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Happy new year! 31.12.2009

I would like to send my most sincere congratulations to all the visitors of Scooter Planet website. I wish you and all your relatives and family members be happy and healthy! Also I want to wish all the best to Scooter! I hope that in 2010 they will release some new tracks and will come to Moscow with a live show! Happy New Year to all!

Scooter's Christmas message to the fans 25.12.2009

Here's a message from Scooter's official site:

Dear Scooter Fans.
Time for us to head off into the Christmas holidays and so we would like to wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and a wonderful start to the New Year (and decade). Enjoy the break and look forward to plenty of action in 2010, not least the Under The Radar Over The Top Tour

I wanna see you smile 15.12.2009

Click this link to see the video made at Radio Hamburg, while Scooter participated in on one of the radiostation's shows. The show's host was playing the guitar and singing softly the refrain of The Question Is What Is The Question track, while H.P. was shouting his lyrics into the megaphone. I recommend you to watch this video, as there is no 'real news' about Scooter at the moment.

New voting forms on the site 23.11.2009

I updated the voting field in the Discography section. First of all, I decided to null the results of the voting for the best Scooter album and add Under The Radar Over Top album to the voting list. So, let's vote once again, dear friends. Let's decide, what album is, in your opinion, is the best one! Secondly, I added another voting. This time is to define the best track from Under The Radar Over The Top. It will be interesting to find out which of the new compositions do the band's fans like most.

Scooter - I'm Lonely (Breeze & Ritmen remix) 07.12.2009

The new musical compilation called Clubland X-treme Hardcore Vol. 6 (3CD) will be released today in the UK. The second CD will contain a new remix for Scooter's I'm Lonely created by Breeze & Ritmen project. You can find the information about this release and the whole tracklist here. Also you can order this compilation too.

Updated: you can hear the new remix here.

Under The Radar Over The Top UK 23.11.2009

The UK version of Under The Radar Over The Top album is finally out. If you remember, some time ago I wrote at my site that the cover of this release tells: '14 brand new tracks included'. I made a prediction, that the UK version of the album will include the b-sides from J'adore Hardcore and Ti Sento single. But I was wrong. UTROTT UK is absolutely the same as the German release. So there's a mistake on the its cover telling about 14 tracks. You can see the unpacked UTROTT UK on the left.

The Sound Above My Hair making of 23.11.2009

Now you can watch the making of The Sound Above My Hair video at the Official Kontor YouTube Channel! The video is quite interesting and of course it's always nice to see H.P. Baxxter, Rick J Jordan and Michael Simon 'in life'. The quality of the video is OK too, so maybe someone will keep it for the collection.

The Sound Above My Hair samples 14.11.2009

I'm happy that I was wrong a little bit about the new single. There is a new b-side. And now you can listen to the samples of all the tracks from the new single The Sound Above My Hair and pre-order the mp3-release at So, here's the tracklist of the new single:

01. Radio Edit
02. Electro Mix
03. Extended Mix
04. Lucullus

The new Club Mix is Electro House again? 11.11.2009

It seems that the new Club Mix for The Sound Above My Hair that will appear on the single is Electro House again. I think we can believe this source. The single will also contain the album and single versions of The Sound Above My Hair. And there's absolutely no information about the new b-side. It seems that the new single will simply not contain it. That's pretty bad. And I don't like Electro House and dont want the Club Mix sound like that, if you ask me.

The Sound Above My Hair video is on the Net! 12.11.2009

The new Scooter video for the new single The Sound Above My Hair has appeared on the Net even earlier than expected! If you want to watch it right now, just click this link. The video is awesome; the new version of the track itself is very nice too. Maybe we'll get a Top 10 hit again!

About the TSAMH video premiere 11.11.2009

The official Scooter Facebook page was updated:

We just saw the final cut of the TSAMH video and really fell in love with it - absolutely amazing! World premiere will be on next friday noon on (12:00 CET) and on German VIVA-TV at 15:00 CET ! See ya!

The cover of TSAMH 10.11.2009

The cover of The Sound Above My Hair single has appeared at Official Scooter Site. You can see the image on the left. I'm not sure is this a final version of the cover or not, but to be honest I like this variant. It reminds me the cover of Back In The UK single a little bit.

This tune is gonna be massive! 06.11.2009

Scooter's Twitter page was updated about three hours ago with this message:

'Back on our way from Berlin. About to finish the TSAMH production. That package will be massive! Watch out!'

I don't know what the guys meant exactly. Did they talked about the video of The Sound Above My Hair only, or about the whole single. If they talked about the single, it seems that we can expect some surprises.

More news about the new video 05.11.2009

It seems, that the new version of The Sound Above My Hair track, that was recorded for the new single and video, will contain the sound of bagpipes! I think so, 'cause I've found some pictures from the video shooting and on one of them (you can see it on the left) we can see singing H.P. and four German frau with bagpipes. This is really cool, 'cause many Scooter fans really miss the times when the guys used the bagpipes in their music often.

And that's not all! Later I found a video on YouTube recorded on someone's mobile phone camera I suppose. It shows Scooter standing on a military truck that moves through the town! You can watch this video here. Other videos from the shooting you can find here. By the way, the full video clip of The Sound Above My Hair will be aired on 13'th of November! Stay tuned!

Info about tne new Scooter video 04.11.2009

This message appeared at Scooter's official Twitter page:

'Just about to shoot the final scenes of TSAMH at Wernigerode castle, Germany... looks incredible'

And just after I read that I found another information about the new video at Here it is: The Sound Above My Hair video was shot in the Wernigerode castle and it's vicinity. Scooter used a military truck and performed a rave party on the streets.

The new version of TSAMH is done! 03.11.2009

Here's what the Scooter guys wrote at their Facebook page:

'Videoshoot for The Sound Above My Hair is about to begin. The new version is done'

Great news, isn't it? Many of us thought, that the single version of The Sound About My Hair will differ from the album version and we were right! So, now we must wait for the single to be released on 27.11.2009. And of course the video. It will be on air even earlier, I think in two weeks or so!

The new single is The Sound Above My Hair? 31.10.2009

It looks like official. The next Scooter single is The Sound Above My Hair, not Stuck On Replay as we thought before. reports that the new single will be released on 27.11.2009. This is really unexpected news and I must say, that The Sound Above My Hair is a much better choice for a single, then Stuck On Replay.

Rammstein Pussy (Scooter Remix) 31.10.2009

Scooter made a remix on the new and scandalous Rammstein single called Pussy. The remix is official and I think it will be released soon. Now you can watch this video: Rammstein Pussy (Scooter Video Edit). I have to say, that Scooter again used some samples from their own track Lass Uns Tanzen. They did it before with the remixes for Lützenkirchen and Fantastischen Vier.

UTROTT UK cover changed 27.10.2009

It looks like the cover of Under The Radar Over The Top UK edition, that I've posted before, was not a final one. The new version of the cover has appeared on the Net, and you can see it on the left. Also you can see, that there's a sign on this cover that says: '14 brand new tracks included', so we can assume, that the UK version of UTROTT will include 12 album tracks and 2 new b-sides (from J'adore Hardcore and Ti Sento singles). Let's wait and see.

Under The Radar Over The Top (UK release) 20.10.2009

The UK version of the new Scooter album called Under The Radar Over The Top will be in stores on 23.11.2009. This release will have a different cover and will contain two discs. The CD is the album itself and the DVD is a collection of Scooter videos (from Hyper Hyper to Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)). The question is why the newest videos of J'adore Hardcore and Ti Sento are not included? You can see the cover of the UK UTROTT release on the left. Click on it to enlarge.

#2! 12.10.2009

The new Scooter album called Under The Radar Over The Top has entered the official German album chart at place number 2 (two)! This is really awesome news, and not only for the fans, but for Scooter themselves too! See it yourself! Just watch this video, uploaded by Scooter and see their happiness after they know the chart results. 'Number 2! Fucking number 2!' © Rick Jordan.

Interview with Scooter at 12.10.2009

Here you can watch the video version of Scooter interview by The language is German, but here you can read the English translation! Respect for this translation goes out to aganim, a guy from the Official Scooter Forum!

clixoom: I always wondered: With what do you make your money? I mean it isn't music...
H.P.: It is... *laughs* Er-rh... It's a special type of music and tastes are different. We are glad, that we have such a large fan-base and a lot of non-fans who like and (apparently) buy our music.

clixoom: But what you do... On your latest album, there are many cover songs...
H.P.: No. It's only one cover song...

clixoom: Didn't I hear Billy Idol?
H.P.: No... We covered one song called Second Skin by The Chameleons from 1983. But what we do are "edits".

clixoom: Ah, you call it "edits".
H.P.: We produce a song and often it's so, that we take an old melody as refrain or brake and try to make it sound fresh. Most people consider this as covering, but that when you remake a song 1 by 1.

clixoom: So there are many "edits" on your album.
H.P.: You could say that, yes.

clixoom: But why do you do this? Can't you compose a melody?
H.P.: We can, but we can't compose this amount of top ten hits... *joking* No, its a tradition in the Techno genre, that you use old melodies... in the past on raves you always had a stamping beat and a brake with a famous melody, so we just continue doing this...
Rick: As a musician I find it quite interesting to work on a song which is from a very different era and to make it sound new and refreshed with current elements... Its a lot of fun to me...

clixoom: Ti Sento is from which era?
H.P.: It's from the 80's.

clixoom: Do you look for melodies, especially in this era?
H.P.: We don't look at all, because mostly it doesn't work then. We hear some things in the radio and we try out a lot of things (and few things go wrong)... there's no special formula behind this...

clixoom: Critics discuss "musician or not?" and even on your official press releases "musician" is written with inverted commas...
H.P.: Is it?

clixoom: Yeah, and "music"... Can it be, that your music is something like "meditation music"?
H.P.: Er-rh... I don't know... We have some trance songs, which are like that, but our songs a very pop-music orientated. Mostly we have this A-B-A-B-C-B pattern, because you only have like 3:30 min for a single / video so you can't make a verse be like 3 minutes long...

clixoom: But in the 70's there are many songs which are like 5 or 7 minutes long.
H.P.: We can't do that, because we have to cut our songs for live performances and...
Rick: but on the album, you can do that. We do extended and club versions, too but a single with video: not possible...

clixoom: There are less critics about you, but when I read on of those, mostly they are devastating.
H.P.: In the very first years, it nettled us a bit, but over the years critics become more and more, but it was less important for us, although some of them aren't that one-sided anymore. We have our success; we do what we like...
Michael: But theres nothing on earth, which gets a 100% positive review, no matter what it is... a sportsman, an actor, theres nothing which is liked by everyone...
H.P.: Yeah, and we got the hardest critics of all *laughs*

clixoom: But before you can give a review on your music, you have dance to it like 4 hours...
Rick: It's like that. There are many people who visited on of our concerts and after that they said "Oh, yes, it's good".

clixoom: So the mistake is to listen to the CD on your sofa, while doing nothing?
Michael: Yeah it's the whole package that delivers. The pyro-effects, the crowd, the music, the energy... it's not the type of music you listen to, while sitting on the couch.

clixoom: I heard you do a special warm-up before every concert?
H.P.: Yeah, we have our backstage room and we do this to get that concert feeling...

clixoom: I wondered: there must be one, who can sing?
H.P.: I can sing, if I want to *laughs*

clixoom: We only hear you screaming "Hyper Hyper" the whole time and shouting...
H.P.: Yeah, but on nearly every album we have at least one right song, but mostly they won't get released as a single.

clixoom: Hey, but that beats Billy Idol!
H.P.: Thank you.

clixoom: You nearly got hit by a bomb on Mallorca, if you look back to your life do you want to change something?
H.P.: No, of course I was frightened a bit, but I this didn't change my life at all... I'm glad I'm not into such a rut, of course there a routine in everything, but I'm happy about my life...

clixoom: Isn't Scooter rut?
Michael: No, we visit many countries and everywhere... India, USA, Australia... It's more booring to work in a factory or somewhere else...
H.P.: There are some guys who say "OMG, don't travel around all the time, you never know if your success vanishes"... but everyone has to decide on his own.

clixoom: And you are very lucky, that your music is still being played after nearly 20 years.
H.P.: Yeah
Rick: We met a lot of guys (Status Quo, Scorpions...) who successfully kept their sound fresh and if you manage to go with the recent music and always work hard, it should go on at least another few years.

clixoom: Well, I wish you success with that.
H.P.: Thanks!

Technoboy's letter to Scooter 03.10.2009

Those who visit my website often surely know that Scooter guys used lots of ideas and samples of the well-known Hardstyle musicians, such as Technoboy and The Pitcher, in their new album. I must say that Technoboy 'suffered' the most: his musical ideas were used in three of the new album's tracks, such as: State Of Mind, Where The Beats and Clic Clac. Also, not so long ago Technoboy made a Hardstyle version of a well-known composition Ti Sento, and a few months later, the Scooter guys did the same thing. And, although the Scooter version did not use any pieces from Technoboy's Ti Sento version (never minding the refrain); the things are getting even more confused at this point. H.P., Rick and Michael used a part of Techoboy's Ti Sento track in their composition Where The Beats. That's how strange the things are. In his anger, Technoboy (whose real name, by the way, is Cristiano Giusberti) published a sarcastic message, addressed to H.P.Baxxter at his official site. Here it is:

Dear H.P. Baxxter. Yesterday was the release of your new album 'Scooter Under The Radar Over The Top'. What a masterpiece, amazing how you created all those hits by yourself. It's no secret that us hardstyle producers get inspiration from existing tracks every now and then as well. Matia Bazar's 'Ti Sento' for instance, an Italian track full of emotion that really meant something important to me. Thats why we dedicated a hardstyle version of this track to her (which we have been working on for weeks to make it 100% perfect and carrying the same emotion as the original) and mentioned her name on the vinyl. After listening to your album it appeared to me that Im a sort of Matia Bazar to you as well. I'm glad I could be of inspiration and I feel so honored you used all sort of tracks we made here at Saifam to create these musical masterpieces. As well very friendly of you that you mentioned me and all the other hardstyle producers that inspired you in the credits of your CD. I'm already looking forward to your next album and please, give us a call at Saifam when you plan to start it. Well be delighted to provide you our unreleased tracks so you can get inspiration from those again without people noticing. You clearly do this for the love of the music and not for the love of money. Since we made all those tracks with a huge love for hardstyle music we are really happy you respected that on your album. You really J'adore Hardstyle and core, H.P. Baxxter. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Well, the letter is quite reasonable, but I would really like to know, how H.P. and the guys would react to it.

October, 2! 02.10.2009

Today is a great day! The new Scooter album Under The Radar Over The Top is finally released! As well as the new single called Ti Sento! Before you all went to the music shops, you can watch the TV-add of UTROTT and Ti Sento releases here.

Also I've got some news for the UK Scooter fans. The new album Under The Radar Over The Top will be released in your country on the 26'th of October.

UTROTT Deluxe VIP Fan-Box unpacked 24.09.2009

On the left you can see the picture of Under The Radar Over The Top Deluxe VIP Fan-Box unpacked. The package includes two CDs, one DVD, some post-cards, necklace and Scooter flag. It looks like this flag in not as small as we thought, and this is great! Now we just must wait till the 2'nd of October, when the new Scooter album will be released.

Scarborough Reloaded 21.08.2009

Now we know the tracklist of the whole WEB release of Ti Sento single! The release has appeared at The new b-side is called Scarborough Reloaded and this is a Hardstyle version of Scarborough Affair track from The Ultimate Aural Orgasm album. You can check the samples of all tracks from Ti Sento WEB release including the Club Mix, Lissat & Voltaxx Remix and Scarborough Reloaded here. And of course you can pre-order the whole release there too.

Ti Sento Promo 19.09.2009

There's a rumor that Ti Sento promo for the DJ's are already out. It contains Extended Mix, V.I.P. Room Club Mix and Lissat & Voltraxx Remix. As I know, Lissat & Voltaxx are producing House and Electro House music. So we can imagine what to expect from this remix. At the moment it's still unknown, will there be more remixes included in the single release of Ti Sento and will we hear the new b-side or not.

Ti Sento cover 18.08.2009

The cover of Ti Sento has appeared in the Internet. You can see it on the left (click on the picture to enlarge it). As you can see, there are no H.P., Rick and Michael presented on the cover, but Antonella Ruggiero only. Maybe someone will not like it, but in my opinion this cover looks good. I like it much more, then the cover of J'adore Hardcore single.

Scooter Ti Sento video premiere 18.09.2009

OK, Posse! The Ti Sento video is already on air! It was showed today at German music channel VIVA TV and now it's available for watch on the Internet! You can watch it here. Now about the video. It's pure class! Finally we've got a video with a plot and without the concert parts. It's a very beautiful clip! The track itself is an awesome work too. It starts like an old Eurodance song and then transforming into a Hardstyle bomb! Nice H.P.'s lyrics and beautiful chorus vocal by Antonella Ruggiero makes Ti Sento sound wonderful. I think this one must be a hit. Very strong stuff.

Updated! reports, that Ti Sento single will be in stores at the same date as Scooter's new album Under The Radar Over The Top, which is means October, 2. The tracklist of the single is unknown yet. Proof.

UTROTT: The Dark Side Edition 17.08.2009

It seems that the WEB release of the new Scooter album will be called Under The Radar Over The Top: The Dark Side Edition. It has the different cover than the CD version. You can see it on the left (click to enlarge). And yes, you can listen to all the samples from the UTROTT: The Dark Side Edition at Just type 'Scooter' in the 'search field' and after the search will be complete, click on 'MP3-Album' link.

Also today I found the promo poster of UTROTT album. You can look at it by clicking here.

UTROTT sound samples again 16.09.2009

Yesterday you was able to listen to the samples of the most compositions from Under The Radar Over The Top and today you can check absolutely all tracks. All the sound samples can be found at here. And of course you can pre-order the mp3 version of the album there.

Scooter necklace 15.08.2009

Attention! The sound samples of the most tracks from the forthcoming album Under The Radar Over The Top was appeared on the Internet! Check this official teaser to hear them all in a raw! But I recommend to abstain, if you don't want to spoil the new album for yourself. I will not listen to the samples and will wait for the album to come out.

Official news about Ti Sento 15.09.2009

Here's some news from Michael Simon's MySpace page:

'Long time ago but here are some news. Our next single is Ti Sento feat Antonella Ruggiero. The video is done already. I think you will see it soon. I really like the video. See you tonight in Budapest'

So, now the new single and video are officially confirmed. And it was really exciting to find out, that Scooter did a collaboration with famous Italian singer Antonella Ruggiero. This is absolutely awesome news. Waiting for the Friday, when the official video of Ti Sento will be premiered according to VIVA TV teletext.

Scooter necklace 14.08.2009

The Under The Radar Over The Top page at web-shop was updated. Now you can find there the picture of Scooter necklace that will be included in Deluxe VIP Fan-Box package of the forthcoming Scooter album. You can see this picture on the left (click on it to enlarge). Also the Deluxe VIP Fan-Box will include a Scooter flag. No picture of it is available for the moment.

Scooter Ti Sento very soon! 12.09.2009

It was no news from Scooter for some time, I think you all are hungry for some new information! And today I have exciting news for you. It seems that the track Ti Sento from the forthcoming Scooter album Under The Radar Over The Top will become a new single. And the official video for this track will be shown at VIVA TV-channel next Friday! I know it's hard to believe that, 'cause we had no clue that the new video was shoot. But this information appeared at VIVA TV's teletext! Just look at this photo, if you still can't believe this. Wow. That was unexpected news, isn't it?

UTROTT official tracklist, Michael's birthday 29.08.2009

There's a tracklist of Under The Radar Over The Top album was appeared at! I'll post here the list of the tracks and DVD bonuses of Deluxe VIP Fan-Box, 'cause it's the fullest version of the new album, that will contain three CD's.

CD1 The Album:

01. Stealth
02. J'adore Hardcore
03. Ti Sento
04. State Of Mind
05. Where The Beats...
06. Bit A Bad Boy
07. The Sound Above My Hair
08. See Your Smile
09. Clic Clac
10. Second Skin
11. Stuck On Replay
12. Metropolis

CD2 The Dark Side Of Scooter:

01. She's The Sun
02. Take Me Baby
03. Frequent Traveller
04. Eyes Without A Face
05. Dancing In The Moonlight
06. Lass Uns Tanzen
07. Stripped (Live)
08. Sex Dwarf
09. Am Fenster
10. Marian (Version)


01. Personal Scooter travelogue from the band's trip through Australia, Africa and Asia
02. Exclusive interview and selected comments on the album

Also today is a birthday of Michael Simon! I want to congratulate him and wish him all the best an positive!

Under The Radar Over The Top photoshooting

Scooter concert in Minsk confirmed! 27.08.2009

Dear Belarus Posse! I would like to congratulate you all! Scooter will perform live at the Sport Palace in Minsk on 27'th of October! The concert and date are confirmed at Official Scooter site. It seems that this concert will be the last Scooter's live performance in year 2009. Their next live shows will be in 2010, when the Under The Radar Over The Top tour will start.

UTROTT official cover 26.08.2009

The cover of Under The Radar Over The Top album appeared at! You can see it on the left! Also the cover of UTROTT Deluxe VIP Fan-Box was posted too. You can look at it here. Very nice cover design if you'll ask me. I like this new version a lot more than the previous one, 'cause it looked just amateur and unprofessional. Now I'm really happy, that it was just a preview version.

Update! The hi-res image of the album cover is added!

UTROTT is finished! 20.08.2009

Here's what Michael Simon wrote at his MySpace page:

'The Album Under The Radar Over The Top is finished today! Tracklist follows soon!'

Great news, isn't it? But we still have to wait more than a month for the album to be released.

UTROTT cover 20.08.2009

The cover of Under The Radar Over The Top appeared at You can see it on the left. Honestly I think it looks awful. I don't know what was wrong with Scooter designer, when he was making this cover. First of all, you can only see H.P. on the cover (as well as in J'adore Hardcore case). Secondly, the letters of which the name of the album is composed are too large for this cover. And their color is terrible. I hate this color since J'adore Hardcore was released. And the font itself is not quite readable.

UTROTT Deluxe VIP Fan-Box 19.08.2009

There are some details about Deluxe VIP Fan-Box edition of Scooter's Under The Radar Over The Top album that will be released on the 2nd of October appeared at So, the Deluxe Edition will include:

CD1 the new album itself

CD2 The Dark Side Of Scooter a compilation of the best 'dark' Scooter tracks. It is hard to say for sure, what exactly hides behind this title, it can be such tracks as Lass Uns Tanzen, No Fate, Marian, Sex Dwarf, Am Fenster, etc. But this is just a supposition.

DVD the DVD will contain extracts from different previously unreleased Scooter performances and trips, an interview with the band's members and some videos that reflect the way the guys work in the studio.

3 presents for the fans an exclusive Scooter necklace, a Scooter flag and an autographed card.

So, this is the news for now. If there will be any details, concerning the content of The Dark Side Of Scooter CD, I'll surely let you know about it. Stay tuned for the news!

Hardstyle album and concert in Minsk 15.08.2009

Today Scooter was at VIVA Live and answered some questions about the new album. H.P. said, there will be many Hardstyle tracks included into Under The Radar Over The Top. After that Michael Simon mentioned that the band is still working on this album and that they have to produce one more track for it. reports: Jens Thele (band manager) said that Scooter will probably have a concert in Minsk (Belarus) on October, 27'th. Now they are waiting for the deal to complete.

The new official site 14.08.2009

Today, the 14'th of August, is the day of the official release of new Scooter single called J'adore Hardcore. In honor of that, the Official Scooter site design was renewed. The Official Forum also looks different, although all the messages from the old one are still there. And some more news. Now we know how the Limited Edition and Deluxe VIP Fan-Box of new album will differ. The Limited Edition will include two CDs and one DVD (the content of the extra discs is yet unknown), while the Deluxe will content two CDs, a DVD and three fan stuff items. We don't know any details yet. Stay tuned for the news.

Maddy's voice in Jadore Hardcore 13.08.2009

If you visit the Official Scooter Forum often, then you must know a girl, who's nick is Maddy. She's a big Scooter fan and she's from France. Now we can hear her sexy voice in Scooter's new track J'adore Hardcore! Do you remember that Michael Simon was searching for a female French singer? Well, he found Maddy :) By the way, her real name is Julien! You need to know your heroes :) Congratulations, Maddy! We're happy that we can hear your wonderful voice in a Scooter track! You, people, could ask me, where I got all these info. And I'll answer. Here you can see the back cover of J'adore Hardcore vinyl. There you can find the credits of J'adore Hardcore, where Maddy is mentioned. So you can see it by yourself.

Also, according to this cover, H.P. have a new alias now: MC hummin' a bum. One of the Official Scooter Forum members who's nick name is Scooterworld found out, what these words mean. He used the Urban Dictionary to translate it and this is what he found: 'hummin' means 'bad smelling' and 'a bum' means 'a person who never has his own stuff and always borrowing from others'. Well, if we decoded H.P.'s message correct, then he is really able to self-criticize. Indeed, almost all Scooter singles are remakes or even reconstructions of other artists compositions, and J'adore Hardcore is one of the most borrowed Scooter tracks ever. What can I say? I can't say 'Bravo' to H.P. for this, but I must recognize that he has a nice sense of humor.

About Under the release of The Radar Over The Top 12.08.2009

Finally some interesting news about the new Scooter album! Under The Radar Over The Top will be released in 3 versions: Original, Limited Edition (2 CD+DVD, Box-Set) and Deluxe VIP Fan-Box (2 CD+DVD, Box-Set). The tracklist of the album is yet unknown, and ofcourse we don't know what the bonus CD and DVD will contain at the moment. Let's hope that it's not the compilation of the best Scooter tracks and the video collection again!

The tracklist of J'adore Hardcore mini-single revealed 11.08.2009

As I already wrote, the new Scooter single called J'adore Hardcore will be released as Maxi-single (CDM), Vinyl and Mini-single. The tracklists of CDM and Vinyl are already known and I promised to post the Mini-single tracklist when I'll get the information about it. So, here it is, guys and girls:

1. Radio Edit (03:47)
2. Extended Mix (05:39)

Nothing special, just Radio Edit and Extended Mix, like we predicted. I don't really get the sense of this release. If only it will cost 1 Euro or something. CDM is my choice anyway, because I lo-o-ove the new b-side! Waiting till August 14 when J'adore Hardcore will be released.

About the new video and Shuffle 09.08.2009

Watching J'adore Hardcore video, you could notice two dancers who showed their supreme dancing technique, dancing Shuffle. Their names are Pae and Sarah and if you type their names in Google, a large list of links will show up. The guys are almost icons for those who are into Hardstyle and Shuffle. Shuffle itself is a dance of Malaysian tribes, which was slightly changed by the young people to become a part of the street culture. The dance has reached the highest peak of its popularity in Australia, which is why it is called Melbourne Shuffle. One of the dance's most popular moves is 'Running man' that slightly resembles Michael Jackson's 'Moonwalk'. After the new Scooter video's appearance on the YouTube, many of angry Shuffle fans wrote (and keep writing) enraged comments, calling the band bad names and even threatening the guys. Pae and Sarah have also been scolded for working with Scooter. The angry commentators don't even try to think of something that is quite obvious: the fact that the dancers they admire so much decided to work with Scooter, means they approve their music and their way. So, what are the angry fans afraid of? They are afraid that Scooter will put an end to a certain underground touch Shuffle has. But can this style be considered an underground one, if the whole continent has adopted it? How can someone put an end to that? In Australia one can buy a special DVD course in order to learn the basic Shuffle moves. That can be called popularity, right? I personally think that years after Scooter will definitely leave the stage, the band will be remembered as a legendary one, and all kind of reproach we make today due to using someone else's samples and ideas will fade away and be forgotten, as well as the silly accusations of destroying Jumpstyle and Shuffle cultures. But the memory of the incredible energy and outstanding live performances will remain. It's hard to overrate the importance of Shuffle and Hardstyle use in Scooter's art. The guys are raising the Shuffle dance and Hardstyle music another step up. There is no need of being jealous or hating the band for it's popularity and liveliness, let's be grateful for what it does. I hope that there are intelligent people among the shufflers as all of them cannot be just angry teens with an unreasonably high self-esteem.

J'adore Hardcore video premiere 07.08.2009

Finally the new Scooter video on J'adore Hardcore track is out! You can watch it here or here. This video was also premiered today at German music channel VIVA. The video is very nice, it's full of energy! So what are you waiting for? Go and check it out, Posse! Let's Shuffle in the air!

Are you ready for the Melbourne Shuffle? 05.08.2009

Some interesting information appeared at Be You producing agency web-site (here and here). Two girl dancers from this agency have joined Scooter for J'adore Hardcore video shooting. These girls are performing the Melbourne Shuffle dance and as I understand they will work with Scooter in the future, maybe at the concerts too. The Melbourne Shuffle dance style will be represented on Scooter's new album Under The Radar Over The Top. Here you can see how the girls (by the way, their names are Giedre and Gabija) are practicing their dance skills to proove they are the best.

H.P. is a lucky guy 31.07.2009

There are some shocking news from Michael Simon! Thats what he says:

'Yesterday night some thieves went in the house of my partner H.P.. So he went to a police station in Palmanova to make a report to the police. They send him away because they couldn't understand him and told him to come back with a Spanish translator. He took a drink next to the station and went away. After a couple of minutes this police station exploded by an ETA bomb attack. Live your life everyday!!!'

It looks like H.P. is a really lucky guy and Fate protects him. You could ask me what did H.P. do at Mallorca. And I will answer, that there's where the new Scooter video on J'adore Hardcore was being shoot. Take care.

Wickedpedia 30.07.2009

Finally I did it. The new project of Scooter Planet web-site is ready. Long time ago I was thought about improvement of this site's Interesting stuff section I wanted to add more information in this section, including the articles about Scooter's projects, their releases and so on. But later I decided to create a sub-project of Scooter Planet and call it Wickedpedia. You can reach it at There's only Russian version of Wickedpedia is available for the moment.

The full version of Troy by Scooter 30.07.2009

Now everyone can listen to the full version of Scooter's remix on Fantastischen Vier's Troy here. Just click on Scooter Troy in the list and enjoy the song. Yes, as I wrote before, it's just a little bit changed version of Scooter's Lass Uns Tanzen, with H.P.'s vocals cut and Fanta 4's vocals added, but... it's actually a good track. First of all, it's not absolutely the same as Lass Uns Tanzen. The second is that when the chorus of Troy comes, the track starting to sound absolutely awesome! And the third. There's a nice melody added in the middle of the track and it makes it even more cool! Well, I have to admit, that my first impressions about this remix was a bit wrong, now I actually like this tune. Sometimes you judge about something too quick and then understand that you was wrong. That's the point. I was wrong.

Dushbag sound sample 29.07.2009

Now you can pre-order the WEB version of J'adore Hardcore single at web-shop. On the page dedicated to Scooter's new single you can listen to the samples of all the tracks from it, including the new b-side called Dushbag. I've just finished listening to it and I must say, that I really like the track! It reminds me of some old Scooter tracks. Beautiful piano breakdown, great atmosphere! I bet, that Dushbag is Rick's solo work.

Oh, I almost forgot! Today the official video for J'adore Hardcore was shoot. The rotation of this video starts on 7 of August on German music channel VIVA.

J'adore Hardcore CDM tracklist 29.07.2009

Here's the tracklist of J'adore Hardcore Maxi-single:

1. J'adore Hardcore (Radio Edit) - 3:47
2. J'adore Hardcore ('The Melbourne' Club Mix) - 5:51
3. J'adore Hardcore (Extended Mix) - 5:39
4. J'adore Hardcore (Megastylez Edit) - 3:19
5. Dushbag - 4:38

So, looks like we'll get the new b-side called Dushbag with this single. There is still no tracklist of Mini-single. I'll post it when it will appear in Internet. Also I don't know why there's no Eric Chase remix on this CDM. Maybe it's vinyl-only. J'adore Hardcore will be out on 14 of August.

Vinyl release of J'adore Hardcore 25.07.2009

Now we know the tracklist of J'adore Hardcore vinyl, thanx to web-site! By the way, you can pre-order the vinyl there too. And here's the tracklist:

A1: J'adore Hardcore (lub Mix)
A2: J'adore Hardcore (Extended Mix)
B1: J'adore Hardcore (Megastylez Remix)
B2: J'adore Hardcore (Eric Chase Remix)

You can hear the sound samples of all tracks from vinyl at this page. By the way, this time Scooter will release not only vinyl, CD-Maxi amd MP3 of their new single, but a 2-tracks Mini-Single also. I don't know any details yet. Stay tuned for more news soon!

Will Scooter visit Russia, Ukraine and Belarus this year? 25.07.2009

Very interesting information was published at web-site, regarding Scooter concerts in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus this year. According to this information, Scooter will visit these countries in October and (or) November. I recommend thinking about it as about a rumor. This information wasn't officially confirmed or refitted yet.

J'adore Hardcore sound sample 24.07.2009

Finally, the sound sample of J'adore Hardcore appeared in Internet. You can listen to it here. What can I say about it first of all, this is Jumpstyle again. Yeah, I know, that H.P. said before, that the new single won't be Jumpstyle, but well, it is. The second thing about new single is that it's chorus sounds a lot like a chorus in The Shit That Killed Elvis track. That's all I can say for now about the new single. Listen to it by yourself!

Is Troy a total disappointment? 23.07.2009

Not long before the release of Fantastichen Vier's tribute album, where Scooter will present their interpretation of the track called Troy, the sound samples of all album tracks appeared in Internet. You can listen to all samples here. And what a disappointment Scooter's version of Troy is nothing more than Lass Uns Tanzen with Fantastichen Vier's vocals added in it. What a pity All the fans thought that Troy will be a unique new Scooter track, but well, it's not.

New single release date changed. Again. 20.07.2009

It seems that the release date of J'adore Hardcore was changed again. Single will be released on 14 of August. Yes, it's not August 7 as Michael Simon said before, but it's not September 4 as we thought before either. So this news is not actually bad. And what about the release date of the new album Under The Radar Over The Top? Don't be scared, nothing has changed. The album will be released on October, 2. This all is according to the Official Scooter site.

J'adore Hardcore will be released earlier, then expected! 18.07.2009

Now we've got a really great news! Michael Simon has updated his MySpace page with a fresh information about the new single:

'Hi. I didn't forget you. We just were really busy with concerts and album production. We are shooting the video for the new single J'adore Hardcore very soon and we will release the single a little bit earlier. On the 07.08.. I will upload a sound clip soon. I hope you all will like it'

Isn't it great? J'adore Hardcore will be released earlier, then we expected! And we will hear the first sample from it very soon. So stay tuned for more!

New single and new album! 14.07.2009

From the Official Scooter site: The long awaited new single J'adore Hardcore will be released on 04.09.2009. The new album by Under The Radar Over The Top will follow on 02.10.2009. In 2010, Scooter will go onto the next round and continue their career spanning 16 years already with a big tour through Germany. The Under The Radar Over The Top Tour 2010 will start in Leipzig on March 11'th . On 25.07.2009 ticket presales start at all the usual ticket agencies - get your ticket soon for one of the following dates:

Under The Radar Over The Top Tour 2010

11.03.2010 Koln - Palladium
12.03.2010 Hamburg - Color Line Arena
13.03.2010 Berlin - O2 World
15.03.2010 Zurich (CH) - Volkshaus Zurich
16.03.2010 Rastatt - Badener Halle
18.03.2010 Munchen - Zenith
19.03.2010 Essen - Grugahalle
20.03.2010 Leipzig - Arena

Scooter - The Albüm 14.07.2009

The success of Brüno movie made Scooter release another compilation of their best tracks. But this time the tracks will be in mp3 format only. The compilation is named The Albüm (as an allusion to Brüno).You can buy mp3's here. And here is the list of the tracks that form the album:

01. Nessaja
02. Maria (I Like It Loud) (Radio Edit)
03. Fire
04. Crank It Up (Brüno's Vienna Calling Mix)*
05. Jumping All Over The World (Radio)
06. Behind The Cow (Radio)08. Move Your Ass!
09. Hyper Hyper
10. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Radio Edit)
11. The Logical Song
12. I'm Lonely (Radio Edit)
13. Apache Rocks The Bottom (Radio)
14. Weekend!
15. I'm Raving
16. Aiii Shot The DJ
17. Call Me Manana (Heavy Horses Radio)
18. One (Always Hardcore) (Radio)
19. Jigga Jigga! (Radio Edit)
20. Posse (I Need You On The Floor)

* Although the Crank It Up track has a Bruno's Vienna Calling Mix title, it looks like it is a standard, well known version of Crank It Up without any changes.

Scooter is working on a cover version 12.07.2009

As it came to my attention, Scooter will be among those who work on the tribute album dedicated to a German group Fantastischen Vier (aka Fanta 4). H.P., Rick Michael will make a cover version of their track called Troy. As far as I know, Fantastischen Vier makes hip-hop music. You can find a sample of their music here (this is the video of original Troy). By the way, the release day of tribute album is 7'th of August! You can pre-order the standart edition (2CD) of the Fantastischen Vier tribute album here or limited edition (2CD + DVD) here.
Finally the informational emptiness starts to fill with the news which with one or another way have to do with Scooter. Hooray, comrades!

A little bit more about the movie Brüno and Scooter 11.07.2009

It turned out that Nessaja was included in Brüno official soundtrack. This track starts to sound as soon as the Universal Pictures logo appears on the screen. You can see the OST's full track list here.
It looks like Nessaja's appearance in the soundtrack of the popular comedy has positively influenced this single's sales. Just look at the recent Dance Music sales chart at! I don't know what you guys think, but in my humble opinion those news is just great!

Amusing rumors 06.07.2009

There are rumors on the net, that Scooter is looking for a female French-speaking singer in order to record a track together. Isn't it interesting? This news, no matter how short it is, make us happy while we are living in a sort of informational vacuum that surrounds our favorite band. If there will be any information confirming or denying this rumor I'll let you know about it. Stay tuned!

And something else. This is not even news, but anyway As you might probably know, a new Sacha Baron Cohen (also known as Ali-G and Borat) movie will hit the screens on the 10'th of July. The movie's title is Brüno. Well, during the event prior to the movies premiere Sacha appeared in public sitting on the barrel of the tank, covered by multiple mirrors (similar to those small mirrors the disco balls are made of). What does Scooter have to do with that, you might ask. Not much, actually. But when the tank appeared before the screaming crowd of Cohen's fans, Scooter's Nessaja was 'perfoming the role' of background music (see the ninth minute of this video). Funny fact. By the way, this is not the first time Cohen uses Scooter music. Previously, this actor used to have his own show, and it had a piece of Scooter's Crank It Up in it's opening music. So it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen is promoting Scooter. And does it free. Why does he do that? I don't know. Maybe he is just a fan? :)

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