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JAOTW re-release?! 29.08.2008

I've got a little big update for ya! "Why it's a "little big" update?" will you ask. And I'll tell ya why. 'Cause its short news about HUGE Scooter release. I've got the information, that on the 3'rd of October we'll not only get the new single Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) and Hands On Scooter album, but three different versions of re-released Jumping All Over The World album! There will be 2 CDs, 2 CDs + DVD and 3 CDs + DVD versions of this release! I still don't have the official information about what exactly will be at this CDs, but I think the first CD will contain the original album, second CD will contain the old Scooter tracks in new jumpstyle versions, third CD will probably contain the Hands On Scooter album and the DVD will contain one of the unreleased Scooter concerts. Well, for now this all are just my fantasies, but who knows maybe I'm right! So, let's wait for the new information about this exciting release. Here are the links to, where you can pre-order all three versions of JAOTW re-release: 2 CDs version, 2 CDs + DVD version, 3 CDs + DVD version.

Oh, and by the way today is a birthday of Michael Simon! So I want to congratulate him and wish him all the very best! Michael, you're the man! We all are happy that you've joined the Scooter band and we hope together with them you'll digg a great success! Happy birthday!

JAOTW is PLATINUM in the UK! 23.08.2008

Michael Simon wrote on his MySpace page, that Scooter album Jumping All Over The World reached the platinum status in the UK! This is absolutely massive! And this is the first time that Scooter's album became platinum in this country! Congratulations, guys! This is a real back in the UK!

The tickets for the Moscow Scooter concert are available! 22.08.2008

Finally here's the news about Scooter concert in Moscow that will take place on 26'th of September at Space club (SC Adrenalin). Since today the tickets are available to buy in Moscow. My friend and I already bought two :) All the Russian Scooter Posse can buy the tickets here. Good luck!

Are you curious about the ticket's look? So watch it :) Here's the front side and here's the back side.

Release date of the new single and album 21.08.2008

OK, now it's official. The new Scooter single together with legendary band Status Quo called Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want) will be released on 3'rd of October. The new album Hands On Scooter will be released on that date too. I think that Hands On Scooter will be a compilation of other artists remixing Scooter tracks. Here's the release date proof:

Don't Jump To It, Jump That Rock! =) 13.08.2008

Well I'm SHOCKED. Here comes the Official news about the new single. It will be NOT Jump To It, but Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want), recorded together with legendary band Status Quo. Look at the photo, the stars are posing together. More news to come Well, this is really an effect we don't expect. We never know what's coming next!

New single is ready! 12.08.2008

Short news from Daniel, the forums administrator. The new Scooter single Jump To It is finished. The video on this track was shot yesterday (12.08.2008). I'm sure that more fresh news about Jump To It will come shortly. And yes, we're still waiting for the sound samples from the track

Hands On Scooter project is alive and coming up! 13.08.2008

We've got some news about a long awaited Hands On Scooter project. As you remember in 2006 the Scooter guys announced that they are working on a project called Hands On Scooter. The idea of the project is that famous musicians will remake some Scooter hits in their own style. Brilliant idea, if you ask me! But since 2006 we didn't get any news about the project and someone might be thinking that it was cancelled. But no, this is not true! On the 8 of August Scooter was answering the fans questions on VIVA TV. And when somebody asked them about the Hands On Scooter project, they replied, that they are still working on it. The Hands On Scooter album will be finished this September and also there will be a special Hands On Scooter single! Absolutely great news!

Scooter in psy trance 12.08.2008

Israeli psy trance duo Black & White (Samuel Wallerstein and Yaniv Biton) has created a track called Scooter Tribute (or Hyper Tribute)! And YES, this is a real tribute to our beloved Scooter! The tune will be released on Black & White's new album called Back On Track under the title Hyper Tribute! And also it will be released at The Beach 2008 compilation under the Scooter Tribute title. Recommended for listening!

Scooter Jump To It  10.08.2008

The new Scooter single is called Jump To It. It already appeared at chart at #126. More information will come soon. Waiting for the sound sample :-)

Axel's new track I WIsh is finished 05.08.2008

Axel Coon has finished his new track I Wish. By the way, Axel quit the collaboration with Aqualoop and established his own label AMPAC, where his new single I wish will be released. Let's hope, that more information about this track will come shortly. Don't forget - all the fresh news about Scooter and it's ex-members you'll always find at Scooter Planet. Thanx for Horseman for the infornation.

Sheffield Jumpers Jump With Me (the video) and more 02.08.2008

Here or here you can watch the official video of Sheffield Jumpers Jump With Me.

Yesterday there was a Scooter concert at Spandau that was also aired live at VIVA TV. Here's the tracklist of the concert:

01. Intro
02. Call Me Manana
03. Jumping All Over The World
04. The Question Is What Is The Question
05. I'm Raving
06. Weekend
07. And No Matches
08. Jump That Rock
09. No Fate
10. Jumpstyle Medley
11. Fuck The Millenium
12. Aiii Shot The DJ
13. Roll Baby Roll
14. Nessaja
15. How Much Is The Fish?
16. I'm Lonely
17. One (Always Hardcore)
18. Jigga Jigga
19. Maria (I Like It Loud)
20. Hyper Hyper

Scooter concert in Moscow is postponed 01.08.2008

Scooter concert in Moscow is postponed due to band members request. The concert will take place on the 26'th of September instead of the 20'th. Scooter members state some important Scooter appearance on German TV as the reason due to which the concert was put off.

Sheffield Jumpers - Jump With Me 31.07.2008

There is news that the dancers, that participated in all the latest videos Scooter made in jumpstyle, will release a single of their own on Sheffield Tunes record label on 22'th of August. The project will be named Sheffield Jumpers and their track is called Jump With Me. It is also said that the Sheffield Jumpers will continue working with Scooter and will take part in the bands next video. So, we can make a conclusion that the new Scooter track will be made in jumpstyle again. By the way, there are rumors that Scooters next album will be released this fall.

Interview with Axel Coon 29.07.2008

Here's some news from Axel Coon. He told it all to a Scooter fan Imre -SP- from Hungary. They met last Saturday at Flort Club (Hungury) where Axel did his DJ-set. So, as I said before, Imre -SP- interviewed Axel a little bit. Here are all the interesting facts from the talk:

- You may not think that Axel really reads the official Scooter forum from time to time, but he does.

- Axel was very happy that so many Scooter fans showed up. At first I thought he's getting tired about contantly "harassed" by his past, but when I asked, he smiled and said it's very lovely that we still remember - or even better, miss - him.

- He says he doesn't play Scooter in his DJ-sets nowadays, and he doesn't really bother about the new Scooter releases either. He can't even name a track from the new album, "cause Scooter release a new single almost every 2 month", and people call each track by it's abbreviated name, so he just can't keep up-to-date.
Of course this doesn't mean that he don't keep in touch with the band members. Especially Ferris and Jay are two very close friends of him.

- Their new project, 3 Global Players was kind of an unrealistic decision. He speaks with Ferris every week via the phone, but they didn't have a common project since 2003. So Ferris said "come on, let's make a track together" - et voila! In a week, the track was ready.

- Connected to the last one, Axel states that he doesn't take music production seriously (neither does Ferris). He says that they both make it for fun, and never for the money or success. He's happy about his success as is, and he said that it's demeaning for him when he reads on our forum (official Scooter forum) that people like a Scooter track just 'cause "it sounds more serious than Axel's or anyone others".

- Axel is likely to go nuts for new and interesting styles. When something new comes in, he jumps on his equipment and starts producing. That's why he enjoys making music in jumpstyle, house, hands-up, etc. altogether.

- The rumour that Rick & Axel were totally drunk when they made Bramfeld is not true. Indeed, they never had a drink when they were in studio.

- In the 3'rd chapter, Jay made every clubmix and b-side for the singles. When Axel was in the band, all tracks were made by them together, even H.P. did jobs in the production part.

- Axel loves I'm Your Pusher. He says that later on Rick and H.P. probably found something that they would change in the track, and that's why they like to scarify it in public.

- His favourite drink is Jagermeister.

Ferris and Axel's new project 24.07.2008

A new vinyl by 3 Global Players project was released in Germany not so long ago. The vinyl is called Daydream. It came out that 3 Global Players project is created by such persons as Kai Panschow, Ferris Bueller and Axel Coon. Ferris and Axel were constantly mentioning the possibility of creating a project together,and now those plans have finally become real. And what if Jay Frog participated in the project instead of Kai Panschow?! Now that would be fun!

I'm Lonely (UK Promo CD) 18.07.2008

A new English Promo-CD of remixes for the new Scooter single "I'm lonely" is availible on Besides Radio edit, Extended, Dressed for Success Club Mix, this CD track list includes three new remixes that have never been published before. And those are: Styles and Breeze Remix, Flip & Fill Remix Alex K Remix. This CD might possibly be released and sold in England. The CD's track list is listed below:

Scooter - I'm Lonely (UK Release)
01. I'm Lonely (Radio Edit)
02. I'm Lonely (Extended)
03. I'm Lonely (Styles and Breeze Remix)
04. I'm Lonely (Flip & Fill Remix)
05. I'm Lonely (Alex K Remix)
06. I'm Lonely (Dressed for Success Club Mix)


Thanks for the news, Horseman!

Fresh news about Scooter's new video 17.07.2008

According to the administration of Scooter's official forum, the new band's video will be recorded in Hamburg. More information will come soon I hope.

Scooter Wicked Videos 06.07.2008

The Clubland-TV show called Scooter Wicked Videos that I mentioned yesterday was uploaded to by KLF23 from Official Scooter Forum. The video is a bit cut to fit Youtube ten minutes limit. Watch it here

Also you can download it from my site here (48,5mb).

The English version of the site is opened 05.07.2008

I've finally finished the English version of Scooter Planet. So now I welcome all the international visitors. I'm always interested in your comments and feedback. If you'll find any mistakes, please feel free to notify me via e-mail
Once again, welcome to!

Scooter on British TV 05.07.2008

On the 4-th of July a British TV-channel Clubland TV broadcasted a special show with H.P., Rick and Michael. The guys made a list of their favourite Scooter videos. Here it is: Jumping All Over The World, Nessaja, Ramp! (The Logical Song) (live at Clubland), One (Always hardcore), The Question is What is The Question, Maria (I Like it Loud), Faster, Harder, Scooter, I'm Lonely (live at Clubland).

You can see the rerun of the show today, on Saturday, July, 5-th at 23:00.

Interesting stuff section is opened 28.06.2008

I decided to open this new section of the site. There is quite a few information there by now, but I'm sure that Scooter will give us more than one reason to keep updating this section.

Dear visitors! If you have any ideas about improoving this section's content, don't be shy to mail me your suggestions at

Scooter will perform at Spandau fortress 27.06.2008

On the 1-st of August Scooter will perform live at Spandau, one of the most beautiful and famous Renascence fortresses. The fortress is situated within the precincts of Berlin (although it is quite far from it's center). It is said, that all those who could not attend the concert, will be able to see it on German TV-channel Viva, at 21:00 on the 1-st of August. And we can only hope that the German Scooter fans will record the concert and upload it to the Internet. We are anxiously waiting for it.

New domain and hosting for Scooter Planet 26.06.2008

Today Scooter Planet has moved from free web hosting to the paid one. From now on, the site is located at Congratulations are accepted :)

Sorry for the lirical digression, but I would like to congratulate Russian football team and the head coach Guus Hiddink for the great gameplay that thay showed at Euro 2008. We will surely kick the Spanish asses next time. I hope, that tomorrow the Germans will revenge for us. By the way, all the Scooter guys support the German team. Lets join them tomorrow.

On the 21-st of September Scooter will perform in Moscow! 26.06.2008

On Dates section of Scooter official website, I found a few words about Scooter concert, which is supposed to be held on September, 21 at Space club in Moscow. Well, I consider it official information. Let's wait for September! I hope this time Scooter will have no difficulties in arriving to Moscow.

The new single is finished! 26.06.2008

Michael Simon wrote on his MySpace blog, that the band had finished working on the new single! It's name and release date are still a secrert. And now all the Scooter guys go on well-deserved vacations. Well, great news! A brand new single was made in record-breaking time after a very successful Jumping All Over The World album!

Will Scooter come to Moscow?! 23.06.2008

It looks like Scooter will perform in Moscow after a long period of absence. Rick, Michael and H.P. are planning to visit Moscow in the end of September. See the latest information about this event on The final word is yet to be said, but we want to believe that Scooter will finally visit our country. Also those, who orginize the concert are in talks with Scooter in order to organize their concert tour around Russia.

Scooter Planet is back! 23.06.2008

Dear friends! I'm happy to inform you, that after meditaying for a long while I decided to give new birth to my web-site about german band Scooter. My web-site was present on the world wide web from 2000 till 2005. It has gone through multiple changes, its design was renovated several times, it moved from one hosting to another, etc. Unfortanately, one day I lost the hosting and domain name Moreover, the hard disc with the originals of the site was also lost. For a while, I really missed the site and made several intents to bring it back to live and start it all over again, but couldn't make myself to do it properly. Not so long ago, I unexpectedly found my old hard drive, that have been missing for three years. When I revised it and saw the old materials for Scooter Planet, I felt the warm wave of memories invading me. I remembered the days when I constantly worked on my site, frequently updating it... in other words, I decided to create the new Scooter planet. I decided not to overload it with a big amount of sections, and make it es simple as possible. It is possible that some new sections will appear with the passage of time, but by now I decided to leave things as they are.

Well, I'm back, my friends. And Scooter Planet is back, too. I hope that those of you, who frequently visited Scooter Planet in the past, will remember the time they used to spend browsing my site and won't turn their backs on me now. So, I'd like to give them and the rest of the visitors a warm welcome.

Scar, web-master of

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