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New stuff from Jay and Axel 24.06.2009

As there is no news from Scooter, the only thing I can do for you is to bring you news about the things ex-Scooter members do today.

Jay Frog has recorded a new single titled Rocka together with his co-musician Beam. You can listen to some samples of the release or buy it here.

And what about Axel? As I recently found out, Axel has released a new track called Dance With Me. The point is that Axel hides his identity under the name Plaxx, and that was the reason that we did not know his new track was released. Meanwhile, the track was included in various compilations such as Tunnel Trance Force vol. 49 and Welcome To The Club vol. 16. So, as they say 'ask for it at your local store'.

Well, no more news for today, guys. Let's keep waiting for some new info about a new Scooter single or album.

Celebrate The Nun tracks in digital store 10.06.2009

I'm happy to announce, that all compositions of Celebrate The Nun (the first music project by H.P. and Rick, that existed in 80's) are available for buy at digital music store! There are 192kbps, 320kbps mp3 and WAV copies available!

Comet Awards 2009 results 30.05.2009

The results of Comet Awards 2009 are already known. Let me remind you that Scooter was nominated for this award in 'Best Live Act' category. Unfortunately our favorite band did not get the award. It was given to a female singer named Stefanie Heinzmann. But anyway one of the awards was received by a German rap singer Sido, who got his nomination for Beweg Dein Arsch single, which is a kind of remake for Move Your Ass by Scooter and was released as a part of Hands On Scooter compilation. So, Scooter guys have a lot to do with Sido's victory. During the Comet Awards, the host had some small talk with Scooter guys about this. So, this is today's news.

Jens Thele got married! 17.05.2009

I just noticed that I've missed some important fact. Now I want to correct myself and share with you this information. Jens Thele, the permanent manager of Scooter and the simultaneous owner of the Kontor Records label, got married a few days ago! I would like to congratulate him and his beautiful wife. Nice news!

New remixes on Scooter 09.05.2009

I would like to remind you that the new compilation called Bonkers vol. 18: The Original Hardcore will be released by All Around The World label on the 11'th of May. This compilation will include two new remixes of Scooter's tracks. You can listen to the samples of these tracks today at online music store

Scooter Jumping All Over The World (Sharkey & K-Complex remix)
Scooter Posse (I Need You On The Floor) [Weaver remix]

After listening to the samples I can say that these tracks are possibly the best remixes of Scooter lately. The style of the remixes is UK Happy Hardcore. It's not that 'old-good' Happy Hardcore from the past, but it doesn't sound bad at all! I especially liked the Weaver's remix for Posse (I Need You On The Floor).

I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate all the Russian speaking visitors of my site on the glorious victory day. Let the heroism of our grandfathers who won the WWII be remembered forever!

DJ Riga & 5tereophone Fire 07.05.2009

Today, surfing among the endless waves of Internet, I unexpectedly found something that caught my attention: an electro-house remix for Scooter's Fire from DJ Riga & 5tereophone. Much to my surprise the track came out to be quite official, and was released by Comeonfm (a Russian record label, that belongs to DJ Riga himself), Maybe it is just that I can't stand electro-house as a musical style, but I didn't like the track at all. But that is not the question. The question is if there were any agreements between DJ Riga and Scooter, concerning the release of this track. I'm pretty sure, that there weren't any. And that's regardless that Fire main guitar theme and vocal pieces sung by H.P., are used in the track. I'll try to investigate about it. My personal overall opinion is: those who prefer electro-house should definitely listen to the track, and Scooter fans can save their time in order not to make themselves feel bad by listening to this musical piece.

News from Michael 06.05.2009

Michael Simon has updated his MySpace page with some news. He said, he don't know what was wrong with the Official Scooter Site and why it was unavailable for a few days, maybe there's something with the sever. But what he knows for sure is that the guys from Scooter are working on a new album every single day and that they hope to finish it in June or July.

Two new remixes, The Dome 50 23.04.2009

As it came to my attention there will be two new remixes of Scooter's tracks on a new volume of the Bonkers music compilation: Jumping All Over The World (Sharkey & K-Complex remix) & Posse (I Need You On The Floor) [Weaver remix]. Bonkers vol. 18: The Original Hardcore (3CD) will be in stores on the 18th of May. I found this info here.

And some more news. On the 22nd of May Scooter will perform at the fiftieth The Dome. This news could have been unimportant, but there is a little something, that makes it special. There is a vague possibility, that Scooter guys will see The Dome performance as a perfect chance to show their new single to the anxious audience. It's not a secret that in the past Scooter always came to The Dome bringing something new. Maybe this time it will not be an exception. But, for now these lines are nothing but a supposition. Let's wait and see.

Scooter - Best Hard Dance Artist 2009 19.04.2009

As I already wrote at the site, our favorite band Scooter was nominated in Best Hard Dance Act category at Beatport Music Awards 2009. Scooter's opponents in this nomination were, for example, Lisa Lashes, BK, Vinylgroover and Headhunterz. And you know what? Scooter has won! This is really good news and I want to congratulate H.P., Rick and Michael with this great achievement! Now it's absolutely clear for me, that Jumpstyle era in Scooter history isn't a mistake, it's a hit.

Bankruptcy, Ibiza and Axel Coon 27.03.2009

It came to my attention, that the record label Digidance, the one that was releasing Scooter licensed CDs in Netherlands, has just gone bankrupt. This is very bad news, because I can hardly believe that there exists another Dutch record label that is able to assume responsibility of releasing Scooter CDs in Holland. Bah, such bad news

Well, to make this bitter news a little less bitter, here is a couple of good ones. Listen up, people. This year Scooter will perform on the Earth main raver island Ibiza! So, the summer is expected to be quite hot, especially for those Scooter fans, who plan to go to Ibiza and for the guys themselves. They will be giving their performance at the party organized by Clubland on August, 4th.

And, last but not least. Axel Coon, a musician, who formally belonged to Scooter family and then left it for good, turns 34 on the 23rd of March. I would like to congratulate Axel and express him my most sincere admiration for all those new things and the new sound he brought to Scooter many years ago, or, to be more exact, it was a period between 1998 and 2002. Thank you, Axel, we love and remember you!

Happy birthday, H.P.! 16.03.2009

Today is a birthday of the world's greatest MC! He's name is H.P. Baxxter aka Candyman, Ice, Horseman, Dave, Chicks Terminator and so on. I would like to congratulate MC H and wish him all the best and more than that! All the fans must drink some Russian vodka to celebrate his birthday today! Let's send some energy to H.P., so Scooter will be able to exist twenty more years. That could made all of us happy.

Vote for Scooter! 14.03.2009

Great news! Scooter is nominated for the Comet Award 2009 in Best Live Act category. All the fans can vote for Scooter right now to help them win this award! Just follow this link, choose Scooter and press 'LOS' button. By the way, Sido's Hands On Scooter 'Beweg Dein Arsch' is nominated for the Comet Award in Best Song category. So, if you like this track, you can vote for it here.

Report about Scooter concert in Saint-Petersburg 10.03.2009

There is an update in the section Interesting Stuff of our web. I just added a great report about Scooter concert in Saint-Petersburg. The report is written by the user named FIER and is highly recommended for each and every one. It is a vivid, honest and sincere narration and I'm sure that it will not leave any of you indifferent. As for me, I would like to give my heart full and sincere congratulations to FIER and to thank him for the tremendous work he has done. Thanks a million pal! Great job!

New Scooter's awards 08.03.2009

Check out Kontor TV YouTube Channel! You will find a new video dedicated to the awards Scooter received for Jumping All Over The World, which are the awards granted to the album as: Golden album in UK, Platinum album in UK and the award for more then 500000 copies of Jumping All Over The World album sold all over Europe. Congratulations, Scooter!

Yekaterinburg press-conference 06.03.2009

Here's a transcript of the press-conference that was held in Yekaterinburg, before the group's concert. The journalists' questions were answered by H.P. Baxxter. The original text of the article can be found here. Originally written by: Julia Goldenberg. There were some mistakes in the original text, so, I corrected them, and also added one comment, based on my own point of view.

- Can you remember the most unusual stage you played at?
- I think it was the stage of Olimpiyskiy concert hall, in Moscow. There also were concerts at various stadiums. In Finland we were performing our songs during the so-called 'white nights'. One could see the sun shining in the sky at three p.m. That was really romantic!

- Name the latest CD that you bought at the music store?
- It was Enya's latest album and Led Zeppelin's The Song Remains The Same. The other integrants of the group love downloading music from the Internet. They enjoy listening to the compilations of hits.

- Were there any unexpected situations during the concerts? And if there were any how did you manage to take control over them?
- Once, during the concert I sang several songs, being absolutely sure that the sings are going the way they should go. Until I noticed that while I am hearing myself perfectly well, the public does not hear a thing... (I guess that this incident occurred while Scooter was performing in Moscow, several years ago

- How did you guys celebrate your victory over Madonna at the UK charts?
- Last year we were ahead of Madonna in the UK charts, and that surely was a great honor and a great joy for all of us. After that we had a good supper in one of our favorite restaurants. We also got so drunk that finally fell off our feet and found ourselves under the table.

- Do you remember your first visit to Russia? Tell me what your first impressions on our country were.
- We came here for the first time in 1995. Right after getting off the plane, we were we sent to the VIP-zone, and then were taken around the town in a specially-equipped car. We were followed by motorcycle policemen and it felt like we were presidents or something.

- It is not your first time here. Do you know any Russian songs? Did you ever want to make a single in Russian?
- Well, we could have sang in Russian. In case we have drunk to much vodka! By the way there are some Russian words in Jigga-Jigga. I sing 'Davay-davay' there.

- Have your fans ever surprise you in any way?
- Lots of fans have the same haircut I do. And not only guys, but also girls cut their hair like that.

- What about the name you use to refer to your fans, 'posse'? How did that word appear in your vocabulary?
- This word first appeared in the 90'th and has references to the techno style.

- There are rumors you are collecting old English cars. Can you tell us a bit more about your collection?

- It is a nice hobby. But it's also an expensive one. I collect and restore old English cars. Those that were made in the 60'th. They made very beautiful and interesting cars back then. I own various Jaguars and Mini Coopers.

- And those scary-looking accessories you use Did you design them yourself?
- There is a small shop named 'Pirate Style' in Hamburg. I am a big fan of this place. Their symbol is Jolly Roger.

- In one of your interviews you mentioned the things you like, and those were good movies and good food. Can you be a little more concrete about that? What kind of movies and what kind of food do you prefer?
- I enjoy eating good food while watching a good movie. Such as Fargo or No Country For Old Men for example. I hate mainstream Hollywood movies, and prefer the unusual ones, those that have something that makes them special to me. My favorite actor is Jack Nicholson.

- Have you met him in person?
- Not yet.

- I have a feeling that you invent a new nickname for yourself each time you make a new album. Where did you find all those names?
- Sometimes a have deja-vu, and feel like I have already lived. Somewhere, some time before. It is from my past lives that I take my nicknames.

- Will the new album be made in Jumpstyle or maybe we should expect some surprises?
- I can't tell you for sure, what the new album will be like. We have been working on it for two weeks, so the things are still vague, but there is one thing I can tell you for sure the new album will be better than the previous one.

- You are extremely popular in Europe all those concerts, video clips, etc, while the Russian fans see you as a retro band, because they danced to your music 'back when they were young'.
- That really is a problem. And I am having a hard time watching what happens here. We spend most of our time in our Hamburg Studio, because it is easier for us to control things from there. But we also have a recording company that represents us here in Russia. I sincerely don't understand why the company doesn't promote us the way it has to.

- Why do the cows appear in your videos so often? How can you explain such affection to this kind of cattle?
- Well, it is just that the German cows are way prettier, than the German women. It was a joke, OK? Let's not go too deep into that.

- Do you have any pets?
- I have some fishes at home.

- What do you think about videogames?
- While being at the Echo festival, in Germany, I had to make a presentation of a guitar Simulator, by playing it myself. I did it together with the Scorpions guitar player. And I must say I was better than him.

- Dou you fell satisfied with your collaboration with such bands as Bloodhound Gang and Status Quo?
- Status Quo guys decided to make a guitar remix for one of our songs. And an English record studio saw this as a great idea, so we made up our mind to record this single together with Status Quo.

- What is Scooter's secret to be always on top? How do you keep your fans always in shape?
- That happens, because we are getting better all the time. At least we are trying to. And we are willing to make each new single better than the old one. Because making music is all we can do!

- What profession would you guys like to choose, if you were not musicians?
- Some of us wanted to be professional football players. As for me, I never wanted to be anything, but a musician. I started making music 23 years ago and I did not have any other occupation since then.

- Is that true you had to drop your college studies in order to become a musician?
- That's not true; I managed to graduate from college. And I also got a University degree.

A few words about Saint-Petersburg concert 04.03.2009

According to those who were present there, the concert was just perfect. There were a lot of public present, the sound and the light were simply great, in a word, it was a sea of positive emotions and joy. A group of fans was lucky enough to see the Scooter guys cars arrive. And have some talk with the guys. We can see the video of this meeting, thanks to the guy who hides his real personality under the nick The Chaser and who was able to record this wonderful moment with his mobile phone camera. The lucky fans could ask Rick a couple of questions and get his autograph, while not far away the smiling H.P. and Michael were also signing autographs. In other words, the video is simply awesome. Let's watch it here! Various photos taken at the concert can be found in this topic of Scooter official forum. And this is where you can see some video recordings.

A couple of words about the Yekaterinburg concert 27.02.2009

The long-awaited Scooter concert finally took place in Yekaterinburg. It looks like all the fans that had a chance to be there, are happy and satisfied. The official Scooter forum user, [UrSP] CandyMan, published some photos, made during the concert. You can see them here. And here is a few photos more, accompanied by a video. Also CandyMan was able to visit Scooter press conference and managed to ask the guys, if their new album will be made in Jumpstyle. According to H.P.'s answer to this question, the guys started to work on the album just a couple of weeks ago (so the work did not actually start in October of 2008, as we thought before) and that it WILL NOT be a Jumpstyle album. It will be something new and powerful. So, this is the news, guys.

Scooter did not receive the Echo Award 23.02.2009

Unfortunately, our favorite band could not receive the Echo Award this time. The band was nominated as Best National Act. After all, the prize went to Ich & Ich project. Well, who cares?

It is also came to my attention, that H.P. Baxxter will form a part of the jury, that decides which musician will represent Germany on Eurovision Song Contest. This time the chosen one is named Alex C. So, this is the musician that will represent Germany at the contest, that this time will take place in Moscow.

Scooter will NOT come to Rostov 21.02.2009

According to the digital version of Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, Scooter will not perform at Rostov-on-Don. Unfortunately, those who were responsible for the concert, were able to sell only 1/5 of the total quantity of the tickets. Thus, the sum of money they received for the tickets they could sell, is hardly enough to pay of the promotional company of the German band's performance. Well, that is sad. As the creator of Scooter Planet web site, I would like to express my condolence to those, who live in Rostov and it's hereabouts, and who were eager to see Scooter in concert.

Original article: Scooter concert cancelled (russian)

Scooter addresses their fans in a video greeting 21.02.2009

There is an official Kontor Records page on the popular video-uploading service Among the videos posted there one can find a video greeting that the Scooter guys recorded for their fans. Unfortunately it is in German, so not everyone will be able to understand what are the guys saying. So I'll just point out the most important moments.
  • Right now the band is working on their new album. It will be released either in September or next year;
  • Michael expresses his gratitude to all the fans that always support the band in each and every competition it participates in;
  • Next week Scooter will perform in Russia (there will be various concerts). Right after that the guys will return to the studio and keep working on the new album
  • The guys said that all the fans can ask them questions via Kontor and some of those questions will be answered in the next video greeting the guys will record.

Scooter in Die Ultimative Chart Show 14.02.2009

A German TV-show named Die Ultimative Chart Show was recently aired on RTL. During this show a list of the German artists who managed to sell the biggest quantity of albums abroad, was made public. The list is quite impressive, and that makes the fact is Scooter's presence in it even more pleasant. Scooter is in the fifth place (in the list) which, as a fact, is quite honorable. By the way some of the artists, included in this list had not released anything for a long time, unlike Scooter. So, the guys have the opportunity to go up in the list. Here is a list of top 20 German artists, who managed to sell the biggest quantity of albums abroad:

Boney M., Snap!, Modern Talking, Sarah Connor, Scooter, Nena, U 96, Milli Vanilli, Baccara, Culture Beat, DJ Bobo, Sandra, Haddaway, Goombay Dance Band, Scorpions, Rammstein, Trio, Tokio Hotel, Dschinghis Khan, Enigma.

Another nomination for Scooter 10.02.2009

A well-known online music store has organized a Beatport Music Awards 2009 voting in order to find out who are the best musicians in different electronic musical styles. Scooter is nominated as Best Hard Dance Artist 2009. The voting is available for all the registered users of But, to be sincere I don't really think that the guys will be able to win in this nomination, because Scooter, in it's essence, is not a Hard Dance project, and what is more important, the guys have very serious rivals in this competition. Just think of BK, Vinylgroover, Lisa Lashes and Showtek, those "big fishes" in the ocean of Hard Dance. But on the other side, if we consider that such projects as Headhunterz and Real Booty Babes, whose connection to Hard Dance style is quite vague, we can call Scooter's nomination quite proper. So, my friends, if any of you are registered as users of web portal, come quick! Vote for Scooter!

The work on the new album is in progress 05.02.2009

It looks like Scooter will postpone their concerts in Ireland (those that were supposed to take place in February). This decision was taken due to some problems that occurred during the concerts' organization, and also due to the fact that H.P., Rick and Michael are too busy working on the new album right now. It is said that the band will surely visit Ireland during their concert tour this fall. The guys will perform in England and Ireland. Based on that, we can make a conclusion, that the new album will probably be released before the tour starts, e.g. in spring or in summer. It is just a mere supposition, but you have to agree it has some logic in it, hasn't it? Let me also remind you that the guys started working on their new album in the third decade of October of 2008 (according to H.P.).

Scooter is nominated for LEA Awards 29.01.2009

It looks like our favorite band is going to compete for another prize! The trophy is called LEA (Live Entertainment Award) and the guys are competing in the Best Concert category, due to their terrific performance in Zitadelle (Berlin) back in summer 2008. Well, I guess the guys will do their best to get both Echo (see the news from 15.01.2009) and LEA! Stay turned!

Scooter at Rostov-on-Don 29.01.2009

According to one of the visitors of Scooter Planet forum, who hides his personality behind the alias Maxx, the tickets for the Scooter concert that will take place on the 27'th of February at Rostov-on-Don are already available to buy. To the left, you can see a promotional poster for the concert. Don't ask me why does the show have such a strange name, e.g. Hands on Scooter. Something tells me that the Scooter guys have absolutely nothing to do with that and that it was the organizers' idea.

The tickets for the concert are being sold, literally in Rostov-on-Don (at least, I did not find any tickets for that show on the net).

Bonus :) If you follow the link, you will see the advertisement for the Yekaterinburg Scooter concert.

Tickets for the Scooter concert in Yekaterinburg 15.01.2009

Good news for all the Scooter fans who reside in Yekaterinburg! The tickets for your favorite band's concert are already available! The concert will take place on the 26'th of February, but you can already book the tickets! Here you can book the tickets to the concert hall and here - the ones to the dance floor.

I would like to say that I really appreciate the help that the user named Hunter offered in finding this info. That was him who has informed us about the availability of the tickets.

Hands On Scooter promo video 17.01.2009

There is a promotional video for the Hands On Scooter CD on the net. This video includes parts of the performances of those artists whose covers on Scooter tracks formed the disc; there are also two interviews included: the one with the rap singer Sido and another one with the musician Jared Hasselhoff (Bloodhound Gang). You can see the video (in German) here. Don't forget that the disc will be released in Germany on the 23'rd of January.

Echo Awards 2009, the Saint-Petersburg concert 15.01.2009

It became public that Scooter was nominated for the Echo Awards 2009. Scooter will compete in Best National Act category. The ceremony will take place at O2 World arena, in Berlin. The date of the event is still unknown, so be sure not to miss the news. Let me remind you, that Scooter has already been awarded with Echo prize. The guys received the award while competing in National Dance Act category. Will they be as lucky as that this time? Let's hope so.

I would also like to inform you that the tickets for the Scooter concert that will take place in the glorious city of Saint-Petersburg are already available. You can order the tickets here.

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