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My Scooter releases collection

Here's my Scooter CDs collection. There are only CDs made in Germany, I'm not really interested in russian licensed CDs, that's why I have only a few of them. I keep looking to enlarge my collection of German (and English) Scooter CDs, so if you can sell me something that is not in my collection, please e-mail me at


Hyper Hyper // Green
Hyper Hyper // Blue
Move Your Ass
Break It Up
Endless Summer
Rebel Yell
Let Me Be Your Valentine
The Age Of Love // Limited
The Age Of Love // Remixes
Back In The UK
I'm Raving
Fire // Limited
No Fate
How Much Is The Fish?
We Are The Greatest / I Was Made For Lovin' You
Call Me Manana
Faster Harder Scooter // 2 tracks, paper sleeve
Faster Harder Scooter // Limited
Fuck The Millennium
I'm Your Pusher
She's The Sun
Aiii Shot The DJ
Ramp! (The Logical Song)
Posse (I Need You On The Floor)
Weekend // Limited
The Night
Maria (I Like It Loud)
Shake That // Limited
One (Always Hardcore)
Hello! (Good To Be Back)
Apache Rocks The Bottom
Behind The Cow
Lass Uns Tanzen
The Question Is What Is The Question
And No Matches
I'm Lonely
Jump That Rock (Whatever You Want)
J'adore Hardcore
Ti Sento
The Sound Above My Hair
Stuck On Replay
Friends Turbo
The Only One
David Doesn't Eat
C'est Bleu
It's a Biz (Ain't Nobody)
Army Of Hardcore

+ Weekend // Russian license with autographs
+ Nessaja // Netherlands license (DIGIDANCE), paper sleeve


Sunrise // 3 tracks, paper sleeve
Sunrise // CDM


...And The Beat Goes On!
Our Happy Hardcore
Age Of Love
Age Of Love // Limited
No Time To Chill
No Time To Chill // Limited
Back To The Heavyweight Jam
Back To The Heavyweight Jam // DigiPack
Back To The Heavyweight Jam // Strictly Limited Fuck The Millennium Edition
Sheffield // Limited
We Bring The Noise! // with autographs
The Stadium Techno Experience (second release)
Mind The Gap // Limited
Who's Got The Last Laugh Now?
The Ultimate Aural Orgasm // Limited
Jumping All Over The World // Limited
Jumping All Over The World - Whatever You Want // Deluxe Edition
Under The Radar Over The Top // Deluxe VIP Fan-Box
The Big Mash Up // Deluxe VIP Fan-Box
Music For A Big Night Out // Strictly Limited Deluxe Box
The Fifth Chapter // Strictly Limited Deluxe Box

+ Age Of Love // Japanese release
+ No Time To Chill // Japanese release
+ Sheffield // Japanese release
+ Jumping All Over The World // Limited // UK release
+ Jumping All Over The World // The Special Edition // Singapore release

+ ...And The Beat Goes On! // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Our Happy Hardcore // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Wicked! // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Age Of Love // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ No Time To Chill // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Back To The Heavyweight Jam // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Sheffield // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ We Bring The Noise! // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ The Stadium Techno Experience // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Mind The Gap // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Who's Got The Last Laugh Now? // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ The Ultimate Aural Orgasm // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Jumping All Over The World // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ Under The Radar Over The Top // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition
+ The Big Mash Up // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition


Rough And Tough And Dangerous
Push The Beat For This Jam (The Second Chapter)
24 Carat Gold // with autographs
20 Years Of Hardcore

Live compilations:

Encore (Live And Direct)
Excess All Areas
Live in Hamburg

DVD, Blu-Ray:

Encore (The Whole Story) // with authographs
Excess All Areas
Live in Hamburg (Blu-Ray)
The Complete Video Collection // 20 Years Of Hardcore Expanded Edition


Within Temptaton - Sinéad (CDS)

Scooter concert at Stadium Live (Moscow) 22.03.2014

After exactly 364 days Scooter returned to Moscow again with a new live show, but this time together with a new band member. Phil Speiser, the new third member of Scooter, coped his duties well during the live performance. I visited seven of concerts in Russia, and the yesterday's show was probably the loudest, brightest and most impressive. The Stadium Live club perfectly fit the format of Scooter. Big stage, powerful speakers, plasma panels on every side of the stage. The band performed with pleasure, seeing the huge reaction from the fans, almost everybody were dancing and screaming together with their idols.

At the beginning of the show the beloved Ramp! (The Logical Song) was played, it was followed by The Question is What is the Question?, legendary How Much is the Fish? and 4 A.M., which is really popular in Russia. In the second half of the show Scooter pleased the crowd with a good old classics - Back in the UK and Rebel Yell, which were not planned in the set-list. Bit A Bad Boy sounded very energetic and Fire, which was performed by H.P. after the whole venue congratulated him with his birthday, was really powerful. The big birthday cake with a little figure of H.P. at the top, seemed to be a good surprise for our beloved MC. He laughed and picked the figure in the air, while screaming Wicke-e-e-e-e-e-e-ed!. It was so symbolic and touching at the same time that the crowd just exploded! There were screaming and applause everywhere. Many people had tears of joy in their eyes.

Lovely and friendly atmosphere, great venue, positive crowd, smiling musicians on the stage... Everything was just wonderful. Unfortunately, no new tracks was performed (not counting the new introduction of Posse (I Need You On The Floor)), but it was so cool, anyway. We hope that Scooter will come back to Russia with the tour after the release of their new studio album, which, according to recent data, should appear on the shelves of music stores in the fall of 2014.

By: Juliana Geerdes; editing and correcting: Scar


Scooter concert at Moscow's A2 club 23.03.2013

I have to say that at that time I did not write a detailed review of the Scooter show. I decided to just briefly describe my main impression about it. I think the photos will make the better job in this case. You can see them below.

It seems that it's became a good tradition for Scooter to come to Moscow in March. This time all the fans from Moscow (and not only from Moscow) have marked the date in their calendars on March, 23. The guys from Scooter literally blew up the A2 club (ex-B1), they played all their best old hits as well as some new stuff, such as 4 A.M. (which is topping the charts in Russia) and Army Of Hardcore (which is a fans' favorite). Yes, the tracklist of the show was a little bit stock and regular, but the band was so awesome and so powerful at the stage! The guys performed really well, I think they were really inspired that day, and everything went good. The fans was united that day, they sang together and was happy to see their favorite band. And the Scooter members felt this unity and I think that evening they was united with the crowd. Fans congratulated H.P. Baxxter on his recent birthday, holding up pieces of paper with the words Happy birthday, H.P.. The MC was obviously surprised with this flash mob, so he shouted in a mic: Thank you, guys! You're the best Posse in the world. It is worth mentioning that the Scooter show brought together not only the fans from Moscow and Moscow region, but a lot of people from another cities and even countries! There were people from Saint-Petersburg, Rostov, Ussuriysk, Salekhard as you know, the Scooter fans geography has no boundaries and I especially pleased, that these people are ready to go for their favorite band to the end of the world. This is a real army of hardcore! I was able to talk with some of these guys and girls with a great pleasure and now I want to send them greetings from the pages of Scooter Planet. I just wanna let you know that you're the best Posse and Scooter members are lucky that they have such fans like you.

I want to express a huge respect to the Promo END agency, which brought Scooter to Moscow, organized the concert at the highest level and provided us, as a representative of Scooter fan community in Russia, a chance to make an interview with the band. And, of course, thanks to A2 club which also held the event worthily. The only slight negatives for me were paid cloakroom and problems with exit from the club immediately after the show. But again, on the whole, everything was just great. Thank you all!

Let me remind you that you can read the text version of our interview with Scooter at the News section (the update from 24.03.2013) of the site and here are the links to the video version of the interview: part 1 and part 2. Now check some photos from the show made by Phantom. Thank you for great work, Arthur!


Scooter fans in 'Paradise' (Scooter DJ set @ RAI club (Moscow) 12.03.2011 review)

The attack!

Strolling down the Moscow streets in the direction of one of the most prestigious nightclubs RAI (that means 'Paradise' in Russian), we had a feeling that, in spite of having press accreditation, we would have hard times getting in there.

Internet is full of stories about people, who were not allowed to enter the club, because the guards were very picky. We knew that there was a strict dress code and tried our best to have an appropriate look. But we are just simple guys who cannot afford designer clothes, so we were quite realistic about our chances to get there. So when we approached to the guard and were turned out, as he noticed sportswear elements in our look, we were not even surprised. But, after the entrance was denied, our desire to get into the club grew even bigger. In the first place, we really wanted to see a DJ set from Scooter and try to interview the guys, and secondly the metro was already closed and we were not very happy with the perspective to keep wondering down the streets all night long. Arthur (aka Phantom) called a person, who was responsible for the press entrance to the club and asked him to come outside. Luckily, that person turned out to be very comprehensive and helped us to get into the club, by giving us bracelets with 'PRESS' mark on them.

The Show!

After getting in, we decided to look around. The place was crowded with people. There was a local DJ performing in one of the rooms, and music of the nineties in another one, which created a really good relaxing atmosphere. People we met were very nice and there was lots of beautiful women around. It looked like the face control was strict indeed: I never met so many beautiful people in one place. We ordered mojitos and started listening to the music. There was mainly electro-house and music of the nineties. Vladimir (IceMan) started filming everything that was going around with his camera, in order to make a video about our adventures later, and Phantom could not stop taking pictures. I walked around for a while, admiring the beautiful girls (as I said before, the club was full of them) and returned to the dancefloor right at the moment Scooter appeared to the room.

Arthur and I managed to find a good place and started taking pictures of H.P., Rick and Michael, while Vladimir was on the dancefloor, filming everything he could. After a while, H.P. noticed us, smiled and nodded his head. It was really nice to know that he recognized us, because the last time he saw us was last year, when we interviewed Scooter, right before their concert in the MILK club. Later Rick looked out of the DJ booth and recognized us as well. The DJ set from Scooter has begun. Michael played the most popular electro-house tracks, such as Barbra Streisand from Duck Sauce, some remixes for Black Eyed Peas and so on. H.P. shouted some DJ phrases and interacted with the clubbers. The guys had also played some of their own tracks such as Shake That!, How Much Is The Fish? and One (Always Hardcore). Michael played radio versions of those tracks and H.P. shouted the lyrics live.


By the way Rick was filming the dancefloor with his small camera and it is possible that the guys will upload the video to Facebook or something like that. I must admit that I liked the DJ set, although I am not a electro-house fan. As the set was approaching to it's end, we started thinking about interviewing the guys and the way we could do that. Then Vladimir came up with the brilliant idea of writing a note to Scooter and asking them for an interview. I asked the bartender for a piece of paper and wrote Hey, guys! We are your fans from and We would like to make an interview with you. Is it possible?. We passed this note to the DJ booth. H.P. took the note, and read it. Then he nodded, smiled and asked IceMan for a smoke. IceMan handed him a cigarette. People around us smiled, surprised by the way H.P. treated us. The DJ set came to an end, the guys said goodbye to the clubbers and started making their way to the VIP zone.

The guards did not let us to follow them, as the bracelets we had on were orange, and had to be blue in order to guarantee us the passage to the VIP zone. Suddenly, Rick noticed us, came closer, said 'Hi' and invited us to follow him, but the guards kept saying it was not allowed, while trying to push us away from the VIP zone. Rick was quite surprised by that, addressed his German assistants and said he would try to solve the problem. He returned to us and started showing us his daughter's photos on his iPhone. Rick's daughter is very cute and looks a lot like her father. After the guards issue was solved, we were allowed to enter the VIP zone. It was dark there, and looked like everyone has already gone to the dancefloor. We were said to sit on the sofa next to Rick and given five minutes for an interview, but we talked for fifteen minutes. We would like to thank Scooter team for an opportunity we were given. The interview with Rick was great; he answered all the questions, even the most difficult ones. He even turned on his iPhone's highlight to make it easier for me to read the questions in the dark. We would like to thank him for everything! Arthur, Vladimir and I will remember this day forever. It was unforgettable.


And here's our video review of the event:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

Scooter concert at Moscow club Milk (27.03.2010)

Part one. Our meeting with Scooter and the interview

This morning I was told that several of my fellow colleagues and me were invited to the hotel where Scooter stayed, and that there was a chance that we could interview the guys face to face. But the chance was really small, as the band's manager have approved only two interviews for MTV and Music box TV-channels. We were told to be at the hotel in time, but not to get offended if, in the end it will not be possible for us to get the interview.

When I arrived to the hotel, I was shocked by the fact that most of the questions we hoped to ask were not translated yet. My colleagues Arthur (Phantom), Iceman and me sat at one of the tables at the hotel's all and started translating the questions. A little bit later one of those who organized Scooter interview came up to us and brought us some sad news: he said that he is 95% sure there will be no interview, as Scooter managers are intended to keep up to their schedule and allow only two interviews. Nothing more and nothing less. And, in case we will be allowed to interview the guys, we will only have three or five minutes to talk to them.

Meanwhile, MTV crew went to Scooter's hotel room. We shared a couple of words with the girl who worked for MUZ-TV channel. This channel had no oficial accreditation that's why she said that her chances to get the interview were even smaller than ours. When the MTV crew came back to the hall, the members of Music Box crew rose up and went to the elevator. We kept sitting sadly in the hall, without any real hope to communicate with Scooter. Then two more accreditated friends joined us.

After Music Box crew came back to the hall and left the hotel building, the man who was responsible for the communication with Scooter, told MUZ-TV crew to come up and made a gesture in our direction ordering us to wait.

A while later the same man came to us and told us that the guys are in a better mood, and we still have a chance to meet them face to face. By that time there were only four of us left. But alas it was allowed to let only three people into Scooter's hotel room, so we had to choose who will enter and who will stay out. We started arguing, because everybody wanted to see Scooter and nobody wanted to be left out. We did not come to any agreement anyway, that is why when we were told to go to the Scooter's room, the four of us rushed to the elevator.

Walking down the long corridor that led us to the Scooter hotel room and chatting softly, we started to feel really nervous. When we came to the door of the room we heard H.P.'s loud laughter. It looked like the guys were in a good mood and were sharing jokes with MUZ-TV reporters. We crowded near the door and tried to listen to the conversation inside.

Suddenly the door flung open and a fragile girl (probably a MUZ-TV reporter) came out. When she saw us, she was so surprised that she even exclaimed Oh!. By the way, there was a pile of clothes right near the room's door. The clothes were the jackets the reporters left, as it was quite hot in the hotel. We decided to follow their example and left our jackets in the same pile. Then the door opened once again and the MUZ-TV reporters came out. Then Scooter manager appeared and explained us the rules we must follow. We had only five minutes to talk to the guys and we also had to be polite and not to disturb the guys too much. We promised to obey the rules, and I was ready even to sign my promise with my own blood, because I was eager to see the guys as soon as possible.

And finally, we are inside. And what do we see? We see the smiling H.P., Rick and Michael surrounded by securities, managers and several persons more. The guys shouted: Hello! to us and we responded happily. Arthur gave H.P. a present a small handmade (crocheted) doll Masyania, dressed in a red sweater with the word Scooter on it. H.P. took the present, looked at her face and said: Oh my God! This is Jay Frog!. Everybody (including us) burst out laughing. Michael also made jokes about the doll, as he looked at her and wondered: Where is her pussy?. H.P. called him a pervert and all three of them started laughing. Then we quickly asked the questions (we were really short of time, so we only could ask five questions). The guys were very honest and sincere and some of the answers were very interesting. You can find the interview at Scooter Planet news section and also at and Scooter Arena. Than we took photos with Scooter. You can see some of the photos with me on them here. After that we were politely asked to leave the room and went down to the hotel hall. When we went out the hotel we stood near the entrance for 20 minutes or so, talking about this wonderful day and all the great things that happened to us. We were tired but happy.


Part two. The concert

The day of the concert was quite a busy day for me. I was running around Moscow all day long solving all kind of Scooterrelated problems, I've met DJ Hooligan (the webmaster of website), so, I was already tired long before the concert begun. But anyway, when, accompanied by my friends, I was approaching the Milk club. I was in a wonderful mood. After entering the club, we (my friend Crash, who was accreditated as a photographer from Scooter Planet) went to the dance floor. It was not crowded yet, but the festive atmosphere already felt the air. There were many smiling faces around, and we have met a lot of friends on the dance floor. People were shaking each other's hands and sharing their opinions on the future concert.

Waiting for the concert to begin, I decided to look around and check the club's interiors. The stage was quite big and the dance floor, surrounded by bars, had enough space. On the second level of the club, right over the dance floor, there was a VIP-sector with round tables and soft white coaches. It looked very nice and cozy. I had no time to take a better look at he dance floor, as I spent all the time on the dance floor, but the club made a very good overall impression on me.

Scooter was set to appear at midnight, and, before that, the musical project One of the Best was warming up the public. The two DJ's were jumping, playing their tracks and cheering the public. It was a great warm up, I liked it a lot more than the one at the Space (Adrenaline) club back in 2008.

When One of The Best was almot finishing the set, the public started shouting: Scooter! Scooter! Scooter!. But the guys had no rush to appear. We had to wait for quite a long while, but it was not hard to wait, because everybody was anticipating the concert of the everybody's favorite band. And then, finally, the lights went down and the intro started playing. It was a mix of creepy music from Halloween movie mixed with Under the Radar over the Top intro. I could not hear the intro well enough as the people on the dance floor started getting mad. And then the intro smoothly turned into J'adore Hardcore and the people's excitement had grown into massive madness.

H.P. had a full control over the public as soon as he appeared on the stage. Michael with his keyboard was on his right and Rick, who pretended to be serious and wore dark glasses, was on his left. Right after J'adore Hardcore there was Posse (I need you on the floor) which was received by the crowd with the great excitement, so I could not control myself any longer and started jumping like crazy and stepping on everybody's feet. After Posse there were The Sound Above My HairStuck On Replay. There are small video extracts from them you can see below (those video were made with my mobile phone camera). By the way Stuck On The Replay was played in it's Club Mix edition, which transformed into Radio Edit, and then H.P. took the word and almost made us all deaf by his thunder like vocal. Before Stuck On Replay begun, H.P. told everyone that this song was selected as an official anthem of the Hockey Championship in Germany. But for most of us this information was not a secret. After Stuck On The ReplayJumping All Over The World and The Question Is What Is The Question were played. The jumpers appeared on the stage and started dancing in their energetic jumpstyle. I think that many fans would like to join the jumpers, but the dance floor was too crowded and there was no place for a dance in jumpstyle. Then H.P., Rick and Michael played a medley from Fuck The Millenium and Call Me Manana track. It was just amazing. I don't know how many pairs of legs I stepped on while dancing to this tracks, so I would like to apologize if I hurt anyone. Weekend followed. Many hands rose up in the eir while this track played, creating a wave. It was so amazing that I felt shivers running down my spine. After that my favorite track (Bit a Bad Boy) started playing. I danced so intensely that I could not see anything around me. I was jumping on the dancefloor (by the way the floor was wooden and it looked like the floor itself helped dancing) and shouting together with H.P.. Buy the way the version of Bit a Bad Boy played at Moscow concert was not hanged as the one the guys played in Hamburg at the beginning of their tour. In Moscow they played a normal, album version of the track. I think it was made for the best. As for me, I was really enjoying it. Then One (Always Hardcore), Ti Sento and Jump That Rock sounded. All those tracks were very well received by the public, especially One (Always Hardcore). People were dancing, shouting and jumping. Many hands were risen up to the air, and the atmosphere was indescribably good. Only Russian fans can party like that! Then Rick, H.P. and Michael played Nessaja and Maria (I Like It Loud). The letter was a huge success among the public as it is perfect for live performances when the public can be a part of the show, as it is the public who sings the second part of the chorus. When Maria (I Like It Loud) was over, H.P. said goodbye to the fans and the band swiftly disappeared behind the curtain. The majority of the public knew that this was not the end, so the people started shouting Scooter! Scooter! Scooter calling the guys back to the stage. And so, the lights went back on and H.P., Michael and Rick appeared on the stage again. And, much to the joy of the crowd, the band played How Much Is The Fish? and a medley of Endless Summer, Move Your Ass and Hyper Hyper. All those tracks were a little bit remastered and had a fresh new sound. I especially liked the way Move Your Ass sounded. I would like to have this version of the track in my collection.

This time the show was really over. H.P., Rick and Michael took a bow, H.P. named all the members of the band including the male and female dancers, and said he hoped to come to Moscow again. After that the band left the stage and the lights went down. The concert was over, and the people on the dance floor were happy. They were tired, their legs were aching but they were happy, and I ubderstand them, as I felt exactly the same!

Soon I left the club. I was so tired that I could not keep on partying, although I wanted to. Before I left, I had a chance to told to my old friends and some new ones. I would like to say hi and greet all those people. Thanks for approaching me and asking me questions. I am glad that you like my website and it was very nice to talk to you! Here you can see the photos of the concert made by Scooter Planet photographer. Thanks for the great job, Crash!


Video #1
Video #2
Video #3

Scooter live in Saint-Petersburg 28.02.2009 (by FIER)

The beginning

So, let me tell you how the things begun. It was a nice sunny day, the 27'th of February. I found myself on the railway station getting on the train that supposed to take me from my hometown to Saint-Petersburg. While at the railway station I met up with Roman, a Scooter Posse from Lipetzsk. There were three more Posse in the train, all of them from Voronezh Vladimir, Alexander and Sergey. So the way to Saint-Petersburg was anything but boring. We had a nice chat about Scooter, their concerts, and other stuff, exchanged CDs, and so on. The time just flew on the wings of friendship and fandom. At eight and a half in the morning we arrived to Saint-Petersburg, where we were welcomed by a bunch of Saint Petersburg Scooter Posse. By the time, we had also met a Petrozavodsk Scooter Posse and were expecting a gang of Moscow Posse. Finally the Moscow train arrived, and a big mob of at least hundred people rolled out of it. All of those people were Moscow Scooter Posse. Oh, how many well-known faces we saw in this crowd! There were guys we expected to meet and those we had only hear of, but never seen before. Lots of them had the same haircut H.P. uses, and wore lots of Scooter accessories on. A huge mob of Scooter Posse has gathered in the railway stations, and the Scooter Posse were greeting and hugging each other. After the things had settled down a bit, we discussed our father plans. We decided to divide in several groups, because it is nether quite reasonable, no comfortable to go around the town, being a gang of a hundred people.

The meeting

After gathering all the Scooter Posse guys we knew before, we headed up to Gostinniy Dvor by feet, doing a bit of sight-seeing along the way and looking for the Scooter concert promotional posters anywhere we could. When we were a few steps away from our final destination, we decided to take a break, have something to eat and make various pictures together. And so we did. We had loads of Scooter-related accessories on, so our goal and our destination were quite obvious, and many of those, who assed us by, smiled to us, 'cause they knew where we were heading to. But there also were people who looked astonished by our appearance. While we walked down Gostinniy Dvor and Nevskiy Prospect, we kept 'collecting' more and more Posse people joining us. We stopped various times, just to get into the SOYUZ music stores and buy licensed German versions of Scooter albums. We were having great time, singing and enjoying ourselves. Some of us sang Maria (I Like It Loud) refrain several times and intoned One (Always Hardcore)'s one. The next stop was Michael's (aka Mike) house. That was a place to leave our excess baggage before making a final effort and reaching our goal. In the metro we met a few fans more and found lots of posters and flyers of the Scooter concert. Unlike flyers, that were quite small, the posters were enormous, and we gladly took pictures, using them as the background. We were so anxious about the upcoming concert, so eager to see it, that our hearts filled with joy, and our faces lit up with smiles. At Mike's home we warmed up, singing and dancing to Jumpstyle. We were having a time of our lives, shouting out Scooter songs at the microphone and fooling around. Time flew swiftly and joyfully, and before long, we realized that there were a few hours left until the concert begins. So, we went to the metro, and caught the train, which took us to Park Pobedy metro station. As we were getting closer to the place the amount of the Scooter fans was increasing. Now the mob was really huge. Local emo-boys and girls and other bizarre creatures disappeared as soon as they saw us. They just ran away in fear. Then we saw more fans, which were eagerly waiting for the concert to start. Those people were stuck there from noon. Together with them, we sang Maria (I Like It Loud).

At the entrance

Those who were clever enough to come to the concert hall in advance m managed to sneak in to the concert hall first... (by 'in advance' I mean that they came several hours earlier than those who, due to the circumstances had to travel, by train or by plane, in order to see the concert with their own eyes). The policemen checked each one of us twice before letting us in. So we took off our coats and jackets, left them in the wardrobe and occupied the spot near the exit to the stage. And there we have spent an hour or so, talking to local security, who turned out to be such nice, hospitable guys! The policemen also were nice to us. We were pleasantly surprised by that fact. After a while we finally heard the order: Let the people in!. I stood very close to the door, but when I rushed in, five persons more tried to do the same, and three of those five have fallen down on the floor, And than started a real competition: everybody wanted to be the first, in order to get the best place in the first raw. I managed to rich the center and be the first in the line, and soon I was surrounded by friends. Lots of them were near me, and some behind.

Warming up

The supporting turned out to be a member of our Posse brotherhood a guy who called himself One Of The Best. He played for us for approximately an hour and a half. His music style was Dancecore. Oh, by the way, the concert hall was just huge! With a large dance floor, lots of sitting places and plenty of space! Soon enough, the dance floor was filled with people, though I cannot say the same thing about the sitting places. They were filling more slowly. Judging by the faces of the jumping crowd I must say that the warm up was a success with almost everyone. It is a pity the slogans our DJ Boris prepared (to cry them out) were a little bit out of place. But anyway it was nice to hear Groove Coverage, Topmodelz and Sheffield Jumpers (the Jump With Me track was used due to the personal request of the jumpers, Kevin and Sergey).


And so the DJ wishes us to 'blow up the place' and goes off the stage. We waited for Scooter to appear for a half an hour or so. And... Finally The sounds of Carmina Burana! I was listening to this intro, one of the most gorgeous (if not the most gorgeous) intros in the band's history with a mixed feeling. My heart was trembling of joy, although it was the second time I was seeing the show. By the way let me notice that the special effects were different from those in the Moscow show. I mean that the flame in the latter was more corpulent, and rose higher, the explosions were more audible. With the final accords of the intro, Rick and Michael run up the stage. And the show started! 30 short seconds passed by and we heard the voice each one of us was eager to hear. His voice. Good Evening! and H.P. jumps on the stage. The audience immediately explodes with applause. Everyone around me, and myself too, sang all Me Manana by heart, jumping simultaneously. It looked really cool! And so, the emotions started taking over us. All the glances were fixed on the three figures on the stage. The figures of the guys who were making magic right there right now. The feelings I got are very hard to describe. There was an ecstatic shiver, a burst of adrenalin, a sweet tremble all over my body all of this in one! When all Me Manana was over, H.P. greeted Saint Pete and said it was nice to be back. Jumping All Over The World started right after that. The jumpers appeared on the stage and the things went rolling! The crowd went completely mad: people were dancing till their shoes flew off their feet! By the way I had the honor to hold the Russian Scooter Posse autographed banner (the one the guys signed back in 2008, while being in Moscow). My hand touched H.P.'s autograph). H.P. himself pointed out our banner several times, saying: Russian Scooter Posse!. After Jumping All Over The World we shouted a bit together with H.P. and then he announced the next track: The Question Is and we echoed: What Is The Question!!!. The track was excellent. Real stuff. The jumpers did their best, one of them, Kevin, fell on one of his knees while dancing. Sergey laughed at him, but Kevin, such a smart guy as he is, managed to 'keep his face': he just acted like he was bringing reverence to H.P. By the way, H.P. danced very well and for quite a long time. I think he has nothing to envy Sheffield Jumpers. When the line about Michael's ass sounded (fat, like Michael's ass, remember TQIWITQ lyrics?), Michael acted the way we did not expected him too. He turned his back on the public, took off his pants and showed his butt! We could not help but laugh thing at this crazy guy. I'm Raving. H.P. said his usual: Do you remember this track from 1996?. Surely we did! Everybody around me sang I'm Raving by heart. Now I know why this magical track is being performed at each and every concert. Its divine atmosphere, rhythm and positive vibe are incomparable! Then H.P. shouted Weekend and Wow, what a great feeling! Nobody could stay away from the euphoric atmosphere! Everybody was dancing and jumping with H.P. 'till the sweat fell down of them'. The Lithuanian dancers were gorgeous. They looked strikingly beautiful and smiled like two Olympic goddesses. And No Matches. Jumpstyle goes on! By the way, Kevin made another mistake (maybe, the guy drank too much vodka?): the beat has not started yet, and he was already jumping! Sergey laughed at him again. You know, it feels so good jumping to the Jumpstyle tracks! I just loved it! The guys also performed Jump That Rock, in its single version, but without Status Quo and with no guitars in the hands of jumpers (well, you know what I mean). Then H.P. said: See you in a couple of minutes and now please welcome Sheffield Jumpers, who will dance to Jumpstyle Medley. As you already know, Jumpstyle Medley is a fusion of Cambodia and Enola Gay. Scooter fans had a great time jumping to their favorite melodies. Meanwhile, the jumpers on the stage seemed to have some kind of battle, trying to find out which one of them danced better. Finally both of them decided to leave a battle aside and dance together. This battle adds an extra touch of coolness to the show, but it looked even better in Germany, because there were four jumpers on the stage then. In other words, the 'plot' was more exiting. Ramp (The Logical Song). No one expected to hear it and Saint Pete just vibrated with the sounds of this lovely track. The groove was tremendous! The people's oppression from behind was so hard, that, instead of jumping, I had to grab one of the fence's boards, in order not to fall. But that was okay with me, because, earlier, being present at Scooter concert, in Moscow, I had even harder times. And, in the end of the show, the fans had their 'ultimate aural orgasm'. Fuck The Millenium. Ye-e-ah, one of my favorite tracks! H.P. was doing a great job, showing us the way we should move our hands in the air! And he also 'had sex' with audio subwoofer and with one of the dancer girls, who bended down and touched his (you know what) with her butt. Nessaja. First of all, we shouted out loud (that part has already become a sort of a tradition) and then How can I describe what happened next? It was a total madness, pure energy. There are no words in this world capable describe this. You have to see it! You have to feel it! Because this is Scooter! This was the atmosphere that reined in the concert hall while we heard Nessaja. How Much Is The Fish. First we all sang Na-na-na-na, and then the craziness started! Each and every human sole grooved to the bit in such a crazy way that the pants went off some butts! At list mine did, 'cause I jumped so crazily, they just could not stay in place! Saint Pete Posse was so positively active, good for them! Even Rick himself caught our vibe, left his instrument for several moments and joined us. He did so various times, and that was so nice of him. We enjoyed feeling his support. He also ran up to Michael and grooved together with him. I'm Lonely. I waited so much for this song to sound! I love it! While H.P. performed it, I grooved so hard, I was afraid my head will go off my neck! It was interesting to see the dancers and jumpers dance and watch the firework of flames reaching the ceiling and falling down, to the heads of the people in the grooving crowd. I'm Lonely. This track is like a whole life to me. I guess, by saying that I said enough. One (Always Hardcore). Oh, don't ask me what was going on while this song played. Everybody was dancing, jumping, jamming, holding each other as if they were brothers and sisters, and going totally mad! You should have seen it! The dance floor went completely wild! We heard the sounds everybody loved. Everybody without exception, we heard the music our souls sang so many times, we heard the tune we could have called our anthem! Always Hardcore! Super. Then the guys said: Bye, and went away. We started to call them back in a very special way: clapping our hands three times, then screaming out: Scooter! Scooter! Scooter!, and clapping again. We also sang Maria (I Like It Loud), and just shouted: Scooter! Scooter! Scooter!. We did it nicely, anyways. The guys got back and started playing Jigga-Jigga! This track is both groovy and smooth, it sounded marvelous in concert. By the way, I liked the way H.P. taught us to move our hands in the air. He told us to move just one hand, not both of them. It looked so great! Maria (I Like It Loud). Ha-ha, here comes the super-mega-hyper anthem of Scooter fans. The concert hall was ready to explode any time. It was divine. After Maria ended, one thought crept into the fans heads, and the thought was: Will they play Hyper Hyper?. And as if answering that silent question, the guys started playing Hyper Hyper. Especially for Saint Pete! Oh boy, what a mess started then! Someone fell, somebody got stuck in between the bodies of the others, everybody started jumping, screaming and dancing again. H.P. stood next to the flame and waved his hand over it. I dont know how the guy did not get burned. The whole concert passed so quickly! And the farewell time came. H.P. presented us each and every member of the band, we greeted them, the guys threw their towels to the crowd and the crazy mob tired them to pieces. And, here is the final moment. H.P. says: My name is H.P. fucking and points to the public, and public chores back: Baxxter!!!. Than H.P. says: See ya. Bye, Russia!. The public stays immobile for ten minutes or so. We try to call the guys back again, but deep in our hearts we already know, that the guys wont reappear on the stage. The concert lasted an hour and a half but the time flew so swiftly, it seemed those were minutes, not hours. Everybody liked everything. It was a real joy of life. I found my fellows, we drank some water, jumped a little, and went out to the hall. We, more to our surprise, found the jumpers signing autographs. We took photos together and even showed some Jumpstyle skills. By the way, Kevin, the tall guy, recognized me. He said: Hello there, lad! I remember seeing you in Moscow, we took photos together!. It was great to hear that! But the time came for jumpers to say goodbye to us. I shook their hands and headed to the wardrobe to pick up my jacket. My body ached, my voice was almost completely lost, but I was happy and full of joy. I felt that the life was worth leaving it!

The second day

On the second day I met up with Scooter Posse and we took a walk around the town, still wearing Scooter accessories. At noon, I went to the railway station and got on the train. While in the train we (my fellow Scooter Posse and me) celebrated the great concert we attended and talked about our idols. Now I am back to my hometown, Lipetzk. The days have passed and things got back to normal, the days are dull and grey again, but I will never forget the experience I lived in Saint Pete! A part of my soul will always stay there, with H.P., Rick, Michael and Posse! Hey, people! Do come to the Scooter concert! Their music is real, its the music of life, full of positive energy and joy!
P.S. No matter what time will pass, a memory of this concert will stay in my soul forever!

By: FIER; editing and correcting: Scar

Scooter in Moscow 26.09.2008

There has not been a fullfledged Scooter concert in Moscow since October of 2000, and that was the reason why all the Scooter fans (the old and the new ones) really wanted to see the show. Who knows when we will see the Scooter guys performing live again! The 26th of October. This day will remain in our memory for a long time.

After standing in a queue, surrounded by other people who were as eager to enter the Space club as I was, I finally got in. The club was not very crowded; there were about 2000 people there. The club was quite large. Most of the people crowded around the scene, so the dance floor was only half full. Those who preferred drinking alcohol to dancing, and had VIP tickets, went upstairs and sat by the tables. There was some DJ on the stage, playing mostly jumpstyle. Looking up, I saw Sheffield Jumpers, who were jumping to the sound of the music. It was nice seeing them long before the Scooter performance started. After having a snack in the bar, I returned to the dance floor. When the DJ finished his performance, some unknown band appeared on the stage. The audience received them quite coldly. People wanted Scooter, and they wanted them now. When the heat up was finally over, and the musicians left the scene, the lights went off.

Than I heard the sounds which were so familiar to each and every Scooter fan the sounds of the intro (the one, that the guys use to play during their latest concerts, 10 Seconds Before Sunrise by Tiesto). Those mystical sounds made the crowd go into ecstasy. And then H.P. Baxxter, Michael Simon and Rick Jordan burst into the stage. That was when the real madness begun! The guys on the dance floor started jumping and shouting. Lots of people knew Scooter lyrics by heart and sang it together with H.P. Let me remind you once again: it has been eight years since the last Scooter concert in Moscow! Many of the band's fans have grown up: those, who were kids eight years ago, became young men and women; some of them got married and brought their families with them.

Scooter performed lots of tracks, but, much to our disappointment, there were only a few old tracks of them, and the whole show lasted a bit more than an hour. I sincerely expected it to last at least two hours. I cannot name all the tracks, performed in the concert, but I am sure that Jumping All Over The World, And No Matches, Jigga Jigga, Jump That Rock (old non-single version), I'm Raving, Jumpstyle Medley, I'm Lonely, One (Always Hardcore), Maria (I Like It Loud), Aiii Shot The DJ, Roll Baby Baby Roll, Call Me Manana, Nessaja, Fuck The Millenium, Weekend, How Much Is The Fish Hyper Hyper. were among them. When the guys were playing I'm Raving, there was something incredible going around. People were smiling, and some of them had tears in their eyes. Why did it take you so long to visit us again, Scooter? We were waiting for you so much! By the way, it was fun to look at Rick and Michael's faces, when the crowd started singing Maria (I Like It Loud) refrain out loud. The guys were looking at each other, smiling meaningfully. It looked like Rick was about to say something like: "You know, Michael, I don't really know why everyone always asks us to perform Maria". Surely, the guys could not leave our request unanswered and played Maria (I Like It Loud).

The concert was just great. The people were dancing with their hands up, or shouting, smiling, jumping, and holding each other. But, anyway, the performance was way too short.

One hour is just not enough after the eightyear long break! But maybe such shortness could be a sign that Scooter will return to Moscow soon? Let's believe in that!

Unfortunately, due to artificial lights and smoke, almost all the photos that a wonderful girl known as Kassi and I made with my camera, came out bad. Anyway, I sorted out 18 photos with an acceptable quality and, although even those photos cannot be called good ones, I hope that you will enjoy them and a couple of short videos I made with the same camera. I hope that it will help you to imagine what the show was like.


Video #1
Video #2
Video #3 / in the end of this video you can see me rocking. Don't be scared :-D /

Scooter live in Moscow 25.10.2000

2000 was one of the most joyful years for all those Scooter admirers who live in Moscow. On the 25-th of October the band has performed at Luzhniki Stadium! The show was absolutely amazing, especially for me, 'cause I managed to get my tickets at the very last minute. After a concert I have written a small review about it, in order to share my impressions about everything I have seen and heard there.

When the tired man's voice announced once again, that the concert was delayed due to technical reasons,a lot of people thought that Scooter will not arrive at all, but later, when DJ Balloon appeared on the stage, trying to chear up the audience, the hope for Scooter's appearance has revived again... At last, Balloon has finished playing his crazy vinyls, said something like: "...and now - Scooter!!!" ... "in five minutes!" and ran off the stage. Half an hour later, people were almost sure that Scooter will not appear, and a lot of viewers were going to live And suddenly... What a miracle!!! ;-) Rick and Axel appeared on the stage and we heard the familiar music - it was an introduction to Sheffield album MC's Missing! When it was was over, we finaly saw H.P., who literally rushed to the stage! After the greetings from H.P. and the guys ("Privet, Moskva!"), the leading man took off something that looked like a white fur coat and began his performance.
That's how the stunning Scooter show began. The set of remarkable compositions, such as: Space Cowboy, Let Me Be Your Valentine, Don't Gimme The Funk, She's The Sun, How Much is The Fish?, I'm Your Pusher, No Fate, Faster Harder Scooter, Fuck The Millenium, I'm Raving, etc. was performed. Except for these super-hits there were also improvisations like "Ta-ta-ta-ta, Moscow!!!!" :-) and The Bird is a Word. When a visibly tired H.P. said he will perform the last track for today, the hall has sighed disappointedly and, when the song was over and H.P. left the stage, began calling out for H.P. and the guys, begging them to return to the stage. After a while, Sheffield Dave appeared on the stage and asked: "You want some more?!". Then Scooter played Hyper Hyper, and later - the magnificant Fire (during execution of this composition H.P. started pouring sparks from his guitar on the crowd. At the end of the show, he broke his guitar and threw them to the eager fans. "Allright, Moskva! C ya next year! Yeah!!!" - with this words, the Scooter concert has ended and, in my opinion, everybody remained happy. We were happy to see Scooter, and the guys were glad to please us, their audience.

Written by: Scar, 2000.

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