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Season's Greetings 31.12.2008

I would like to send my most sincere congratulations to all the visitors of Scooter Planet website. I wish you and all your relatives and family members be happy, and let this upcoming year be even better, then the one that is coming to it's end. As for Scooter, I'm sure that the guys will keep bringing us joy and happiness, and giving us their new groovy rhythms. I would also like to use this oportunity and give my New Year greetz to Scooter guys. I know the guys will never read this, but, anyway... Maybe Santa Claus will give them those greetings, I bet he knows that they are coming from our very heart.

Well, that's it... looks like I expressed everything I wanted to... so, stop sitting here looking at your computer screen. Go reunite with your family, have a festive dinner and rise your glasses, full of champagne. But be carefull drinking, OK? ;) Happy New Year!

Sido - Beweg Dein Arsch (the video) 19.12.2008

H.P. Baxxter stars in Sido's new video Beweg Dein Arsch (a song from Hands On Scooter CD). You can watch the video right here. Personally I don't like rap very much but it's always interesting to see your favourite artist as a guest star in another artist's video. It's kind of fun. Check it out. H.P. will drop his mask in the end :)

All samples of Hands On Scooter 16.12.2008

Now you can hear the samples from all tracks from forthcoming Hands On Scooter album. Some of them are nice, some of them are OK, some of them are horrible. You can check it by yourself here.

By the way, aem, administrator of the Official Scooter Forum, has said that the release date of Hands On Scooter CD was moved from 9'th of January to January, 23.

Russian Scooter Tour 2009? 10.12.2008

It's seems that Scooter will return to Russia in 2009! The Official site was updated with fresh information about the concerts. Here's very interesting information for russian fans:

26.02.2009 | Yekaterinburg | krk-uralec
27.02.2009 | Rostov at Don | Sportdon
28.02.2009 | St. Petersburg | spbckk

It's sad, that there's no new concert in Moscow. When I'll have new information about the concerts I'll inform you.

Hands On Scooter official release date. 08.12.2008

The official release date of Hands On Scooter album is the 9'th of January 2009. This information has come from the web-site. aem, administator of the Official Forum at confirms this date.

The delay of Hands On Scooter 17.11.2008

The release of Hands On Scooter CD has neen postponed for a month. This is what aem (official Scooter forum administrator) said. So it seems that Hands On Scooter will be released in the middle of January 2009. Well, it's OK, we'll wait. But hey, give us some news about the REAL new Scooter album! We need it :)

Sido's track will be released on Sheffield Tunes 09.11.2008

A track performed by german rap singer Sido called Beweg Dein Arsh, which formed part of Hands On Scooter section on Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want album will be released as a single at Sheffield Tunes, a record label, owned by Scooter on the 28'th of November. It is possible that the remixes on this track will also be released as a part of the single. Based on this, it is easy to imagine, that Scooter will also make a remix on this track. Anyway, by now the latter is nothing but imagination.

Russian license of JAOTW WYW has been released 03.11.2008

Russian company Tanzevalniy Ray (Dance Paradise) released the Jumping All Over The World Whatever You Want album. But this release is a little bit different from German version. It contains of two discs one CD and one DVD. The DVD disc contains the Scooter concert in Berlin, the same one as on JAOTW WYW German edition. But the audio CD is different. It contains all the tracks from the normal (old) edition of Jumping All Over The World album (released in 2007) and the Hands On Scooter section. That means that there's no single version of Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) included. Why did Tanzevalniy Ray decide to release such a strange release? This is a question I cannot answer.

New Scooter album in 2009 29.10.2008

The Scooter guys are working on their next album. They are now writing fresh tracks for new CD, which will be released in 2009. H.P. said it in interview on Radio R.SH. You can watch the full interview here. Will it be jumpstyle again, or will it be something different we still don't know. But we always hope for better.

Bid for a Scooter painting 21.10.2008

To mark the fortieth anniversary of their first hit single, Pictures Of Matchstick Men, and raise money for youth charity The Prince's Trust, UK rock legends Status Quo host a star-studded auction. Fifty renowned musicians, artists and stars have taken up a challenge from The Prince's Trust and created their own versions of classic Status Quo single / album covers and these will be auctioned with all net proceeds going to The Trust. Scooter also did a painting for this very special auction.

Visit this website for online bidding and for more information about the auction, which will take place on November 5th.

A limited edition of the upcoming new Status Quo album will contain a 120-page full colour book featuring all the auctioned artworks [source:]

P.S. If you want to know what exactly The Prince's Trust is, you can read about it here.

Scooter at TV Total + H.P. at 3FM (Holland) 20.10.2008

On October 15'th Scooter were guests at the popular Germany TV show TV Total, hosted by Stefan Raab. Here you can watch the interview with the guys and their live gig (by the way the first Scooter gig on TV Total ever). [source:]

And here you can watch the interview with H.P. Baxxter at the Holland radio 3FM. Really interesting and funny video. H.P. is answering the radio DJ's questions and doing some freestyle with the microphone. Thanx to user hosseinscooter for this video!

Jumping All Over The World (Platinum Edition) in England 14.10.2008

Are you tired of Jumping All Over The World album being re-released again and again and again? :) If not, than I've got a good news for you! It seems that the new Platinum Edition of this album will be released in England on October, 17. This release is something like Germany's JAOTW - Whatever You Want with little differences. It will contain one audio CD and one DVD. Here's the track list:

CD: Jumping All Over The World (Platinum Edition)

01. The Definition
02. Jumping All Over The World
03. The Question Is What Is The Question?
04. Enola Gay
05. Neverending Story
06. And No Matches
07. Cambodia
08. I'm Lonely
09. Whistling Dave
10. Marian (Version)
11. Lighten Up The Sky
12. The Hardcore Massive
13. Jump That Rock! (Whatever You Want) feat. Status Quo
14. The Greatest Difficulty
15. Call Me Manana
16. Aii Shot The DJ
17. No Fate
18. The Age of Love
19. Fuck the Millenium

DVD: Scooter - Live in Berlin 2008

01. Intro
02. Call Me Manana
03. Jumping All Over The World
04. The Question Is What Is The Question?
05. I'm Raving
06. Weekend!
07. And No Matches
08. Jump That Rock
09. No Fate
10. Jumpstyle Medley feat. Sheffield Jumpers
11. Fuck The Millenium
12. Aiii Shot The DJ
13. Nessaja
14. How Much Is The Fish?
15. I'm Lonely
16. One (Always Hardcore)
17. Jigga Jigga!
18. Maria (I Like It Loud)
19. Hyper Hyper

You can order this release via, or

You can watch the cover of Jumping All Over The World (Platinum Edition) here.

Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) in England 12.10.2008

I already wrote that Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) single will be released in the UK on 27'th of October in web format and on 3'rd of November in CD format. Now we know the track list of the single (there's one new remix) and we have the picture of Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) UK Promo CD! Here's the track list of the single:

1. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Radio Edit)
2. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Extended mix)
3. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Club Mix)
4. Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) (Jorg Schmid Remix)

The picture of Promo CD you can see on the left.

I'm Lonely digital only in the UK 03.10.2008

This is a quote from UK's label All Around The World web-site:

'The digital only release of Scooter - I'm Lonely. The single was due for a full blown release as the 3rd single from the Platinum Jumping All Over The World album but after the Scooter vs. Status Quo track Jump That Rock sort of took on a life of it's own as a work of complete genius, we decided that efforts were best put into pushing Jump That Rock as the full 3rd single. For those of you who do want the full single though, I'm Lonely is available to download now via iTunes UK store.'

Hands On Scooter sound samples 29.09.2008

The sound samples of all Hands On Scooter project tracks, that will appear on Jumping All Over The World Whatever You Want album are available at! Just open the site, search for 'Scooter' and then select 'MP3 Alben'. Voila! Check it out! :) I must say, that the Bloodhound Gang's version of Weekend and Klostertaler's Friends rocks very much! Great and funny compositions! Also you can listen to the new version of Lighten Up The Sky by Scooter themeselfes.

Scooter concert in Moscow 26.09.2008 review 27.09.2008

Hello to all! I wrote a review of Scooter concert in Moscow! You can find it in Interesting section! Also you'll find there some photos and videos from the concert! Enjoy!!!

Making of Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) 19.09.2008

Here you can watch the clip about making of Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) video. The quality isn't very good, but OK. It's a nice video worth watching. H.P., Rick and Michael together with Status Quo on the shooting stage.

News about Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) 14.09.2008

The Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) video clip was premiered on Clubland TV (one of the English TV channels). One can also buy this video clip at iTunes online stores. And I suggest you to watch the video online right here. By the way, it looks like there are two versions of the video. The two versions don't differ much, but still, there is a scene in one of them that don't appear in another. The second version of the video features a scene of a man killing another man with the chain saw. I cannot even imagine what kind of message did the director of the video want to deliver by including this scene in his work. I also don't know what on Earth does a big hummer or a man, who looks both like Adolph Hitler and Winston Churchill do there, but A hummer, mentioned above, is decorated with "Union Jack" and is used to destroy a wall, which separates Scooter from Status Quo, which could be an allusion to the Fall of the Berlin Wall. Well, you can make your own conclusions.

The official tracklist of JAOTW - WYW. Dissapointment? 11.09.2008

So, the tracklist of Jumping All Over The World Whatever You Want has finally appeared on the Internet. Here it is:

01. The Definition
02. Jumping All Over The World
03. The Question Is What Is The Question?
04. Enola Gay
05. Neverending Story
06. And No Matches
07. Cambodia
08. I'm Lonely
09. Whistling Dave
10. Marian (Version)
11. Lighten Up The Sky new version
12. The Hardcore Massive
13. The Greatest Difficulty
14. Bloodhound Gang - Weekend! (Bonus Section Hands On Scooter)
15. Sido - Beweg Deinen Arsch (Bonus Section Hands On Scooter)
16. K.I.Z. - Was Kostet Der Fisch? (Bonus Section Hands On Scooter)
17. Jan Delay & Moonbootica I'm Raving (Bonus Section Hands On Scooter)
18. Klostertaler Friends (Bonus Section Hands On Scooter)
19. Andreas Dorau - Aiii Shot The DJ (Bonus Section Hands On Scooter)

01. Scooter vs. Status Quo - Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
02. Scooter vs. Sheffield Jumpers - Jump With Me
03. One (Always Hardcore)
04. Shake That!
05. Jigga Jigga!
06. Maria (I Like It Loud)
07. The Night
08. Weekend!
09. Nessaja
10. The Logical Song
11. Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
12. Faster Harder Scooter
13. How Much Is The Fish?
14. Fire
15. I'm Raving
16. Rebel Yell
17. Back in The U.K.
18. Endless Summer
19. Friends
20. Move Your Ass!
21. Hyper Hyper

So there are no real surprises for the fans no reworked JAOTW tracks, no reworked old chapter tracks but don't forget that Premium Edition of JAOTW WYW will contain also a DVD with Scooter concert in Spandau (Berlin) and Limited Edition will contain both DVDs with concert and with all Scooter videos.

Summing up the facts about JAOTW WYW 09.09.2008

Well, I decided to sum up all the facts that I know about Jumping All Over The World Whatever You Want album, that will be released on the 3rd of October. First of all each consumer will be able to choose an edition of the album that suits him/her better.

Standart Edition pack will contain 2 CDs. First of them will contain Jumping All Over the World album and 7 tracks that belong to Hands On Scooter project (e.g. Scooter tracks recorded by other musicians using different music styles). The second disc will contain a compilation of Scooter's best hits, Jump That Rock single and a bonus track.

Premium Edition pack will contain of 2 CDs, identical to Standart Edition and a DVD of Scooter's concert in Berlin.

Limited Edition pack will contain 2 CDs identical to Standart Edition, a DVD of Scooter concert in Berlin, a DVD with Scooter video clips, a Scooter T-shirt and a postcard with an autographed Scooter photo.

That's all that I know about JAOTW WYW by now. It can only be added that it looks like full Hands On Scooter album will be released only in 2009 and now we will only get seven tracks from this album, as a bonus for JAOTW WYW. These tracks are from Bloodhound Gang, K.I.Z., Jan Delay, Sido, Klostertaler and Andreas Dorau.

Vote for Scooter at MTV Europe Music Awards 08.09.2008

The MTV Europe Music Awards are set to take place on 6th November 2008 in Liverpool (UK) and nominee voting is now open! Voting is open to the public fans can vote for their favourite artist to become one of the Top 5 nominees! Help Scooter get nominated for an award by using the 'Nominate Now' banner at this page. Vote for Scooter in a category 'Best Act Ever'!

Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) sound samples! 05.09.2008

Finally the first sound samples of Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) single appeared on the Internet! You can listen it here! If you'll like it, than you can buy the whole mp3 release of JTR (WYW) on So, what are you waiting for?!

So, now we know the full tracklist of the single. Here it is:

01. Radio Edit (03:23)
02. "The Telecaster" Club Mix (05:51)
03. Extended Mix (05:08)
04. The Hi Hat Song (04:49)

News about album and single 05.09.2008

It's seems that the 4-discs edition of Jumping All Over The World Whatever You Want album will also include a Scooter T-short and Scooter card with autographs! Here's the proof. The cost of the album will be around EUR 30 in German shops. The official cover of JAOTW - WYW you can see on the left. The album will be released on the 3rd of October.

The new single Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) recorded together with Status Quo will be released even earlier, than we expected, on 26th of September. You can see the official cover of the single on the left. One of the German fans said, that he already heard the single and he like it very much. He showed the photo of the Promo CD. The tracklist contains:

01. Extended Mix (05:08)
02. "The Telecaster" Club Mix (05:51)
03. Radio Edit (03:23)

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