P.: Oh, we still don't know yet. We're going to start to work on a new material m-m-m-m I think next month.
RSP: Many people want Scooter to do more old school Hardcore and Rave stuff like Hyper Hyper, Move Your Ass. Can you see yourself as a real Hardcore producers in the future? Maybe something like Crank it Up? Something more underground?
H.P.: We like the hard stuff and we like Trance tunes. So it depends on ideas. Which ideas you have and how you feel. Our last albums was really harder than before. I'm sure we'll do this stuff again in a way, but maybe we'll try it in another style.
RSP: We heard many suggestions from the ravers who want you to re-release some of your old stuff like And The Beat Goes On! but in new version.
H.P.: OK
Rick: We sometimes do it live
H.P.: Yeah, live, we have some special versions.
Rick: I think it will make no sense to re-release them like BBE or Three Drives doing it with their tracks almost every year.
H.P.: But we could do something like a bonus remix album. That would be an idea. Yes, yes, maybe we'll do this.

RSP: Ratty's Sunrise (Here I Am) is still rather popular tune at Hard Dance events. Would you like to release something new under the Ratty alias?
Rick: Really? Do they still listen to Sunrise? I'm really glad then. Yes, we will try to please you with new Ratty stuff.

RSP: OK, thank you very much for the chat! It was very nice to meet you here, in Moscow!
H.P.: Thank you and see you at the concert!
Rick and Michael: Bye-bye!

Interview by: Hardskull, Iceman, Scar, Phantom, NRJ-Dimon
Text decrypted by Scar

Comet awards and Scooter interview for Europa Plus 29.03.2010

Now, after I've finished my report about the Scooter concert in Moscow, I will publish some more news. First of all, you can download the interview with Scooter at Europa Plus radio station directly from my site now. Here's the link. And here's the text version (thanx to Xer for the translation). You can watch the photos from the Europa Plus studio here.

H.P.: I went to a club named RAY (Heaven), had no sleep at all... and now came here.

They wanted to play Stuck On Replay, but didn't have the record, H.P. said he doesn't want to sing the HPV chorus because his voice is not so 'Mickey-mousy', instead they play How Much Is The Fish.

Moderator: Most bands are one hit wonders, or release an album every 5 years, did you think of making longer breaks between albums and make a huge comeback?

H.P.: Whenever you make break then you afraid it's over, I don't like when a band splits up and after few years make comeback, I rather like the tight schedule of albums, tours, etc...

Moderator: Maybe you can make special album for Russian fans, or instead of fire alarm sound we will buy the sample with H.P. shout 'FIRE'?

H.P.: No! You are crazy :-) I think the moderator wants to marry me, she stares at me...

Moderator: Scooter are too quiet, we need coffee, H.P. sounds really sleepy... what about Rick and Michael? Are you also tired?

Rick: I'm a bit less tired than H.P., as I have slept for 2 hours... vodka is vodka and a job is a job...

Moderator: Right on!

Michael: I'm still asleep...

Moderator: I hope they won't asleep during the concert, so we won't hear only flat-line beep-beep.

H.P.: Everybody said I was quiet but now I want to say something... Wicked!!!

Moderator: Scooter needs psychos in their concerts!

H.P.: Yes, I like crazy guys!

Moderator: H.P. is sure every women wants him.

H.P.: I don't understand well women, but I know they all want me, it is not my paranoid, it is for real. Yesterday in the club all the ladies were in my area.

Moderator: Maybe you should take condoms with you to the club?

H.P.: I don't have sex until I marry someone, ha-ha-ha!

Moderator: While we were in commercials break, H.P. told me he never celebrates his birthdays. I assumed it is because he is cheap, and H.P. agreed with me on this (laughing), also Rick and Michael don't celebrate birthdays for the same reason.

Moderator: Russian fans want something special for the concert.

H.P.: I will make special edition of my photos of me naked together with Scooter Hits CD, you can look photos at this site. Spasibo, bye bye!

And more news. Scooter's Ti Sento is nominated for the Comet Awards 2010 as a best party track! You can vote for Scooter here! Do it ;)

My report about Scooter concert in Moscow 29.03.2010

I finally finished by report about Scooter concert at Milk club in Moscow. You can find it at Interesting stuff section. I hope you gonna like it as well as the photos made my friend and fellow corresponder Crash. We did our best to make the report interesting and entertaining. Enjoy!

Interview with Scooter at Europa Plus radio station 26.03.2010

Tomorrow (27'th of March) at 10:00 AM (Msk time) there will be an interview with Scooter broadcasted at Europa Plus radio station. Don't miss it! I have the information, that Scooter signed a contract with Russian Gala Records label. So, I think all the details about this deal we will hear in tomorrow interview. And don't forget, that tomorrow is a great day for all Russian Scooter Posse, because our beloved band will play live in Moscow in the Milk Club!

The final line-up of Scooter concert in Moscow 24.03.2010

Today I've received the full line-up of Scooter concert that will take place in Milk Moscow club on 27'th of March. Dear European Posse! I really hope that some of you are planning to come in Moscow to the concert! I want to see you at the dancefloor! And now you can find the full line-up information right here:

20:00 Doors opening
22:30 - 23:45 DJ One Of The Best
00:00 - 01:30 Scooter
01:30 - 02:30 DJ FILLTER
03:30 - 04:30 Outlandich (4:30 - 5:30 summer time)
04:30 - 05:30 TECH DNM (5:30 - 6:30 summer time)

Short news 19.03.2010

The official Under The Radar Over The Top tour 2010 set-list is available on the Net! Thanx to N-Less. You can see this list by clicking on the small picture on the left. I think that we will hear all these tracks at the concert in Moscow at 27'th of March in the Milk club.

More news. Ex-Scooter members Axel Coon and Jay Frog are preparing their new remixes! Watch out for DJ Sequenza - Rhythm Of Love (Axel Coon remix) and The Disco Boys - For You (Jay Frog remix) in the near future!

Questions for Scooter 19.03.2010

Attention everyone! If you have any interesting questions for Scooter, send them to e-mail DJ Hooligan (webmaster of and me will recopilate the best questions and will ask them before the band starts it's Moscow concert!

No concert translation, sorry 16.03.2010

Forgive me for the disinformation, there was no translation of Scooter concert at Sunshine Live radio today. But I must say that the editors of Sunshine Live web-site must be a little more concentrate and post their information more carefully. Many peple in the world thought, that there will be a translation of Scooter concert today. Buy the way, I've listened to Sunshine Live a few minutes ago and the radio DJs talked about the possible release of Scooter's new Live CD and Live DVD. My German isn't that good, but I think I understand them correctly.

Oh, and one more interesting fact. The full and long version of Stuck On Replay (Club Mix) was broadcasted at Sunshine Live few minutes ago. This full version of the track was not released so far and maybe will never be released.

Scooter - Stuck On Replay (Live in Hamburg) 16.03.2010

There's a new official upload at Scooter's YouTube channel. It's a performance of Stuck On Replay recorded live at concert in Hamburg. You can watch it here. The recording is very professional, so I have a thought that maybe this video is a preview of the forthcoming DVD release of Scooter's live show in Hamburg. Who knows, maybe I'm right? Let's wait and see.

Today's UTROTT show will be broadcasted live! 16.03.2010

Maybe it sounds crazy, but it seems that the today's Scooter concert in Rastatt will be broadcasted live by the Sunshine Live radio! Everyone will be able to hear the concert using the live stream of Sunshine Live via Internet at 20:00 (German time)! Check this link for more information! And here you can listen the live-stream of Sunshine Live.

Happy birthday, H.P. Baxxter! 16.03.2010

Today is a birthday of our beloved MC Hans Peter Geerdes (the world knows him as H.P. Baxxter)! He is 44 today and I would like to congratulate him and wish him all the best! If you read this, H.P. Baxxter, I just wanna let you know, that Scooter has a lot fans all over the world who love the band and you personally! You're a sun beam in the dark world, you're the greatest and finest MC and no one can beat you! I wish you to stay who you are, enjoy your great career and keep rocking on the scene as long as possible! We love you!

The concert tracklist 12.03.2010

So, the first live show of Under The Radar Over The Top tour in Koln is over. One of the fans (his nickname is Pj Posse) posted the complete tracklist of the show! You can see it right here (not always in a right order):

- Intro (the melody from Halloween movie + Stealth)
- J'adore Hardcore
- Posse (I Need You On The Floor) (new version 2010)
- The Sound Above My Hair
- The Chaser / Jigga Jigga
- Where The Beats (with different chorus)
- Frequent Traveller
- Second Skin
- Fuck The Millenium / Call Me Manana
- Metropolis / Scarborough Reloaded
- Nessaja
- Weekend
- One (Always Hardcore)
- Maria (I Like It Loud)
- Bit a Bad Boy (with different chorus) / See Your Smile
- Ti Sento
- How Much Is The Fish?
- Fire
- Jumping All Over The World
- The Question Is What Is The Question
- Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
- Stuck On Replay (Club Mix and Radio Edit)
- Endless Summer (new version 2010) / Hyper Hyper (special version) / Move Your Ass (new hardstyle version 2010)

There was two shufflers (Pae and Sarah), two jumpers, fire and pyro, big displays.

The Official Hockey World Cup Edition 12.03.2010

It looks like there will be another 'new' web compilation by Scooter to be released on Nepith label (the same label that releasing Stuck On Replay single in USA). The new MP3 compilation is called The Official Hockey World Cup Edition and dedicated to IIHF's World Hockey Championship 2010, as you can guess. If you want it, you can pre-order it here. The release date is April, 19. Here's the tracklist:

01. Stuck On Replay (Radio Edit) 03:09
02. Nessaja 03:28
03. Ti Sento 03:55
04. Fire 03:30
05. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Radio Edit) 03:23
06. Metropolis (Official Opening Ceremony Anthem Of The 2010 IIHF World Championship, Germany) 04:09
07. The Sound Above My Hair (Radio Edit) 03:35
08. Maria (I Like It Loud) 03:39
10. How Much Is The Fish? 03:44
11. One (Always Hardcore) 03:49
12. P.U.C.K. 03:56

Scooter's video message to Moscow Posse! 11.03.2010

The guys from Scooter recorded a video message to Moscow Posse! They are inviting all the fans to the concert that will take place in the Milk club on 27'th of March! You can see the video here. If you will be in Moscow in the end of this month, you've got to go to the concert and see how the Russian Posse will rock the place! See you on the dancefloor, people!

Will Michael Simon stay with Scooter for another while? 10.03.2010

Anticipating a new Scooter concert that will soon take part In Moscow, a Russian web-site has published an interview with H.P. Baxxter. You can find it's full version here. And I'll just mention one interesting and very intriguing question that was asked during the interview. That question has always been very important for many Scooter fans, and this time it was not left unanswered! The question is about the band's third member, Michael Simon. All the Scooter fans know that every four years one of the band's members is replaced by another one, e.g.: Ferris was replaced by Axel, then Jay Frog came to take Axel's place, and afterwards Michael appeared as Jay Frog's successor. Four years have passed since then, and many Scooter fans started asking themselves whether Michael will also leave the band, and if he will, how soon will that happen. And now it looks like we finally know the answer to that question (all thanks to Here is an extract from the interview that confirms my words: How well did Michael Simon fit in the band, considering that he joined it not so long ago? It was in 2007 when he joined Scooter, wasn't it?

H.P. Baxxter: In 2006, to be more exact. He is with us for four years now - wow, that's quite while (laughing). Mike is a great guy, and a wonderful musician, it is so nice to work with him. By the way I think that there will be no replacements in the band for a long time, as I would like us to keep working exactly with Mike

So, this is how today's news look like. By the way, I highly recommend you to read the complete version of the interview (in Russian).

New versions of some old tracks for live performances 08.03.2010

There's a new article about Scooter that you can find in a new ussue of the German magazine called Update. You can find the online version of this magazine here (it's in German). This article is about Scooter's preparations for the Under The Radar Over The Top tour. And the main fact for all the fans is that Scooter will perform Fire during the tour as well the the new (!) version of Endless Summer and the special version of Hyper Hyper! This is really cool and interesting news for all the fans.

Stuck On Replay extended video 05.03.2010

The Extended version of Stuck On Replay video is now available at YouTube! You can watch it here. I must say, that I like this Extended Mix of Stuck On Replay much more than the Radio Edit. And also, as you can notice, the length of the extended video is 05:19, much longer than the Extended Mix at Stuck On Replay CDM! I hope that the full length Extended Mix (like in this new video) will get a release too!

Gold, Platinum! 28.02.2010

Good news for Scooter and their fans! Jumping All Over The World album became Multi-Platinum in Europe (more than 1500000 units sold)! But that's not all! Under The Radar Over The Top album already became Gold in Europe! There are more than 100000 units sold! Really great news! Personally I'm happy for Scooter. I've added this information to Scooter Planet's Wickedpedia too (only Russian version of this source is available). Scooter continues writing their great and successful history.

The longer samples of Stuck On Replay CDM 25.02.2010

Today I've found new and longer sound samples of Stuck On Replay single tracks. You can find them too, if you'll go at and type 'Stuck On Replay' in the 'Search' field. But for some countries (including Russia) Stuck On Replay release is blocked for now, so you'll may get no results for your search. Then just use these direct links:

01. Radio Edit
02. The Club Mix
03. Extended Version
04. P.U.C.K.
05. Ti Sento
06. Metropolis

Stuck On Replay CDM samples 26.02.2010

You can pre-order the Stuck On Replay single in this MP3 shop. Also you can listen to the samples of all the tracks from this new single! Click here! Also now we know the length of each track and I must say that I'm a bit disappointed about it. The Club Mix is only 03:24 long, Extended Mix is 03:47. And if you'll look carefully at the page with the sound samples you will see, that Ti Sento will be the official goal celebration melody at IIHF's World Championship 2010 and Metropilis will be the official track of World Championship opening! Sounds great, doesn't it? And what about P.U.C.K.? Well, it's hard to judge the track for now, because the sample is too short but I hope there will be a nice trancy melody in it. The 'cutted' vocal sounds nice and interesting. Waiting for the full version. Oh, and one last thing. The sample of the Club Mix sounds OK. It seems that the sound of main melody of the tune is a bit changed for the Club Mix. It sounds more trancy than in Radio Edit.

Stuck On Replay video 25.02.2010

The new Scooter's video Stuck On Replay is finally on the Net! You can watch it here or here! So what are you waiting for? The video looks almost the same as it did in a preview some months ago, but has a couple of new hockey scenes added. It's simple, but it looks OK. And of course it is good, that we can see not only H.P., but also Rick and Michael in this video. Oh yes, and the beautiful Giedre is included ;)

Stuck On Replay tracklist 25.02.2010

The tracklist of Stuck On Replay single was published at! I'm happy to announce it for you. Here's the track list of CDM:

01. Radio Edit
02. The Club Mix
03. Extended Version
04. P.U.C.K.
05. Ti Sento
06. Metropolis

And here's the tracklist of the two track version:

01. Radio Edit
02. The Club Mix

So, the new b-side is called P.U.C.K.. The hockey theme continues. Can't wait to hear this track! I hope it will be a banging tune! Also as you can see, Scooter included Ti Sento and Metropilis in the new single package. I think they want to increase their audience, because this new single will be bought not by the Scooter fans only, but by a hockey fans too. So Scooter wants to tease them with their different tunes. Clever choice. Today we will see the video of Stuck On Replay, so don't forget to visit Scooter Planet to see it first. And now I'm gonna watch the hockey match Russia vs. Canada! Go, Russia, go!

Stuck On Replay video premiere tomorrow! 24.02.2010

The new Scooter video Stuck On Replay will be premiered tomorrow (Thursday, 25) at MyVideo, YouTube and Clipfish web-sites! So, don't forget to visit Scooter Planet tomorrow to get your direct links to the video. Also it is confirmed that the TV premiere of Stuck On Replay will be on Friday at VIVA TV's VIVA Live show at 3 PM (CET). Don't miss it!

Stuck On Replay cover 22.02.2010

The official cover of the new Scooter single Stuck On Replay, that will be released on 12'th of March, appeared on the Net! You can see it on the left (click on the image to enlarge it). The cover uses the ice hockey theme, as predicted, because Stuck On Replay will be the official anthem of IIHF's World Championship 2010, if you remember. Right choice for a promotion. It seems that this time we will not only get a two track edition of the single, like it was with The Sound Above My Hair, but a normal CD Maxi too. That means that we, hopefully, will get a new b-side.

Tickets to the concert in Moscow 11.02.2010

The tickets to the Scooter concert in Moscow are already in stores! You can order them via (here's the direct link). There are tickets to the dancefloor, no information about the VIP area yet. The cost of the tickers is 1600 rubles (about 38). The concert will take place in the Moscow Milk Club on 27'th of March at 23:00 (Msk).

More news from IIHF 10.02.2010

The Official IIHF's Site reports, that not only Stuck On Replay will be the official anthem of World Hockey Championship 2010, but also other tracks from the Under The Radar Over The Top musical program. Scooter will feature the IIHF's World Championship during their tour Under The Radar Over The Top 2010 and Stuck On Replay will be integrated in Official World Championship site. And also a live performance of Scooter at the World Championship opening game in Gelsenkirchen is being planned.

Stuck On Replay is the official song of WHC'10! 09.02.2010

Scooter officially confirmed at their site that their new single Stuck On Replay will be the official song of IIHF's World Hockey Championship 2010! The guys just finished the new version of this track. You can check the short sample of this new version here. So, the ice hockey teams will be accompanied by the refrain "I got this feeling down deep in my soul that I just can't lose - Guess I'm on my way" to reach their goal. The release date of Stuck On Replay single is 12'th of March.

Will Scooter perform the WHC 2010's official song? 08.02.2010

Here's an article published at the official IIHF's (International Ice Hockey Federation) site:

'I don't participate in any speculations...' is a common saying among public people who want to say that they don't want to say anything. Finally here is a speculation that everybody can join in, namely in the frame of an online raffle on, the official website of the 2010 IIHF World Championship.

The question is...: Who is going to perform the "Official Song of the 2010 IIHF World Championship"?

In order to give some idea: over 25 million records world-wide sold, 23 Top Ten Hits, most successful German group of all times since introduction of the charts. Their sound hammers into the ear like a puck into the goal and the beat definitely gets every ice hockey arena dancing.
Prizes are World Championship Tickets and of course the latest album of the group to be guessed. Further information, tip form, prizes and raffle conditions can be found on

As you can guess the band mentioned above is our beloved Scooter. So it looks like one of Scooter's tracks will become the official song of IIHF's World Championship 2010, that will actually take place in Germany on from 7th to 23rd of May. It's yet unknown which composition will be chosen weather it will be an old track or a new one. So, I guess, for many of us watching of IIHF's World Championship 2010 will become a lot more interesting!

And some more news: it's announced that The Sound Above My Hair single will be released in Britain soon, but only as a WEB release.

Scooter live in Moscow?! 05.02.2010

Now this is what I call 'grrrreat news'! The Dates section of Scooter's official site was updated with new information. And there you can find this:

27.03.2010 - tba H -
Moscow Milk Club
Moscow Milk Club - Moscow, Russia

This is absolutely incredible news for all the Scooter fans in Russia! I really hope that this concert will really happen! And I think we'll get more information about this event! Stay tuned!

House Rockerz, Takomo Percussion and Scooter 25.01.2010

As soon as there is no interesting news about Scooter, I decided to share a couple of news items that are connected to the band in one or another way.

First of all, it has just come to our attention that House Rockerz DJ Team will be the warm-up band for Scooter during Under The Radar Over The Top Tour. It is easy to guess that those guys will probably play house music. This means that Scooter is still trying to draw their fans attention to such kind of music. First, there was Shake That! single and now we are almost used to getting house-versions of the single tracks instead of the much more preferable club mixes. As for me, I am not quite happy with the way the things are going. I don't really understand what sense does a house style warm-up event have for a Scooter concert. I hope that H.P., Rick and Michael will not decide to make a house-styled album in the near future!

The other piece of news features good-old Am Fenster track from Scooter. As you all know the track itself is a cover version of City songs. And now there is another remake for the same track, but the version of the track subdued for the remake, is the Scooter's one. The guys from Takomo Percussion have performed Scooter's version of Am Fenster, using live instruments. You can see their performance here. I enjoyed this video a lot. By the way the guys also performed such hits as Michael Jackson's Thriller and even Bongo Song from Safri Duo.

Scooter about UTROTT Tour 2010 11.01.2010

Here's the new video, in which the Scooter guys are talking about the forthcoming Under The Radar Over The Top tour. It's in German, but here's the translation:

Hello, people! As you see we are Scooter and we have met you 2 years ago in the Zitadelle Spandau in Berlin, but that show was nothing compared to what you all can expect in 2010 on the UTROTT tour trough Europe. This time well play in the Berlin Arena, and that show will be superior to any show you've ever seen before. We hope you all will come and take everyone you know with you, because we need 10.000 people, and that must be relatively easy. See ya! Wicked

Ferris' depressions 10.01.2010

The videomaterial published on website brought to our attention the fact that Ferris Bueller, who was a member of Scooter from 1994 till 1997, suffers from cronic depressions. It looks like the thing started long ago, when Ferris was the third member of Scooter. He suffered from depressions and that was why Rick, H.P. and Scooter's manager made a decision to terminate his contract. Since then (which means duiring more then ten years for now) Ferris falls into depression every now and then and he finds it very hard to cope with it. He claims that now only antidepressants help him, and that he had no opportunity to take them before. While Ferris was a member of Scooter, he had to put on a happy face, to interact with the press and the fans, and create an image of a happy guy, while he felt empty inside and all he really wanted was to be alone. He claimes that he could not handle his depression and felt like falling into a deep black hole. To tell the truth, I suspected it was something wrong with Ferris a while ago, because even on the modern photos he does not look too well for his age and looks older then H.P. and Rick, while he is younger than them. Ferris also said that a recen suicide of the famous german goalkeeper Robert Enke can make people look at those who suffer from cronic depressions in a different way. It looks like Ferris is having really hard times. We would like to wish him to experience more positive emotions this year. We are Scooter fans and as a conequence, Feris' fans, wish him all the best. Now, when we are aware of his depressions we are really worried about him.

The smart ones and the stupid ones 09.01.2010

I don't really know whom should I start with: the stupid or the smart ones. I'd rather start with the smart ones, it sounds more interesting. The first issue of the Pop Idol magazine was released in Ukraine. Scooter photo is on the cover of the magazine, and it also has a CD with 10 tracks from Under The Radar Over The Top album as a bonus. What a wonderful gift for the ukranian Scooter fans, and such a nice collector's item! I must admit that by releasing this magazine the ukrainians have done a great job, promoting Scooter in Ukraine.

And now it's time to talk about the stupid ones. There was some foolish guy, who decided to participate in one of the "Germany Has talent"-like programs, and performed One (Always Hardcore). His version came out so funny, and at the same time so disgusting, that no words can describe it properly. You should see it yourselves.

Happy birthday, Rick! 01.01.2010

Today, the 1'st of January, is the day our dearly beloved maestro Rick Jordan was born! We would like to congratulate Rick on such a special day and wish him a lot of happiness, good health and inspiration! We love you so much, Ricky. All the best for you and your family!

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