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Scooter history  //  1986-1998

On the 16'th of March, 1966, at the town of Leer (in the North-Western Germany) a new baby was born in the Geerdes family. His parents named him Hans-Peter. Young Hans was very found of rock-music (his favourite bands at the time where T-Rex and Deep Purple) and dreamed of becoming a famous guitar player. But his fame was yet to come, and meanwhile he participated in school bands, and after graduating, started working as a salesman at the Edel recording company. He was there when he met a guy called Jens Thele, who adviced him to move to Hamburg. When Hans settled down there, he posted an ad in the local newspaper. The text of the ad was simple: "Singer looking for a keyboard player".
Rick Jordan, a charming hazel-eyed lad, loved music since he was a kid. He founded his first music band being 8 years old. He used to play accordin, together with his sister Marike, who also formed part of this group. His parents always considered Rick a New Year present, as he was born on January 1'st 1968.
Rick was the one who answered Hans's ad. The two guys became friends, and once Rick confessed to Hans, that his real name wasn't Rick, but Hendrik Stedler.

Rick, whose occupation at that time was one of studio engineer, also said that he really liked techno music, and that was how the idea of creating a band came up. The band recieved the name of Celebrate The Nun and played the kind of music that later was called "futuristic avangard -pop". It existed from 1986 till 1991 and reached a great success (one of the songs even appeared on the famous Billboard hit-list. Darkhaired Rick and tall, blue-eyed Hans wonderfully supplemented each other and, naturally, had a lot of female fans, who knew everything about their idols. They knew that Hans's astrological sighn was Piscies and his foot size was 46. They also remembered, that Rick was born under the zodiacal sign of Capricorn, and that he collected stuff that has something to do with his earlier occupation. Rick was afraid of wasps, and this little wikness also wasn't a secret for his faithfull fans. Hans and Rick were really loved by the girls, and more than one pillow got wet from tears the day when the band broke up. But the guys themself were not so upset: their minds were full of ideas waitng to be embodied. In 1993 Rick, Hans and Hans's cousin Soren founded a remix-band called The Loop. Soren, or Ferris, as his friends called him, was quite a special person. He was born in Freiburg, a town, that was famous for it's schools and universities, but hated school and used every possibility to skip the lessons. His behaviour reminded his friends of Ferris, a protagonist of the movie "Ferris Bueller's Day Off". Ferris loved music as much as Hans did. Ferris left school without passing his exams, and started working as a DJ at the disco. He was really happy to recieve his brother's invitation to join the group. The guys started to work really hard, making remixes for Tony Di Bart, Tag Team, Marky Marc and others. In the end of 93 they were offered to make a remix of dutch house-theme Vallee des Larmes. That was the conception of Scooter. At that moment Hans Piter Geerdes changed his name to to H.P. Baxxter (H.P. are Hans's initials, and the double "x" in Baxxter came to substitute the doble "e" in Geerdes.

Vallee des Larmes was followed by Hyper Hyper, a very "colourfull" theme, full of energy, that made the listeners loose their minds. Scooter's first album was called ...And The Beat Goes On!, and those words became a motto, not only for the band itself, but also for Scooter fans. The album's major hit was called Hyper Hyper. It was so hugely popular that the words "hyper hyper" became a sort of substitute for "great" or "cool" among the fans. Then came Our Happy Hardcore and Wicked. While performing Friends (one of the album's themes) Ferris did an unusual dance, that he defined as "headbanging". It was a sort of mix between jumping and dancing. This dance became Ferris's caracteristical trate. Ferris worked on four Scooter albums (...And The Beat Goes On, Our Happy Hardcore, Wicked and Age Of Love) and then, to great dissapointment of his fans, left the band. He was replaced by Axel Coon, a young DJ, who played progressive house. While Axel was presenting his theme (recorded in his own bedroom) at one of the clubs, Jens Thele played instead of him. Thele offered Coon to be Scooter's studio asistance. H.P. believes, that AXel has perfectly integrated into the band. Axel also knows Scooter philosophy very well, and there's no need to teach him something. At the time when Ferris was replaced by Axel, the band was hugely popular, and the faithfull fans were aware about all the likes and dislikes of its members. They knew that H.P. doesnt like driving and flying airplanes but loves football, movies and skating. He also has a pet - a guinea pig named Miss Murple. The fans knew perfectly well that Rick, unlike H.P., who dreams of leaving in 3000, would like to live in the times of baroque, to be able to meet Bach (there is nothing strange in this, desire, considering the fact that Rick started playng piano at the age of five) and that Axel is addicted to computers and Internet.

Scooter is not just a techno band - it is a some kind of a family, because the friendship between it's members looks more like a relationship between close relatives (the only time that they are not together is when they go on vacation, because HP says, that if they spent the vacations together they would have probably killed each other). It is wonderful how amaizing the guys are when it comes to work. Thanks to that, the Scooter music has such a high quality and such albums as No Time To Chill, Back To The Heavyweight Jam and Sheffield are so remarkable.

Written by: Scar, 2000.

Scooter history  //  2000-2008

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